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Types of Cyber Terrorism

What is Cyber Terrorism?

As we are very well aware of this term, it is used to perform vicious acts that produces in or thwart the life which is lost extensively or majorly harm our bodily system  in order to accomplish political activity which is gained through fear. Sometimes it also performs the act considerably by internet means in which all the terror activity includes. It consists of legitimate, comprehensive disruption of  computer networks, specially of personal computers strings which is attached by this means, by the methodical tool which is called as computer virus.

Cyber crime is a contentious term. Some book writers choose a very narrow meaning, which is related to deployments, terror groups which are formed worldwide and of course  the common attacks against information system for the sole purpose to create fear and  panicky between them. Some other writers  according to their thinking  prefer much too wider meaning which misrepresent this term in reality, cyber terror and cybercrime are both very different aspects and must be clear one at a time. Those people who create online terror should be called cyber minded freak when there is a fear running in people’s minds or groups. On the other hand, whereas cybercrime performs the act  to obligate a criminal act or in simple words crime online drastically without any fear. By these slender and expansive definitions, it becomes an arduous task to recognize which are the main instance of online terror are cyber terror or cyber crime.

Cyberterror can also be simplified as the deliberate use of computer, networks, and internet which is used by the people to create mass demolition which will prove fatal physically and mentally also. Vastly qualified terrorists  who are very expert in terms of hacking can cause enormous damage to  hospital records, governmental systems and multi-national defense programs, regularly which can foliage a nation in mayhem and in fear of additional attacks. The main motive of  these terrorists  might be opinionated or biased since this can be seen as a outline structure of inducing terrorism.

There is a great deal of anxiety from  administration and through other means about possible  damages that could give an impression ,and this has dished out major efforts by administration agencies  such as FBI and CIA agencies to completely close these cyber attacks and cyber terror.

There have been countless instances of Cyberterror. Al-Qaeda took help from online to commune with cohorts and even to employ new members. Estonia, a Baltic country which is persistently developing in terms of  techno. It became a combat zone for Cyberterror in 2007 after disputes a propos to the amputation  of a WWII soviet statuette which is located at Estonia’s capital Tallinn.

Prevention of Cyber Terrorism

Flame: This type of cyber-crime is known as Skywiper and Flame, it is a modular computer malware that was found in 2012 as a bug which uses to attack the main component part in Middle Eastern countries which dash on Microsoft Windows  as their working system. This is absolutely used by hackers for spying purpose, which destructs other systems over a (LAN) or USB device which can run on an approximate 1000 machines from personal  individual, government organizations and learning institutions. It also minutes Skype conversations, audio recordings, screenshots, network traffic and keyboard activity. It was revealed on 2012 by The MAHER Center of Iranian National (CERT), the CrySys Lab, and Kaspersky Lab.

It became a prey of this attack in 2010 after it everlastingly controlled the account used by Wiki Leaks to raise account, which sullied their adequate Use of policy as their main reason. But the scenario which occurred only resulted in numerous boycotts from the persons which are using it but also caused hackers to move in.

This terror has continuously increased so much in India that it has produced a sense of fear among the people. While at the bottom, it remains to be seen as to how we can compute this unlawful method of crime or threat which is imposed in people’s minds. Now people have to stand up to the occasion and fight with all means thereby maintaining a co-operation between the people.

Cyber crime can  go  down the lane back to 1944’s attack on the communiqué system and logistic support of one country Germany. Thereafter , USA  Defence Administration clearly started  Computer Networks and the Internet  which evolved  ICANN to control cyberspace. In 1988, Osama Bin Laden established “AL-Qaeda” which is primarily based on the term “Jihad” in the same year. West German hackers accessed division  of Defence System by the USA. Subsequently “Gulf War” was the first information which carried out or i-war. By 1995, this savvy became hugely popular through WWW in our country and before that other terror outfit (LTTE) groups ( ultimately is a military group which fought  for a break up in Tamil state between 2009 and 1976) actions which were heavily reliant on internet and websites. 

  • Harassment on National Security: It depends mainly on secretive and discretion. When terrorists attacked upon them they deliberately delete or transform this information for the same purpose.
  • Cyber crime is the forebear of Warfare: When one homeland purposefully creates terror activity among other state by using new technology, then it is called warfare or net war.
  • System to transfer Terror communication:

These cyber experts have devised a new method to create their own sites to send nessage and to correspond inside or between groups.

  1. Prosecution of Cyber Terrorism
  2. The first point is Mumbai (Maharashtra) (ANI): This (ATS) squad from Mumbai on that day left without any hiccups of hijacking or ransom ware virus attacks to their website.
  3. There were large number of automated teller machines which were shut down in the wake of WannaCry ransomware attack on website. An expert panel has discussed this matter seriously and they gave a suggestion that the government should come up with some regulatory laws and conditions which will favor people the most  and they would be very well protected by these types of attacks which happen time to time.
  4. It is very well asserted that our country should expand their horizons and they should scoop out some measures to control this factor and the ambiguity of it. Duggal called for sound cyber securiry norms, various formulative policies, frameworks for building the “Digital India” eco-system.
  5. Duggal further stated that india should look at more international cooperative measures to clearly detect, prosecute and investigate these attacks simultaneously.
  1. What Our Governments Are Doing:

Our government is certainly finding a way to deal with this menacing situation single-   handedly. They have formulated various plans and methods to curb the flow of these cyber attacks which happen at regular intervals.

  1. They have joined forces with SPECIAL TASK FORCES to help our people from becoming a threat. They have conducted special raids  which will benefit people and will give them the required safety norms issued to them.
  2. They have installed high –surveillance cameras which functiones with regularity thereby it keeps a tab on each and every people’s activity.
  3. Our people should thank our government for showing faith and trust among them and also cooperating with them sincerely.
  4. Thus it becomes a mere responsibility for our countrymen to safeguard their web servers more secured.

The large volume of terrorist has been harming people as well as government, and requires a serious consideration towards it. The UK government have been harmed due to the activities of the terrorist since 30 years in the political violence of Ireland. The affect on 11th September have been really shocking to the whole globe despite of United Kingdom. The doubt as well as the disbelief and that leads it to the lacking and attacks, the overall estimation of threats, and the responsive damage of the overturn principles as well as the methods, which are every proof regarding the traumatise scheme. As the outcome of such obvious ability of terrorism to undermine and harm otherwise only and independent communities that consist the authority to involve for the further strategizing as well as recognizing steps. It includes various laws, such as:

  • Penn state law – the primary measure in the conversation that should be applied on the definite principles on any authentic approach. As it has been described earlier that complete constitutional administration needs constant implementation of the count of the things. As for the authentic reaction, the conversation explained in the UK, in section 1 in the Terrorism Act 2000, it describes:
  • In this act “terrorism” suppose to be the application or harm of the work, by –
  1. The work relies in subsection (2)
  2. The application or threat is created to affect the government or to intimidate the open or the department of the public, and
  3. The application or the damage is created for the reason of developing the ideological, religious, or political cause.


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