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Course Code:BFA107
Published on: 15-07-2022

Income estimations Year 2017 2018 Net profit         500,000.00           600,000.00 Dividend payout 60.00% 60.00% Dividend         300,000.00           360,000.00 Jack Black Equity holding ...

Course Code:BMMF5103
Published on: 15-07-2022

Ownership and Dividends in Stock InvestmentStock is the share of the stockholder in the ownership of an entity. It signifies the claim on company’s total assets and total earnings. Owning stock does not give the ownership to the stockholders rather it gives them the voting rights on certain matters that are held for discussion in the shareholder’s meetings (Gregoriou, 2009). Further, the stockholders are entitled to the dividend o...

Course Code:BUS5IAF
Published on: 15-07-2022

Debt Structure and Capital Gearing RatioThe debts of the Company as at 30th July, 2016 consist of a revolving cash advance syndicated facility of $600 million.  As at 30th July, 2016 and 25th July, 2015 the company owed the following amounts of short-term and long-term debts:- Nature of debt 2016 2015 $'000 $'000 Total Debt (Long term)  147,273  441,179 Less...

Course Code:CPD1102
Published on: 15-07-2022

Concept of Skill and CompetenceDifferent levels of skills have large effect on economy for employers, employees, individuals and entire national economics. The concepts of skill are not yet clear to the social scientists and the meaning of it is also unclear. De Oliveira (2017) pointed out that, different things are put forward in a discussion while making clear of the concept as well as meaning of skill. Mujtaba (2013) thinks that, personal q...

Course Code:OGP261
Published on: 14-07-2022

DiscussionThe report has been prepared to demonstrate the understanding of shadow banking. It also incorporates the discussion about threat to the financial system of China. Report also includes the analysis using the tool of PESTLE that depicts the China’s external environment concerning the financial system. With the explanation of the shadow banking in context of China has been symbolized as failing of the financial system leading up ...

Course Code:SIT50416
Published on: 13-07-2022

Project OverviewBethesda Hospital being an old patient care unit, it needs to upgrade its technology systems and install new radiology equipment which will help it extend its services. The team will be in charge of updating the software systems and installing the radiology equipment accordingly. According to Thimbleby 2013, every health care institution should focus on ensuring that its technology and systems are modern and improved. Also, eac...

Course Code:BACT105
Published on: 12-07-2022

Background of PT Chandra Asri Petrochemicals Tbk (CAP)This assignment has the purpose to evaluate different types of income statement and financial recording of different types of companies. The basic accounting statement of a business is income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. All types of companies prepare these financial statements for presenting the financial performance for a specific period. However, different sectors do...

Course Code:CORPFIN1002
Published on: 12-07-2022

Question 11. The amount of the annual repayment is: It is given in the question that loan is repaid equally at the end of every year. Loan = $ 2400000 Interest rate = 8.6% Year borrowing and repayment 0 2400000.00 1 -610631.2849 2 -610631.2849 3 -610631.2849 4 -610631.2849 5 -610631.2849  2.NPV = PV of CI – Initial outlay ...

Course Code:BWBB3053
Published on: 12-07-2022

Income Of Jeff And AnnJeff and Ann are worried about their large debt balance. Advise them on the order (1st to last) in which their debt should be settled in the most cost effective way. Jeff earns $6,000 per month after Taxes and Deductions (works full time as an Engineer) and Ann earns $3,000 per month after Taxes and Deductions (works Part-time as Lecturer). Credit Card Outstanding Of Ann Ann has a Credit Card Outstanding ...

Course Code:ACCT222
Published on: 11-07-2022

Limitation of financial analysisThe financial analysis means taking into account the financial information of the company made available in the market and then anticipating the future viability of the company with the help of this financial information. Financial analysis is an important tool to in analysis the strength and weakness of the company. The financial statement of the company contains information about the company’s business o...

Course Code:GSBS6130
Published on: 11-07-2022

Super Retail Group Limited - Company Overview`The Super Retail Group is recognized as one of the top-most retailer company of Australia listed on ASC (Australian Stock Exchange). The company carried out its business operations mainly in Australia, New Zealand and China. The company was established in the year 2004 and is presently believed to have about 600 stores with an annual turnover of about $2billion.  The company has achieved a goo...

Course Code:ACCT618
Published on: 11-07-2022

Part 1: Information for the staffs to analyze investment opportunity: It is necessary for the staffs to conduct research for the potential investment opportunity. This would be in the best interest of ECC for carrying out a financial evaluation on the potential investment, which involves analysis of non-financial investment aspects. Such research would lead to identification of additional cash flows associated with investment (Andor, Mohan...

