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Business Process Management: Establishing And Maintaining

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Question: Task 1: Project management principles Describe how project management principles can be applied in implementing the technological development task pertinent in the Palm Tree Spa Resort. Support your writing by giving a background on project management. (covers assessment criteria 1.1) [Define programme and project and justify why implementing technological solution at Palm Tree Spa is a project or programme. Define project management and discuss what would be the roles and responsibilities of the project manager for implementing technological solution at Palm Tree Spa project. Describe  what you think could be the main principles of project management. Some important principles could be  - Tailor suit the environment.  The impact of external influences on these projects. You probably would like to show very brief PESTEL analysis here for the project. -Identify the major project phases and discuss why they are required. You may want to include the work in each phase, the nature of work in the lifecycles of projects etc. - Business Justification - Proper human resource planning with defined roles and responsibilities - Focus on the objectives and deliverables Look at Lecture Notes 2, Project management Principles.]  Give a brief background on development of project management skills and studies.  When and who developed the different methods and tools currently in use I project management. b) Developing the success and failure criteria for the project and an appraisal of its viability in the given scenario [This question has two parts: (1) developing the success and failure criteria for the project, and (2) an appraisal of its viability. (1) Developing the success and failure criteria for the project: Discuss in details of success and failure criteria of project linking with Palm Tree Spa resort MIS project. Look at Lecture Notes 3(a) 2) An appraisal of its viability: You can discuss about  environmental, market and organizational viability.  You should also  consider discussing financial viability mentioning investment appraisal tools like discounted cash flow (DCF), net present value (NPV) and conduct a benefit analysis for Palm Tree Spa resort MIS project.  Look at Lecture Notes 3(a)] Explain the principles behind setting up the systems and procedures for the effective use of resources in the project management. (covers assessment criteria 1.3) Mention some systems that are important to project management; they are: -Information and communication management system -Project planning and scheduling systems -Human resource management systems -Logistic management systems Describe how these systems and procedures are significant for  the effective resource management in the project. Look at Lecture notes 2, last few slides.] -Say how technology could help in setting up the systems and procedures for the effective use of resources in the project management. d) An explanation of the key stages involved in the process of closing down the project and conducting post post-project appraisals (covers assessment criteria 1.4) [This question has two parts: (1) key stages involved in the process of closing down the project, and (2) conducting post post-project appraisals. Key stages involved in the process of closing down the project of developing an integrated MIS system for Palm Tree Spa: Discuss the different types of termination. Describe the stages and the processes involved in each types of terminations.  You may include when to terminate the project, what type of termination is more likely for your project and process of termination etc.  Look at Lecture Note 3(b).  (2) Conducting post post-project appraisals: It could be a short paragraph in which you can compare the project outcome with business objectives. So, you explain how implementing this MIS system would help Palm Tree Spa to achieve its business objectives. Looking back to assignment scenario may be helpful.] Some post project review includes: Variance analysis Review of meeting the timlines Assessment of achieving target and objective Risk analysis and review etc. Task 2: Managing a project’s human resources Planning for human resources for the proposed project describing each roles and responsibilities and designing an organisational structure for integrated MIS system development project for palm Tree Spa [Select one organisational structure for your project. You may select functional, project or matrix organisational structure. You should use a diagram to show project structure. Look at Week 4 Lecture notes: slides no. 5 to 15. Talk about why your selected structure is most appropriate for this project. Week 4: Slides no. 4 and 16 to 24 holds some key points for your justification of project team structure. After selecting the project structure, human resource roles will become visible within the project. Most likely positions for this proposed project would be project manager, project team, finance, purchasing, personnel etc.  Now briefly describe each roles and responsibilities.] Use the Job description template to show roles and responsibilities more clearly. Explain how the structure identified above helps you control and co-ordinate the project. (covers assessment criteria 2.2)  Briefly discuss the need for monitoring and control of the project.  Explain how the proposed structure and the roles within it help to control and co-ordinate the different functions and activities of the project.    It is mainly about cross responsibility and effective communications among all the team members which support in controlling and coordinating the project. Describe how you propose to lead the team assessing the already established project leadership theories and qualities. (covers assessment criteria 2.3) Discuss Belbin’s team roles theory. How Belbin’s team roles theory could be in use to developing effective teams for MIS system development project for palm Tree Spa (Week 5: Slides 4-7). Describe various management styles and propose a management style to be used in MIS system development project for palm Tree Spa (Week 5: Slides 2-3). Also discuss very briefly techniques for dealing with conflict in managing project (Week 5: Slides 14-18).] Task 3: Project processes and procedures A detailed project plans for the proposed project establishing each components in the effective organization of the project This question has two parts: Project management plans and Project organisation. In Project management plans section, discuss the why, what, how, when, where and by whom of project management e.g. contract terms, procurement, establishing the baseline (Week 8: Slide 12) for the project. In Project organisation part, discuss the product breakdown structure-PBS (Week-3: Slide 13 & 14) and the work breakdown structure-WBS (Week 6: Slide 4-6), project execution strategy and relate them to the Organization breakdown structures.   