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Course Code:MKTG2203
Published on: 21-06-2021

Reward ProgramsIn order to ensure that the different employees as present in an organization are able to perform considerably well, it is important to see to it that they are rewarded regularly as an incentive scheme. The different internal reward schemes which can be rightfully offered to the different employees are as follows: Thanking the employee regularly: The different employees must be thanked regularly so as to ensure that they feel...

Course Code:STAT103
Published on: 21-06-2021

BackgroundNurses and doctors working in intensive care unit (ICU) can handle significant work-related stress, the symptoms of staff emergencies are described as common, and previous studies have highlighted the high Levels of exhaustion symptoms in intensive care staff have been identified. Exhaustion is a psychological term that is often used in response to long-term emotional and interpersonal stress, usually in the context of work. Exhaus...

Course Code:LE5102
Published on: 19-06-2021

ThemeIn every event or function that people organize ranging from wedding to party, the event owners always want the best function. The need for a quality event is what brings in event designing (Beard and Russ 2017: p.370). Event designing is the practice in which people outline the goals of the event and organizing all the displays needed in the event. For instance, in a wedding, the décor, food and invitation cards must be beaut...

Course Code:NM11
Published on: 18-06-2021

The Scope of Employment Laws in the UKTo, Mr. Adam, Sub: Letter of Advice Ref.- Case of missing money from the cafeteria Respected Sir, This is a response to the request of letter of advised asked by you in the matter related to missing money in your cafeteria. The subjective letter of advice is attached herewith as Annexure A for your perusal. You are requested to review the same. We hope that the same will fulfill your expectations. You...

Course Code:GBUS680
Published on: 18-06-2021

Mission and ObjectivesImagine Audio is a family owned company comprising of a passionate team. The immense love for music and sound led to the initiation of the business of manufacturing the Wireless Bluetooth Audiogram for the music enthusiast. The company will apply its skills in creating music and radio systems having a wider appeal that sounded and looked fabulous with a particular space. The company will have the mission of designing pro...

Course Code:BN309
Published on: 16-06-2021

Resources and StrategiesThe computer forensics is also known as digital forensics. In this computer age, so many crimes happening based on computers. The computer forensics is used to find the deleted files, passwords, illegal contents in the computer. The forensic image may be a copy of the hard disk, CD or DVD etc.The given forensic image will be investigated using appropriate tools. The analaysis of the firensic image will be done (Al-Hadad...

Course Code:BSMAN3008
Published on: 14-06-2021

Company OverviewThe report helps in the overall analysis of the product or the market orientation which will be provided by the organization to the customers in the entire Malaysian market. The value propositions along with the differentiation aspects used by the company is required to be analyzed and identified in an effective manner which will be beneficial for the overall success of the bank in comparison to the other competitors. The needs ...

Course Code:MGT200
Published on: 14-06-2021

Symptoms of the Major ProblemThe signs of the significant problem in the case of “Zero Wage increase again?” are significantly evident among the employees and in the financial performance of the company. There are frequent cases of employee absenteeism. In the conversation between Simon (the floor manager) and Mark, Simon says that Dougie in addition to other four employees had called with the same excuse of having a flue, and when t...

Course Code:CSBP491
Published on: 11-06-2021

The Lebanese Intelligence Community and its Vital RoleThe foremost determination of this paper is to focus on the Lebanese intelligence community. Lebanese intelligence community has four different departments and each of the department is headed by an authorizing body. The structure of this intelligent organization changed significantly after the French retreated from their mainland. The governmental and the jurisdiction of this country is ma...

Course Code:BSBRES401
Published on: 11-06-2021

Data PresentationAn annual data regarding customer complaints is being gather by the organization. Managerial initiatives has been taken to understand the skill levels of providing customer service by the organization to the potential consumers and to provide solution to the problem that exist due to which customer satisfaction is not getting fully maximized (Xiang et al., 2015). Effective customer grievance management necessitates to implemen...

Course Code:COMM3020
Published on: 09-06-2021

DiscussionThe following report reflects on a fast food organization which has a supervisor. The supervisor of this organization focuses on certain ways which can be used for maintaining and strengthening positive relation (Zheng et al., 2015). The relation is mainly established among the employee of this restaurant. The last part of the report mainly deals with a list of recommendation which can be used for improving the employee strength with...

Course Code:POLI202
Published on: 09-06-2021

DiscussionThe aim of the essay is to shed light on the elections and political parties of Canada and analyze whether the current system is suitable or not. Political campaigns have been an important part of elections in the democracies of the world including Canada. These are the organized efforts made by the people looking for public office to secure nomination. However, in the recent past, some commentators have questioned the need for such ...

Course Code:CHA3U
Published on: 08-06-2021

The Red Scare and Political ChangeAs Cold War between Soviet Union and US got more stressed during the late 1940’s and during early period of 1950’s hysteria was formed over assumed threat created by Communists in US which popularly became identified as Red Scare. This was because communist generally referred to as Red for their devotion to Red Soviet flag. The red scare resulted into numerous actions that had severe and enduring...

