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Course Code:UCBS7100
Published on: 03-09-2021

Arguments Against ESG Criteria in Company Valuation The telecommunications industry are scored based on three environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. Accounting standard under SASB (Sustainability accounting standard) for the telecommunication industries provides the companies with accounting metrics for accounting the performance in terms of sustainability. Wire line and wireless are the two main segments of the telecommunication in...

Course Code:BUS2003
Published on: 31-08-2021

Organizational backgroundRobinsons was established on 25th February 1858. The founder of the company of the company is Philip Robinson ( 2017). The company started with the name Spicer and Robinson but after two years of business, the business partner of Robinson,  James Spicer pulled out of the business and the company was renamed Robinson and co. Robinsons is mainly in retail business in Singapore and Malaysia...

Course Code:BAO3306
Published on: 26-08-2021

Understanding the Demand for Audit and Assurance ServicesThe decisions of finance are very important and are taken after a very deep study and market research. The information provided in the market are the base of such financial decision marking. The investor gathers all the information about the company before he invests in it. The decision to invest in any company is dependent on the correct information gathered from the market. The audit r...

Course Code:IRHR1002
Published on: 24-08-2021

Identification of Sustainability IssuesSustainable development is not a new concept. This has been prevalent for quite sometime. During the early part of 1900s, quite a number of universities were introducing this concept in their outlines for training critical thinkers in ethics and morality. Sustainable growth is a broad area, which is highly concerned about the impact the human activities can create on the environment, social welfare and ec...

Course Code:FIN200
Published on: 23-08-2021

Defined Benefit PlanThe employees who are involved in the practices of providing the services are known as tertiary sector employees. Three types of sectors are available in the tertiary and the service sectors. Employees working in the service or tertiary sectors are required to make their own superannuation funds because they do not work under any employer1. Employees working in the tertiary sector can select one of the two superannuation pl...

Course Code:FINC20018
Published on: 23-08-2021

Answer 1: Direct and Indirect Securities ConceptFinancial markets can be indicated as a market in which individuals other than investors consider buying and selling of several shares, financial securities, bonds, debentures and many more. Transaction costs are deemed to be decreased within financial markets and the securities prices indicate the supply and demand within the economy. While making decision regarding investment, the investors mig...

Course Code:ACC00716
Published on: 20-08-2021

Question 1Collect the company’s 5 year growth rate (CAGR) in operating revenue as at the end of the most recent financial year. (If the company has not been listed that long, use the 1 or 3 year rate – whichever is longer – as a proxy.) If this CAGR can be expected to continue, what is your prediction for operating revenue for the 2020/21 financial year? The ASX listed company taken for completion for these assignments is ...

Course Code:MBA630
Published on: 20-08-2021

Systems affectedAccording to the case study, during the past year, there has been the emergence of a significant amount of dissatisafction within Valley Wide Utilities Company. In the first year, there occurred the encouragement of particiopation and obtaining of rewards were made. The staffs did the setting of high goals and there occurred an incraese in productivity. Presently, however, there is occuring the reporting of problems in respect ...

Course Code:FNSINC601
Published on: 18-08-2021

Present economic theories and their influence on financial segment in AustraliaThe worldwide financial crisis is essentially set off by the collapsing of the sub-prime market of particularly mortgage in the US. Also, the housing bubble also occurred during the 2006.  Essentially huge loan defaults that led banks to basically assume ownership of nearly houses of no value that subsequently led the way to loss (Frydman and Phelps 2013). As a r...

Course Code:ACC10008
Published on: 18-08-2021

Situation prior to GFC and AFCAsia showed remarkable resilient in the face of the GFC and its output performance remained stronger compared to other regions. Before the GFC, Asia had a better initial condition in terms of lower external as well as financial vulnerabilities. These contributed significantly to Asian resilience. The main pre-crisis variables in Asia entailed moderate expansion of credit, dependence upon deposit-funding, improved ...

Course Code:BUS5IAF
Published on: 13-08-2021

Debt ValuationShort term debts means any financial obligation which is either due within a 12- month period or within current financial year. It forms part of current liabilities on company’s balance sheet. (Investopedia, n.d.) Long term debts, also called as long term loans, refer to those financial obligations which become due in a more than 12-month period. (Investopedia, n.d.) Observing the company’s balance sheet, it has bee...

Course Code:BUS106
Published on: 12-08-2021

Nature and Scope of InvestmentThe specified case study represent that 2 investment suggestions have been accessible by the marketing student, Mark and Paul. They have briefed both the orders in front of many people to make some investment into the opportunities and improve the value of invested money. In this case study paper, different methods and equipment have been contested to investigate and compare the best investment proposal into given...

Course Code:6AG525
Published on: 12-08-2021

Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC): Meaning and SignificanceThe financial management is a dynamic and the most crucial component of the overall management in any organization. The success of the business largely depends upon the effectiveness of the financial management of the firm. As part of the decision making process, the financial management domain is concerned with analyzing the financial viability of the projects (Brigham and Daves...

