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Discuss about the Customer Satisfaction of Apple Store in Australia.

For this research paper the principle agenda is for illustrating the customer satisfaction significance of Apple store in the retail industry of Australia. This retail industry is highly competitive field, being capable for fulfilling the customers demand and expectations that will become most important element in order for getting the profit margin and sustainable growth. (Bateson, 2011) In this research paper we will try to analyze and study the measures that are taken by the Apple stores in Australia for satisfying the customer’s requirements. This will establish the customer satisfaction role which plays important part for Apple Stores success. Previously also various researches done in the similar field, from this paper it will increase the importance knowledge of the customer satisfaction in industry growth. In world, Apple is the leading multinational organization, whose base is there is U.S. and company has boost all over world around 360 retail stores. Its prime force for the success is based on the large customer base.

Customer satisfaction is the tool which improves the reputation and sales of the organizations. For driving the customer feedback communication is the significant part so that company can capture both their negative and positive feedback which will help organization understands what the changes that need to implement. With the satisfied customers there comes loyal customers and with the loyal customers to any organization we can expect increase in their sales in future. There are whole departments that are based on customer satisfaction services to boost brand loyalty amongst customers.

The project aim is for establishing the significance and importance of the customer satisfaction for the organization profit and sustainable growth. Therefore, in order for establishing different policies related to customer satisfaction of Apple retail stores in Australia. This research aim is for establishing how inability is providing the desired satisfaction to customers and can take the severe toll for the organization on the base of the customer.

Below are the objectives which are carrying out behind this research:

  • For studying the business model executed in the Australia’s Apple store from past various years
  • For collecting various figures and facts about the Australia’s Apple store
  • For analyzing the customer satisfaction services and policies that was taken by Australia’s Apple store
  • Recognition of principles causes for the customer dissatisfaction and satisfaction
  • In the retail industry assesses the customer satisfaction role.
  • Examine the effect of product quality on customer satisfaction
  • Examine various technological innovation based on the customer satisfaction.
  • Provide gaps which are the major hurdle in Apple store. (Fornell, 2004) 

In research first phase, we have collected the secondary data once the elaboration of the research done and thus study about Australia’s Apple retail store. This secondary information will give the entire conceptual framework for the case study and whole research.  This whole study about collection of secondary data will be instrumental and in huge way in framing various questions and surveys which will help in acquiring the primary information for the research, significant for fulfilling the research aims.


The whole research which was done is conducted in the organized manner and in systematic way with every research aspect which has been properly planned, correct choices are selected and there will be smooth implementation which enables the organization for establishing the customer satisfaction. This is the backbone of various organizations development and growth. We can understand that the above research is not that much generalized as it has to be, but we will collect data from all the Apple stores that are there is Australia and try to make the conclusion in much generalized form. The organization will never expect the customer’s which are dissatisfied to come back and become their loyal customer’s and buy any new products. Apple has customers in audiences of all ages from pre teen, teens to adults and also businessmen. With such a large target market is has done a great job in maintaining its customer satisfaction rating as well as living up to the high expectations of its customers.

Reviewed the literature for research implementation and case study related to the retail store of Apple mainly contains:

  • Organization conscious effort for avoiding everything and each which can cause customers dissatisfaction
  • Efficiency for executing the policy in attaining the desired satisfaction of customer
  • The policies that actually execute in order for gaining the satisfaction of customer
  • The development and research which was carried out by organization in order for formulate the service and marketing policy that will able for meeting the customers demand.
  • The customers demand and expectations for the retail stores of Apple. (Hubbert, 2004) 

The satisfaction of customer is based on the experience of the customer. The product should provide best experience to their customer’s and make sure that they expressed fully about the product. Apple Company has success in building customer satisfaction and they are the one who brings revolution in field of computer gadgets and electronics. For gaining more of the customer’s, organizations have to keep in mind that the price of the products should be suitable for them. The organizations have 14 days return policies, but there are some companies whose return policies extended to 21 days.  It is very prominent that Apple is highly popular with its audiences and has done an impressive job in making its name in the markets, with the highest customer satisfaction rating recorded. Customers will be waiting for the new launch of the Apple product and they are willing for paying the huge prices for their products. (Wagner, 2001)

Apple is the top company who has given its customer’s quality in the reliability, services and products. The major issue in Apple is to have backup of the data. There are various user complaints regarding backup of the data on the devices of Apple. If the backup was not done on time, then user can lose their primary information.

Apple requires for improving their technology so that they can deal with connection problems especially with the wireless network connections. Another issue with the Apple devices is of security. Jailbreak tool which relies totally on vulnerabilities in current Apple devices can use loaded with the help of standard functions. Due to this Apple devices can be hacked easily by using this code and can download many software’s which are not approved by Apple.

Literature Review

Another problem is based on unsavory practices and child labor. Apple provides employment to various underage workers, which result in impacting their reputations. Other gap is about product hardware prices. The battery prices of Apple devices are ¾ the cost of iPhone. (Gauch, 2003)

In this section we will discuss various methods or approaches that will get used for conducting the research along with research questions. This research is conducted for obtaining the correct and best outcome from it and also the fruitful result for improving the knowledge about significance of customer satisfaction in organization profit and growth of business. The classification process contains secondary and primary data and all ethical rights that are needed for conducting such research.

The major questions that are related in this study are as below:

  • What is the significance of the customer satisfaction in the business development and growth?
  • What are the business policies that are adapted by the Australia’s Apple stores for conducting the operations?
  • For marketing their products what are the business policies that are adapted by the Australia’s Apple store?
  • In past some years, at what rate the Apple stores business is growing?

