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Course Code:BUSN7005
Published on: 24-05-2021

Requirements of the conceptual frameworkWhen it comes to the concept of the conceptual framework it needs to be noted that it plays a predominant part in the presentation, as well as preparation of financial statement for the users so that they can be assisted in undertaking useful decision. Decision making is enriched through the concept of CF as it leads to a formidable foundation.  Therefore, it is vital that it provides them with the ...

Course Code:ARBE6312
Published on: 24-05-2021

Case BackgroundSustainability of a system is used largely in industrial processes to improve efficiency and profit margin since industrial Revolution, however, it was not in the spotlight before globalization concept was practically implemented in the economy in the late 1970s. the internet has altered communication by giving access to everyone on the planet mainly through smart phones. Every day, new smart phones are revealed with faster pro...

Course Code:MA611
Published on: 22-05-2021

Analytical ProceduresComparison of Income Statement and Balance Sheet for Last Three Years Particulars 2016 ($m) 2017 ($m) 2018 ($m) Change in % from 2016 to 2017 Change in % from 2017 to 2018 Revenue      1,130.6      1,253.8      1,363.7 10.9% 8.8% Cost of Sales     &...

Course Code:ECON239
Published on: 20-05-2021

Diamond of National Advantage TheoryFDI (foreign direct investment) is considered as a type of investment which is made by one company situated in other than the country of investing company. This investment is considered as an effective tool for growth and development for the developing countries and in relation to this, developing countries invest a huge amount of their national income in making the country’s infrastructure attractive ...

Course Code:BUU44530
Published on: 20-05-2021

DiscussionThe British Multinational Publishing Education Company located in the United Kingdom is the largest education and book publishing company in the world. The primary focus of the company is on the education sector. The company is primarily listed in the London Stock Exchange and is also a part of the FTSE 100 Index. The company provides a range of products and services so that the consumers can access to different stages of learning ...

Course Code:SFLSOP003
Published on: 20-05-2021

Question:low to lime-green candle-shaped flower heads, with long, narrow serrated leaves. Candles and nuts or cones can also be used. Available November–January. Banksia baxteri(bird’s nest banksia, Bax- ter’s banksia): Greenish-yellow. The most desired shape is a compact flower head on a thin, straight stem with fewer than 30% of individual florets open. The foli- age adds drama—stiff green leaves and a deep zigzag ed...

Course Code:FELM4026
Published on: 20-05-2021

Internal and External Environmental Factors in a Business Firm(a) With regards to any business, both the internal and external environment tend to be pivotal. The internal factors primarily relate to those factors which are specific to the company and not necessarily to the industry as a whole. Further, the internal factors are to a large extent within the control of the firm. This is in stark contrast with the external factors which are outsi...

Course Code:ICTSUS603
Published on: 12-05-2021

Sustainable ProjectsEnvironment conservation should be a key consideration when executing plans to undertake an ICT project to ensure the project meets the laid down regulatory standards and industry-based standards. The Australian government came up with the EPBC (Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation) act, to provide a national framework for companies to use in setting up their e-waste policy and environment conservation proce...

Course Code:GSBS6200
Published on: 12-05-2021

Overview of Redrow plc Introduction  Financial performance analysis is a strategy of assessing and measuring the perdormance and position of the organization from each financial angle. It determines the strengths and weaknesses of the firm by estimating the every last thing of income statement and balance sheet. Monetary investigation can be performed by utilizing numerous methods, for example, ratio analysis, horizontal and vertical ...

Course Code:GSBS6130
Published on: 10-05-2021

Answer AApple is the behemoth of the technology sector, having headquarters in Cupertino, California which develops and sells the consumer electronics, software of the computers and the online services are also catered by it. In this report the dividend and the pay-out policy of the Apple has been discussed in detail. Furthermore, the variation of both the methods of the dividend such as the cash dividend and the buy-back of the shares have al...

Course Code:MGT301
Published on: 07-05-2021

Overview of US populationThe United States of America is considered as developed country with the population of 327millions. It is also considered as home to those who are other than Americans. The country encompasses different mixture of culture as well as lifestyle. It has great potential market. The other than Americans have different purchasing power which is depends on their income as well on their income. In the following context, there ...

Course Code:CORP5060
Published on: 05-05-2021

Sustainability issues in manufacturing companiesDue to increasing number of manufacturing companies and the cutthroat competition has forced them to engage every possible action to make profits and stand apart from the competitors. Therefore, when organisation operate with maximum potential in order to achieve organisation goal and become competitive blindly. Knowingly or unknowingly, it engage itself some of the activities that are not ethica...

Course Code:PGBM01
Published on: 04-05-2021

FridgeFeeze Plc In the given case, the Board of Directors of the company are not happy and satisfied with the performance of the company over the past 2 years and hence they have raised the concern with respect to the company’s profitability and liquidity. The financial statements of the company for the last 2 years has been shown below(Arnott, et al., 2017). The performance has been analysed and evaluated using some key ratios with res...

