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Course Code:MG408
Published on: 16-04-2021

Role of Marketing, Finance, Operations/Production and Human ResourcesMarketing plays an essential role in the establishment of relationships between the organization offering the market and customer. Furthermore, marketing gives an organization a confidence of launching a new product in the market as opposed to the circumstance that causes the product to venture into the market without publicity. Finance plays a significant role in strategic pl...

Course Code:MKTG7035
Published on: 14-04-2021

Introduce the background information necessary to understand the product and the country of your choiceThis report introduces the background information necessary to understand the product and the UK country. It also presents the economic and financial environment analysis that would influence the market entry in UK country. It also discusses the political and legal environment of UK. Furthermore, it demonstrates the social and cultural e...

Course Code:FNCE100
Published on: 14-04-2021

Introduction and RecommendationTarget Corporation is one of the chain store retail giants of the United States. It has an annual sale of $73 billion and has ranked 38th in the list of Fortune’s largest publicly traded companies of the United States (Fortune 500, 2015). Target has recently acquired Shipt with plans on improving the competitiveness of the firm in same-day shipments and to bring improvements in the company’s onli...

Course Code:BFA503
Published on: 12-04-2021

Part ACapital Budgeting for Bathurst Option: The main purpose of the assignment is to analyze the business expansion options of Saturn Petcare which will be analysed on the basis of capital budgeting techniques applied by the business. The capital budgeting techniques involves computation of NPV of the options, payback period, profitability index on the basis of which analysis is to be conducted for the same. As per the analysis of bo...

Course Code:SBLC7010
Published on: 11-04-2021

Financial Ratio AnalysisThe main purpose of this assessment is to analyze the financial statement of Alecto Minerals Plc which is engaged in the business of mining and extraction of minerals from the surface of the earth. The company has recently been restructured and the name of the business has also changed in order to improve the performance of the business. The company was originally set up as Cue Energy and listed on AIM in 2006. The prima...

Course Code:FINM036
Published on: 07-04-2021

Introduction of the companyThe report is developed with an aim to create knowledge and understand the key concepts of corporate finance and accounting. The report is divided into two sections. The first section discusses the operations and financial performance of Thomas Cook UK. For this purpose, the profitability, earnings, stability, and liquidity of the organization are analyzed by interpreting the past 5 year performance through the ratio...

Course Code:BAA311
Published on: 07-04-2021

BackgroundFDI (foreign direct investment) is considered as a type of investment which is made by one company situated in other than the country of investing company. This investment is considered as an effective tool for growth and development for the developing countries and in relation to this, developing countries invest a huge amount of their national income in making the country’s infrastructure attractive as well as effective throu...

Course Code:CPC50210
Published on: 07-04-2021

Introduction and Background InformationInternational construction has started to assume great importance in recent years. There are more indications that this trend will progress. The competitions for international projects have become intense and the global marketplace has flooded due to the development of expertise and capability of firms from numerous emerging countries (Abidin, 2010 p.77). The emerging firms can now export their services a...

Course Code:AC3059
Published on: 05-04-2021

DiscussionThe Thermo Electron Australian Pty Limited Company’s trend analysis for the year 2014-17 was done by using certain key liquidity and profitability ratios. The liquidity ratio is calculated with the help of the current ratio and quick ratio of the company. The profitability ratio is calculated with the help of the Return on Equity and Return on Assets for the company (Mun 2015). The performance of the company was reviewed i...

Course Code:PACC6002
Published on: 04-04-2021

Discussion and AnalysisA report has been prepared on one of the small entity for which the audit planning is to be done. The trial balance of the company has been given from which the materiality of the entity needs to be determined. Besides this, the preliminary analytical review of the company has been done and variance analysis and the common size income statement has been prepared based on the input for both the given year 2016 and 2017&nb...

Course Code:BFW3841
Published on: 01-04-2021

Procedures for Determining Whether to Accept a ClientProSalam manufacturing Bhd is considering having a nationally competent audit firm to review its annual reports in order to allow it to make an initial public offer. Khlif and Samaha (2014) assert that a corporation should have competently audited statements in order to float its shares. Since, the company wants to engage Siti & Co., the audit firm asks its assistant audit manager to c...

Course Code:BFA303
Published on: 31-03-2021

Key business riskIn order to conduct audit of an entity efficiently, it is important to have proper understanding and knowledge about the entity and its environment. Only with proper knowledge and understanding about the entity and its environment it would be possible to discharge the responsibilities of an auditor towards the audit of the entity (Cao, Chychyla and Stewart, 2015). Vodafone PLC is one of the biggest telecommunication companies...

