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Work Priorities and Procedures in Brunetti Café

Discuss About The Works Priorities Professional Development.

  • Welcoming clients
  • Educating clients
  • Selling, crushing and blending espressos.
  • Preparing and offering espresso drinks
  • Generating incomes through client welcoming.
  • Maintaining inventories

The work policies and procedures

Brunetti success will be from the loyalty of customers to buy products from this café (Ocejo, 2012). Customer services are offered accordingly.

These help in understanding some of the areas that have to be improved to ensure adequate performance (Spalkova, 2016). Clients who complain genuinely make us work extra hard in solving problems. The following is a strategy followed when faced with a problem:

  • Listening to the complaint with no interruptions.
  • In case it is item related, product should be eliminated
  • Apology should be in order
  • Inform manager.

This will cover management of performance from both the contactors and employees.

Development of employees in Brunetti will help aid in performance in future days (Heinrich, 2007). Additionally, monitoring and aiding individuals in their personal development is one major aim of the performance management policy.

  • Recognition and proper implementation of employee opportunities
  • Application of consistent development principles to employees

The vision of Brunetti is to become a large provider of coffee and food for all the Melbourne drinkers of coffee (Yusuf, 2014). There is need to expand to several locations in the town.

The mission of Brunetti café is to offer a unique experience to all the drinkers of coffee in Melbourne. Brunetti offers the following:

  • High quality and fair priced coffee.
  • Good gourmet food
  • Consistent high levels of food.
  1. Increase sales of coffee by 15.0% by the end of December 2017
  2. Serve 5.0% of Brunetti beverages to tumblers
  3. Obtain ten new and loyal customers by the third month
  4. Expand operations to other locations in Melbourne.

Goals should be set using the SMART principle: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely (Lawlor, 2012).

The principle enables employees gauge themselves and see if their efforts have any impact on the achieving their goals.

  1. Key performance indicators in measuring performance at workplaces.
  • Monthly complaint number.

Try to decrease the number of complaints to increase sales.

  • Coffee numbers made from cups not from our store

Calculation of the number of coffees made is essential

  • Customer satisfaction percentage

Identify the percentage of customer satisfaction so that more customers can frequent the place

  • Net profit from the café
  • Obtaining feedbacks from colleagues and the management
  • I will continuously asses my self
  • Praising of the café staff is also essential.
  • I will measure the key performance indicators.

The two work priorities include:

  • Discounts on coffee purchasing
  • A sign board indicating twenty percent discount when a person takes a personal cup.


  1. Process taken to prioritize activities include the following:
  • Choosing a timeframe of those activities that need managing.
  • Categorizing the things supposed to be done.
  • Arranging the list
  • Ensuring the risk is visible in the entire working process

The work plan template




Key performance indicators


Person responsible

Marketing promotion

Distribute leaflets in the  entire street

Increase sale of coffee by 15.0%

Complaint numbers  per month

One month

Store manager

Selection of store

Research on internet the best locations in Melbourne to set up new coffee shops.

Expand operations to other locations

Net profit

Three weeks

Store manager

  • I had to revisit my plan and where possible had to change some situations where applicable. I had to develop effective role model skills by:
  • Demonstrating confidence and leadership skills
  • Communicating and interacting with everyone effectively (Iveta, 2012).
  • Offering feedbacks on the quality of coffee.
  • Setting goals
  • Managing time effectively
  • Create boundary between work time and personal time
  • Having a positive attitude
  • Avoiding physical and mental stress at all costs
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Exercising regularly
  • Setting manageable goals
  • Having a positive attitude
  • Worrying less on those things I am not able to do
  • Having a balanced diet
  • Exercising regularly.
  • Avoiding strains at work
  • Taking care of my body parts

In any café baristas are the ones responsible for lighting up that cup of coffee. They are involved in the preparation of teas and coffee-based beverages (Tutenges, 2013). They also do the serving work, make recommendation of drinks to clients who are visiting for the first time. Market new recipes, and also ensure steady supply of necessary ingredients.

