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Current Strategies Assessment

Discuss about the Strategic Direction and Recommendation American Technology.

In the year 2008, they have launched the first generation of the e-business strategy platform that was designed by the American Wells by inventing exactly of what people will think with regards to the present day telehealth. As the platform was evolved by them in the years they have introduced many more strategies in the telehealth. With the introduction of AW8, the scenario has been changed totally. This is another step that was taken by American Wells for introducing the patients to the next generation of the telehealth. For doctors and other clinicians, it is introduced to the mobile telehealth experience with the help of AW8. The telehealth is kept in every doctor’s hand through the brand new mobile applications (Al Badi, 2013). With this app, there is an option known as AskMe availability which will make the things easier for the doctors for practicing the telehealth with their familiar terms. The healthcare has been revolutionized by American Wells for the sake of patients and currently, they have prepared it for doctors too.

As per Al-Mudimigh, in the year 2013, a mobile application was released by American Wells which is compatible with both the operating systems such as iOS and the Android phones (Al-Mudimigh, 2015). The same video visits are mobile optimized by the app. It means that the services are marketed directly to the customers.

In most of the states, the American well is supervised by the highly expert physician and the licensed staff who are having a minimum of 10 to 15 years of experience in the care group that is online. Online care group is considered to be the primary care group which is owned by a national physician.

According to Gupta & Narain, the current business strategies work in the following way which has been assessed on the basis of the diagnosis and the procedures that are followed by them. It goes in such a way that the doctor will be able to diagnose the patient, can treat them and prescribe them with the proper medication on the basis of the current condition of the patient (Gupta & Narain, 2015).  The pharmacy that is chosen by the patient will be opted by the doctor for sending the prescription directly. American Wells wanted to attract the insurance industry as it is one of the significant industries and they have executed it successfully.

New Strategies

In the year 2008, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Hawaii was noticed to be the first customer for rolling out the service and in addition to this; it was the first insurance company. However, they are still in progress in identifying the new markets and targeting them like the pharmacies, hospitals, and the insurers who are not from the US (Hiles & Hon, 2016).  Therefore, it means that the services of check-up which are offered on this platform are usually covered in this insurance plan on which is again dependent on the insurance company with whom the patient is in a contract with.

As per Jamalzadeh, et al, the IT background that is related to the health care has been reached by the American Wells so they have developed the online care platform for patients to get in contact with physicians. This online care has been used for making developments in the industry of telecommunications in a vast range along with the programs on computers and their tools so that it will be helpful in progressing the issues that are related to health care such as making an entry in the system in order, maintaining health and medical records electronically, etc (Jamalzadeh, et al., 2013).

For presenting the approach that has been structured for the new strategy development in the direction of the organization the Roadmap for e-Business strategy implementation is being used for demonstrating the strategies.

The American Well was founded by the individuals named Doctor Ido and Doctor Roy Schoenberg who are experts in this industry. The mission or vision of the American Wells is to progress the accessibility for the care that is of high quality and to make it quite affordable and apparent for the customers (Kung & Zhang, 2013). This idea is implemented with the help of the web and the mobile technology for removing the various barriers such as the time, mobility, and mainly the distance.

The commitment that is made by the American Wells is to deliver the healthcare experience for the customers in an outstanding manner. The company is striving hard in order to reduce the waiting time for the patient and make it more accessible to them for immediate response and to make it highly convenient (Lee, 2015). They make sure that the customers will have the choice of physicians who are certified by US board. Its aim is to offer a complete view of the background and the ratings of the doctor’s services in the platform. Engagement of consumers with the site is promoted by giving the understandings of the patients and access to the control of their health records.  The burden for the administration and redundancy is reduced by having integration with the third party systems.

Vision or the Mission of the Company American Wells

The main objective of the American Wells was found to emerge with the way for improving the approach that is made by the patient to interact with the physicians. The following are the two key ways by which the patient can get connected with the physician which is as follows:

  • To appear at the door of emergency and
  • The appointment has to be taken which will take some weeks till they reach the day of the appointment

The Schoenberg brothers who are the founders of the American Well Ido and Roy had a belief that the platform developed for the patient will be helpful for them in the following ways such as:

  • The cost that is required for delivering the care is reduced
  • For the providers, the new revenue opportunities for earning are created
  • It contributes to the production of health care delivery system that is more efficient and convenient

The value that is created by the American Wells is that they have created the concept of online care for the patient and have implemented them into reality for providing the improved services to the consumers in terms of health care system. In the year 2006, Ido has formed the American Wells, who is the corporate CEO and Chairman used to manage the business strategies of the company and external affairs and Roy, who is the CEO and President has been the in charge of the development of products and their operations (Lipitakis & Phillips, 2016).

