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Course Code:N110
Published on: 20-01-2021

BackgroundWith the help of an emerging market, a country can develop its economic condition. This development can be measured by various socio-economic factors. An emerging market economy can be stated as an economy of a nation that is growing to become an advanced economy and this can be represented by liquidity in equity markets and local debt along with the existence of various types of regulatory authority and market exchange (Ahmed, Couli...

Course Code:CSE1STX
Published on: 19-01-2021

Overview of the current situation at Kingfisher Garden Center head office and goals for improvementThis policy applies to both current and prospective Kingfisher Garden Center staff members at head office located in Fairfield, Victoria 3078 at Darebin City. The key stakeholders that shall be responsible for this policy and procedures include the head office manager, department managers, supervisors, team leaders and the organization’s em...

Course Code:E84
Published on: 18-01-2021

Enron's Background and Strategic ChoicesThe essay gives an overview of the human resource management from the purview of   Enron Corp. The company represents one of the largest corporations of America formed in the year 1985 followed by a merger between the InterNorth Inc based in Omaha  and Houston Natural Gas Co. The company is also the first in the history of America to experience a major collapse. The essay puts forward a cr...

Course Code:GSBS6481
Published on: 16-01-2021

France's Market Economy and Potential for GrowthMany companies build capacity and invest for the creation of economies of scale. Organizations target expanding into new markets through the efficient use of their potential and the creation of more sustainable opportunities for income. As a result, different opportunities exist both in developing countries which have a demand which is increasing, and in developed countries, which have a high dem...

Course Code:ACC321
Published on: 14-01-2021

Materiality of a Financial Statement and Trial BalanceThe concept of materiality of a financial statement requires that as per ISA 200 , as a whole objectives of an independent auditor is to conduct audit in accordance with the requirements of International Standards on Auditing. The ISA 200 defines that the intention of a fair audit is to improve the degree of confidence of intended users of a financial statements being published by a busines...

Course Code:SO684
Published on: 13-01-2021

Globalization as an Elite DiscourseThe term “Globalization” in recent times has the developed as a popular and controversial issue, though often remaining an undefined concept. However in a comprehensive manner, the term is implemented in order to encompass the increase rate in trade and liberalization policies along with the reduction in transportation expenditure, technological transfer, economic changes and societal transitions ...

Course Code:FIN200
Published on: 12-01-2021

Security Market Line vs Capital Market LineThe overall assessment aims in comparing SML and CML line, which helps investors for improving their current investment scope. In addition, the discussion on the significance of minimum variance portfolio is mainly conducted, which helps in depicting the level of income that could be generated from the portfolio. Furthermore, the minimum portfolio variance actually allows the investors for improving t...

Course Code:ACCT20075
Published on: 12-01-2021

Section 1: The Level of Materiality to Be Used For the AuditThe purpose of this paper is to examine the 2017 annual report for Cimic Group Limited Company and determine the level of materiality that should be used for the group accounts for the fiscal year ending 2017. This report also represents a preliminary analytical review on the information that is provided by the company. Key balance sheet and profit and loss ratios over the period 20...

Course Code:ACCT20075
Published on: 12-01-2021

Quantitative estimate of materialityAs per ASA 320, materiality is one of the most crucial part of auditing and the main role of the auditor is to analyze the key elements of the financial statements of the company and make relevant assertion on any given materiality level for the company. Any kind of misstatement, error or omission can lead to material risk for the company as that might affect the financial statement of the company and have n...

Course Code:ECON1011
Published on: 08-01-2021

Impact of the Financial Crisis on Ecuador EconomyGenerally, the Ecuador economy is highly relying on the petroleum sector at large which takes into account about 50% of the country’s exportations with almost 25% of the government sector over the past years. Between 2014/2017, there has been an effect on the economy as a result of the financial crisis which, which caused a tremendous decline in the country’s GDP rates with the pover...

Course Code:EPS11
Published on: 07-01-2021

European Union: Origin and FunctionalityThe global organization, European Union, primarily constitutes of around 28 European nations and includes central universal economic, social as well as security regulations. Formerly restricted to Western Europe, the European Union executed a vigorous development into both Central Europe and Eastern Europe during the early phase of 21st century (Tuori 2016). The members of the EU primarily consists of th...

Course Code:ACC321
Published on: 06-01-2021

Audit Procedure and Trend AnalysisASA 315 “Identifying and Assessing the Risk of Material Misstatement through understanding the entity and its environment” specifies the responsibilities of Auditor regarding determining and evaluation of risk of material misstatement in the financial statement by comprehending the environment of any individual including individual’s internal control (ASA 315. Understanding the Entity and Its...

