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Course Code:EFB201
Published on: 08-12-2020

Overview of Efficient Market HypothesisThe efficient market hypothesis was widely accepted by the financial economist over the past few decades ago. Such a wide acceptance was due to the fact that the stock prices were typically reflected by the information that was provided by the securities market. The above idea depends on the random walk theory which entails a price series in which there is often a change in the price of stock randomly from ...

Course Code:STAT6003
Published on: 06-12-2020

Rationale of OLS Model Introduction and background: The undertaken business research report discusses about the linear significant associations and relationships between independent variables and dependent variable. The report is mainly based on statistical operation that is ‘Ordinary Least Square (OLS)’. The assignment questions based on regression model help to elaborate the strength of year-wise dependencies of economic fact...

Course Code:25742
Published on: 03-12-2020

The report has been prepared with an intention to analyse the feasibility of proposed expansion strategy with directors of Rob’s Furniture Restoration Limited (RFR), a family owned business with 3 directors on board. The company is seeking an opportunity to expand its business and has accordingly consulted the Accounts team to conduct a feasibility study of the project and comment on the same. The feasibility study has been annexed to th...

Course Code:MBA404
Published on: 02-12-2020

Customer Motivation to Shop Pierre Marcolini ChocolateThe main purpose of conducting the survey is to understand the buying behavior of the customer towards Pierre Marcolini chocolate. The survey has been done through an online tool like survey monkey. This tool helps to get reliable and valid outcome regarding research concern. The initial phase is to design the questionnaire that involves 10 questions. After that, the survey was sent t...

Course Code:ACCT19062
Published on: 01-12-2020

GDX Retail Ltd - Self-insurance against flood damageAccording to the conceptual framework, an expense consists of losses and expenses that occur in the ordinary course of business activities in the enterprise(Tent, 2015). Losses on the other hand characterises items that meet the definition of the expenses and may or may not arise in the ordinary course of business activities( Dichev, 2017). Losses represents decrease in economic benefits and ...

Course Code:BUS704
Published on: 01-12-2020

Loan repayment computationCost of house = $ 666,000 Down-payment for the house = $ 61,000 Hence, total loan assumed = 666000-61000 = $ 605,000 Total period of repayment = 25 years or (25*12) = 300 months Nominal rate of interest = 6.5% p.a. or (6.5/12) = 0.5417% per month  The monthly repayment can be computed using the following formula. EMI = [P*R*(1+R)N]/[(1+R)N -1] Hence, monthly repayment = 605000*0.005417*(1.005417)300...

Course Code:SESR5041
Published on: 30-11-2020

What is Sustainable Enterprise and Corporate Social Responsibility?A sustainable enterprise can be understood as the business which functions with a motive of giving minimal negative impact on the society, environment and planet. It always engages in the well-designed sustainable programs which helps it to increase the profits and drive growth (Legna, 2013).  Corporate social responsibility, on the other hand, is an approach according ...

Course Code:N420
Published on: 25-11-2020

Research FrameworkTitle for Dissertation Identifying the factors that affect the financial sustainability in the emerging countries of Asia Variables Selected for the research Study Dependent Variable Financial Sustainability   Independent Variable Internal Factors Interest Rate Political Stability Quality of education Infrastructure (Loannou & Serafeim, 2017) Moderator Government rules and regulations Mediat...

Course Code:NN34
Published on: 24-11-2020

Outcome of Capital Budgeting Technique ApplicationThe above figure shows that capital budgeting technique application shows the best option available to Saturn pet care for starting the production process is Wodonga site which is clearly shown following all the methods of capital budgeting such as NPV analysis profitability index and payback period analysis (Fauzi, Basyith & Idris, 2013). The NPV method shows that the future cash flow...

Course Code:ACCT451
Published on: 20-11-2020

Date Particulars Amount Amount                                           15/12/X8 Call Option A/c.   720000                       Cash A/c.   720000                 ...

Course Code:FNCE2001
Published on: 20-11-2020

Project AThe cash flows associated with the project for the period of coming 10 years is as follows(Alexander, 2016). All the costs and revenues have been considered in the same. Inputs for the project Particulars Amount in $ Upfront cost          3,000,000 Life of the plant (years)            &...

Course Code:MKTG2101
Published on: 16-11-2020

Understanding Buyer JourneyThe premise of the essay here is to determine the impact of Blogs and customer reviews posted online in the purchase decision of the potential customers. There are no two thoughts that blogs and consumer reviews in the present day have a very strong hand to play in the buying behaviour of the consumers. The growing popularity of digital channels or Web 2.0 tools has turned the entire world into a big global village w...

Course Code:ACC211
Published on: 12-11-2020

Payback PeriodWe have been provided with a new investment opportunity in which the company is required to take decision, if it should proceed with such opportunity or not. Booli Electronics is a company engaged in the business of manufacturing electronics. The company is seeking advice on introduction of new product. They have conducted a market analysis which has resulted in a collection of some financial data which might help us is taking th...