Course Code:ARBE6312
Published on: 04-05-2021

Singapore Green Plan: An OverviewOwing to an increase in urbanization, modernization and globalization, the landscape of cities has changed completely over the last few years. It would not be an understatement to claim that cities are nothing but urban jungles at present. However, there is a growing concern about the need for green spaces within the city – resulting in a number of green initiatives around the world. For instance, availab...

Course Code:BUGEN3711
Published on: 03-05-2021

The concept of sustainability and its association with businessSustainability is not a new idea for me but for me it is associated with current development in Malaysia. After beginning this course, I realised that my horizon required to be widened to international level. I have seen that sustainability can be associated with several aspects not just urban establishment but also business and daily lifestyle.  This is because the way in which...

Course Code:ACC303
Published on: 02-05-2021

Requirements of the Conceptual Framework of the companyThe company that has been selected for this assignment is ANIMOCA BRANDS CORPORATION LIMITED. It is a global company that helps in developing and leveraging brands for variety of games and application for smart phones. The company also deals with A.I. Technology and is listed in the Australian Stock Exchange. The company has also entered the business of consumer electronic products and is ...

Course Code:ACC00716
Published on: 29-04-2021

Overall Industry ContextThe objective of the given report is to highlight the underlying risk and return with regards to Fly Safely Limited along with highlighting the innate relationship between the two in the light of the Modern Portfolio Theory. Additionally, the role of the beta as a measure of risk also needs to be explored. Further, the risk profile of the company needs to be highlighted considering the relevant risk and return of a more...

Course Code:ACCTNG4435
Published on: 29-04-2021

Security and Control Risks in Great Gifts IncInternal control and securities within an organization is of great significance to the overall functioning of the organization. The management must institute effective measures and system within the organization to ensure that the resources are used effectively and carefully to achieve the organizational objectives. Great Gifts Inc. is a corporation that designs and sells inexpensive gifts for all o...

Course Code:MGMT6016
Published on: 24-04-2021

Overview of Coles and current Sustainability positionThe competition between corporations has increased significantly, and they are pressured to maintain a competitive advantage in the industry. They develop business strategies which are targeted towards improving their operations and processes to ensure that they generate a competitive advantage in the industry. Along with the development of these strategies, the concept of corporate sustaina...

Course Code:GSBS6145
Published on: 22-04-2021

Exchange Rate Calculation with 2% Increase in US Dollar ValueIf the new exchange rate would go up to 2%. Then, the new EURUSD would be: Existing EURUSD: 1.1 New EURUSD: 1.1+ [1.1*2%] =1.1220 Hence, the Four decimal places in New EURUSD is .1220  (b):                       We have given,       &nbs...

Course Code:MKT510
Published on: 22-04-2021

AimConsumer behaviour relates with how the consumers behave in the circumstances which involves goods, services, experiences and ideas. This report represents the telecommunication industry and the data sources of Vodafone Company. This study is conducted to assess the consumer’s mind and understand their consumptions. Additionally, this study will help to know the potential consumers’ psychological, social and physical behavior. ...

Course Code:BKK2213
Published on: 20-04-2021

Analysis of the Financial Statements using Ratio AnalysisThe current report aims to analyse the financial markets and investment opportunities in Malaysia. For meeting the purpose of this assignment, two listed companies in Bursa Malaysia have been chosen and they include Atlan Holdings Berhad and Hai-O Enterprise Berhad. These two organisations are operating in the Malaysian retail sector having sound reputation in the market. In order to ana...

Course Code:MGMT8420
Published on: 19-04-2021

Siemens’ Company OverviewSustainability has been emerging as a vital determinant for all global organizations across all industries. Reports by Kolk (2016) reveal that over 75% of business executives identify a sustainability strategy fundamental to be competitive in recent times. Sustainability is regarded as a business approach in creating enduring value by considering ways in which organizations function in the environmental, social and...

Course Code:MGMT8630
Published on: 16-04-2021

Statement of the problemFinancing in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is the lifeblood of any business venture. The availability of affordable long-term capital financing is one of the most critical ingredients that determines the growth or failure of SMEs. To put this into perspective, The World Bank (2018), estimates that close to 50 percent of SMEs worldwide fail within five years of inception primarily due to poor financing among other ...

Course Code:LAW4001
Published on: 16-04-2021

Sustainable Economic DevelopmentThe economic progress and development of a nation depends on the ability of the country to strategically use its economic, trade and agricultural policies. The trade economic and agriculture policies are all integral part of overall governance of a country. Generally the elected governments of sovereign nations such Canada, United States of America, India and others have the responsibility to use trade and agric...

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