Course Code:1028HSV
Published on: 07-06-2021

Equality and Diversity PracticesThe terms of equality as well as diversity practices are essential to the sustenance of the institution. It represents the specification that is being used by the Company to maintain its suppliers and employees. Also, to sustain a diverse organization means to retain and manage people from different ethnicity, background, religion, education, sexual orientation, and gender. The more diverse and equality a work...

Course Code:SITXCCS007
Published on: 05-06-2021

Suggested seating location Q.1Email response This is in response to the dinner booking on Friday night.  The 15 clients can be accommodated in the function room. It can be divided into two parts so that they can occupy one half the room.  This will facilitate the two presentations to be done without interruptions from the other clients. The hotel should avail the menus to the clients before their arrival. Special considerations will b...

Course Code:MGT2012
Published on: 01-06-2021

Suitable operational objectives for the sales departmentThe object of the study is the company's sales department engaged in attracting, advising, the process of making sales, monitoring the transaction process and coordinating the work of the purchasing department and warehouse complexes. The proposed project activities will improve the efficiency of the organization - in the long term in terms of financial results (increase in company profit...

Course Code:LOG488
Published on: 31-05-2021

Main ArgumentThis article “The seven principles of supply chain management” published in 1997 in the journal “Supply chain management.” Anderson, D., Britt, F., and Favre, D. together compose this article which includes seven principles of supply chain management. Even though in 1997, the supply chain was a pretty new term and very few people know about the importance of supply chain in the business organisation. This a...

Course Code:MBA501
Published on: 31-05-2021

Fantasy Film Business Portfolio Fantasy Film is a digital animation studio which has created various animated films, advertising, animation software and animated effects to be used in films. It is an Australia based company with headquarters in Sydney and operating in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Brisbane. Fantasy Films comprises of four business units: – Fantaspace: It specialises in the digital animation in feature films. With a r...

Course Code:MUSIC119
Published on: 26-05-2021

Over the Rainbow - Analysis of form and emotional impact1. Over the Rainbow (1939) is a form of ballad composed by Harold Arlen and the lyrics was written by Yip Harburg. The main elements to produce this work can be seen with the use of standard jazz voicings of (ii) (v) (i). The song was created at the time when the Jews in Europe were coming under increased hostility. The emotional impact relates to the time when their freedom was taken awa...

Course Code:ENGL2069
Published on: 25-05-2021

Christopher Marlowe's Use of Homoerotic LanguageGenerally, feminism is described as the range of ideologies, social movements and political groups that work under the same goal (Jayawardena, 2016). Most of these groups seek to ensure there is both equal education and professional opportunities for both women and men in the society. The aspect of feminism tends to fight for rights of women   such as the right to vote, the ri...

Course Code:STAT101
Published on: 24-05-2021

Problem statementFemales frame about portion of the total populace and take around 66% of the considerable number of occupations on the planet. Notwithstanding, they acquire just 33% of the aggregate salary and possess scarcely a tenth of assets (Xu, 2014).Sexual orientation-based separation is an overall marvel as contended by (Anaman, 2007).The US work showcase is looked with innate gender imbalances inferable from the apparent nature of wor...

Course Code:PSYCH101
Published on: 24-05-2021

Institutionalized HomophobiaWhile the stereotypical notions regarding people with different gender and sexual identity persists among a considerable section of the heteronormative crowd, the widespread awakening of the LGBTQ community has been instrumental in changing the perspectives of the majority (Dentanto et al., 2016). People develop positive attitude towards things that reward them or come to their aid; while anything that does not corr...

Course Code:AMCU600
Published on: 24-05-2021

Business and Segment BackgroundThe name of the business is Kathmandu business enterprise which is involved in traveling commodities. The enterprise falls under the tertiary industry. Most of its product is for traveling. The business anticipates for traveling. Hence it offers luxury travel products.(So, 2016) The enterprise is divided into three broad segments. This situation influence which is involved in where the company is located, soci...

Course Code:CX553001
Published on: 21-05-2021

Simunovich Olive EstateAs opined by Lee (2017), the impact of recent technologies on the business models as well as processes used by the different contemporary business enterprises has drastically changed the nature of the modern business world. Waddell et al. (2016) are of the viewpoint that because of this the focus of the contemporary business enterprises has shifted significantly from the notion of profitability to the aspect of...

Course Code:MG4101
Published on: 20-05-2021

INTENDED Learning OutcomesBusiness operations can be defined as different ways through which the business is able to create optimal outputs from the various available inputs; this can be offering services or manufacturing physical products (Hill & Hill, 2012). An operation can also process a customer surrogate, for instance, dress to be dry cleaned, and this is similar to the processing of information. Management is defined in the English ...

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