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Internal issues

Discuss about the Net Telecommunication Recruitment And Selection.

  1. Size of the Firm

Orientation and size of the organization greatly influences recruitment and selection process. The organization size and number of activities determine the number of recruits and the process. When it comes to a small Human Resource department handles less and as the size of the organization grows wider, the recruitment complexities increases (Baert et al 2015,p.187).

Recruitment requires reasonable amount of budget. Organizations have to analyze the cost and clearly define their budget level for the recruitment and selection of workers.

Organizations promote issues that are relevant to their values. Culture has key positive influences on the desire recruitment and hiring specification standards met by a bunch of qualified candidates that meet the values they stand for. Therefore, an organization with a strong culture working strategy’s, adopt human resource management concepts that are complex because they under pressure to maintain legitimacy.

Successful recruitment and selection requires a team that is effective well trained and experienced in recruitment. The team must be able to analyze the qualities, skills, knowledge, and behavior of the candidate.

In comparison to companies using traditional technologies to the companies that have adapted to advanced technology; study has found that those using traditional means are not involved in selective hiring, training, development, evaluation, and fair payment. The combination of the complexity of existing technology in an organization and human resource management has led to successful recruitment and selection

There are laws implemented in the labor market by the government, which influence the industry. Recruitment and selection process must strictly consider every labor law to avoid breaking the laws.

 Image of the organization

Organizations having a positive image and goodwill as an employer finds it easier to attract and retain employees than an organization with negative image.

Diversity in recruitment and selection

Building diversity in the workforce is very important. The idea that diversity in the workforce will improve performance and organizational success. This is because it breaks monotonous thinking and bring new ideas to the table.

Sustainable development Recruitment and selection based on knowledge, skills, abilities and personality in employees is an important criterion. Recruitment and selection process should reach only those persons, which have those rare skills necessary to carry out organizations activities successfully

Policy problem (125)

Shallow and incomplete or a wrong analysis will lead to job posting that might not accurately reflect the skills and traits required. There be should a routine job analysis for each position and create a complete report (Baert et al 2015, p.187).


Narrow Focus

During the selection process, the human resource panel might become too enamored with a singular quality or talent he expects of a candidate, which can limit the other applicant’s traits that can aid the organization.

 During hiring and selection applicants might get a position due to their skill but lack qualities such as friendliness, communication skills and interpersonal skills; that can be observed during an interviewer. Recruiting and selection panel need to put the two into consideration to prevent poor culture fits

Linnet Telecommunication Recruitment and Selection Policy

  • Overview

Recruitment and selection is a systematic process where a job is identified, the requirements of the position and position holder are laid out, advertising of the position done, and choosing the most appropriate person for the job is done-after careful analysis of the applications.


iiNet limited is a telecommunication company dealing in broadband internet service provision located in Perth, Western Australia. The organization is composed of a skillful workforce and this policy aims at to maintain it by carefully recruiting and selecting workers. This policy enables the organization to properly get an employment force that meets the organization's objectives.

  • Scope

There must be fair and equitable employment process guided by this policy. it will cover recruitment of the various position for both internal and external applicants. Appointments must be made in accordance to the policy, therefore, be subject to advertisement and interview for the position.

The human resource team must conduct selection of applicants according to merit of fairness, credibility and equity. This policy enables the recruitment and selection of employees to be conducted professionally, in proper time and in compliance with legislations that exist. (Tuchman & Romanelli 2008, p. 176). Merit-based recruitment and selection will enable the team to draw applicants according to their knowledge, skills, attributes, and experiences. This relates very well to the requirements of the position and according to the organizations principles. The human resource team should behave themselves sung professional standards according to the provided code of conducts in order to be able to follow regularly the policies, rules, regulations and procedures of the company. Typically, this aspect interacts with the adhered requires of the position based on the firms set of principles.

This include maintaining confidentiality of the selection process and protecting individual rights to privacy.

 human resource team will provide regular training to all team members who are directly involved with the recruitment and selection processes (Baert et al 2015, p.187).

Organizational culture and Reputation

The human resource team will ensure that its recruitment and selection process is cost friendly.

Human resources practitioners require knowledge the legislation, Fair Work Act of 2009. This act is important because outlines the minimum employment standards for workers. It covers of important issues such as terms and conditions of employment it outlines the rights and responsibilities of employees, employers and employee organizations in relation to the employment. The Act also creates a compliance and enforcement regime and establishes bodies to administer the Act. They including Fair Work Australia (FAWN) and the FOWL. Fair Work Act also gives opportunities to address legal barriers that include the right to request flexible working arrangements, modern awards, provisions relating to notice of termination of employment and the general protections provisions (Tushman & Romanelli 2008, p. 176).

