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Introduction to the Plan

This report will particularly evaluate the current situation of Tesla Inc. in the international domain. The resources required for the company will be primarily evaluated here. Moreover, the significance of resource planning and its requirement for Tesla Inc. will be fundamentally presented in this particular report. The potential risks related to the development of resource planning will also be duly presented in this specific report, which will allow for taking appropriate steps to manage the issues. On the other hand, recommendations will also be presented for the company concerning the reduction of its risks in the process of resource planning.

The electric car manufacturer Tesla develops a large number of batteries that are required for its vehicles. The company needs to develop planning for the manufacturing of its batteries in the future (Wang, Duan & Liu, 2021). The requirement for lithium for the manufacturing of batteries is increasing for the company. The manufacturing of batteries and lithium for the batteries requires appropriate planning. The company should develop new strategies to develop an agreement with energy companies to fulfil the requirement of lithium for batteries. It will also require the HRM to implement appropriate strategies for staffing, training and development, maintenance, labour law, and workplace safety maintenance (Flyvbjerg, 2021). These aspects will help the organisation to improve its strategies and growth, which will improve the quality of vehicles and services. In addition, managing the safety of the workplace will also allow Tesla Inc. to maintain the motivation of employees.

Tesla Inc. is one of the largest electric vehicle manufacturers in the world, which was founded in the year 2003. In the year 2008, Tesla released its first fully electric vehicle, Roadster. In 2012, the company stopped manufacturing Roadsters 2012 to concentrate on its Model S Sedan (McCain, 2019). Tesla developed stations named Superchargers in the USA and Europe for the charging of cars. It has helped the company to charge the battery pack of Model S. In the year 2015, it launched the Model X, which has the maximum range of the battery. After that year, Tesla developed the Model 3 and entered the industry of solar energy. In 2017, it changed its name to Tesla Inc. as it was not operating only in the sector of the automobile (Dzialo, 2018). Another vehicle, Model Y, was released by the company in 2020, which is determined as the second model of Roadster. In addition, Tesla Inc. is focusing on the development of more factories to increase its growth and sales in the global domain. The use of technology has allowed the company to manufacture automated vehicles to improve the experience for customers.

Tesla Inc. Profile

Tesla Inc. is determined as the leading manufacturer in the automobile industry, and it is focusing on increasing growth. The firm is focusing on increasing the workforce by recruiting more individuals. Increased workforce and the number of employees of the company are helping Tesla Inc. to focus on its expansion (Almenhali et al., 2021). The contribution of the company towards its workforce growth has allowed in focusing on expansion in the global arena. Moreover, Tesla Inc. has recruited more than twenty thousand employees to improve the workforce. It has enabled the company to open stores and service centres in different locations in the international arena. The expansion has allowed the organisation to become the leading manufacturer of the EV market in the international market. The company has achieved massive growth in China and Europe. The sales of Tesla have also increased due to the expansion in different markets. The Model 3 of Tesla is the best-selling EV in the international arena, which has increased the growth of the firm. On the other hand, increased demand for electric vehicles has also allowed the company to expand its market. In addition, the e-supply chain is also being used by the company to manage relationships with the suppliers (Tosesarij, 2020). It is helping the company to maintain its flow of resources as per the demand in all the markets it is functioning. Different suppliers of the firm are helping in improving the profitability of Tesla Inc. in all the markets.

Resource Planning is determined as the identification of allocating and forecasting different types of resources for businesses at an appropriate cost and time. Moreover, resource planning is also enabling firms to utilise and use their resources in an efficient manner as per the requirement (Quyen & Nguyen, 2020). The resources which are being used by businesses are determined as equipment, assets, human resources, facilities and others. It is also determined as the development of strategic planning for businesses for the better usage of resources based on their availability and capacity. The resource managers of companies have a massive role in understanding the new requirements of resources to fulfil the demand and reduce the gap (Lakomy et al., 2022). It includes the hiring of new resources or increasing the productivity of existing resources. The ability to forecast the requirement of resources and develop plans and strategies, allocation, along with utilisation is determined as resource planning.

Resource planning is a vital part of the process of project management, as it influences the success of the project (Simon, 2021). One of the benefits of resource planning is that it allows for the creation of more projects. Furthermore, creating projects without having appropriate resources causes delays in meeting deadlines. The delays regarding projects drastically influence the quality. The development of an appropriate resource plan, along with forecasting with time, helps the managers to predict the requirement of resources, which is essential to complete projects in an adequate manner (Munthe, 2022). On the other hand, managing demand by identifying the required resources is another advantage of resource planning. It also allows firms to compare their resources and the existing capacity. Resource planning is also allowing the managers of businesses to implement appropriate strategies to fulfil the gap between capacity and demand.

