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Ergonomic Strategies for Workplace Prep

To demonstrate your knowledge of the foundation skills, knowledge evidence and performance evidence, answer each question in as much detail as possible. Unless asked to ‘list’ where bullet points can be used, write your answers in complete sentences. Please ensure your responses sufficiently answer the question.  Note where another simulated workplace or your own workplace is chosen, then the style guide or organisational procedures in relations to excel must also be provided to the assessor. 

1. Outline the ergonomic strategies that you took and applied in preparation to perform your work tasks in a safe manner while at your workstation or computer work desk. (minimum of three strategies)

The three ergonomic strategies which can be applied while preparing the way to perform the task in a safer manner in the workplace which are as follows:

  • Providing a good working posture within the workstation: according to the strategies in order to take care of the employees working within the factory floor within the corporate office the number one priority need to be provided upon the the good working posture at their workplaces. As a result the company must ensure that whether the employees sit or stand should be able to maintain a neutral body position with a relaxed posture which will help to reduce the stress full angles and excessive reaching to complete the task. This will enhance the safety within the workplace and reduce the chance of getting injured (Gualtieri et al. 2020).
  • Reducing the repetitive action within the organisation: according to this strategy the employees who were continuously practicing a similar task wood result in getting into a repetitive motion which can increase the stress and eventually lead to the injury as a result, there need to be a plan to continuously rotate their jobs search there the stress level and injury risk can be mitigated (Zare et al. 2020).
  • The strategy to setup environmental setting: the aspect which were ignored by many organisation is the environment of the working place like the proper lighting, temperature, conveniences and humidity, are essential for individual to work properly. Which will not only help to maintain their health like eyesight, and also reduce the stress level (Ahmed et al. 2019).

 2. Explain how an organisation needs to set up the following aspects of an office environment to ensure that it is ergonomically compliant. Please ensure you type a small paragraph for each aspect. 

Every individual spent several hours at their workplace and mainly in the room there are assign to work for a longer period of time. As a result, the space and the arrangement of the room plays an important role in the productivity and health of the individual. The room which is spacious in nature always provide the individual with the relaxation feeling as well as helps to maintain the stress level, also helps in doing a continuous body movement which will reduce the risk of injury. On the other hand the arrangements of the room like the position of the monitor, the height of the chair, etc can effect upon the the health of the individual like eyesight, as a result reduce the productivity e of the individual (BRANEA et al. 2021).

The décor and the light also plays an important role within the ergonomics of the organisation which has direct impact upon the productivity of the individual. There are many corporate places which has over it lighting fixture as the primary source of light due to this the creation of shadow extents, and also the situation where the light starts to flicker or insufficient illumination cause distraction from work and reduce the productivity. Also working in a polite condition can impact upon the eyesight of the individuals, as a result the organisation need to say proper like like providing table lamp, and having big windows which will help the employees to work in a more productive way. On the other hand décor plays an important role as it excites the employees to work more effectively so it is needed to to use good décor within the room (Soltaninejad et al. 2021).

Setting Up Ergonomically Compliant Office Environment

The temperature and the ventilation also reason important economics which need to be taken into consideration within the workplace. temperature can lead to various problems like dehydration, muscle fatigue, and also reduce the productivity of the individuals. On the other hand cold temperature makes the muscle rigid, resulting in muscle poulls and strain. So it is needed to maintain a good temperature within the workplace by using weather sensitive air conditioners. As well as using efficient ventilations search that it the heat generated within the workplace can be excavated efficiently which will help to normalise the temperature.

Excessive noise exposure, defined as being at or above an 8-hour time weighted average of 85 decibels, is also an issue addressed by OSHA health and safety regulations, which defines extreme sound exposure as being well above an 8-hour time weighted average of 85 decibels as an ergonomics danger. Excessive sound can cause several health disorders life stress, nausea, etc. as a result, the organisation need to set several rules in order to maintain the sound level within the organisation (Bai and Wicaksono 2020). 

3. Explain what is Occupational overuse syndrome (OOS) and two (2) different  strategies that can be taken to reduce the risk.

The occupational overuse syndrome is a common type of injury which were caused in the fingers, hands, elbows and wrist of the employees. This injuries occurs due to the repeat it is movement it done by the employees within the workplace or the awkward posture they have to maintain within the workplace. This injury involved swelling, weakness in the joints, and cause immense body ache which directly impact the the productivity of the individuals (Zalat  et al. 2021). The two different strategies which can be considered to reduce OOS are as follows:

  • The first strategies to maintain a correct posture within the workplace for which the organisation need to provide proper sitting arrangement, space, and accessories to the employees.
  • Rotational activity within the workplace such that there is no monotonous of the activity that are done by the employees at a continuous rate (Shah and Sheth 2018). 

4. Discus two (2) paper conservation techniques you can use in your workplace or study environment to conserve paper. (Write in sentences and give full explanations eg how, why.)