Course Code:FNS40815
Published on: 11-08-2021

Situation analysisExecutive summary CEH Investments is a mortgage broker company which is committed to providing the best mortgage and lending services. The aim is to keep building client database and have the regular loyal customers. CEH Investments and is a sole proprietorship business owned by Maria Halabi.  The business is situated Ontario, Canada with its head office being in Toronto City. The city is a prime location for the busine...

Course Code:AC3059
Published on: 10-08-2021

Working capital managementThe assignment discusses about the management of working capital. It shows about the relationship between current liabilities and current assets. It depicts the stakeholders, that whether the company is able to pay off its current liabilities from current assets. It provides a brief introduction on inventory management and receivable management. Inventory management helps the management in maintaining the required level...

Course Code:N20B12
Published on: 08-08-2021

The 2008 Financial crisisEach player in the financial system is connected to another. Therefore when one fails, the others are affected. This statement could not be truer in analyzing and understanding the 2008 financial crisis that saw many companies fall to the ground. Economic analysts argue that the crisis was a result of looming debts that grew day by day. However, debt alone is not sufficient in explaining the cause of this crisis. The...

Course Code:5BUS1157
Published on: 07-08-2021

Shareholder Wealth Maximization (SWM) TheoryThe objective with which a corporation or a particular organization is established is the most important practical and theoretical issue that is being confronted by the regulatory authorities today. Though, there have been various debates revolving this topic, the determination of a particular objective is necessary in order to ensure the corporate behavior as different objectives can lead to differe...

Course Code:ACCT19066
Published on: 06-08-2021

Naming Cells in SpreadsheetIn spreadsheet, there is a tool to change the cell references by any name according to the user to make it easier and quite useful for the user. Through this naming, it becomes easy for the user to apply formula (Stratton, SAS Institute Inc., 2009). This reduces the chances of error in the calculation. This tools helps the user in auditing, managing, updating and administrating the calculations in a well manner. It a...

Course Code:HA1022
Published on: 06-08-2021

Top-Down AnalysisThe fundamental analysis of stocks is highly important for investors in order to determine their intrinsic value for making investment decisions. This report has been undertaken for carrying fundamental analysis of an industry in Australia through selecting two ASX listed companies operating in the same industrial sector. The fundamental analysis of the industry is aimed to identify its total worth through examining the micro ...

Course Code:7AC002
Published on: 06-08-2021

Financial AnalysisIn the current competitive landscape, both accounting and financial management are considered as effective tools for managing business and monetary transactions in order to accomplish the strategies and objectives of an organisation (Badolato, Donelson and Ege 2014). The current assignment intends to choose a Plc that is listed on a realised stock exchange. In this case, has been selected as the organisation, as it is listed ...

Course Code:ACC101
Published on: 05-08-2021

Part A: Budgeted Room Revenue Calculation for Hotel Industry Question 9.45 on the Dorquary Hotel Computation of budgeted room revenue for each of the three months Budget- It is prepared to calculate the revenue and budget of the hotel for the three month. This three month budget has been prepared to identify the total revenue and expenses incurred by Dorquary Hotel for its business functioning. These are the details of the rooms and occ...

Course Code:FIN91110
Published on: 31-07-2021

Step-by-Step Guide for Analyzing Historical Market ReturnsAll the data has been taken from the reliable sources : (a) Calculation of monthly percentage return for the company’s shares during period? In order to answer this question company JB HI- FI Company has been taken for the further analysis (Brigham and Houston, 2004). Interpretation There has been shown monthly percentage return on the basis of Historical price of JB HI- ...

Course Code:ACCT3303
Published on: 31-07-2021

Ford MotorsThis report presents the user about the comparison of two companies which are ford motors and General Motors on the basis of various financial data and the figures. For this report, various financial tools have been used. Ford motors: Ford Motors Company is an American company which is operating its business into international market. Headquarter of the company is in Dearborn, Michigan. This company has been founded in June, 1903....

Course Code:HA3032
Published on: 29-07-2021

Regulatory Factors and Analytical ProceduresTwenty-first centuries is known for the development of various businesses all over the world. With the increase in different businesses activities, it has been seen that various risk factors in the businesses are also increasing. For this reason, it is required for every business organizations to analyze and evaluate different risk factor affective the business operations of the companies. This aspec...

Course Code:BBFA4403
Published on: 28-07-2021

Part 1The Financial Statements of a Company is  prepared by following the guidelines of the relevant Accounting Standards of the respective countries. Every Accounting Standards require Companies to disclose certain details pertaining to that Accounting Standard. These disclosures ensure that the important information are shared with the shareholders, investors, lenders, and so on. Such disclosures help avoid fraudulent practices entered in...

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