Current Situation of the Company

The internal factors refer to the aspects that are related to companies. Moreover, the control of the internal factors is being maintained by companies (Wardell et al., 2020). The internal factors that influence the requirement of resources are determined as value proportion, plans and policies, human resources, corporate image and brand equity, labour management, marketing, and financial resources, physical assets, organisational structure, interpersonal relationship with employees, size and quality of infrastructure, financial forecast, the decision making power of founders, along with operations (Akhmetshin et al., 2018). Firms are able to maintain their internal factors by understanding the requirement of resources. The internal factors can be controlled and managed by businesses, which influence the growth of organisations with appropriate resource planning.

Firms are unable to control the external factors, which are also influencing the requirement of resource planning. Thre external factors are divided into two parts, which are macro and micro factors. The macro factors include the suppliers, customers, public, competitors, talent, marketing and media. On the other hand, the external factors include political, economic, natural, technological and social aspects (Wang, Xu & Solangi, 2020). The economic factors include the exchange rate, tax rate, inflation, labour law, wages and others, which affect growth and profitability. The development of appropriate resource planning by companies increases the growth and profitability in the global domain by utilising and using resources appropriately. In addition, increased use of technology is helping businesses to reduce their expenditure and understand the requirement of resources for the future.

An increased number of employees is one of the required resources for Tesla, which is essential for the increased growth of the company in the international domain. Hiring more workforce will help the company to improve its services and increase profitability (Neish, Walter & Enge, 2018). On the other hand, Tesla manufactures its batteries, which increases the requirement for lithium. In addition, the manufacturing of automotive vehicles is also increasing the resource planning for the company. Improved technology is another requirement for the firm, as it is the leading manufacturer of electric automotive vehicles in the international arena.

Resource planning is determined as the development of the plan for allocating tasks to teams based on the capacity and ability that fit their job (Chofreh et al., 2020). The development of a resource plan increases the ability of individuals and teams to manage their capacity, utilisation rates, monitoring progress and tracking capacity.

Months Plan


Current Issues

How it can be resolved


Potential Risk


Goal 1- Managing the efficiency of employees with Training

The operations carried out by employees in all the branches are unable to improve the experience of customers. The services of all the employees are also unable to satisfy the buyers due to the lack of knowledge about appropriate services.

The issue related to the employees could be resolved by providing appropriate training to them.

Trainers from the outside could be hired to provide training for the employees in all the branches.

Training could be provided to them by identifying their challenges for a limited time.

The training for the employees could take time of three months.

The risks related to the participation of employees in a training session could be there. It would affect organisational performance.

The growth and sales of Tesla Inc will reduce with the lack of participation in the training session.

$ 40000

Goal 2- Increasing the manufacturing of batteries to manage their availability

The expansion by Tesla Inc is enabling the company to increase its customer base. It is increasing the requirement for batteries in all the locations.

The lack of resources to manufacture batteries is drastically increasing the challenges.

The challenges for Tesla Inc related to the manufacturing of batteries could be reduced by developing a partnership with other companies in different markets. Recruiting more employees for the manufacturing of batteries is able to increase the availability of batteries.

Developing partnerships or recruiting employees will require a time of 4 months.

Tesla will be unable to fulfil the demand of customers in different locations. It would also reduce the customer base of the firm in the global domain.

Furthermore, the expenditure on the research and development department could be increased.

$ 50000

Goal 3- Implementing new technologies to improve the experience of customers

The manufacturing of EVs by the company requires the adoption of technology. The unavailability of the charging stations in all the locations is determined as a barrier in several markets.

It is vital for the firm to increase its expenditure on the research and development department to manufacture more EVs and increase the availability of charging stations.

The adoption and increased use of technologies will help in increasing the customer base.

A time of 3 months will be required for the firm to implement new technologies to provide a better experience to the customers.

Advanced technology will also increase the growth of Tesla Inc.

The implementation of technology will be a consistent process for the company.

The growth of the company will be reduced due to the unavailability of technologies.

The manufacturing of the vehicles will be reduced due to the lack of technologies.


Goal 4- Aligning resources with the goals of the company

The expansion of the company in different markets and the recruitment of employees with lack skills are increasing challenges for the firm. The new employees are unable to meet the organisational goals due to a lack of resources.

The new employees of different locations could be provided with appropriate knowledge about the organisational goals. It would allow them in meeting the goals by lining up with the required resources.

