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Tanglewood Case book study 8th edition

Analyze the information from the recruiting data and prepare a report showing the results of the analysis for your director.

  1. Start by developing a strategic vision for recruitment at Tanglewood. First, it is important to specify the types of individuals that need to be recruited. Describe both the ideal types of individuals for Tanglewood based on person/job and person/organization fit factors. Also describe goals for the speed of the process, as well as the time frame over which recruiting will take place

  2. Evaluate the various methods of recruiting in terms of whether they seem more like “open” or “targeted” recruiting, using the information in the book to help you make this decision. If some methods seem more “targeted,” whom do you think they target? For each method, also describe the extent to which the individuals attracted by each method are likely to match the set of goals for recruitment you provided in response to the first question.

  3. Evaluate the job and organizational characteristics that Tanglewood can offer to candidates. What are the reasons why an applicant might want to work at Tanglewood compared to the other jobs that might be available for similarly qualified individuals? Are there job and organization characteristics that might be less desirable? The question of realism in the recruitment policy has also been raised in focus groups, and some respondents are concerned that the positive features of the organization may not also describe some of the difficulties front-line retail employees face. Write one paragraph proposals for targeted, realistic, and branded recruiting messages for Tanglewood’s customer store associate positions that the company can consider. Conclude by outlining the traditional arguments for and against each recruiting message.

  4. For each division use the data tables provided in Appendix B to estimate how each strategy fares in terms of metrics. Provide a one-page summary of the essential results of the various data tables you have been provided and what it means in practice.

  5. Northern Oregon has suggested that the other divisions of the company use a policy of using kiosks and staffing agencies rather than using the more “touchy-feely” method of relying on referrals. Does this division have a point? What would the effect of other regions increasing their use of the more formal methods of hiring be?

  6. Tanglewood’s top management is highly committed to improving customer service quality, and proposes that simply finding the cheapest way to hire is not sufficient. Besides costs and retention, what other measures of employee performance would be good “bottom line” metrics for the quality of a recruiting method? How might the managerial focus groups’ concerns fit with these alternative considerations?

Recruitment Methods

In any organisation recruiting the correct person in one of the major thing that is needed to be done.  The process of the recruiting can be explained as the first step for any organisation to progress in future.  The process of the recruiting helps the manager to learn how the human resources for the benefits of the organisation (Chan and Kjellberg 2017). Thus it can be said that the Recruiting process that is the process of selecting the best suitable employees needs to be done. This paper consist of the best suitable to methods that must be used by the organisation Tanglewood for the betterment of the organization. This paper also consist of the major recruiting process that are valuable in the organisation and how it can help in the process of the evaluating (Su and Yang 2015). Further the advantages and the disadvantages of the processes are also well explained in the paper.

The organisation is currently having five different kind of methods for the process of the recruiting process. This process ensures that the selected candidates of the organization are best of the class. The process of the recruiting can be divide into two sub categories namely the open and the targeted recruitments. Under the open recruitments anybody can apply though the e profiles or resumes sent and evaluation is done on the basis of that (Volkening et al. 2017). While the process of the target recruitments can be explained as when an organization sent referral links related to the existing employees to access. One of the other major explain of the targeted recruitments is when the organisation looks that CV of a candidate in any job and reaches the candidate regarding the same. The major processes that insures that the proper cadets is selected are:

The application initiation process is one of the most traditional process for recruiting new employees for the organization. This is one of the major open recruitments process that is organisation is depended in. Under this section people visit the organisation web site and drops the resume for the organisation (Karppinen 2018). The organisation looks the resume and selects the best possible.

The referrals are one of the other major area which helps the organisations to select the correct application form is the referral of the existing employees of the organisation. This process helps in the selection of the correct employee that is needed and for only the specific post vacancies are filled up. Thus this ensures that only thee posts that are related and are most needed gets selected (Swartz 2018). This can be said as one of the most useful method that can be used for the process of enhancing the number of skill employees in the organisation.

This is one of the alternative method that is used by the organisation. The process is said to be one of the major process of selection. This alternative way is one of the best way for the process of the selection but costs very much. This process ensures that best of the selections are made (Brouer et al. 2015). This is made thought a process of computer test series, this ensures that the best caudate is selected.

