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Course Code:HA1022
Published on: 29-06-2021

Top-Down AnalysisIn the modern market of dynamic economic conditions and competition, it is very difficult for any organization to maintain the optimum pace of growth without the proper analysis of market groups and implementing the marketing strategies accordingly and effectively. The report has considered Oil Search Ltd Australia and Pan Pacific petroleum Australia. Despite having foreign countries as origin, these two companies have been ha...

Course Code:HSBH3005
Published on: 29-06-2021

Overview of Sanitation CrisisSanitation is considered to be among the leading global challenges. It is approximated that over 2.5 billion people have no access to clean and safe water. Likewise, over one billion are exposed to the open defecation on a daily basis which brings about devastating consequences. It is important to note that the issue of sanitation had been listed among the Millennium Development Goals that were to be implemented ...

Course Code:BUS371
Published on: 29-06-2021

Decoding Shadow Banking from Financial Stability BoardThe report presents information about the Chinese business and growth of the shadow-banking sector in China during the recent times. The shadow banking in China has been growing largely due to the huge impact of Government campaigns against the financial leverage. This has also prevented the lending by people, and the bond financing has reduced as well. The shadow banking of China is a kind...

Course Code:FIN700
Published on: 28-06-2021

Question This is a two period certainty model problem. Assume that Jillian Black has a sole income from Halcyon Ltd in which she owns 10% of the ordinary share capital. In its financial year 2016-17 just ended, Halcyon Ltd reported net profits after tax of $800,000, and announced its net profits after tax expectation for the next financial year, 2017-18, to be 20% higher than this year’s figure. The company operates with a dividend ...

Course Code:MAA104
Published on: 28-06-2021

As a public listed ASX Company Harvey Norman Holdings Limited is engaged in activities like integrated retail, digital and property enterprises and franchise business. It operates under the franchise system in Australia and delivers unparalleled offerings to the Australian customers consistently with extensive ranges of product, market leadership for key products and cutting edge technology. It grants franchise to the independent proprietors u...

Course Code:78101
Published on: 25-06-2021

Interpretation of the BudgetThe main purpose of this assessment is to analyze the budget forecast which is done by the management of the company in order to come up with quarterly sales and estimate the overall expenses of the business. The report will also be including ratio analysis along with comparison for the same as shown. The significant ratios of the business are computed and the same are also compared with industry average. The assessme...

Course Code:H9EMGMT
Published on: 24-06-2021

Price-fixing in the Canned Tuna Market in the US1.The companies were fixing prices so as to extend the market prices of products highly with an intention of dominating the market by earning higher profits. The companies intended to reduce or prevent market competition that could low down their sales. This is can be considered as an anti-competitive practice (Kilian & Lutz, 2009). The shift in the price of canned tuna will greatly lead to ...

Course Code:9006CFIN
Published on: 19-06-2021

Using the present value formula to value bonds? a) The forward P/E ratios of the FANG stocks has been obtained from Yahoo Finance and summarised below. It is apparent that the forward P/E for the four stocks highlighted above is different. The reasons attributed to the difference of these are highlighted below. 1) The main reason for difference in forward P/E is the difference in growth expectations that shareholders tend to have from the...

Course Code:ACC303
Published on: 18-06-2021

Company OverviewThe accounting regulatory organisations of a nation prescribe that it is the duty of the management of the entities to prepare and present the financial reports in accordance with the framework laid down in respect of the same. Accordingly, accounting is a process in which the transactions of an entity are recorded, identified, and measured as per the standards prescribed, to measure the overall financial performance of the org...

Course Code:HI5014
Published on: 17-06-2021

General OverviewThe spread of globalisation and liberalisation has made the world of business highly complex and competitive. The reduction in barriers to global expansion has allowed business organisations to take their work operations overseas and achieve the benefits of operating in multiple countries. Business organisations are trying to explore untapped markets that can offer them a competitive edge in the industry. Most of the business...

Course Code:AC4410
Published on: 16-06-2021

Introduction to Dixons Carphone PlcThe Dixon Carphone Plc. is a multinational electrical and telecommunication retailer and services company which is headquartered in the London.  The company primarily has its operations in the Consumer Electronics Industry and has its presence globally. The company has its presence in a variety of distinct marketplaces such as mobile phones, other types of consumer electronic products and various other t...

Course Code:BSBFIM601
Published on: 16-06-2021

DiscrepanciesDiscrepancies Budgeted Actual Variance 1382032 1623000 240968.2 624876 701400 76524 752189.4 921600 169410.7 780 780 0 1590 1590 0 600 600 0 550 550 0 1300 1300 0 418000 465000 47000 850 850 0 1650 1650 ...

Course Code:BSMAN3009
Published on: 11-06-2021

Background of the company including the formation of the companyThe financial crisis is identified as a combination of diverse circumstances and situations that result in the reduction in the nominal value of the financial assets of an organization. The various causes that can be held responsible for the occurrence of a financial crisis can be global recessions, crashing of the stock market, and reduction in the monetary value of currency alon...