The sharing of information should be done on a regular basis for 12 months.

The new employees will not be able to meet the organisational goals due to the lack of knowledge about the goals and resources.

Technology will be required for the company to share knowledge with the employees in all the locations.


Goal 5- Managing the allocation of resources

The expansion of the company is drastically affecting the allocation of resources in all the branches. In the future, it will affect the allocation of resources by Tesla Inc.

The challenges related to the allocation of resources are able to drastically affect the growth of Tesla Inc in different markets. The lack of appropriate number of employees in different locations is able to affect the growth and performance of the firm in the future.

Aligning the organisational goals with the stakeholders would help Tesla Inc to gain advantages by increasing the availability of resources.

Providing employees with appropriate training will help in managing communication with the suppliers.

The management of relationship with the suppliers and stakeholders through improving employee performance with the help of training will reduce the challenges.

Training employees and managing communication with stakeholders and suppliers will take a time of 6 months.

Tesla Inc will be unable to manage the resources, which will drastically affect its growth and performance.

The lack of availability of resources is able affect the productivity and profitability of Tesla Inc.


Aim and Objectives of the Plan

Concept and Significance of Resource Plan

The fundamental aim of the plan is to develop appropriate resource planning for Tesla Inc. for the next 12 months to increase its growth and the ability to fulfil demand in the international market.

The objectives are

  • To evaluate the significance of resource planning for Tesla Inc. to increase its expansion in the international arena
  • To evaluate the internal and external factors that are influencing the requirement of resources for Tesla Inc.
  • To identify the risks in the process of developing a resource plan for Tesla Inc. in the global arena.

Managing the Satisfaction of Employees

The satisfaction of employees is one of the effective aspects for businesses to increase growth and profitability in different markets. Employee satisfaction is one of the essential aspects for businesses to increase profitability and performance in different locations (Kenway et al., 2019). The adoption of new technology and changes in policies could affect the motivation and satisfaction of employees in Tesla Inc. Thus, it is recommended to the HR managers of Tesla Inc. that they need to maintain the satisfaction of employees during the process of resource management (Okanga & Groenewald, 2019). It will help the company to focus on the improvement of the employees for better performance in the future. It will also allow the organisation to manage its productivity in the international domain by influencing its profitability (Cooke, 2020). The engagement of employees will also increase the satisfaction and performance of the employees. Online training could also be provided to the employees to keep them satisfied during the process of resource management.

Training Employees for the Usage of New Technologies

The productivity of employees in Tesla Inc. is one of the required resources for the better growth of the firm. Training for a limited time for the usage of new technologies will improve the skills and knowledge of the employees (Ali et al., 2020). However, the adoption of appropriate trainers will help the company to provide appropriate training to the employees. It is recommended to the HR managers of Tesla Inc. that they should hire trainers from the outside to train their employees about the new and improved technologies. It will also increase the profitability and knowledge of employees (Kim, 2020). Furthermore, the employees of the company will also be able to manage the workforce after the training. It will allow Tesla Inc. to increase its productivity and reduce expenditure in the international arena, which will help in increasing its profitability.

Influencing Employees to Participate in the Manufacturing Process

The engagement of employees in the manufacturing process is also essential for firms to increase job satisfaction and knowledge among the employees. The lack of participation in training sessions will affect the company’s performance (ŽIVANOVIC et al., 2018). Thus, it is recommended to the HR managers of Tesla Inc. that they need to engage the employees in the process of manufacturing, along with research and development. It will help them in gaining more knowledge about the vehicles and technologies (Shafi et al., 2019). The employees will be able to communicate with the customer in an appropriate manner by increasing their participation in the process of manufacturing. It will also increase their knowledge about the manufactured vehicles, along with the technology. They will be able to guide customers with the knowledge gathered from the process of research ad development, along with manufacturing.

Internal and External Factors increasing the Requirement of Resources


It was concluded from the paper that resource planning is one of the vital requirements for firms in the international domain. Resource planning is able to help companies identify their required resources for increasing growth in the future. The growth of companies depends on the ability of the management for the development of an appropriate plan regarding resources. It was also concluded from this report that Tesla Inc. is focused on expansion to increase its profitability and growth. The resource planning for the company includes the development of planning for the required employees, technology, and lithium for batteries. The operations of the company will improve in the different markets by the training for the employees, which will increase their productivity and knowledge. On the other hand, the company will be able to manage the workforce and its employees with the implementation of technologies, which will also increase the growth of the firm in the international market.


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