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Course Code:PA302
Published on: 27-07-2021

Product DescriptionThis business report has been prepared to assess the market and accounting element of Ruj’s Wipes. The main feature of this product is that it is a 2 sided wipe, in which first of its side has moisturizer and on the other side, cleanser is there. It is a unique product in the market. It would help the customer to remove the make up easily. In this report, sales budget of the company, purchase budget of the product, sel...

Course Code:BUS5SMM
Published on: 27-07-2021

TaskModern concept of management in various fields includes application of various policies and strategies specially with respect to maintaining sustainability. Sustainability has to be maintained with respect to marketing as well as in number of management functions carried out in an organization. The study work presented below therefore describes the importance of satisfying needs of customers by keeping an alignment between organizational e...

Course Code:FIN200
Published on: 27-07-2021

Superannuation contributionThe fruitful habit of making investments and savings has been an encouragement and it is the result of the concept of superannuation contributions. This concept provides for a better future to all the ones making an investment in different funds, getting results in the form of returns at the time of retirement. For tertiary employees, two different types of plans are available, one Defined Benefit Plan and second Inves...

Course Code:GSBS6130
Published on: 25-07-2021

Answer to Question No 1The organizations that are preforming in the modern world look for new and innovative techniques so that they can improve their operational activities. With respect to this scenario, this question tries to answer to two questions that have been provided in the case study. The first question will try to answer the various significant factors that are considered by the employees of the tertiary sector while deciding on the...

Course Code:ACC707
Published on: 23-07-2021

The Collapse of the Lehman Brother and the Liability of AuditorsThe study has focused on variety of issues faced by the auditors in carrying out their liabilities and responsibilities especially at the time of the global financial crisis faced by the society.  At the time and duration of the financial crisis, the auditors find it difficult to give reasonable amount of assurance about the proper preparation of the financial reports along wit...

Course Code:IB8010
Published on: 21-07-2021

SWOT ClassificationCard Factory began processes in 1997 with just a single store and has expanded its store estate primarily through biological development into a market-leading value shop with a nationwide attendance. The Group’s stores are in an extensive range of sites including on high roads in small municipalities through to main cities, shopping centre growths, out-of-town retail commons and sweatshop outlet centres. Card Factory e...

Course Code:ACC340
Published on: 19-07-2021

Question 1: AR Clerk handling receipts and bank reconciliationAnswer 1 No, it would not be okay if the accounts receivables clerks is also handed over with the work of bank reconciliation as it may enable the AR clerk to commit fraud. The fraud in relation to this issue is termed as lapping. Lapping involves delayed recording of payment received from customers so as steal the cash by gaining undue advantage of functions of records handling. I...

Course Code:AC3059
Published on: 19-07-2021

Maldives Plc CompaniesThis report is prepared to study the listed companies of Maldives. This report is prepared for evaluating the financial performance of the listed companies in order to recommend the investor for the purpose of investment in the best three companies of Maldives. For this purpose, all the quantitative and qualitative factors of every listed company are considered by viewing published annual reports. Many factors are consid...

Course Code:22240
Published on: 16-07-2021

Company overviewIt is required for an investor to analyze the company with a competitive company to analyze the market perfectly. In this report, two companies have been analyzed which are working in the same industry. Various factors of both the companies are analyzed to identify the best company and the lose points of the company. For this report, Alphabet and Baidu have been taken into the consideration such as their KPIs, financial perform...

Course Code:BUACC3702
Published on: 15-07-2021

Expected Return of Stocks A and BExpected Return of Stock A: State of economy Probability Stock A Expected return Boom 0.35 0.13 0.0455 Normal 0.35 0.09 0.0315 Recession 0.3 -0.05  (0.0150) Expected return 0.0620 Expected Return of Stock B: State of economy Probability Stock B Expected return ...

Course Code:ACCT501
Published on: 13-07-2021

Comparison of Financial ResultsIn the current report the selected company is ‘Yellow rock resources limited’ (YRR) which currently changed its name as ‘Australian Vanadium’. The company currently at Meekatharra, is developing a project ‘Gabanintha Vanadium’ which would produce the Vanadium of highest grade (Australian Vanadium, 2017). The main revenue source for this product is the battery company who n...

Course Code:ACC00724
Published on: 09-07-2021

Rate of Return on Total Assets 1. Rate of Return on Total Assets: Particulars Column1 Amount Net Profit for 2014 A 4362 Total Assets for 2014 B 29935 Rate of Return on Total Assets C=A/B 14.57% 2. Rate of Return on Ordinary Equity: Particulars Column1 Amount Net Profit for 2014 A 4362 ...

