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Develop the personal awareness such that you can determine a career path that will ‘fit’ you best.

You should include the following:

.Themes elicitation:
.Themes analysis and integration:

Team Work Skills

Reflecting on self is a critical task and can be best undertaken through personality evaluation procedures (Walker & Tracey, 2012). In the current scope of analysis includes evaluating and analysing personality test scores in order to plan a path for improvising any skills needed. The current evaluation procedure will allow reflect upon the areas needed in career improvisation and also in planning a course for progress.

Prior to undertaking my self-analysis, I would like to introduce myself. I, am Nick Thomas, male and single. I do not plan to get married any time soon. I want to establish myself in a highly professional career role and establish myself personally as well. I am extremely hard working and I am working at a part time job role currently. I have been working since the time I passed high school and have been committed in my previous job roles immensely. In the past which ever job role I had taken up, my employer was always immensely happy with me and praised me for various achievements. I always aimed at overachieving my targets or given work roles. My parents were both employed; my father was in an automobile company whereas my mother worked as a clinician at the local health center. I do not have any siblings and I am the only child of my parents. I have deep relation with my parents; especially with my mother I share deep emotional attachment. My mother guides me mentally for taking any decision and my father has been an excellent source of inspiration. He guided me on my career and studies so that I could over achieve in them. I have some attachment to my last workplace as my employer was highly impressed by me and I was an over achiever in work role. I was handling cash and I did it very efficiency and there was seldom error found in my work. The past career experience have highly influenced my thoughts my providing me the inspiration to over achieve and strive hard. My school history had been wonderful with lots of fond memories. I was an average student and scored good grades in my school years. My hard work was always regarded highly by my teachers. It provided me inspiration to strive hard in every aspect of my life. My hobbies and leisure time activities include various kinds of sports activities. I enjoying playing football and watching basketball.         

  1. Structured Autobiography (SA)
    • Date completed : 12/10/2018
  2. Interviews with Significant Others (ISO)
    • Date completed : 08/01/2018
  3. Holland’s Vocational Choice (HVC)
    • Date completed : 08/03/2018
  4. Self-Evaluation Scales (SES)
    • Date completed : 08/01/2018
  5. Work Values Inventory (WVI)
    • Date completed : 01/08/2018
  6. Time Perspective (TP)
    • Date completed : 15/08/2018
  7. Career Anchors (CA)
    • Date completed : 08/04/2018
    • Date completed : 08/06/2018
  9. Goal Orientation (GO)
    • Date completed : 08/08/2018
  10. Ambivalent Sexism Inventory (ASI)
    • Date completed : 12/10/2018

Theme 1: I am good at team work

I have seen that since graduation more than 60% of the tasks are linked to group work, which is the case also at the university. While I work in business, I think I will always work in groups and teams. So I developed my social for becoming a future businessman (Patton & McMahon, 2014). Supported by a high score of 2.6 on HEXACO agreeableness, I am ready to co-operate, compromise and very useful while operating at team roles. I feel that I possess all qualities to be a team player. Then I attained 10 at the age of the highest social scores in the team roles, showing that I enjoy working with people. Even in my structural autobiography, I have said that I enjoy the participating in my club activity which is important for surviving. We always work together to distribute each other and distribute information about camping and routes. I also scored high in social skill in HVC of 9, which reflects my capability to interact with others and take part in team roles and activities. The most important role which I can perform within the team is that of a leader.

Attaining New Heights

Theme 2: I strive to attain new heights personally as well as professionally

I am a follower of Christian Ronaldo and like him, I'm the same protagonist. For me it is always important that I personally and professional am in the comfort zone always (Dweck, 2013). The highest score in the WVI in achievement is 11; hence I really think I need to undertake improvement. In addition, critical awareness of self-rating scales has shown that I welcome comments on my work because I undertake points of improvement. I emphasize on learning that I would like to develop by gathering new skills and taking up short term courses. Such short term courses will allow me to develop professional and personal skills which will allow me to improvise on my career. I can easily strive outside my comfort zone and try to attain highest levels of achievement through hard work. In order to achieve heights personally as well as professionally hard working skills will not suffice, there will be needed learning skills as well. From the test scores it can be seen that I have scored high in learning skills as well. This will allow to achieve success in professional role and excel in the same.   

Theme 3: I am hard working and set priority

Every individual need to be goal directed and then work hard to achieve those goals. Achieving  goal is very important to me, because it is one of my characteristics. I just want to achieve the goal of excelling in my professional and personal life. In an interview with other important personalities, my father, who feels that I am very focused on trying to achieve a set goal. I scored 4.375 in perfectionism in self-evaluation scales (SES) which shows that my drive is strong, because I have many options to solve the errors that might arise to achieve a goal. For example, in my life I have always set goals for a certain level. For example, when I was a student, I did a really bad job on a particular topic. I generally tend to set short term and long term goals and then maintain a self- tracking journal to maintain the same.   