Major duties of a Barista

  • Welcoming customers.
  • Making preparation of order drinks and serving them.
  • Offering consultation service to new clients regarding the kind of drinks they can take.
  • Weighing and grinding roasted beans coffee for the customers.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing equipment, according to the contemporary rules.

A college degree is preferred when applying for this kind of work (Ocejo, 2012). It is also open for students from high school and it also requires basic knowledge of operating a coffee machine

  • Have good understanding of the recipes, blends, various types of coffee, roasts of the company.
  • Should be a good adviser especially to the customers.
  • Have outstanding communication skills.
  • Good interaction and multitasking skills

Self-assessment: I evaluated my skills and knowledge in relation to competency criteria in order to establish my development requirements and priorities (Spalkova, 2016).

Work place: I used feedback from my colleagues and clients to realize my competencies and how to work on them. Established my development needs: I was active in group work meetings, I also attended seminars, training and workshops that enabled me realize my needs.

  • What are some of the bad habits practiced?
  • Who is the best person to work with?
  • What were some of the areas to be improved?
  • How much time do we require to make the changes?
  • What is additional quality that would enable me perform better?

On that very day at around 10.40 am I had 40 minutes meeting with my regular customer. In this meeting I was able to ask my client these questions:

  • What are some of the bad habits do you notice while am working?
  • Amongst my colleagues who do you think enjoys working with me?
  • What are some of the areas do you think I need to make changes?
  • I would like to know if you are satisfied with our café’s services?
  • List for me some of the skills that you think would improve my service?

I applied both closed and open questions (Iveta, 2012). I also concentrated as I listened to her responses and made sure she clarified whatever I didn’t understand. I employed the active listening approach. I also used verbal affirmations, paraphrased what she said and nonverbal cues.


Opportunity/training description

Skills/competency to be established

One week

Completion of a face to face training at workplace.

 Develop the skills to overcome procrastination.

Enhance time management

Skills of managing time.

Provision of coffee on time

Two weeks

Attend seminars to learn about rendering services

Customer service skills

Professional manner of handling customers

Two years

Attend coffee seminar with international professional. Learn about milk texturing, and presentation

Artisan skills:

-          Coffee preparation skills

-          Latte art

-          Toppings procedures

One month

Trainings and personal development

Multi-tasking skills:

-          Making different coffee types at the same time.



Networking activities

Professional advantage

One week

Creation of a professional profile-network for baristas

-          Connecting with external stakeholders

-          Presentation of my coffee skills to the general public

One month

Become an Australian Specialty coffee association member

-          Connecting with coffee roasters growers, and baristas globally

One week

Establishment of a LinkedIn profile

-          Build my professional identity online

-          Explore professional opportunities, new ventures and business deals (Tutenges, 2013).

-          Seek current happening in coffee Industry


One week

Join Facebook group of baristas

-          Get high rank job as barista

-          Understand upcoming functions

-          Sharing of information about coffee machines

-          Promotion of coffee products

  • After critical evaluation of my work performance, I realized that I needed adequate training to enhance my skills.
  • Some of my developmental opportunities were trainings. In order to improve my time management skills, I had a face to face training and also attended lectures and seminars to improve my listening skills too(Spalkova, 2016).
  • The following are some of the new skills I plan to acquire
  • Time management skills
  • Artisan skills
  • Customers service skills
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Some of the networking that could upgrade my profession include:

- Creation of a profile on industry (Tosey, 2011).

- Being a member of ASCA - Australian Specialty coffee association

- Joining barista Facebook group

- Creation of my LinkedIn profile

  • After attaining professional development, I will be a better customer service provider, I will also be a solution provider in case of conflicts and complaints through following the rules and regulations of the company.


Heinrich, C. J., 2007. Evidence-Based Policy and Performance Management. American Review of Public Administration, 37(3), pp. 5-16.

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Yusuf, J.-E. (., 2014. The Case for Performance Management In Public Works and Infrastructure. Public Works Management and Policy, 19(3), pp. 17-20.

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