The value that is created by them to patients is that they proposed for the mediator system which by using the technologies that are based on web and telephony will be helping in bringing the patients in contact with the physicians in reality. Physicians have to enroll in the system and whoever has made that will be able to check in the website any time as per their wish for conducting the session with patients for 10 minutes (Moomal & Masrom, 2015). A patient has to log on and provide the information of the credit card, give the information regarding the specialist they want to consult with, obtain the choice from the online doctors who are currently available who can match with their request, then the doctor that is chosen will have the access to view the medical records of that particular patient and interact with them either through phone or internet such as live chat or video, etc. After it is done the billing process is managed by the system.

Eventually, it has been decided by the American Well that its primary target customers should be constituted with the health insurance companies (Tao & Hinton, 2014). It was believed by Ido that insurers as aggregators will be serving the American Well platform by providing accessibility that is easy for the large group of doctors and patients, and would sponsor for the medical consultation online either directly or indirectly and provided encouragement to the patients and physicians in using the online care by using their internal resources (Muraguri, 2013).


Health insurance companies are definitely strong financially and a high level of profits was represented by them though customer channel than their working with the individual patients. The economic components were clear for the health insurance companies in terms of value proposition (Wang, Mora & Raisinghani, 2015).

As per the rules of the US government the privacy of the information should be maintained as it is the web technology based healthcare system only the information that is required should be given to the doctors and the ethical standards as per the rule and regulations of the government has to be followed where the information has to be shared correctly with the physician by maintaining ethicality (Ospina, Kersh & Parés, 2015). The legal issues that are encountered are that the embarrassing moments are to be avoided otherwise it will result in the disciplinary actions.

American Well for expanding their marketing opportunities it wanted to interact with the external stakeholders. Primarily health insurance companies have been the only customer for the American Well, however, later they wanted to get in connection with other health care related companies such as clinics, hospitals, pharmacists, etc. so that they can get benefitted from the company in providing the customer services in a better way and in turn the revenues can be increased (Radu & Florea, 2014).

The organizational model that best suits for the structural approach of the American Wells is the product organizational model. It is because Roy and Ido have introduced the platform of American Well for the patients who are currently working with but they already started working on the idea of introducing the new product for developing the better communication between the healthcare chains and the doctors in the form of team edition (Rashidirad, Soltani & Salimian, 2014). Previously, patients had to make the choice of the specialist after getting referred by the primary care physicians and later they would communicate with the help of the visits reports and this will take weeks’ time. With the help of team edition, the PCP was given the authority for logging into the system and checks any kind of information for diagnosing the patient when he is still in the office of PCP’s(Xiuying, 2013).

The revenue that is invested in by the Roy and Ido was not really disclosed, but after it has collaboration with the external stakeholders and with the introduction of the product development model the cost of the model was 53 per cent funded by the private people such as the health insurance companies, charities, various other individuals, etc. numerous plans have been offered by the health insurance companies on the basis of the customers either it is the company or the individual (Siddiqui & Basha, 2013, February).

Value Creation

The e-business strategy of American Wells has aligned with the physical strategy in improving the accessibility of the health care system. It has overcome all the barriers as there would be no fixing of appointment, no particular time is required, and place and the health care will be delivered at any time from any place (Simpfendorfer, 2014).  The patient is provided with immediate response, as per their convenience, high quality, cost affordability, and choice of their own with this system.

The technology and the operational backbone of its services of telemedicine are provided by the American Wells. In addition to this, it has got a wide variety of connections with the external stakeholders in terms of financial arrangements. So it can charge the organizations for a fee for providing the operations of service for instance, for every visit made by the patient a small fee has to be charged. Numerous health plans and the health systems are included in the working platform of American Wells out of which it has to make the independent arrangements for determining whether one of the systems will be in a position to offer other specialists or if their insurer will be able to offer its clients with the choice of doctors. The follow-up care and the services are to be provided by the American Wells platform so that the improved health of the patient is achieved through their online care which is the objective of this platform.


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