Once vacancies have been identified, the Manager will initiate the recruitment and selection process and present it to the team in charge. This process will include  

  1. Reviewing of the vacant position to determine:
  • upcoming relevance of the available job position
  • Effectiveness of duties and responsibilities
  • Classification of the position
  • Possibility of the role being broken down into other sections of the existing positions and made as convenient.
  1. Designing the current job Description. A particular change made in the review process it should be updated. A memo/report should be printed outlining the review process.
  2. Authorization Form is completed and sent along with the updates. The review is sent to the Director for review and approval and finally forwarded to the manager’s approval. 

Various job advertisements done on several medium should be checked and sent directly to the qualified workers through the use of emails. Employees working in the company are encouraged get suitable positions when they arise. Employees that meet the criteria will be awarded the position; no interview will be conducted. The performance will finally be measure based on merit in terms of individual job position that has been identified for the selection criteria.

During carrying out available job opportunities in the media, a clear and nondiscriminatory information in a language that is understandable to the target groups should be done. The contents of the job advertisement will include the title of the job and duties and responsibilities. It should outline the criteria of the job and indicate that all the required criteria that must be addressed by applicants (Tushman & Romanelli 2008, p. 176 Information about where to collect and drop application forms should be outlined. The existing panel members of a company should ensure that they understand their key responsibilities for maintenance of confidential matters throughout the entire process of recruitment and section of qualified personnel for the job. Proper assessment of each paced application regarding the selection process criteria and finalizing the shortlisting of the qualified candidates on a n assessment sheet should be included effectively in the employee information pack computer database (Mwasha 2013). The board members should always check and review to ensure that the dataset and necessarily information is available and secure at all costs over a given time frame.

Recruitment and selection team

The selection will also have to verify the job description of the advertised vacant position and ensure that the position under review is updated, precise and accurate.

Human resource in company’s project management

This is a key strategic significant aspect to a project oriented company. Every time a new project is being designed the configuration of human resource in the company regular changes with the existing conditions. These includes the various processes and aspects that enable organization, manage and direct the entire project team who has an aim to complete the project successfully. The project teams have different levels of skills and expertise therefore each one is specifically designed to run a specific task in accordance with the specified qualification and knowledge existing (Mwasha  2013). Specific roles and responsibilities are delegated for the team members and in this case, all team member’s participants of should be actively involved in planning and important decision making processes. This active participation adds the employs expertise and skills in the operations thus strengthening their final commitment towards the main aims and goals of the project at hand.

Planning human resources. This involves the process of evaluating and documentation of role, responsibilities, needed knowledge in order to enhance a staffing plan as a manager,

Acquire team members. As a manger one need to confirm human resource availability and go ahead to get the necessary members who will complete the project activities.

Develop and manger the team. Manager play a big role in increment of competency levels by creating a conducive environment for growth member’s relationship (Mwasha  2013). This will increase the performance of the project. Keep track of the project member’s performance by offering feedback, resolving problematic issues and making key function changes I crucial in maximizing the company’s performance.

Selection panel depending on the post will conduct the selection process. This will include directors of department, manager human resource and his/her delegates, and department employees selected. Any member of staff involved in a selection process who has a personal or familial relationship with an applicant must bring this to the attention to the panel.

The selection panel need to ensure proper preparation of a list of the questionionnaires that will be given to Candidates at the interview. The questions should only relate to matters that are relevant to the position. Unlawfully Questions, which are discriminate, need not to be include in the entire process, this includes questions that may constitute sexual harassment, ageism and the likes There should be a documentation of applicant’s responses and the reasons for shortlisting and selecting the chosen applicants Baert et al (2015) shows that a panel should meet and agree on the successful applicant, who should be notified of the decision in writing. Unsuccessful attempts on the applicant’s side should also be offered a notification of the anticipated outcomes.

Advanced technology

Recruitment and selection diagram.

Unsuccessful candidates who completed the job applications should take the following steps if they literally require an appeal of the results after due date of the selection process.

  • Contact Human Resources desk in order to do enquiries and request for important advice on their next course of action.
  • First appeal is to be made on the recruitment and selection board. The strengths and weaknesses of the appeal are discussed and a selection criteria response is presented.
  • If the applicant is still not completely satisfied with the final results, a final appeal should be made in form of formal writing to the top-level managers

Getting quick feedback from the manager about the quality of the submitted candidate slate is critical. This feedback helps analyses and evaluate the selection and recruitment process and the candidates chosen.

Literally, this aspect involves the overall number count of all qualified applicants that are screened in the entire interview due to offering of minimal feedback. An individual should measure and identify the quality of the screening tools and how efficient they are and its implications on the hiring decision making process.

New emerging workers in the company provide a series of new development knowledge, talent and skills to run the operations of the firm efficiently and with minimal supervision. It indicates the efforts of the human resource personnel and aid to coordinate the employee’s experiences.

New higher engagement can help evaluate their expected performance regarding their focus and personal feelings. New surveys available in the domain provides optimum impressions and significant insights in the firms training process and resources invested in training. It ensures to get the final view and perspective of the hiring process thus [promoting its high level improvements.


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