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You are asked to select an existing product or service and produce a new piece of copy for an existing line, a future line or a fictional line that the company is to introduce.

Alternatively, students can follow an existing brief set by the industry which revolves around copywriting.

The first half of the file should demonstrate the research done at the start of the copywriting process and may include research regarding existing examples of the previous promotional materials of the business and their market, the use and effects of specific language or even aspects of visual influence or typography.

The second half of the file should reflect on your process, how you have used the information you have found to write the copy you have produced and your attempts to justify the decisions you have made in line with consumer engagement.


Defeat the lag monster with the Razer Phone 2 on Singapore's fastest and widest network.

The Razer Phone 2 will be available at all Singtel Shops and online from 3 Nov. The first 100 customers who purchase the Razer Phone 2 on 3 Nov receive gaming pack.

Figure 1: AD COPY

I like the Ad copy since the ad copy is beautifully designed catching the eyes of viewers. The advert is nicely designed with pictures that are appealing to eyes and can truly reach many potential customers across the internet. The Ad serves to announce the forthcoming or introduction of new products for the company that will be available in the market in November 2018. The product that is introduced by the company is a new phone that has some enhanced features. I agree with the Ad copy, the Ad copy introduces a new phone product that to my view is well designed and attractive (Kelleher, 2018). Though the phone is not yet available for customers, the phone looks visually attractive when the advert is viewed. On the part of the performance, I don't agree with the Ad copy since the phone is not yet available and therefore, it's features customers do not know. I personally like the Ad copy since the ad copy is well designed with visual and colors that are strong enough to attract viewers. The Ad copy has texts that are visually large enough and displays a good message to the target audience (Breakenridge, 2012).

The headline of the Ad is Razer Phone 2 that show the type of product that the advert serves to promote in the market. The headline is almost similar to the same Ad but on the main website that is designed with the slogan. The slogan is flagship and gaming phone that indicate the uniqueness of the product within the market. The slogan as also indicated within the company's website defeats the lag monster with Razer Phone 2. This shows that Razer Phone 2 help reduce the slowness of phone over the network (Singh, 2017).

Figure 2: Ad Copy logo

The logo is designed using the logo of the company and the name of the product Razer uniquely designed to base on the background color of the AD copy. Website link consists of two deployment that is a majorly main website and social media page where the Ad copy is placed. These two website links are for the Facebook and for the main website. I think call to action that is placed on both website is divided into two that majorly consist of a call to express interest in the product launched on the social media and call to purchase phone via the main website. The Facebook that also bears the Ad copy shows that customers should express their willingness and interest in attending the product launch that will occur on 3 November. The second call is based on the main website that majorly encourages the customer to purchase a product on the launching day to receive more products (Lister, Dovey, Giddings, Grant & Kelly, 2009).

The banner that is placed on the website and social media page of the Singtel is majorly consisting of the Advert designed with the picture of the product that is being introduced into the market. Images are centrally placed within the Ad piece with the main image is that of the Razer Phone that is promoted (Patrick, 2011).

The topographic features of the Ad include fonts of various sizes, different colors, types, and backgrounds. The Ad has fonts that are designed into various sizes that reinforce the required message. For instance, the size of the font that bears the name Phone 2 is larger than other words within the Ad. Secondly, the color of the font is white on the red background and this is similar to the Ad on the main website that is also white on the yellow background. In addition, the color of the font color on the bottom is red but on the white background.  I think various font is legible enough to allow readers to quickly read the message on the red energetic background (Stoykov, 2016).

The Ad is designed into a considerable size with the website copy being larger than the social media copy. The size of the website copy of the advert is almost A4 while the size of the social media copy is A5 (SingTel, 2018).

The Ad invokes anxiety effect o viewers since the images and the designing of the Ad gives the advert attractive features. The Ad copy inflicts a mixture of both positive and negative connotations in viewers. Firstly, viewers are interested in knowing the features of the phone products that are advertised since the Ad gives promises on the feature of the phone. Secondly, viewers may tempt to think that this is just attractive advert with empty promises. The image on the main website Ad is denoted by a monster called the lag-monster that is defeated by the new Razer Phone 2 (Celebi, 2015).

The Ad is creative, the Admixes images, colors and phone to create an impressive advert that is both attractive to view and informative. The Ad combines various advert designing tools to bring attractive features that are both good for view and the information that is contained is also well presented (Kelleher, 2018).

Personally, I believe the big message in the Ad is on the product and its performance as compared to other products within the market. The main message is on the type of the phone that is on sale and its enhanced features as compared with other competitive products in the market. The supportive message is on the data plan and the price of the phone toolkit. The data plan is also indicated in the Ad copy with the price of the various plans that also include the phone package. Lastly, the network of the phone and the company is also mentioned as the supportive feature of the advert (Hudson, Roth, Madden & Hudson, 2015).