Course Code:BAO5524
Published on: 06-01-2021

Risk areas for bank auditsThe banks in Australia are governed by the Banking Act, 1959 and Reserve Bank Act, 1959. Apart from that the provisions of Corporations Act, 2001 is also applicable for established entities. The objective of conducting an audit of a bank is different from the objectives of auditing an ordinary entity under the Corporations Act, 2001.  Apart from independent verification of financial information auditor of a bank al...

Course Code:ACC80008
Published on: 04-01-2021

Discussion on BudgetingThis paper is mainly purposed for giving a discussion and explanation on the findings of two studies on budgeting which are based on real life organizations. Regarding this, budgeting has been explained with much detail in this paper in one of the sections below. Additionally, this paper has given a detailed discussion on what the two studies have been purposed, as well as the research questions regarding budgeting which...

Course Code:ACCT604
Published on: 02-01-2021

Sustainability Strategy, Objectives or PrinciplesBusinesses are increasingly placing emphasis on improving their sustainability performance for improving the transparency and accountability within their business operations that helps them in achieving the trust and confidence of the stakeholders. The sustainability reports are developed for measuring and communicating the economic, environmental and social impacts of an organization. The infor...

Course Code:MGT1IB
Published on: 31-12-2020

Company profileInternational business is an integral part of the contemporary business organizations due to the reason that it determines the potentiality of the business in the long term. International business refers to the process of operating across different countries and catering to global customers. In the current time, business organizations opting for the international business in order to cater to larger section of customers and incr...

Course Code:BUS201
Published on: 23-12-2020

Positive and negative effects of the process of GlobalizationSustainability refers to process that can help in maintaining change in a manner that is balanced. It suggests how the exploitation of the resources and technological development can be in harmony and how it can enhance the future potential of meeting the human needs. Business ethics refers to professional ethics that helps in examining the ethical principles which can arise within a...

Course Code:BSMAN3009
Published on: 21-12-2020

Company OverviewThe procedure of measuring and evaluating the performance and position of a company is known as financial analysis. It determines the feasibility of a business for long run along with the critical examination of its profitability position. The assessment is based on the data presented in the annual report of the companies and is compared against the industry averages. There are various tools that are used for conducting such an...

Course Code:FIN203
Published on: 21-12-2020

AMP share price evolutionThe current share price of AMP is mainly at the levels of 3.14, where the company’s overall share price has changed over the period of five fiscal year. The decline in share price has been witnessed due to the reduction in valuation of the company. The reduction in financial performance of AMP has mainly initiated the decline in share price of the organisation, where financial condition has reduced exponentially le...

Course Code:200910
Published on: 18-12-2020

Liquidity Position AnalysisThe present study is based on a comparative evaluation of NRW Holdings Limited and Reliance Worldwide Corporation Limited by computing their financial ratios and comparing with industry standards. Overview of both the companies is as follows: NRW Holdings Limited NRW Holdings is well known for providing the diversified services to the resources, civil infrastructure, energy, and urban development areas. The compa...

Course Code:BUS702
Published on: 17-12-2020

Roles Played by the Reserve Bank of AustraliaIn the contemporary global economic scenario, the overall welfare of the population as well as the progress as well as overall development of any country considerably depend on the economic aspects and growth in the concerned country. The economic development of a country, on the other hand, substantially depends on the government of the country and its policy frameworks, their implementation and mo...

Course Code:PAM100
Published on: 14-12-2020

Critical Review of the Global Issues and Risks for the Financial Institutions or BanksThe purpose of the report is to analyze the risks and challenges in the global scenario for the banks and FIs from the global issues and the ways for the improvement in the legislative system and regulations of the globalbanking system and financial operations. The Global banking and financial system isthe large and wide framework of the legal agreement...

Course Code:2201AFE
Published on: 14-12-2020

Reasons why companies decide to acquire other companiesThe assessment aims in depicting the measures of acquisition, which might help in understanding the level of acquisitions conducted by companies. In addition, from the evaluation it has mainly indicated that there are three types of accusations, which are conducted by companies. Furthermore, financing part of the acquisition is also depicted in the assessment, which relevantly helps in und...

Course Code:FIN303
Published on: 11-12-2020

Particulars Value Rate 0.30% Time 360 Amount         800,000 Monthly payment $3,637.16 Particulars Value Rate 0.30% Time 288 Amount         800,000 Monthly payment $3,637.16 Loan outstanding after 24 years ...

Course Code:ACC303
Published on: 10-12-2020

Conceptual Framework ObjectiveWestern Areas headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, is recognized as a leading producer of nickel in Australia led by several types of base metals exploration and developmental projects in the country. The company is further depicted to be listed in ASX under the symbol of “WSA”. The growth and expansion of the company is associated to a multi-stream strategy which involves continuous exploratio...

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