The two paper conservation techniques which can be utilised within the workplace in order to contributes towards the environment are as follows:

  • Firstly using email for the purpose of communication in place of the traditional mode of sending letters or memorandums to the employees and other people. This will reduce the use of papers within the organisation and helps in paper conservation.
  • Using digital modes in the place of of traditional notes for or the purpose of applications within the organisation rather than fulfilling the false the applicant’s can directly used the websites to provide their details this will also helps in the the reduction in the usage of paper (Corson et al. 2019). 

5. Discuss two (2) energy techniques you can use in your workplace or study environment to conserve energy. (Write in sentences and give full explanations eg how, why.)

The two techniques which can be utilised within the workplace in order to conserve the energy are as follows:

  • Energy saving can be done by doing proper lighting strategy within the workplace which will not only reduces the cost by 50% but also reduce the energy consumption within the organisation. this can be done by removing the fluorescent lights and installing reflectors in place of that, using energy efficient light bulbs which consume less energy, embrace natural light by using large windows within the workplace, and utilising solar energy.
  • Conducting energy audit at a regular interval in order to identify the current energy efficiency and the ways to improve it. Also conducting multiple energy audit to track the progress over the time of the new strategies implemented within the organisation. This will make the the employees stay alert to practice energy saving strategies (Delorit, Schuldt and Chini 2020). 

6. Identify three (3) organisational procedures or policies that may apply to you when you are developing spreadsheets. Note this question is not just referring to formatting style guidelines. The organisation could be the supplied simulated workplace Oliver Trading or your own workplace or other simulated workplace.  Procedures/policies may also be based on legislations. 

Preventing Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS)

The three organisational procedures and policies which can be applied while the development of the spreadsheets within the workplace of Oliver Trading are as follows:

  • The heading and the sub weddings need to be most and centred within the spreadsheet it and need to be centred according to the vertical and horizontal Axis on the page this is the first procedure which need to be followed while developing a spreadsheet in order to provide the view of the spreadsheet the idea about what the spreadsheet it is providing details.
  • The second procedure to be followed is that dollar sign need to be mentioned with the data han of the the currency. Also two decimal places need to be considered while providing the data of sales such that the error related to decimal place can be ignored.
  • The third procdure which need to be followed while developing the spreadsheet it is that at the footer of the spreadsheet it is required to mention the spreadsheet guideline of the reference like sales figure 2018, which states that the spreadsheet is about the sales data of 2018.

7. The key to good spreadsheet performance is to get the initial design right. Explain the impact of formatting and design on the presentation and readability of spreadsheet data. Please give two (2) examples to demonstrate your reasoning.

The key of developing a good spreadsheet it is hidden at the design of the spreadsheet at the initial stage, in which the main role is played by the formatting and designing which helps to improve the readability and presentation of the spreadsheet data in front of the users.

  • The formatting of data helps to provide a correct data to the users of the spreadsheet and enhance the data in several ways like formatting the data as per the dates and currency e will provide more weighted to the spreadsheet data. For instance, if a cell is formatted as date it will provide different data for the same value which is formatted as number in another cell.
  • The design of this spreadsheet data provide the users with several benefits like it and has the navigability, ease of use, reduce the repetitive input, and helps to locate error in a more convenient manner. For instance, a complex data set is been prepared but the user only wanted to know the total revenue earned which can be easily identified from a properly designed spreadsheet by looking at a specific cell (Liu et al. 2020). 

8. Use your student workbook, online help or the internet to research the following advanced features of spreadsheets and explain each and where you would use them. Please ensure you type a minimum of a paragraph on each feature.

Important function of Excel is macro which is a set off action which helps an individual to record, provide a name, am as many times as they want and whenever they want to run. This action helps to to save time in the repetitive task which involves data manipulation process and provide data reports which are required to be done frequently. For instance generating daily sales report we can utilise the macros version of Excel (Bauzon, Murphy and Wahi-Gururaj 2021).

A template is another important feature of Excel which is a free design spreadsheet which can be used for creating a new spreadsheet with same predefined formulas and formatting. This helps to reduce the time of designing a spreadsheet as well as helps the individuals who doesn’t know the formulas of Excel why already providing them with a pre-designed spreadsheet. For instance, the balance sheet template (Goepel 2018).

This is an important feature which helps in the data interpretation as it helps in summarising the data, putting the data into a visualisation which helps in reporting and understanding the trained based on the information of the the master data. For instance, understanding the pattern of sales over the years and identifying the months when the cell reach its peak (Cosma 2019).

This is another important tool of Excel which helps in data interpretation or data extraction by applying conditions in order to find out specific sales automatically by applying the formatting which involves colours, icons, and data bars to one or more cells based on the value of that cells. For instance, it will highlight the months where the cells are below 5000 dollar by marking the cells with red colour (György 2021).

Conserving Paper and Energy

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