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The Store Manager's Behavior and Store Morale

Discuss about the Performance Appraisal Business Strategy and Firms Results.

The best way to respond to the Store Manager’s behavior is to make sure that she understands that how important is the situation. The store needs to be managed and how she could have easily handled the situation by being cool and calm. Also, she can be making them understand the situation is down.They need to focus on maintaining relationships with the stakeholders and maintain relations with other suppliers. Also at this time the situation, we need to keep the morale of the employees up and other managers should also be in the same situation where they can handle their own issues.

I can actually model her positive leadership behavior by making her realize that the situation you are in, all the managers are. And by showing her the cost and benefit analysis I can show her that it's really possible for us to be on the same field and yet help each other and increase the revenue of the store. Also, tell her that the disrespectful behavior will only turn tables in no body’s favor. Thus there can be proper management.

  1. The principles of emotional intelligence that she did not demonstrate:

o    Self-Control

o    Empathy

o    Conflict Management

The self- control, empathy and conflict management were not done in order to actually make sure that there is a proper understanding from her side. She couldn’t control herself in a stressful situation and thus yelled. The empathy was absent because she didn’t realize that the department managers also were going through the same issue. Also, conflict management was being taken care of because, after the meeting, the environment in the store was not that positive.  

She could have focused on the part that they need to focus on maintaining relationships with the stakeholders and maintain relations with other suppliers. Also at this time the situation, we need to keep the morale of the employees up and other managers should also be in the same situation where they can handle their own issues.  She should have said the part that- “I understand that our numbers are not going up and I totally get the part the departments individually can’t increase the numbers since it’s a large business effort required here. But still to maintain the morale, what all we can do is that we maintain better relationships and have new opportunities found out to explore our options in terms of supplies.”

Impact of the Store Manager's Behavior on Store Performance

She could have acted in a way which ensures the departmental managers no pressure but a chance to actually explore more so that the revenues could grow.

This had a direct connection because there was a lot of involvement at the part of store manager which can actually affect the morale since it’s on the main manager who will have the plan chalked out for the working of the store. Also, all the managers of the department’s report to the store manager and every one reports to the manager. Thus the yelling of the store manager had happened because of no direct mistake of anyone, that had an impact on the whole store.

The behavior of the store manager will have an impact on the store performance because since she couldn’t show empathy on the large scale for the employees, it was difficult for them to manage. Also, the employees got agitated and scared also because if the larger business was also not performing there was nothing this store could have done properly to turn the numbers down.

  1. Two examples of possible misinterpretations of expressions that arise in case of diverse workforce:
  • Being too conservative and Facial Expressions: In this scenario, there were a lot of issues in terms how they can be used and misinterpreted. Like a normal expression on someone else while h is having alcohol can be considered as something inappropriate.
  • Being not participative informally but formally only: This can be too misinterpreted because of the fact that there is lot of attitude in the person who restricts himself to just formal, organizational work.
  1. Explanation to the employee who has come with the issue of cultural expressions being taken wrongly:
  • The situation in which the cultural expressions can be taken wrongly, thus I will explain as following: “Since we are come from various cultural diversities, it is possible for other people to not understand everyone’s behavior. And thus you need to be very open and vocal about the same. Any joke missed on any kind might also be taken as you ignoring the fact or the humor in the team and thus you need to make sure that there is a proper way of handling the same and you be very open about the fact that you might not understand some cultural references.
  1. The way in which the whole team raise their awareness of cultural expression and use communication to resolve any communication gaps:

This can happen by making sure that employees are talking to each and other be aware of each other’s diversities. They need to exchange information about them on personal level and be open about the fact that they all can be very different and not comfortable in every situation.

  1. I will put my emotions aside and in the shoes of the employees, I will try and understand the fact that it’s not very easy to be in the employee's shoes and work continuously with totally different team members. Also, there is an issue if team building and other activities which has been creating problems because of the simple reason that when they don’t understand their peers they will suffocate and would love to work alone. Thus this needs to be considered and taken care of.
  2. The knowledge of personalities and learning styles analysis will actually help me to see that who is an extrovert and introvert. Checking the extremes will actually make me understand the part that they can learn by doing also and might even do the onsite activities or by reading. Thus with the activities you have, there should be a proper balance in terms of the analysis of the personality and learning styles of your employees.
  3. Using awareness of my own feelings and those of the employee to adapt:
  • Your needs: Here the principle of self-awareness with the empathy so that I can actually understand the part of the employees where they can help me in meeting the performance needs and even the team building.
  • Employee needs: Even here the case of the proper management of my feelings of self-awareness, management, and empathy will help me to be their shows and understand what goes wrong while they actually work and be in the team activities.
  1. The relationship between emotionally effective people and the attainment of business objectives is very direct because here they will actually consider the parts of the proper emotional levels and they might not even see that how the best way to achieve those levels are and thus this means that they will take their best possible approach. This also includes the principle of being self-aware and emotionally affective people will take the part of not being into the shoes of the manager but thinking about their own goals. Thus there should be proper alignment in the business objectives.
  2. Considering the emotional impact of decision-making can lead to better decision making in business because here the basic resource is your human resource and since in this case, the human resource is the main part because they help you sell your products. Thus if we see that how large is the emotional impact and what kind of personalities you have in your organization, this will help you to take decisions, chalk out plans to actually announce decisions and how to handle the behavior afterward.
  3. The process of decision-making that takes into account emotional impact is:

You need to first see what your objectives are and in which the employees are comfortable. And when we delay the work what is the main impact.

