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Discuss about the Analysis On Service Level Comparison.

For any system to be developed and implemented, the service provider and the targeted customers must have a clue on the impact of numerous Service Level Objectives to the internal business processes. After analyzing critically a number of observations including the state of service availabilities, time response costs to incur for repairs, dispute determination and influence on the service delivery.

Business processes consist of many web services, these services are essential for the daily activity of the business. When SLA implemented, It is noted that the whole process represents the operation of one web service while each of the events represents the operation of the supplier’s web services, in this scenario two sides are from the supplier's side and the customer's side. This composition enables the organization to have a clear view of the activities.

With new technology, business outsources functionalities that provide concentration on their own areas of expertise. Service quality data are important for customers to make choice while selecting web service to create new business functions, it needs to evaluate SLI data before selecting the provider of the service2. Customers should have knowledge of the impact of various Services level objectives in its internal business process. The skills are important because it helps the manager to evaluate all information about the system.

Collaboration in the business is essential, through teamwork the skills of the workers are building and the service delivery is best for the image of the company. With dynamic changes in the business market, the management needs to put in place measures to attract more customers through better services, It was observed that mechanism of registration and discovery of services are needed to be put in place, it is important to understand what are the statistic attributes and the dynamic attributes of the service. The dynamic issues keep on changing with time, the businesses need to respond in a timely manner to allow the customers have full access to the business by having their concern evaluated and solutions obtain within then stipulated time limit. In addition, the following need to be evaluated every time in a while; the average time for the transaction, SLA violation rate for the services, reliability, have service available, level of user to differentiate service rating, Partner services rating, cost of the service and the level of control the service provider. (Sakas & Konstantopoulos, 2010)



Technology affects the business growth, the web base application like SLA are becoming very essential for the business to operate, Automatic access is important for any market research carried out by the company3. The study focus on the task evaluation by the IT department in ensuring the SLA is well implemented. It is suggested that having SLA negotiators give a clear vision of advantages the business stand to gain if the System is well implemented


  • Check with the team and the rest the manager and the rest of the team if they are willing to participate in the site visit


  • Decide how many members to take to the site visit
  • Calculate the expenses require to make the visit successful
  • Schedule every event by proper allocation of time for each event.
  • Put all tools required in place include writing materials and  recording equipment


  • Write to the campus about the visit and stating clearly the aim of the visit
  • Conduct a pre-visit to familiarize with the place
  • Follow up the invitation request to make sure all is set


  • Work jointly with the Campus staff for clear direction and any assistance
  • Ensuring that the individuals fill well the questionnaire and relevant data are collected.
  • Record the visit by taking pictures and recordings


  • Follow on any question remain answered
  • Report back to the manager on how the visit was
  • Maintain contact with the Campus visited

Notes on Infrastructure review

  •    Classroom floor not in a good state with holes and it looks like it was not clean regularly. Proper follow cleaning needed to be done.
  •    Sockets in the classrooms were not in function for a long time, the concern people need to have checkups to ensure all the socks functions well.
  •    The Internet servers were not installed properly and properly safeguarded. The authority needs to take care of the internet equipment.
  •     Students complain about poor network coverage with constant breakups, the management should heavily invest in the internet as it forms a basic part of academic
  •    The IT support seems to be inactive it takes time for a fault to be repaired.

A report on the Campus visit: Introduction

To evaluate the impact of SLA in the Campus, the team composing of IT experts was able to visit one of the Campuses. The main aim was to investigate the infrastructure in order to assess whether the SLA was followed in carrying out the operations. (Mackey & Alison, 2007)


The team was able to find out that the service suppliers did not perform their task as per SLA, the classroom floor was in bad state. The contractor did a shallow work by using poor quality materials that could not last for more than a year according to the management of the college. The cleaners also did not do a good job in making the classroom conducive for lessons. The cleaning agency lack proper management of its worker.

The IT department was very reluctant in performing their work; most Internet cables were all over the server rooms no proper arrangement. Most computers in the computer labs were not functioning and a number of them were not connected to the internet. Despite all the workers in the college having signed job evaluation documents, most workers were lazy in conducting the job effectively.

The teams were also able to visit the college hospital to evaluate the pharmacy and analyze the drug supplied to the school hospital. It was realized that most drugs supplied were almost expiring. The equipment was also of poor quality like beds, utensils and much medical equipment were of low standard. The nurses available at the time of visit could not account for the huge amount of funds that were allocated to the hospital every financial year.

The SLA between the college and food and beverage company was not followed accordingly, the supplier complains of late payment of the service offered to the university, the school, on the other hand, complain of poor service offered by the supplier and delay. There was huge misunderstanding leading to the shortage of food in the college as complained by the students.

The security agency was not delivering its service adequately as most students complain of being rob. The school also raised the issues of items being lost and a lot of damages which incur a lot of finance in repairing. The security raised the issue of being underpaid and lack of enough equipment provided by the college.


The team was able to recommend some issues accordingly that could help in

  •    Strict punishment for those that don’t follow the SLA
  •    Constant review of the SLA, this will ensure both parties are reminded of their duties
  •    At the end of the contract, the agreement be reviewed to ensure all things are set
  •    Involve legal advice will signing SLA


Most companies have SLA that helps in the running of the activities. This SLA has been of benefit but to get the best out of this constant reviews need to be put in place in ensuring that both parties are satisfied. In accordance with the law having such agreement is important because it played a big role when finding justice in court if a misunderstanding occurs.


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Telkamp, Thomas. "Traffic characteristics and network planning." NANOG 2002 (2002).

Turner, J. Rodney. Handbook of project-based management. McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing, 2008.

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