Course Code:GSBS6130
Published on: 08-07-2021

Defined Benefit PlanThe employees which are indulged in the practices of providing the services which are of the main employment area are known as the tertiary sector employees (Alajbeg, Bubas and Sonje, 2012). There are certain types of sectors like tertiary sector or the service sectors in which employees working in the organisations have to maintain their own superannuation funds because they do not work under any employer (Antolin, Payet a...

Course Code:MOD003319
Published on: 08-07-2021

Understanding of Profitability and Cash FlowThe title of the report is communication of financial management to the shareholders of the company. Shareholders of the company are the investors of the company who invest their money in order to have profitable returns. Due to this, the shareholders shall be provided with the details of each and every company about the working of the organization along with the financial statements of the company...

Course Code:ACC00152
Published on: 07-07-2021

Question 1: Cost of Capital1. The re-estimated cost of capital of Widget Ltd. is as follows:- Particulars Capital CMP Current Value Weights Cost of Capital 10% Bonds 15000000 900 13500000 0.132 4.21% 9% Bank Loan 14000000 - 14000000 0.123 6.30% 12% Preference Shares 5000000 95 4750000 0.044 12.63% Equ...

Course Code:DBS304
Published on: 07-07-2021

Trend AnalysisThe success of a business entity largely depends on its effective financial management practices. The financial management of an entity depends on effective management of the finances to promote its long-term growth and development. As such, this report is developed for analyzing and examining the financial position of ‘Triple Rock Ltd’ for investment purpose. The company is established by Mr. Jackson after he master...

Course Code:ACC100
Published on: 06-07-2021

Question 1 Answer to Part A: The stakeholders in this situation are, the manager of Vroom Ltd, Freda Chuse and the accountant herself, Lucia and all the acting and present shareholders of the company. Answer to Part B: Freda asked Lucia to find ways of deferring recognition of as much revenue as possible for the next financial year because Freda anticipated the fact that the total earned revenue for the financial year ending 30 June, 201...

Course Code:BBMM603
Published on: 06-07-2021

ObjectivesColleges play vital role in the society to ensure access of quality education to the society that is the cornerstone for economic development. College education is therefore a great investment to both the students and proprietors. The student gains skills and technical knowledge required in the job market as well as preparing them to indulge in self-employment. Generally, the people who have education in a particular field have a bet...

Course Code:PEV303
Published on: 06-07-2021

Question 1Event management can be referred as implementation of management in projects for the accomplishment of objective such indulging innovation in events and organisation of events, concerts and festivals. Financial management plays a vital role in event management, as it is a large scale project which requires a high budget comprising resources and funds (Said 2016). Further proper planning is required for the efficient management of res...

Course Code:FN0264
Published on: 05-07-2021

Role of International Finance in Mergers and AcquisitionsOne of the most critical parts of commercial economics is International Finance. It evaluates the affairs related to monetary connections of two or more countries. International finance examines the subjects such as exchange rates of currencies, worldwide financial system, global monetary systems, foreign direct investment (FDI), and other vital topics relating to international financial...

Course Code:MBA401
Published on: 02-07-2021

Developing as a LeaderIt is said that to make a business successful the major role is played by the leadership and the leadership starts with the leader. For me being a leader means setting an example for the team by defining and exhibiting moral and ethical courage in attaining the organizational objectives. A leader leads his team with a vision that he communicates to his team and together they meet the targets set by the organization. A lea...

Course Code:AMAA600
Published on: 02-07-2021

Five internal control strengths in Big’s payroll systemInternal control procedures can be said as practices which are followed for protecting business resources mainly relating to recording, distribution and preparing of payroll (Shah & Nair, 2013). In case the appropriate procedure is placed to ensure that assets of the company are protected from the risk of fraud and eliminating errors. Five internal control strengths in Big&rsqu...

Course Code:FIN1101
Published on: 01-07-2021

The following are the various calculations:  (Amounts in $ in billions)  Particulars 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000  Cash inflows:  Revenue       11.20   ...

Course Code:BFIN200
Published on: 30-06-2021

Research Objectives and QuestionsThe contracting company is one of the leading sectors in the in present era and has been considered as the fastest growing industry in both small and large scale. Despite being the leading sector, it has been facing the fear of cash crunch and losses since few years. The problem arises as the companies are unable to control their cash flows and the rate of involves in the industry has been increasing every day....

Course Code:ACCTING7009
Published on: 30-06-2021

Analytical Procedures for DIPL1.Analytical method has utmost significance for the analysis and evaluation of the financial information of the companions from the financial reports. At the time of developing the audit, plan for the Double Pink Printers Limited (DIPL), the analytical method of financial information is considered as most valuable aspect. It needs to be mentioned that the audit plan of the companies provides necessary direction or...

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