Course Code:AF4S31
Published on: 26-03-2021

Case OverviewStrategic financial management is a set of policies and rules which is made by the business to meet the corporate goals of the business. It helps the business to manage all the internal and external operations of the business in better way. The financial strategies of a business are prepared and managed by the financial manager of the company. The base is prepared firstly to make better strategies if the business. A base is prepar...

Course Code:ALC301
Published on: 24-03-2021

Types and genres of music in mediaMusic has been one of the oldest form of media that is used for communication and entertainment of the people. It is categorized into various forms and genres depending in the type and location of the music (Poria et al. 2013). However, it is the music of the Western countries, particularly United Kingdom and The United States of America that is predominant. Some of the most common types of musical genre are p...

Course Code:HA2032
Published on: 24-03-2021

Standard Setting at the Global Level by the International Accounting StandardThe current paper has been prepared for addressing the importance of regulation of financial reporting and assessment of voluntarily disclosure of information by managers. The process of standard setting at the global level by the international accounting standard has been analyzed in the report. For the analysis of owner’s equity, four companies have been selecte...

Course Code:EMCA5103
Published on: 22-03-2021

Question 1The process followed by the companies to evaluate their investment projects is known as capital budgeting. The concept introduces some tools and techniques which are been used by the management to measure the financial viability of the proposal, in which investments are require to be made. These methods allows the managers to select the best suitable and feasible project which will produce high returns and be profitable in future. Ho...

Course Code:MKT82210
Published on: 22-03-2021

Background of CompanyIn the competitive market, advancement of technology in the electronic devices plays a vital role in the business world. Companies need to use strategy tools in the activities of marketing (Baker, 2014). The big brand Apple has carried different strategies on innovation, being among the market leader in the competitive industry. The Apple has gained the brand value in the market with the advantage of its strong financial p...

Course Code:BSBSUS401
Published on: 19-03-2021

Identify and analyze workplace environmental sustainability procedures Consider the scope and effectiveness of the current systems and procedures (Discuss with your work group or team where possible), and describe your collective analysis of the scope and effectiveness of the current systems and procedures, providing a specific example and details. Do you have clear and current procedures? Do they address all the Regulatory requirements? A...

Course Code:BAFI1002
Published on: 17-03-2021

Market View FormatAUD/USD and AUD/JPY The paper discusses the financial market review of the AUD/USD and AUD/JPY in the world market and within the domestic market. The paper analyzes how exchange rates vary under different economic factors. It also determines the indicators what affect the AUD/USD and AUD/JPY in the economy in relation to the exchange rate. Additionally, the paper finds out which indicator causes the currency appreciation an...

Course Code:SET721
Published on: 11-03-2021

Scenarios of future global electricity generation (TWH-Tera Watt Hour)In engineering,  sustainability incorporation into technology schemes, products, and amenities usually give the meaning of incorporating ecological, social, and economic aspects in the valuation of projects. Rising population and privileged circumstances, around the sphere, have put increased stress on air, water, raw materials, and arable land conservati...

Course Code:ACCTING3501
Published on: 11-03-2021

What is Fair Value Reporting? The figures represented in the financial statements are based on calculations and estimations. Therefore, in such scenario fair value reposting helps the users in deriving an understanding from the organization’s financial statements so as to make appropriate decisions. Users of financial statements get great support from fair value reposting which further allows them to take substantial investment related ...

Course Code:BUSN20019
Published on: 08-03-2021

Extent of sustainability reporting among Hang Seng Index constituent stocksThis research is aimed to investigate the impact of sales on the financial performance of firms, taking into consideration the special case of Woolworths Australia. The main motive of the private firms is to maximize the profit of the firm. According to the scholars, there are mainly two different ways through which the profit can be maximized(Khan, Naz, & Khan, 201...

Course Code:MKTG2101
Published on: 04-03-2021

The Therapeutic Power of ShoppingShopping is described as the action of buying goods and services from various companies in exchange for money. Although not always enjoyed by all, many have claimed that the process not only encourages positive thoughts, but also eliminates negative ones. This is done by providing a means of distraction, allowing the individual to feel empowered and also allowing oneself to self-indulge. Taking shopping related...

Course Code:FIN200
Published on: 03-03-2021

What is Security Market Line (SML)?The security market line or SML represents the CAPM model graphically. This is something which shows in the relationship that exists between the 2 techniques, namely security market line and the capital market line. This shows the relationship between the return that an investor derives from a security and the risk which is associated with it and is ultimately measured by the beta coefficient. Another way of sa...

Course Code:FIN203
Published on: 02-03-2021

Corporate FinanceCorporate finance is the part of the finance which deals with the capital structure and various sources of funds through which the capital is raised by the business. The actions in the corporate finance are taken by the managers in order to manage the value of the company among the shareholders. In the report, the security market line, capital market line, minimum variance portfolio and capital asset pricing model. It measur...

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