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Overview of SingTel and its services


Write a report about the personnel management of the marketing department.

SingTel is a telecommunication company based on Singapore. It operates in 25 countries. This is the largest mobile network operators in Singapore and the subscriber base of this company is 500 million customers. The company provides IPTV; mobile networks; line telephony services; ISP. It is also largest firm in terms of market capitalization listed on SGX. As on 2014, the company holds 82% of the fixed landline market; 43% of broadband market and 47% of mobile market in Singapore. Recently, the company is planning to launch 5G services in order to support the country’s vision of becoming Smart Nation. The company is working towards being first in the world by 2020 to roll out 5G services (Level, 2015). In this report, marketing department of SingTel has been chosen for job analysis; job design and it will recommend recruitment and selection strategies.

The marketing department of a company plays a crucial role in achieving the goals of the company by maximizing the revenue of the company (Daft, 2012). Therefore, it is very important to analyze the job description and specification of this department. To be specific, here the report will focus on the job analysis of marketing managers. 

Brief Overview:  The marketing department of this company focuses on generating revenue and increasing market share. They contribute to the growth and profitability of the company (Philip, 2016). By formulating proper strategy; doing market research; improving sales performance the marketing department of SingTel can achieve its target. By organizing events like sales; seminar and exhibitions, this department attracts the stakeholders.


  • Developing pricing strategies
  • Evaluating marketing strategy
  • Developing new products
  • Promoting the brand through effective strategies
  • Working on visual appearance of the company, such as, logo; sounds or music of the advertisement etc
  • Developing public relation
  • Selecting products that are to be displayed at trade
  • Advising about the color; design and packaging
  • Managing the agencies like vendors; distributors by negotiating with them (Hollensen, 2015)


  • Overseeing the marketing budget of the company
  • Organizing promotional campaigns
  • Monitoring the report and performance of the salesperson of the company
  • Coordinating with the salesperson and advising them to enhance their performance
  • Recruiting the salespersons and train them properly
  • Preparing online promotional activity
  • Communicating with legal staffs of the company to resolve problems like copyright infringement; royalty sharing etc
  • Assigning task to the staffs of the marketing department
  • Identifying the trends of the market and formulate strategy accordingly
  • Exploring the new market and target the specific consumers
  • Building communication with the top management and the lower level workers
  • Sharing information with the departmental employees to offer better customer service (Baker, 2016)


The major responsibility of the marketing department of SingTel is to specify the objectives and targets of the employees of the department. The marketing managers are responsible for overall marketing activities of the company (Ivanovic & Collin 2015). Some major responsibilities are as follows:

  • Managing brand and creating corporate identity.
  • Reporting to the senior management team or directly to the Managing Director of the Company
  • Proper market research and analyzing the findings before implementing any strategy
  • Fulfilling the company’s objectives of acquiring high profit

From the above job description, it is clear that, marketing manager is responsible for entire management of the marketing department. Therefore, some job specifications for the Marketing Manager have been determined from the above analysis, which are key tools for the success.

  • Marketing Manager should have at least 10years of experience in the marketing position in a similar industry.
  • They must be experience of handling team of ten members.
  • The marketing manager should be an effective communicator.
  • The person must have creative and innovative thinking capability.
  • Marketing Manager should be able to cope with the any kind of change in the market.
  • Must have education specialization in business administration and marketing related field

The job designing of a company aims at eradicating job dissatisfaction and alienation of the workers due to the tasks they have to perform. The companies try to improve productivity of the workers by providing the non-monetary returns. The jobs are designed for efficiency; motivation; safety and health and mental capacity (Tims & Bakker, 2013).

The SingTel should design its job of the marketing managers in such a way that they do not increase the cost to the firm. The role of the managers can be designed as giving training to the team members to improve their efficiency, to achieve the targets by the marketing managers. The efficiency of the marketing department can be improved by not engaging the employees in the repetitive task (Purce, 2014). They get bored as find it meaningless to do the same task. Therefore, SingTel should involve the employees of the marketing department in the entire marketing process of the company. This will help them to understand

Responsibilities and job analysis of the marketing department

The jobs of the employees in the marketing department should be designed in such a way that it motivates the employees. If the marketing managers along with the marketing team are satisfied from the proper motivation, then they will care about the customers’ satisfaction. By giving large portion of work makes the job more interesting to the workers. The job should be designed in such a way that the employees of SingTel’s marketing department can foresee job enrichment within the company (Wood et al., 2012). Teamwork with the coworkers and flexibility in job can motivate the employees.

The measures of work safety and health are implemented for the workers of every level. However, this report will focus on the WSH of marketing department. The SingTel should focus on providing safe work place in order to improve the employees’ loyalty and make them more attentive towards their responsibility. The marketing department is engaged with both indoor and outdoor tasks. The company must take proper measures to provide the safety of the workers who are engaged in field works. They should design the job in such a way that outdoor works are distributed rotationally to the different employees (Doellgast, Sarmiento-Mirwaldt & Benassi, 2013). The job roles should be designed in such a way that they do not hamper the health and safety of the employees of marketing department.