The foremost thing that is needed in the research process is giving the accurate reason behind conducting the research that is desired, and also the advantages it has. Here, we did lot of analysis on the impact of customer satisfaction on increment of organization profit and sustainable growth. It will give close insights in growth of business and policies for multinational company such as Apple who would improve the whole concept. It will also enable the things which will lead to customer’s dissatisfaction thus hampering the organization development. Thus, this research with details of Apple retail stores in Australia will get instrumental in enhancing the knowledge and provide customer satisfaction importance on business growth and profit. (Chiou, 2006)

One of the researches done on Apple store stated that this organization has huge numbers of customer’s are there who are satisfied. Thus, this is the real reason for their success and not that they have huge number which are obsessive and devoted towards organization or product. The main reason behind this customer satisfaction is that they build the products which are very user friendly and the use of the product is very easy.

The most significant part of the Apple’s strategy is for creating the bond with the customers by focusing more on usability rather than technology. These phones are very users friendly and thus do not need any manual with instructions on how to use them. The sale of the organization is increasing day by day as their soaring rate is increasing and also the ratings is getting better for customer satisfaction.

This is most important part of research which contains the whole research planning. This research design has to be crafted with utmost specification and skill for making the whole process work, worthy and easy to get carried out. Below is the formulation of whole framework that contains:

  • Action research – this is the policy which will followed the line of work and found any problem occurred while research conduction would solved instantaneously
  • Documentation evidence – all the evidences are recorded in research support
  • Observation – The research success will depend on the things we observe during research course
  • Interview – Interviews are conducted for collecting the primary information
  • Sampling technique selection – It is very essential to select the proper technique so that the result of the research will be beneficial
  • Sampling – This is taken from Apple stores customers and staff to get the idea about relationship among company and customer
  • First thought drafting – The primary thought which come should get drafted as the improvisation will outcome in ultimate design of the research. (Taylor, 2003)


This is the principle element that is needed in the research, the result will totally dependent on the analysis and collection of data during research course.

Here, we are giving approaches for collecting primary data:

  • Grounded theory – if any of this value found, then it will be added in the primary data collection and will help in research study and execution
  • Phenomenology – This is conducted for observing how development, research, feedback and experience molded the business structure and policies related to Australia’s Apple Store
  • Experiments – Few experiments are also conducted as per the research to get more specific and accurate data which will help in research cause
  • Ethnography – This is used for collecting and observing customers data on minute analysis and view how this will play important role for planning the marketing strategy and business models for the retail stores of Apple. (Homburg, 2006)
  • Sampling and Surveys – Once the population of research got selected; surveys will be conducted for collecting the primary data and thus need accurate result by establishing the primary agenda.
  • Case Study – We have taken the topic as customer satisfaction for Apple stores in Australia as it is based on banking section and they mainly dependent on the satisfaction of customer

The whole of the primary data is further classified into two sections:

  • Quantitative Data – The data which is collected by conducting various surveys on knowing how the customers are satisfied on Apple Store in Australia
  • Qualitative data – The primary data which is collected by interviewing the customers and staff of Apple stores on policies and significance of the customer satisfaction. (Babbie, 2009)

Analysis aim: The major objective for analyzing the data is to get the answers for all research questions which will support in establishing the research aim.

Quantitative technique for data analysis: This quantitative data will be needed for analyzing on how policies related to customer on Apple store in Australia will satisfy their customers. Preservation for validity of data is very important for this technique. This analysis can be done by various techniques such as –

  • Charts and Graphs – For the detailed study and for acquiring the data this technique can be used.
  • Mode, median and mean – This technique can be executed for analysis of the primary data that is collected.

Qualitative techniques for data analysis: below are the various techniques which we can use here:

  • Findings and recording the source analysis – Here, research findings and source data acquisition are analyzed for findings whether the data is valid and generalized.
  • Analysis of content – This is mainly focused on research content and has no influence of whether the data on research is valid and generalized or not.
  • Discoursed analysis – This is used for analyzing the quantitative data on various parameters which will help in giving the sophisticated data explanation.
  • Narrative analysis – Here, we will analyze data based on its relevance and philosophy as they are easy for execution the quotient. (Creswell, 2008)

Gantt Chart

In this section, we will obtain the outcome that is based on data analysis that is done on the data which is obtained from interviews and surveys that is done on Apple store customer’s and staff. The outcome of the analysis will help in making the research successful and also help in answering the questions raised in the research.

Any research success will depend on below three things:

  • Findings validity
  • Reliability of the findings
  • The research findings has to be very generalized

This research is conducted on limited territory of Australia and that is too Apple Stores, thus we can cannot say that this research is generalized as per above success level. The findings done on the research is valid only as collection of data will be available from various sources in Australia to find the customer satisfaction for Apple stores. (Lincoln, 2000)


This is not any kind of the research but just the framework for the proposed research. So, is the above proposed proposal found to be very suitable then the above research will be carried out as per given framework for successfully completion of the research. Also, make sure aims should be used for this research which was decided earlier. The above proposed research was efficiently establishing the customer satisfaction significance in the organization increment in profit, development and sustainable growth. The marvelous success tales are already scripted by Apple because it is already the banking organization and fully satisfied the base of the customer that proves to get the perfect specimen for the provided case study.

Thus, in this research we will study the policies that are related to retail stores of Apple that are located in Australia and thus we will collect primary data about the services. Also, tell how these services are responsible for satisfying the customer to their fullest and increase the count of the customer’s. This will result in expansion of the growth of the business. (Kucukosmanoglu, 2010)


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