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Course Code:UMAN3011
Published on: 19-10-2021

Importance of employee engagement in the hospitality sector Background of UK Hospitality The hospitality sector in the UK is the fastest growing sector providing enormous services to the customers in order to gain the customer satisfaction. The consumer satisfaction can be acquired only when the entire staffs are serving them with positive and generous feeling. A number of hotels and restaurants are opening up and jumping in the market wit...

Course Code:6HR001
Published on: 14-10-2021

Dispute Between RMT and Aslef on Driver-Only Trains and Subsequent StrikesThe union of RMT has called a deal to end the strikes posed by the fellow union Aslef and Southern Rail. The strike has crippled the south of England and London as a “shocking betrayal” of passengers and workers. Aslef was the representative train driver whereas RMT was representing the conductor and other fellow workers on the network. The dispute was detect...

Course Code:GSBS6192
Published on: 30-09-2021

Identifying the Key Motivational TheoriesThe HR managers and the human resource department of an organization both are playing an essential role to motivate and encourage employees (Torrington, Hall and Taylor, 2005). On the other hand, various types of motivational theories can influence employee's effective processes and behavioural process. There are different types of theories can influence motivation, but out of them, some important th...

Course Code:BUS298
Published on: 29-09-2021

Five Bases of PowerThis essay deals with explaining the concept of power and change that influences the programs. In the assignment, main emphasis has been given on the cross-cultural influences on change that discuss the topic that derail change programs (Yacout, Omneyaand Lamiaa 2015, pp. 37-52). The theory of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions explains a framework that revolves around cross-cultural communication that was devised by Gee...

Course Code:MOD003398
Published on: 28-09-2021

Literature review and critical evaluationCommercialization can be considered as one of the most critical steps in the concept of the technological innovation. It can be stated that it is one of the most little well managed active of the whole process of the innovation process. The launch stage can be seen to be particularly crucial in the market of high technology. This is due to the factor that it is interconnectedness, volatility and the pro...

Course Code:MGMT20140
Published on: 24-09-2021

Knowledge GainedThis report has been prepared as a reflective assignment i.e. it is used to reflect all the lessons that I have learnt from this unit and the tasks that I performed in due course. This reflective report of mine is based entirely on the lessons and lectures that I participated in during the last 12 weeks. At the end of each week, I updated my learnings in the weekly blogs that I posted in WordPress. I have also attached the link...

Course Code:MGMT20144
Published on: 23-09-2021

Innovative Challenges for Start-Up Indian Restaurant in AustraliaInnovation and entrepreneurship has a key role to play in any business organisation.  If the business is a start-up, the innovation is an essential factor that has to be considered.  As given in part A, a start-up restaurant has been chosen, that is introducing Indian food in Australia.  This assignment highlights the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship o...

Course Code:BU1104
Published on: 23-09-2021

NTUC Fair Price Cooperative Ltd Vision, Mission, and Values for SustainabilityQuestions and answers 1. Analyze NTUC Fair Price Cooperative Ltd vision, mission and values and their connection to the sustainability of the company. Sustainability is the ability of the management to maintain the company at a certain level without allowing depletion. NTUC Fair Price Cooperative Ltd Company is the fastest growing retailing outlet in Singapore ...

Course Code:MKT6001
Published on: 22-09-2021

DiscussionIn today’s environment of globalization, the market and workforce are getting more complex and diverse so, the companies are facing many challenges in terms of culturally and strategically environment to stay competitive in the market. It is important to adopt effective decision making process for the organizations. There are various organizational theories in support of gender equality and the strong role of the women in the o...

Course Code:HM601
Published on: 22-09-2021

Background of the caseHospitality industry has been the fastest growing industry in UK and it has great potential to improve its contribution to the economy of the country. At present, it contributes about 3.6% in the GDP of UK. The British government has provided funds to many bodies so as to develop and promote their hospitality industry in international market. In the recent few years, this industry has shown significant growth due to the...

Course Code:HRMT20027
Published on: 17-09-2021

The introduction of Better Off Overall TestThe better off overall test is an important test that needs more improvement given that it is the test used in the process of determining whether or not to accept a suggested enterprise arrangement. The better off overall test has constantly been used by Fair Work Commission when making important decisions of whether to reject or accept enterprise agreements. This test is still relevant and as such, it...

Course Code:TLH339
Published on: 16-09-2021

Importance of Service Quality in the Hospitality IndustryQIT (Quality in tourism) has been assessing properties and driving standards across UK for over 15 years, we are experts in the field: offering advice; support & assessment for tourism & hospitality businesses. QIT is a household name in the hospitality, leisure and travel industry. QIT helps the hospitality industry in identifying the lacunae in their service quality and service...