I think the product that is on sale is a phone and various data plan that come as phone package or toolkit sold. The phone that is on sold is Razer Phone 2 is a new product that will be launched on 3 November into the market. Secondly, the company is also selling various data plans that come with different prices that can be sold together with the phone. The phone comes with various advantageous features such as high performance and faster speed as compared to other products. The advert presents the Razer Phone 2 as a faster product that defeats the lag monster when used over the fastest network in the Singapore market (Stuart, 2012).

The unique selling point within the advert is the phone performance and speed of the phone over the network. The enhanced features of the phone make it stand tall within the market as it is faster and with high performance when used in the connection. The performance of the phone is used to sell the phone since though there are many other phones in the market by the performance and speed is outperformed by the Razer Phone 2. For instance, another feature that is also mentioned in the advert is the gaming features that are also introduced in the phone (Kamau, 2009).

The target audience is mainly SingTel customers that are interested in both phones and data bundles. The company sells phone together with various data plans for customers showing that customer that are most likely to purchase the products are company customers. In addition, those customers that need high speed and high-performance phone are most attracted to these products. These customers are also looking more data that is coupled with high speed that enhance high performance with nice features. I understand that this makes the phone different from other phones that have been in the market within Singapore (Rajagopal, 2007).

The company SingTel has various competitive advantages that make the company shine within the Singapore competitive telecommunication market. The company is known for its faster network and faster connection. Moreover, the company also has numerous data plans and options that help customers to choose the plan that best suits their desire. The company is also known for very luxurious products that have enhanced features that also match the product prices (Hudson et al., 2015). SingTel has many different competitors that are from within the country and regionally and the competitors also sell various products. Some of these competitors include Telstra, M1, StarHub, Vodafone, and MyRepublic.

The has brands that come with various benefits to customers who purchases enjoy very many features. Some of these features that customers unique design and high speed as compared to other brands within the country. For instance, various phones that are sold within the company are of high price attributed to its faster performance and speed connection of these phones (Mulhern, 2009).

The company's advert has an emotional selling point that is also connected to the company's prestigious features and heritage. The selling point of the product is based on the features and performance of the phone that is sold. The emotional selling point of the company consists of prestigious features of the phone that are also connected to the company's boast of faster performance within the market. I believe the heritage features such as faster network and company’s themes are also used to the illicit the effect of a company's competitiveness in the Singapore telecommunication market. In addition, the company indicates that the product is the company's flagship making it an important product of the company hence attracts more customers. Moreover, the company uses its known features such as beautiful and attractive attributes of its products to design the Ad copy (SingTel Facebook Page, 2018).

The company advert was directed towards those customers that are interested in the product launch that will occur on 3th of November and confirm their attendance. The company indicated through its social media users and subscribers. Geographically, the company intends to reach those customers within the country and. The demographical target for the advert is targeting various people of all genders and all ages since the deployment was done on social media with many users. Psychographic structure of the audience is based on those people of middle class and high class since the pricing of the product show luxurious that can only target middle and higher class customer. I think these customers require high-end products that enhance performance and luxurious personalities internationally (Franklin, Hogan, Langley, Mosdell & Pill, 2009).

Products that are advertised on the Ad copy include phones and data that come with some benefits to customers. Firstly, the phone enhances communication through a faster connection that reduces lag that is experienced by many different telecommunication networks. The speed reduces the cost and ensures that the customer experience is guaranteed. Secondly, customers benefit from various data plans as they can subscribe to the data plan convenience for them. Thirdly, the product also gives customers the opportunity to enjoy high performance over the fastest network within the Singapore market. Products are also readily available for customers willing to attend product launch (Ashley & Tuten, 2015).

The deployment of the Ad was done online through various online channels within the organizations. Firstly, the advert was posted on the social media page where the company advertises to its many users, followers, and subscribers (Ashley & Tuten, 2015). Below is the figure showing the social media advert available at

Figure 3: Original Ad Copy on SingTel Facebook Page (SingTel Facebook Page, 2018)

Secondly, the advert was also deployed on the website that includes various advert contents and the main advert on the website is on the figure below available at

Figure 4: Original SingTel Ad on website (SingTel, 2018)


In conclusion, the Ad is nicely designed using various features such as images, fonts, and colors that increase the attractiveness and appealing to viewers. The Ad is designed with features that portrays thematic heritage and increases the emotional selling point of the product. The Ad copy contains a message that announces the launch of a new product Razer Phone 2 and accompanying data plan. The product advert is placed on SingTel social media page and its main website where it attracts a large number of views. I believe products that are advertised gives users experience that enables the SingTel remains competitive within the Singapore market.


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