Course Code:MIS771
Published on: 12-11-2020

Discipline-specific knowledge and capabilitiesThe reputed company, “AusPaper” exports the paper-products to more than 75 countries of Europe, Middle East, Asia, Latin America, Indian subcontinent and Africa. In Australia, “AusPaper” is a well-known subordinate of “Pinnon Paper Industries”.  The products are vended to the customer and through any intermediary also. “Pinnon Paper Industries” h...

Course Code:FIN203
Published on: 12-11-2020

Market Fluctuations and Future Prospects1. The current price of ordinary / common shares in BHP and CBA and evolvement of each over the past 5-years The current price of ordinary shares in BHP is $51.36 (BHP Ltd, 2018) and of CBA is $70.77(CBA, 2018) Date Close 1-Apr-18 46.75 8-Mar-18 0 1-Mar-18 44.43 1-Feb-18 46.5 1-Jan-18 49.02 1-Dec-17 45.99 ...

Course Code:FINC20023
Published on: 11-11-2020

Definition of Competitive AdvantageCompetitive advantage is defined as the capability of a nation or an economy or a company to produce goods and services of equal amount at a lower cost or in an efficient manner compared to its competitors (Laursen, 2015). This in turn allows the producer to generate improved sales and maintain effective margins in comparison to its market rivals. The competitive advantage may arise because of various factors...

Course Code:BAO2202
Published on: 10-11-2020

Business activity statement1).  In Australia the statute is trying relentlessly to increase the confidence that the investor have on the financial statements that are being prepared by the entities over the specific period. The statute is also trying to improve the integrity in the economy, corporations and the capital of the factors that is going to constitute this is the preparation of the financial statements in accorda...

Course Code:HA 3011
Published on: 09-11-2020

IFRS vs GAAP - Differences in Revaluation of AssetsThe information which is given in the financial statements, annual report and notes to accounts and disclosures of the companies form the basis for decision making by most of the investors and the stakeholders as to if the company is in good financial and economic state of affairs. But all the information that appears in the financial statements may not be relevant for decision making. There a...

Course Code:7154AFE
Published on: 05-11-2020

Summary of General Ledger and Additional Information for Park LtdAccording to IAS 1 all entities must prepare and present its financial statements as per this Internal Accounting Standard as well as per the International Financial Reporting Standards. In both questions 1&2 IAS 1 paragraph 9 is applicable whereby it outlines how profit and loss and comprehensive income statement Gazzola(2015.Pg 7)  is to be prepared and presented as w...

Course Code:HA 3011
Published on: 04-11-2020

Qualitative Characteristics of Financial ReportingAssessment Part A According to Karadag (2015), the financial reporting comprises of various objectives which include points like Providing useful data to make sound investment decisions, analyzing the future cash flows in order to understand the depth of these decisions, changes in the business structure to be accessed by the investors and other related parties. The conceptual framework compr...

Course Code:BAO 5534
Published on: 03-11-2020

Concept of Time Value of Money Fundamentals of Time Value Concept : Time Value of money is widely used concept since long, we  use Time value of money in felid of economics and finance, such as in Capital budgeting, valuation of business, valuation of securities and many more. As the name suggests basic approach of time value of money is that it is better to have the money today is present instead of having that same amount in futu...

Course Code:PGBM12
Published on: 02-11-2020

Liquidity ratiosZurich Plc. is a publicly listed company specialising in manufacturing and distributing office equipment. In this report, company’s profitability and liquidity position are gauged for 2015 and 2016 financial years through the computation of five categories of ratios. These are liquidity ratios, profitability ratios, asset utilisation ratios, gearing ratios and market value ratios. The financial records are given. Also t...

Course Code:7IB003
Published on: 02-11-2020

Theories of Outward Foreign Direct Investment (OFDI)Foreign direct investment (FDI) is an important part in the strategy of national development. Strategies have been developed but they only focused on inward flows (Anyanwu 2012, pp. 14). But recently, outward foreign direct investment has been put into consideration and was more integrated and considered in development policies of emerging and developing economies. Theories have been develope...

Course Code:BAO6714
Published on: 01-11-2020

Historical Overview of SAP S/4HANA FinanceThis is the research report to explain the significance of the computerized accounting in the firms and it differs from the traditional accounting technique. It is very crucial in all the stages of an industry, and enhances the neatness, saves time and always accuracy. All enterprises are therefore required to accept the evolution of digital age (Singh, 2017). Accuracy indeed helps the management ...

Course Code:MPA801
Published on: 29-10-2020

Buying a Bank Bill with Get Rich InvestmentsAs per the question provided, Get Rich Investment is to buy a 90 days original term bill which has a maturity date of 75 days. The bill has a face value of $ 1,5,00,000 and has a yield of 5%. The calculations for the bill are shown below: Figure 1: (Image Showing Calculation of Purchase price) Source: (Created by Author) The purchase price of the bill as shown in the calculation above is $ 14,84...

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