The job design for the mental capacity implies that the employers should know the special needs of the individual workers, who are elderly or have some physical or mental disabilities. The marketing managers should be careful regarding the physical and mental capabilities of the workers. SingTel should design the job in a way such that the information is filtered more. The job must be designed and imposed according to the mental capability of the workers. 

Recruiting the marketing manager or the marketing team is a crucial element of forming an efficient marketing department.  The hiring cost of a salesperson is quite expensive and risky as well. This is because; if the person is experienced then SingTel has to pay a higher wage. However, this will outweigh the chances of not missing the target. In contrast, an inexperienced person will be paid less but the risk is more in missing the targets (Morgan & Piercy, 2015). Employing right salesperson with proper expertise is also an issue for the recruitment board of the company. However, if the company is able to employ one employee with proper requirement of skills, then the business will sell the professional services that are of more valued. This employee will also contribute more value to the business.

The recruitment strategies of the company must include elaborating the program and plan of the company to persuade the students or fresh entrants to the workforce. Introduce the maps; pictures and past performance of the company can attract potential workers. Connection with college students before completion graduation, because; students select the company they know better than looking into the competition. The strategy of SingTel must incorporate defining the position properly. The recruitment board of the marketing department must evaluate the responsibility of the job-role; prioritize the skills and experience that it needs within the candidates (Mügge, 2016). To recruit the best candidates in the marketing team, SingTel can add some specific criteria for evaluating the candidates. Advertisement for recruitment should be in a manner that will inspire the potential candidates to apply for the post. Another recruitment strategy of SingTel can be hiring potential candidates through referrals, which is a great source of efficient candidates. Informing the vendors; customers; family and friends about the vacant position will bring efficient applicants. Reference can be obtained from the existing marketing staffs, as they have more contacts. The advertisement should be given in the popular and appropriate websites (Mahmood, 2014). Recruitment strategy the company should incorporate content on the website that describes everything to the job applicants. Social networking sites are another major medium of posting job requirement. If SingTel is not getting right candidates, it should not compromise by selecting a mediocre worker, as this might lead to great loss to the company. Investment in the recruitment process should be done in a manner so that the cost of hiring workers can be funded by allocated fund of the company.

Job design strategies for efficiency, motivation, safety, and mental capacity

Selection is a process of hiring or rejecting a candidate who has applied for the job position. In this process, the company chooses the qualified and efficient candidates to fill the position and to perform the desired role of the post (Taylor, 2012).  The basic selection criteria of SingTel are: formal education of the applicant; past performance and experience; physical ability to perform the desired task and personality of the applicant. Since, the job role of marketing team is challenging, as salesperson often work on field, that is physically strenuous than who is sitting within the office. Therefore, the SingTel must be more focused on selecting a person who is fit to amend the tasks of the marketing department. Moreover, the marketing department is highly under pressure as this is the core business process of the company; hence, it is important for SingTel to understand the mental stability of the applicants before selection (Costen, 2012). Selection strategy incorporates on-field selection, where a candidate is chosen by screening its performance for some times, for example, hiring an Intern who performed well in the period of internship. This strategy is quite favorite to the company, as the quality of the candidate and the company already knows its potential. The selection strategy can be off-field, which is the common way of selection process, for example through interviews. The strategy of selection includes three ways of hiring a candidate: testing; collecting information and interviewing (Shackleton, 2015). The “testing” strategy includes personality test; cognitive ability test; integrity test; physical ability test; drug test and work-sample test. This enables the company to measure skills, ability and knowledge of the applicants, along with the characteristics of the candidates. The selection strategy also involves collection of information in forms of CV; personal information on biographical data and by checking the references. Since, the selection is in the marketing department, it is important to know the candidates’ personal behavior and past events. Therefore, information gathering is a major strategy for selection by SingTel. The major strategy of SingTel involves the selection method through interview. This is the common and final process of selecting a candidate. Interview strategy can be of two types; structured and unstructured. SingTel can choose structures interview strategy, as this will help the company to compare and choose among many applicants based on same set of questions. 


The report is based on the personnel management of the marketing department. It has reported regarding the job analysis of the marketing department specifically the job description of the marketing manager. It has also mentioned the job specifications for the marketing manager of SingTel. It has recommended what should be the job design in terms of safety and health; mental capacity; efficiency and motivation. It has recommend that, as the marketing department plays a significant role in the organization, SingTel should implement proper recruitment strategy and selection strategy so that the company can acquire best and efficient employees in its marketing team. This is because; an effective and potential marketing team can gain significant profits for the company. 


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