Course Code:BB101
Published on: 08-07-2022

Globalization and Its Impact on Developing CountriesGlobalization allows the countries businesses and organizations to have influences on the international market. It is important for countries to embrace globalization for so their businesses can be allowed to operate on a global scale. Developing countries grapple gaining international recognition based on the fact that their companies seem not to have the standards required for them to suit ...

Course Code:CMSE11338
Published on: 08-07-2022

Company OverviewThis report has been prepared to analyze and investigate the financial and non financial performance of KITCHEN WAREHOUSE LIMITED. This report depicts that how many changes have taken place into the stability and profitability position in the company in last 3 years. The performance of the company has been analyzed on the basis of the past year performance and the competitor’s position. For this report, study of ratio ana...

Course Code:HI6026
Published on: 07-07-2022

Answer to Question 1:Application of analytical procedures to the financial report information of DIPL The main type of the financial report of DIPL has been able to develop the audit plan. The planning of the audit has been followed with the time of undertaking of the same.  In general, the assessor in terms of maintaining the costs associated to audit at a reasonable stage. This has been further seen to assist in terms of maintaining th...

Course Code:ICT50718
Published on: 07-07-2022

Aim of the Study Direct on sale is an Australian online whole sale and retailer. They offer a wide range of products, ranging from clothing, kitchen appliances, bathroom and laundry equipment and even pet care products. Their Ecommerce website also has functionalities such as online shopping, tracking of orders, customer profiling and other customer oriented services. Their aim is to offer the best deals to customers in terms of pricing and exce...

Course Code:BFA312
Published on: 07-07-2022

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of planning tools used for budgetary controlPart B: Presentation Refer to PPT Advantages and disadvantages of different types of planning tools used for budgetary control: In the words of Nielsen, Mitchell and Nørreklit (2015), budgetary control is the method through which future budgets are formed these are compared with the real performance for detecting variances, if any. This woul...

Course Code:BUSN20019
Published on: 06-07-2022

Research AimIt can be explained that fully declared and pertinent information plays a vital role in the in presenting the transparency and responsibility of the management in undertaking the business. The organizations conventionally make use of a paper-based reporting mechanism in order to share the information to the stakeholders and generally publish their financial scenario with the help of the financial statements for the distinct period ...

Course Code:SUS512
Published on: 04-07-2022

Module 1The module contained information and features that aimed to analyze the sustainability of the food system that we interact with from the perspective of a system. Further, the factors that might lead to the emanation of the particular scenario have been indicated in the module whereby a vast spectrum may be considered including domains like that of social, economic, cultural and ecological with an approach from global to local context. ...

Course Code:ACC00716
Published on: 04-07-2022

Statement showing calculation of cash inflows and present value of capital projectIn this assignment analysis of capital project with the help of capital budgeting techniques has been done. Net present value and payback period has been calculated of the device part capital project. Net present value measures profit of capital project and payback period measures liquidity of the capital project. In second section of this report, analysis of cap...

Course Code:FINC341
Published on: 04-07-2022

Overview of the StudyOverview of the Study The financial specialists have good knowledge about the psychology of the investors and their effects on the financial markets. The mood of the investors and its effect on the movements in the market is frequently deliberated in numerous financial journals and on the internet. The researcher has decided to undertake the research with reverence to the subject because of the element that the relevant i...

Course Code:AC50030E
Published on: 04-07-2022

Evaluation of Different Alternatives under Three Methods of Project EvaluationThe project appraisal is a structured approach which starts from estimating the future cash inflows and outflows and ends with determining the financial viability of the project. There are different methods being used in assessing the project’s financial viability such as net present value, internal rate of return, and payback period. Each method has its ow...

Course Code:INTBUS1000
Published on: 02-07-2022

Rationale for the Choice of the CompanyThe following report is going to illustrate the international business strategy of different companies that have studied in the gaming session.  The gaming was about the understanding on the business report of Bespoke bikes.  After detailing of the balance sheet on the investment of the company for the financial Year 2008 and 2007, it has been decided to analyse the financial as well as the busi...

Course Code:BFA201
Published on: 02-07-2022

Stakeholders in Financial ReportingThe stakeholders in this case are the employees( both the manager and the accountant), they are the primary stakeholders and have a hand in how the financial statements turn out to be.  The second stakeholder is the government. The government is involved in this case because it it provides a grant of $100,00 to the firm to encourage the hiring and training of mechanics  (Thomas and Ward, 2015)....

Course Code:MKW5030
Published on: 01-07-2022

AnalysisThis particular report focuses on towards how the understanding of the behaviour of the buyers helps the marketers to make prediction regarding the behaviour of the customers in the market and will also provide recommendations based upon that. The chosen topic for the project is the purchase triggers (Option 2) related to the smart phone in Australia and will focus upon the buyer behaviour related to Samsung S8 which has been newl...

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