Open Recruitment

State job service: The state job Service is one of the other major way that ensures that the correct employees are selected in the organisation. The employment service is provided with a set of qualifications required for work, and the employment services agency assists in providing initial screening and hiring recommendations. Training is partially subsidized through tax incentives. In areas which have less centralized population, the job service option is less feasible (Nadda Rafiq and Tyagi 2017). As this is a government working process hence the employees are selected are very much serious thing that is needed to be done in a proper manner.

The major reason that the employees works for the organisation is that because of the factor that it provides the employees with all the rights it needs. The organisation provides an excellent working platform and environment where the employees can use their best knowledge for the process of ensuing major growth to the organisation. Also the pay of the organisation is very high and hence people gets motivated to work (Lee et al. 2017). One of the other major thing that plays a vital role for the employees are the factor that the work that is done by the organisation is very much interesting and people find it very easy to work upon. Further the top management of the organisation is very much friendly and hence the worker finds it very easy to work in the environment. Thus it can be said that the working in the organisation is to ensure that all the employees are working in the best way possible.

The employees can be said as the front face of the otrgansiton and needs to make sure that all the works are done in the best way possible.

The data form the above table shows that it takes the organisation to a hiring cost of more than $1712720 to ensure that the working of the organisation is done in a proper manner. Thus it can be said that the recruiting cost is very much for the orgasaition and the organisation needs to be explained (Wilson et al. 2018). Hence the cost of the retaining the employees can cost very high and also ensures that the working is done in a proper manner.

The data fork the eastern Washington shows that the here the cost of the retaining the employees are much higher (Humburg and Van der Velden 2015). The total cost of the retaining the employees needs to ensure that best thing that is needed to be ensured and hence the orgasaition needs to ensure that working of the organisation is done in proper manner.

The methods of recruiting of Northern Oregon Division would primarily be divided into three form of major categories. Two of the primary methods are in-store kiosks and media. This division also possesses a tendency of rejection of the usage of claiming of signing bonuses and employee referrals. Some other methods would be making use of “touchy-feely” methods based on the reliance of referrals. The Division has some point as because in some of the cases the programs based on employee referrals might fail in their process of work based on various kinds of reasons.

Targeted Recruitment

The current employees might lack the sense of motivation based on their ability of making referrals. They might not also understand the value of recruitment. The Northern Oregon Division would also have an alternative method of recruiting based on the use of a computerized kiosk within the entrance of their stores (Babu and Reddy 2018). Hence, the entire process of referrals would be having a better form of retention rates as compared to the other regions. With the bringing of new kinds of people, this would be helpful for the creation of new and creative ideas. This would also enhance the culture of work.

The measures that might be taken to improve employee performance are:

  • Improve communication between employees by providing employee benefits. The employee benefits that would be provided will help in employee satisfaction. Employees will get more freedom that will improve their mental condition.
  • Ensuring that messages sent are communicated effectively to employees. In recruiting processes, the policies of the company that are communicated by the recruiter should be understood by them (Standiford et al. 2018). This will reduce the time of recruitment.
  • Another problem that is faced by new employees are becoming frustrated therefore a more realistic introduction is needed to overcome these difficulties
  • The lag between the recruiter and the applicant should be reduced in the hiring process. This would be solved by concentrating on methods to that would beneficial for the problem.
  • The time that is spend to in accessing new applicants should be reduced that would increase employee performance. Computerized applications will help applicants to communicate better with them.
  • Employees should not behave in a hostile manner. Managers suggested that realistic introduction should be made to the difficulties of customer service role. This will help the recruiter to recruit qualified individuals.


Thus concluding the topic it can be said that the recruitment is one of the major thing that is needed to be done by the organisation. The organisation needs to provide a stable working place to the customers and hence increase the value of the work. The recruitment process that are used by the organization makes sure that the best employee is selected via the recruitment process. The process of the recruiting helps the manager to learn how the human resources for the benefits of the organisation. Thus it can be said that the Recruiting process that is the process of selecting the best suitable employees needs to be done.



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