Course Code:BUSI53315
Published on: 10-09-2021

The Emergence of Technological Innovation as a Major Force Behind Economic GrowthThe current study explains the significance of the emergence of technological innovation as a major force behind economic growth despite the pains that it has meted out in the past. In particular, the present study attempts to investigate the impact of innovation and technological developments on sustainable economic and social development. However, the present ...

Course Code:CIS5302
Published on: 10-09-2021

Phases of College Education Completion Lifecyclea) The phases of the college education completion lifecycle are divided into three phases. They are initial phase, middle phase and the final phase. b) The initial phase of college life consists of choosing an appropriate college, choosing major and minor subjects, moving into college accommodations and making friends. The middle phase is more about strengthening social bonds and enriching com...

Course Code:HRMT20024
Published on: 09-09-2021

Impact of Participative LeadershipThis report explores employment relationship in a Top Truck Company in Wollongong yard in Australia under new management. The report further examines how a participative leadership impacts employee behavior as well as boosting productivity in the organization, giving it a new look. The focus also dissects in the risks involved in the case of organizational change to maintain sustainability. Employee relation ...

Course Code:BUSI240
Published on: 07-09-2021

SummaryDefinition: The Herzberg Motivators and Hygiene theory is a theory that was developed by the psychologist Fredrick Herzberg in the 1960s(Cox & Klinger,2011). Herzberg was trying to understand other factors that affect employee motivation apart from high salaries. Herzberg`s findings revealed that certain job characteristics are related directly and consistently to job satisfaction while different factors are directly associated with...

Course Code:ACSK4001
Published on: 07-09-2021

Theoretical framework of idea generation and innovationThe following paper is going to make a reflective account about an idea generated regarding business innovation in recent past. Therefore, the aim of the reflective discourse is to evaluate the business idea that has been generated by applying and referring the theoretical model and concepts of business innovation and creativity. Finally, the present reflective account is going to analyze wh...

Course Code:ESM706
Published on: 01-09-2021

Importance of Communication and Relationship in Multicultural LeadershipInteraction is very important as a team leader. Therefore, my relationship with our team members should be strong and positive. I would like to get along with all the group members once in a month for maintaining that relationship and will organize web conferencing and new technological options. It would be beneficial for an entire workforce and all of us will be familia...

Course Code:MKT3417
Published on: 30-08-2021

Description of the EncounterName of the Organisation: Swensen Industry type: Food and Beverages Type of Encounter- Bad Service The occurrence of the encounter took place on 12th May 2017 when my family visited Swensen for celebrating my mother’s birthday. From taking entry into the restaurant I faced the following bad services of the concerned industry: Long time have to wait for taking a seat in the restaurant though it was empty. Th...

Published on: 27-08-2021

Background of SydneyCross-culture refers to the study of people belonging from various cultural backgrounds. Culture provides an emotional and intellectual experience of the setting that encourages contemplation and celebration. Culture helps in expressing the creativity, enhances the preservation of community that helps in forging an individual identity (Cannings, 2015). A cultural background also helps in improving the learning available s...

Course Code:MGT730
Published on: 26-08-2021

Introduction to the process of innovationLearning outcomes and other reflection on attending a workshop for organizational innovation The process of innovation is central to the understanding of the design, and the purpose of the concerned service of the product.  It also aids in leveraging innovation strategies. “Everything that can be invented has been invented” was opined by an eminent scholar, which is a serious function...

Course Code:MKTG1275
Published on: 25-08-2021

Introduction and Product/Service DescriptionTechnologies and technological devices are the most potential and profitable ventures for the contemporary business organizations (Chesbrough, 2006). Thus, more business organizations are entering in this sector offering different technological products and gadgets (Kaur and Abodallahian, 2014). However, one of the key challenges faced by the organizations is the intense competition. With the entry o...

Course Code:GSBS6008
Published on: 25-08-2021

Background of the OrganizationCommon PVC which is polyvinyl chloride is strong but lightweight plastic that is used for construction work. Normally this type of material is used for manufacturing window frames, pipe work and other structures. This material is made softer and flexible by adding plasticizers. If no plasticizer is added then it is known as UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride). UPVC windows are popular these days because of its...

Course Code:HAT303
Published on: 25-08-2021

DiscussionHotel industry is one of the most important sectors in modern days (Benavides-Velasco, Quintana-García and Marchante-Lara 2014). People travel from hotel to hotel for a variety of reasons requiring for different facilities and luxury that meet their needs as well as are budget-friendly. In current days, numerous hotel organizations have diversified portfolio to target specific customer market. They have developed varieties of ...

Course Code:ITG102
Published on: 24-08-2021

Using MIS to improve the quality of social CRM and the relevant changes involvedThe modern corporate world has experienced gradual changes over time resulting from different business environments. These environmental changes both internally and externally have in one way or the other affected the growth of business organizations as well as the organizational performance. One of the best ways or improving organizational or business performance ...

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