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Discuss About The Particular Strengths Particular Personality.


There are so many personality types that exist in the world. I feel that this is one of the most important and exciting things to know that which personality type I belong to. It is for this reason that I have taken many different tests that would give me the different scores and the different kinds of scores. It is based on this score that I have been given a particular personality type and I have been able to connect it very easily with the kinds of traits that are present in me. I have appeared for tests like the Myer’s brigs, the psychometric tests and also many other tests that would help me to find out the kind of personality type I belong to (Furnham 2017). I feel that this is very important because it will help me to find out the areas of my positive and my negative points and thus take the necessary actions that will help me to overcome the weaknesses that are present within my characteristic (Chen et al. 2017).

I will mainly see the points of the strengths and the weakness of the ISTJ character so that I can use them in my personal and my professional life as well. I can plan a set of the CPD activities that will help me in making the necessary plans for overcoming my weaknesses in future. As I have got this personality type I will be using the chief characteristics, the weaknesses and the strengths of this particular personality type for using them in my learning process. This will help me in becoming much successful in the future days of my career. Being an ISTJ, I am the person who likes to stay all by him or herself. I am not really a people's person or a very jolly kind of a person (Haas and Hunziker 2014). I like to spend time alone. So, I can relate this with my characteristic that whenever I get some kinds of stress over me like the stress of an exam or any kind pressure, I usually like to handle it alone. I do not really support the idea of group studies. I like to face the stress all by myself and find out the necessary means of solving the same (Corsano et al. 2017).


I always like to spend time in thinking about the facts and the logic rather than always going by the traditions, the ideas or the pre-existing concepts. However, I feel that one of the great advantages that I have in the process of learning or while dealing with any kind of exam pressure or work pressure is my ability to work in a very organized manner. I might not always be very flexible or very spontaneous as I take some time in planning my routine or getting my work done in a very organized manner. This is always very helpful as the workload gets reduced a lot. I also consider myself to be a perfectionist and I like to give proper focus to each and every detail of the things that I take up in hand. This can very well be applied to the scenarios of exams or any such professional projects in the future days (Claridge et al. 2018).

I do not like to just imagine things rather I always like to predict them beforehand. This is because if I can predict that there is some particular kind of situations that might arise in future. It is evident from the fact that whenever I have some upcoming exams, I try to gather all the notes that have been distributed in the class. I predict that if I do not have all the class notes sorted out at hand at least a week before the exam then there can be a huge problem for me. So, I try to take immediate action and I check my collection of notes with that of my classmate's. This is a kind of planning that I like to do always. I also often depend upon my past experiences. I try to gather the memories that I have experienced myself or have heard from someone. I try to predict the outcomes of the same if they happen to me and thus, I take the necessary actions for solving them. I consider that one of my greatest strength in the process of learning is not leaving a task undone until it is done right. In other words, whence I take an assignment in hand or I am given any project I try to do it in the perfect way. I also like to know about the rules and the regulations of anything that is in front of me before entering into it. This is also something important that I would like to invest in my lea ring process as well (Cervone and Pervin 2015). I feel that this will help me in the future days as well. This will help in abiding by the rules of each and every project and also proceed on it properly without any problems. I feel that I am very responsible and I do not want people to lose their faith in me if they have trusted me with something. I do not ever want to fail them. Whenever I am given any group work I try to make sure that I am doing my bit of work properly so that I do not fail the faith that others have vested in me. I cannot really say things in a roundabout manner, I always say things in a very straightforward way. This is good in case of the learning procedure a well. If I feel that am having doubts about understanding something, I directly confess I and I seek help either from my professors or from my classmates as well.

Some of the strengths that have been very helpful for me in the learning process are as follows

I feel that I am very responsible for all the aspects of my life. I try my level best to stay true to the promises that I have made. I cannot sleep or stay at ease before performing the task properly and within the promised deadlines. I know that this trait will help me a lot in my professional world as well. Being responsible is one of the most important aspects of any business organization. I am working as the assistant manager in a company and I always try to be very responsible for finishing up all my work at the same time (Cools 2015).

