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Course Code:BUSN7005
Published on: 01-10-2021

Present description of JB HI-FI CompanyOrganization is accompanied with the complex set of activities in which various functions are performed to achieve the certain goals and objectives. It is considered that financial analysis of company helps in evaluating the business performance and how company has been managing its business throughout the time. In this report, two companies named JB HI-FI and Wm Morrison plc have been taken into considerat...

Course Code:ACCG305
Published on: 01-10-2021

Part 1- MaterialityAccording to Australian Auditing Standard (ASA) 320 in Para 9, it is the responsibility of the auditors to take into consideration the aspect of materiality while determining timing, nature and extent of the audit processes (Houghton and Campbell 2013). The aspect of materiality is an important factor while evaluating the material misstatements in the financial reports of the companies. As per Australian Auditing Standard (A...

Course Code:SBLC7010
Published on: 29-09-2021

Background of the Company and Its Position in Front of Its RivalsThe objective of the report is to analyses the financial performance of the company namely Debenhams Plc and its competitor. This report is divided into three tasks i.e. background of the company, five year financial performance of the companies through ratio analysis and strategic and operational issues of the company that influences the operations of the business. Ratio analyse...

Course Code:MFIN603
Published on: 29-09-2021

Analysis of Kmart LimitedIn our discussion in the following study we have analysed the financial information of Kmart limited which was founded in the year 2010. The company has been rapidly growing and has also built up a chain of stores selling household products. In the following study we have compared the performance of Kmart with its one of leading Warehouses The Warehouse group. (Achelis, 2011) In order to make the financial comparable, w...

Course Code:FIN80005
Published on: 29-09-2021

Part 1: IntroductionThe current part of the assignment pertains to computations regarding capital budget and for investment appraisal of Riverlea. In this part, the investment upon machinery as a part of the company's business expansion has been examined using capital budget techniques. Daunfeldt and Hartwig (2014) mentioned that capital budgeting techniques examined the expected earnings and revenues generated from a particular investmen...

Course Code:ACC621
Published on: 28-09-2021

Audit PlanningAudit planning is the beginning of the procedure of auditing. It is an auditor’s responsibility to plan audit properly. As the planning include forming the strategies to develop an audit plan which takes in particular planning the risk assessing procedures and plan the resultants to the risks associated with the material misstatement (Hayes, 2014). Audit planning is the continuous process starts after the previous audit end...

Course Code:ECO20004
Published on: 27-09-2021

Analyzing the Current Macro EnvironmentChina and Australia maintained a good international relation in terms of trade and investment. Economic growth in China propelled since 1970. The economic growth has brought growth in different sectors including manufacturing, infrastructure and smoothen the path of economic urbanization. Along with demand has created for different raw materials, energy demand for transport and electricity and other bui...

Course Code:FIN203
Published on: 27-09-2021

QuestionsThis work has been divided among four members of the group. In order to perform the task effectively and efficiently all the task of the assignment has been read out carefully, after that the project was divided according to the strength of the group member. Second question of the report that is Company Perspective is done by the member 1 and he is having strong point in this area, while he was doing his project we all were there wi...

Course Code:ACC00716
Published on: 25-09-2021

Question 1The value of the revenues for the financial year 2011 and 2016 are as highlighted below (Morningstar, 2017). Operating revenue in financial year Operating revenue in financial year Company’s five year growth rate (CAGR) can be computed as 5 year CAGR    =  per annum Therefore, the five year growth rate is 5.97% per annum.  Case: If this CAGR would be expected to continue then the operating revenue for...

Course Code:FINA6001
Published on: 25-09-2021

Market Return CalculationThe average daily return is 0.13%, monthly return is 4% and the yearly return -1.18437.  The stock is selected for investment after analyzing the return that the stock gives in short, medium and long term. The risk associated with the stock is compared with the return it offers and based on the comparison of the risk and return the shares are selected. In this stock, the risk associated with the stock is low but ...

Course Code:MMK221197
Published on: 23-09-2021

An overview of the Non-Profit Distribution ModelIn any country, the government or the regulatory authorities have the responsibility to maintain a high welfare for the residents of the country as a whole and to increase the economic growth as well as development of the same with time. To facilitate the increase in the overall welfare of the residents of a country, it is important for the government to assure that there are proper infrastructur...

Course Code:ECON1102
Published on: 21-09-2021

Foreign Investment in AustraliaForeign direct investment is considered as an integral part of the open and effective international system of economics and is also considered as a major catalyst in the development of the country. However, the benefits of the foreign direct investment do not accrue automatically and evenly across the country, its sectors, and the local communities. The national policies and the architecture of the international ...

Course Code:BPD3100
Published on: 20-09-2021

Financial ObjectivesIn every business organizations, the Finance part is one of the major parts as the success of the business organizations largely depends on the financial performance of the companies (Brigham and Houston 2012). There is not any exception of this fact in case of the new business organizations or the start ups. For the start up businesses, the finance part is one of the major aspects as the owners of the new companies need to...