Theme 4: I value security in job role

Adventure is good, but in some areas of life, especially in my career, I no longer feel burnt out. I have a reliable job, especially in difficult situations. Moreover, I found a lot of security in the list of labor costs and occupational safety, which confirmed that I have followed my ideology to ensure that safe working, is very important. Moreover, the positive timing of Time Perspective also shows that I need more safety than feeling and adventure in my work (Duffy & Dik, 2009). I also showed my philosophy a few years ago. When I was looking for part-time work while studying at the University, I was working at a restaurant. As the cashier has more regular working hours than a team that is heavily dependent on defense, I decided to work at a fast food store because of my safety. I am undertaking this course and will further aim at skill enhancement to ensure that I am able to secure a job that can provide me with mental security. I highly value job security and the employer who will provide me the same, will have commitment from me.

Hard Work and Priority Setting

Theme 5: I like to make friends

It is important to create new friends from kindergarten and till University or office. I thankfully had many opportunity to get new friends, even from different cultures and varied ethnic background. This is shown in my results in inventory scales; I saw a relatively high level of friendship at work. My scores reflects a low evaluation of sexism. I am an honest person (score: 2.3) with high emotional (score: 3.3) capability and conscientiousness. I feel I can easily move to a new place and make new friends (Cerdin & Pargneux, 2010). While working in offices, I always made friends with colleagues fast and got along well with them. I face little amounts of conflicts when I worked in team. I am highly collaborative in nature and can easily interact across diversified environment. At the University also, I made a few friends with whom I am regularly in touch through WhatsApp and Facebook. I have helping attitude and help any person in need, hence I make friends and they easily develop their reliance on me.     

Reflecting on personal skill assessment provided various insights into my self-roles and attributes. It could be understood that while certain skills and knowledge areas were present, in some case it was absent. This led to tremendous amounts of areas in which improvisation could be undertaken. What I learned from the material I learned was that I had good social skills and that the rules of work ethics were not present within me (Rottinghaus, Buelow, Matyja & Schneider, 2012). Due to my self-esteem, I realized that I had some strength in terms of social skills. The HEXACO suggests that I have a relatively high level of social skills. But I think I can improve my communicative skills. Those who are in danger of good social and academic abilities will admit that I have some commanding skills. I tried to improve these skills because they were reluctant to have commitments. For example, when I was elected as a representative of the study committee, I refused the secretary's position, as I would not had to do work much. In addition, I think I'm more focused on the audience than I thought. The goalkeeper will do everything possible to achieve these goals. It completely defines who I am, but it is too concise. To improve my performance, I can consider the risk of poor performance by working in an organization whose goals and principles are unclear. At school level we had indulged in football activity (Nauta, 2010). Due to lack of communication and cooperation at this time, we have not set clear goals in our speech that could lead me to a statement due to which the game was lost. I need to work very hard to be directed towards my goals and objectives. I am a person who likes to travel a lot as well and likes adventure, which has often deterred attaining of goals. I think I'm in the middle because I'm sure I choose job security or travel adventure. I have travelled to many places and would like to travel more. I like taking on adventure but I am concerned that my goals might get deterred. As I am a goal directed person, am aim at enhancing professional as well as personal development (Chen,  Fiske & Lee, 2009). From the thematic integration along with assimilating of personality tests, it could be understood that I have several qualities and several areas in which I need to improvise upon. The most positive aspect of mine which was highlighted through the personality tests is my learning orientation. I have capability to learn regarding any area or topic in an easy manner for achieving my goals. Therefore, any hurdles I will face in the future will be overcome by way of learning and my hard working nature.  

Value for Job Security

It is important to understand our individual personal and professional values. My values ??have changed through my experiences in life, education, the environment, culture, gender, education,  socio-economic status and other variables (Ashton & Lee, 2009). Our values ??are the criteria for our ratings, our preferences and choices. Finding career opportunities and professions that meet our core values ??are essential for happiness and satisfaction. That is why there is an analysis of the issues I have in mind about some of the consequences that I have learned. I have come to the conclusion that, regardless of the location of the work sector, I need to be engaged in work that requires more of teamwork. This strongly supports two topics I have good friends and I am a team player. I have a good opportunity to work with others. I do not want to reduce my abilities. Teamwork provides opportunities for professional development and teamwork from engineers and ideas. Several team members on board can work faster with shared responsibility. Teamwork implies that we know and also understand the strengths and weaknesses of the team members. High-level team-work skills enable managers and team members to more effectively use their tasks to share. When the team works well, employees can feel more comfortable with making suggestions; team members are familiar with managing brainwashing information and using effective teams. Undoubtedly, you should not destroy social skills and teamwork and look for jobs that require more teamwork. Moreover, I understand that I really need to consider the positions that present most of the challenges. Based on two topics, improve everything for me and I value security, I decided that offering better opportunities is what I need to achieve a high level of satisfaction. The ideology of my life is a purposeful person who does hard work that will guide me to complete them. When the problem arises, I have a direct way to achieve this. I will intensify my strategy to promote the goals.


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