Present Activity and Dependency table with time duration and dependency given for all the activities. Project scheduling tools to plan the project activities so as to minimise the time and costs of the project [This question has two parts: Scheduling techniques and Cost control. In the Scheduling techniques part, discuss relationship between schedules, OBS and WBS (Week 6), Prepare Gnatt charts (Week 7: Slide 7) and PERT network  (Week-7), resourcing techniques (Week 6: Slide 13) Show critical path analysis (Week-7) etc. In the Cost control part, discuss cost breakdown structure e.g. types of project estimate, resources needed, estimating techniques, estimating accuracy, sources of information, cost information sensitivity, computer- based estimating. Look at Lecture notes of Week 8] Analysing the performance of the project assessing the performance indicators -Identify key performance indictors like Time, Costs , quality , stakeholders satisfaction State tools and methods to measure the above parametre. They could be: Tracking Gantt chart, Baseline setting ,  S-curve analysis, Earned Value Analysis etc.  the Schedule (Week 4: Slide 44). Now link up 4 stages project control tool (Week 4: Slide 45) with the MIS system development project for palm Tree Spa. You may also include Milestone analysis (Week 4: Slide 47). Tracking grant chart (Week 4: Slide 48 etc.] -Say there are many indicators which are used in Earned Value Analysis analysis e.g. budgeted cost for work scheduled (BCWS) budgeted cost for work performed (BCWP);  actual cost of work performed (ACWP). Explain each term briefly] Explain the change control procedure for evaluating your project at its completion. (covers assessment criteria 3.4)   Answer: Task 1 B: A venture is perpetually attempted so as to further the points of a business or association. The methodologies that happen inside the venture are along these lines occurring, not in disconnection, however inside a more extensive business environment. The task colleagues who do the different undertakings included must communicate with a scope of partners who are not specifically tasked with undertaking exercises, and who have their own particular concerns and motivation (Barkley, 2008). Hence, the criteria for undertaking achievement or disappointment can't be characterized basically regarding how well or how severely a task is overseen and executed, or considerably whether a concurred arrangement of deliverable is delivered on time or not. The dedication of the undertaking group must be coordinated by a promise by the customer and end clients to accomplish a fruitful result. Such a promise must be attained to if the methods included are well seen by the key partners.   Task 2 A The human resources of a business model are improving the organization structure. By the help of the human resources, Palm Tree Spa is monitoring and controlling all the ability of the business model or the organization, which is the main source of improving the business model. The main parameter of the valuable value of the human resources is employee of the business model or organization. The human resources of an organization or in Palm Tree Spa is controlling and managing by the HR department.   B The Human Resource (HR) department of an organization or Palm Tree Spa, the monitoring and controlling consist by the help of some parameters. The HR department is mainly controlling and managing some valuable part of the business model or Palm Tree Spa, which are discuss in below. Employment: The accomplishment of selection representatives and vocation experts as well as higher value is counted by the quantity of point they pack and also taking time to filling the position or point (Artto and Wikström, 2005). Enrollment specialists who work in workshop instead of business model that give selecting and employment management suppose a input division in adding to the team leader work pressure. Protection: Job environment security is most vital unpredictable. The Word related Security and Health Demonstration (Act) of 1970 businesses have an assurance to give secure work space to all member of business model. Team relation: The team leader or HR head is always contact with the other member of the business model, for that reason the team is sharing their problem with the team leader or HR head. The team leader and HR head will solve the problem according to the knowledge gain by analyzing business model. Reward and Profit: the HR head or HR department is responsible for the best outcomes of the business model. They appoint well and good employees in the organization, which helps to solving all work pressure and work load in the business model. Observance: Consistence with work and job laws is a basic HR capacity. Resistance can bring about working environment objections in light of out of line occupation rehearses, dangerous operational situations and broad discontent that can control profit and eventually, efficiency. HR department must be heedful of government and state work laws, for example, Title VII of the Social equality Act, the Reasonable Work Models Act, the National Work Relations Act and numerous unlike principles and policy. Guidance and Progress: Team leader should give employees apparatuses essential for their wealth, which much be the time, revenue openhanded fresh legislative body beginning preparing to facilitate them be in motion into another authoritative culture. Numerous HR offices likewise give initiative preparing and professional improvement.    C At the point when a group is performing getting it done, you'll normally find that every colleague has clear obligations. Pretty much as vitally, you'll see that each part expected to attain to the group's objective is being performed completely and well (Box and Platts, 2005). However regularly, notwithstanding clear parts and obligations, a group will miss the mark regarding its maximum capacity. According to the Mr. Belbin recommends that, by thoughtful piece in a detailed business model, it can add to the character and contract with its deficiency as a colleague, thus improve “how it add to the business model.” Palm Tree Spa advancement professionals regularly utilize the Belbin model; it is also helps to make adjusted in the business model. The elements or the parameter can obtain lopsided. According to the Belbin, it is recognized nine group parts and he arranged those parts into three divisions like, Activity Situated, Individuals Arranged, and Thought Arranged. Every group part is connected with run of the mill behavioral and interpersonal qualities. Belbin additionally characterized trademark shortcomings that have a tendency to go hand in hand with every group part (Hyväri, 2006). It is called the trademark shortcomings of group parts the "a
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