In this case, we are having team building or other important delays in the programme. And thus performance measures being set are the way and they actually need to see how training and development are working.

So take in the step where the need analysis is done so that you can measure who will have what kind and scale of emotional impact on them. (Greenberg, 2011).

Proper team building

Flexible Targets

Need of the legislation like work place safety

No harm or danger on job positions in particular situations like not meeting targets.

It is important to develop an occupational health and safety management system (OHS MS) to actually have an approach which is systemized. In order to improve health and safety which can actually help employees to feel safe and can also help the people to be very calm? Thus the business decisions can be very effective here. (Addison, 2008)

Pat has been looked into a few times and along these lines now coaching methods as shown and different techniques have been begun. Dialog with respect to advancement ventures to take in the this company and this department will be as a coach to her.

Coaching phase



Own performance, Expectations, obstacles and Goal and performance expectations

Coaching sessions summarizations:

SMART Goals for Pat should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

Pat ought to be made seen casually that the she can make for instance $8,000 deals income every month is the requirement and from every one of the representatives and execution with the client is making their requests satisfied is and imperative errand which should be secured.

Asking Pat:

Inquiries: Is there any issue in managing client needs when on location?

Goals and Reality:

Reality of actual performance and emotional intelligence

Financial- $5,000 average over six months

Internal process efficiency- Low

Learning and development- Seven training hours

She has been getting training and actually facing personal problems which are affecting her badly. Thus she requires is that her emotions get heard and can be channelized in a particular manner which is very swift and can work in the companies favour.

Questions: Can you achieve this? Are you in a position to do this?

Options and Opportunities:

To develop and awareness about her strengths and weaknesses

20– 30 hours are made accessible and ought to be taken by each representative and this is something needed to develop his performance back. This will require assessing her strengths and weaknesses too. A high-performing staff individual from the group is prepared to control her and guide her, subsequently she should accept this open door, if need to be prepared.

She can create herself genuine well on the off chance that she accepts such open doors and take in the essential parts in the projects not at the normal easy projects.


Willingness to develop and commitment

We are investing on her a lot but we need to check her willingness also to get trained and come out of her difficult emotional situations. Questions- what you want to do- commit your time more to training now or normal sales?

Can you devote this much of time to this part of your work and get trained?

 "Pat in addition with your objectives as of now set up by us however the present reality ought to be seen and looked at. Be that as it may, Pat you have constantly attempted and therefore I have given you such huge numbers of alternatives to chip away at. The mentor will be assistance for you but just make sure that you are actually in position to GROW and have the will and possibilities to achieve the goals.” (DuBrin, 2012).

(Bayo-Moriones, 2010)

Name and position: Pat


Review period: July/ August 2016

Reference from operational plan

Key result area as per GROW

Indicator of success/ performance

Status report/results

To have growth in –Human Resources – Performance Management & Training..

To increase the efficiency of her in the department

Additional Sales done. If not happening more training

To have growth in –Human Resources – Performance Management & Training.

To provide service quality by growth and will

Achievement of Customer satisfaction scores up to good levels else more sessions will be conducted

To have growth in –Human Resources – Performance Management & Training.

To achieve internal transaction time by using less time.

Achievement of proper transaction time and help achieving process times

Achievements: Good customer reviews (Few)

Areas of opportunity: Sales

Next performance review period: January, 2017

Manager’s comments:



Staff member’s comments:




Storey, J. (2007) “Human resource management today: an assessment” in Storey, J. (Ed.), Human

Resource Management: A Critical Text, Thomson, London.

Robbins, Stephen P. (2015). Training in Interpersonal Skills: Tips for Managing People at Work. Pearson Education; 6th edition

Pahuja, Dr Yogesh.(2015) Training and Development: An Essential Guide for Students & Practitioners; Includes 30+ Ready to Use Templates. India: Partridge India

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Bayo-Moriones, Alberto and Jose E. Galdon-Sanchez. 2010. “Performance Appraisal, Business Strategy and Firm’s Results.” Manuscript.

Addison, John T. and Clive R. Belfield. 2008. "The Determinants of Performance Appraisal

Systems: A Note (Do Brown and Heywood’s Results for Australia Hold Up for Britain)." British

Journal of Industrial Relations 46(3), 521-31.

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