Course Code:BUS5IAF
Published on: 20-09-2021

Industry Situation and Company PlansFlight Centre Travel Group Limited is one of the largest travel groups in the world. The group was started in Australia where its current headquarters are. The group home office is in Brisbane Australia (About Us, n.d). The company started as a small travel agency which has grown over the years into this well-recognized travel group. Currently, the company operates in over twenty-three countries worldwide with...

Course Code:BSNS7360
Published on: 16-09-2021

Business Culture Differences in ChinaThe manner in which countries carry out business activities vary depending on their set cultures and the same applies to china and New Zealand. The way china does its business is quite different from how New Zealand conducts business and there is a lot that can be learnt by New Zealand even as it focuses on strengthening its business ties with the east especially china (Fang, 2012) It is advisable to hav...

Course Code:FNRE315
Published on: 15-09-2021

Overview of JB Hi-FiJB Hi-Fi is an Australia based retailer company that specially offers the specialized video games, CD’s DVD’s, Blu-rays, home appliances and electronic hardware (JB Hi-Fi Ltd, 2016). The company’s headquarter is in Melbourne, Australia and it was founded by the Keilor East in 1973. JB Hi-Fi was commenced as private equity but converted into public sector company  after floating shares in Australian st...

Course Code:SBLC5005
Published on: 14-09-2021

LiquidityThe report analyzes the changes in health and financial performance of Next Plc over the last five years. Next Plc is British Multinational clothing, home products and Footwear Corporation listed on London stock exchange ( 2017). Objective of group is to deliver long-term returns to shareholders through a combination of sustainable growth in payment of cash dividends and earnings per share (Anderson et al. 2015).&nbs...

Course Code:FIN201
Published on: 13-09-2021

Background on BRIC economiesThis is a study, which will portray the investment opportunities in the emerging markets. The countries that have been selected for analyzing the investment opportunities are Brazil, Russia, India and China. These four countries are emerging in nature and is grabbing the attention of the foreign investors because of the lucrative setup of these market economies. Brazil is one of the largest economies in the continent ...

Course Code:HI6026
Published on: 13-09-2021

The Need for Audit Expertise in DIPL1. In the business organizations, certain issues may arrive that can only be solved by the viewpoints and expertise of the audit experts. For this purpose, companies can find the necessary guidelines in International Auditing and Assurance Standard Board (IAASB). It is essential for the audit expects to use the obtained financial information about the auditing entity as audit evidences while developing the a...

Course Code:BUS302
Published on: 12-09-2021

Brief Description of Industry and MarketA business organization is said to be one that provides a product or a service to the target market in exchange for monetary value. The person who is responsible to set up, initiate and organize the inception of such an endeavor is an Entrepreneur. The Entrepreneur is hoped to have a definite skill set that will help the organization grow and expand in the future (Ucbasaran et al.  2013). With every b...

Course Code:MBA402
Published on: 10-09-2021

GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards 2016Global reporting standards are prepared and maintained by the GSSB(Global Sustainability Standard Board). It has the sole responsibility for the maintenance of the globally accepted standards for sustainability reporting (Robert G. Eccles 2012). It can be defined as the process promoted by GRI standards by an organisation on their significant aspects such as environment, economic and social impac...

Course Code:BCO1102
Published on: 09-09-2021

Management Support System (MRS), Decision Support System (DSS), and Executive Information System (EIS)As referred by Chris (2012) that overview of the basic formulated pattern of the development Information System corresponding to the professional architect of the organization maneuver and management. It lays emphasis of enlighten prominent administration classification includes Management Support System (MRS), Decision Support System (DSS) al...

Course Code:HI6026
Published on: 06-09-2021

Auditing and its Importance in DIPL1. Auditing refers to the process of inspecting various financial statements of the business organizations in order to ensure that the financial statements are free from any kind of material misstatements. The same aspect can be applied in case of Double Ink private Limited (DIPL). There are some areas in business that need the work of an expert in auditing process. They are the appraisal process of environme...

Course Code:MKTG201
Published on: 04-09-2021

The Problems Faced by Kraft FoodsIn the competitive world of today, every company wants to be ahead of its competitors. This is achieved through various methods. However, the most crucial part of any company is its consumers. The consumers rule the roost for any company under any industry. The consumers are the indirect and influential decision makers for any company. This write up identifies and analyses the problem faced by Kraft Foods durin...

Course Code:ACCT640
Published on: 03-09-2021

Background of Etihad AirwaysPerformance measurement system can be considered to be information system that are essentially utilized for evaluation of both individual as well as organizational performance[1]. Nowadays, management of firms use important non-financial measures along with key financial measures within a particular performance measurement systems in order to offer managers with suitable information regarding the overall situation of ...

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