Course Code:HC2091
Published on: 09-06-2021

Overview of Medibank Private LimitedThe Medibank Private Limited is a national private health insurance company located in the Australia. Medibank is the second largest company in the insurance sector after Bupa Insurance Company having a market share of around 29.1%. The company is listed on the Australia Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol MPL. The Medibank Company started as a private limited company in the year 1975 with the aim of provi...

Course Code:MN503
Published on: 08-06-2021

Design ObjectivesThe network designed we are proposing is purposed to serve MNO business enterprises. The business enterprise has five departments namely admin, sales, engineering finance and human resource department to be served with the proposed network. It should be put into consideration that the network to be design will be constructed on employee instructional reasons but for administrative intentions. That is, the employees of MNO are ...

Course Code:LAWS205
Published on: 05-06-2021

DetailsThe land registration Act of UK provides the provision of the overriding interest. Overriding interest enables the person to make aclaim on the property without being entering into the title on the land. The present has a detailed assessment of the impact of the overriding interest which defeats the main objective of the registered landhasalso been discussed in an appropriate manner. “The overriding interest in the land registr...

Course Code:ACCTFIN3500
Published on: 03-06-2021

Assessing Capital Budgeting Process of Saturn Pet CareThis paper explains that the application of the capital budgeting process has been effective enough in determining the fact that Wodonga Site is the most appropriate manufacturing process that can be undertaken by Saturn Pet Care as the figures have clearly explained that all the processes associated with capital budgeting that is inclusive of Net Present Value assessment, payback period eval...

Course Code:ACCT6003
Published on: 03-06-2021

Overview of Regulatory Framework for Financial Reporting in AustraliaThe journal entries have been shown below: ChiHerbal Ltd. General Journal Date Particulars Dr./Cr.  Amount ($)  Amount ($) 2017 1-Aug Cash Trust Dr.        2,300,000 To Share Application Cr. ...

Course Code:ACC515
Published on: 02-06-2021

Company OverviewIn financial terms, capital structure describes a manner through which a company could raise the funds for its assets. These sources could be a combination of equity, various securities and debt. Capital structure is the combination of liability of a company. It briefs that how could a company raise its funds to enhance the performance and overall growth of the company. It focuses on the various sources which are used by the c...

Course Code:MRKT2005
Published on: 02-06-2021

Introduction about the CompanyThe purpose of the report is to know the Chinese market demand for bottled water industry. In order to enter into the new country for doing business, it is necessary for industries to research the market of that country. Besides this, various political conditions put threats for industries in that market. In the description, the discussion is carried on the Tasmania mountain water that is providing the natural dri...

Course Code:GSBS6130
Published on: 02-06-2021

NPV CalculationThe prices of copper for the year end 1, 2, and 3 have been computed as shown in the decision tree in requirement 1 above. There are eight probable prices of copper finally arrived at the end of year 3, which make eight nodes for the purpose of computation of NPV. The computation of net present values for each node is given as under: Price of copper in year 1 is $68.75; therefore, the cash inflows will be $5.50 million (80000 t...

Course Code:BEA311
Published on: 29-05-2021

The Complex Relationship between Money and HappinessEvidences have showed that money can buy happiness but up to a certain limit. For purchasing the basic necessities in our daily life money is just the basic need. With the help of money, the quality of life can be improved. Number of social surveys and researches have proved money can buy happiness if that happiness consists of buying materialistic things. Money might provide the temporary co...

Course Code:4AG500
Published on: 28-05-2021

SWOT AnalysisAjinomoto company Malaysia  Analysis of Strategic Factors (SWOT) According to Gurel, (2017), SWOT Analysis is an instrument used for the strategic management and strategic planning in the organizations. To build organizational strategy and competitive strategy can use this analysis effectively. Furthermore, SWOT analysis is significant with the situational analysis that helps the managers to identify organizational and en...

Course Code:FIN103
Published on: 25-05-2021

Earning Quality1. JB Hi – Fi is the largest home entertainment retailer from Australia. They are well known for wide range, biggest brands and low prices. Consumers can purchase LCD, LED, OLED, HD TVs, iPads, headphones, Wireless speakers, home theatres and mobile phones from their shops ( 2018). Earnings are the profit amount produced by the company during particular period of time generally quarter or year. Earnings are...

Course Code:AC3059
Published on: 25-05-2021

Solution 1: Critical Evaluation of Significance of Optimal Capital Structure for an Organization to Maximize the Value for ShareholdersThe purpose this report is to examine the use of various capital budgeting techniques and investment appraisal techniques to evaluate the two given scenarios. One scenario is related to investment appraisal methods for evaluating options of financing for increasing the shareholder value. Another scenario is rel...

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