Practical and calm

I always try to stay very organized and very calm in my work organizations. This is because I feel that there will surely be many hardships and risks appearing in future. It is at this point in time that I have to maintain my calm and find out the best solutions for them.

Honest and direct

I am very transparent and very clear in all my endeavors. I do not like to bring many complications within my ways or my approaches. I always feel that if I can honestly deal with whatever is happening around me and with all the people involved in them, then I will not be able to solve all the problems very easily.

Strong-willed and dutiful

I feel that this is also one of the most important traits of the personality type that is ISTJ. I always try to stay clearly focused on the target or the goal that I have in front of me. I make sure that I am meeting all my obligations in some of the other ways possible.

There are however many weaknesses of this personality type as well

One of the negative aspects that I have is my stubborn nature. This can often be very harmful to my learning process or even my professional life as well. I often abide by the strict rules and the facts without bringing any changes within them.

I often feel that the way I speak might have hurt many people and particularly those that were a bit soft in nature. However, I do not really like to be harsh with anyone but my ways have often been very harsh. I often dictate people on what is to be done and as I am very strict with the rules I have not considered any flexibility for them.

I often feel that if people are ever trying to find out some new things and going beyond any set rules, then they are bad or ignorant. I often ignored the fact that people can disobey some of the other facts and that this is very natural.

Unreasonable blaming themselves

I often have suffered from nervous breakdowns by not being able to deliver the work within the promised deadlines. This has happened as I have often taken a huge work pressure on me. I often cannot count on others and I feel that I am the only person who is concerned about the job.

There are also many learning theories that I can relate with the ISTJ types


This theory considers the learners as blank slates and that knowledge is existing outside of them. The knowledge can be properly acquired only when the new changes appear in the behavior of the learners. They believe that learning takes places every time when a new behavior is attained by the learners.

Cognitive information processing

This process believes that whenever someone finds a change or any new event in the environment, they learn something. However, this learning is based on the memory that is already stored within the minds of the learners. The learning depends on what is actually going on within the mind of the learners


This theory believes that learning is based on the internal knowledge and the previous experiences of the individuals.

So, I can say that I being an ISTJ stick to the cognitive theory of learning as I often depend on the previous experiences that I have been through. I often feel that I can draw several inferences from the past happenings that I have been through. However, I need to make sure that I also stay very open to the changes that are happening and the new rules that are coming out. I must agree with the new ideas that people are bringing. I have to keep in mind that I cannot impose the pre-existing or the age-old ideas on all.


CPD activity

Details and reflection



3rd July 2018 to 3rd Aug

Reading journals or articles

I will be reading the journals and articles so that I realize the kinds of new ideas that people are coming up with. I will be able to know that people must at times give up their age-old predefined notions and accept the new ideas.

This would take about 1 month.

 10 the August to 10 October

Upgrading knowledge through internet or television

There are so many shows that are coming up the internet and the television that shows how people are coming up with new ideas regarding learning.

A duration of 2 months

7TH October to 12TH December

Keeping a file of my progress and also taking part in many stress relieving activities

I will use my trait of performing each and every task in the best and the perfect way.


So, I would be using these methods so that I am able to overcome the weaknesses that are present in my persona. The stress relieving activities will help me in getting over with the stubborn attitude that is present within me. I have to accept the fact that not every rule is good for everyone. For an instance, the rule of coming to office on time might not be possible for some. They might not be breaking the rule intentionally. They might also face some traffic problems or some issues that make them late for work. Same is the case with learning styles. Peer to peer learning or team learning is one of the most important ways of learning that also helps in knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas. I must also stop giving unnecessary stress on myself and make sure that I am concentrating only on my bit of work. This will ease the process and make me overcome the weaknesses.


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