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Course Code:MMH331
Published on: 20-06-2021

Selection Criteria and Course Learning OutcomesI came across the advertisement for the job role of Human Resource Delivery partner for your organization on a popular job website. I would like to express my deep interest in this job position. My name is Sanduni Liyanage and I am preparing for my last semesters in the course of bachelor of human resource management. In Australia, I am currently residing as a student and would like to further ext...

Course Code:MART301
Published on: 18-06-2021

SWOT analysis of Maruia Hot SpringsMaruia Hot Springs natural thermal mineral based spring which is located in the Lewis Pass National Reserve. The property is mainly surrounded by pristine types of primary beech forest and high mountains as well. The term Maori or Maruia translates to shelter in the language of New Zealand. The site has been able to provide healing, relaxation and rejuvenation for centuries. Maruia has been used by the tired tr...

Course Code:5HRF
Published on: 07-06-2021

Main Organizational Objectives for HR Function1. Human resources is used to align, collaborate, and coordinate people of the company and department that is responsible to manage resources related to employees. The values of HR was related to motivation, selection assessments, and organisational behaviour. Earlier HRM focused on areas such as recruitment, selection, training, development, compensation benefits, and organisation development. By ...

Course Code:ACCT401
Published on: 05-06-2021

Comment on RevenueBee Tan corp. is an organization that links the clients and merchants with an aid of allowing the consumers to meet their daily needs. However, because of the high competition from the Makan corp., Bee Tan Corp. has come up with strategies that makes them maintain their existence in the market. Bee Tan Corp currently offer complementary services rather than aiming at outright competitor position by coming up with practices like...

Course Code:2281ENV
Published on: 03-06-2021

Biodiversity and Threats to the Great Barrier ReefThe continent of Australia, which is positioned in between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, is a mega-diverse landmass with numerous biodiversity hotspots, such as rainforests, deserts, mountainous terrain, and plains.Adding to its biodiversity, it also consists of The Great Barrier Reef, which is the world’s largest coral reef system situated in the Coral Sea (Wolanski, 2018)...

Course Code:MGMT8022
Published on: 03-06-2021

ProductDevelopment of a marketing strategy is a very challenging and demanding task. Managers face numerous challenges while creating a unique strategy that would enable them to provide a positional advantage in an effort for attaining superior customer and financial preference. The pecuniary success of a company greatly depends on the judicious marketing efforts and the other operational, financial, accounting and different business functions...

Course Code:RMET6053
Published on: 02-06-2021

Module Learning ObjectivesThe brand is the main identity of a business. Brand tends to create most significant importance on the minds of the customers and it also helps to differentiate its service line or products from its competitors. It has been identified that brand helps to create blind faith upon the minds of the customers through its quality and service. Some critics demonstrated that brand communication is the other name of consumer e...

Course Code:GSBS6060
Published on: 28-05-2021

The Start of Apple Company According to Castellucci & Podolny (2016 p.21) the Apple Company is said to have found in the year 1976. The company was fast found by the two young school drapers who were Steve Jacobs and the Steve Wozniak. They are said to have developed some little amount money from selling of the van and started a small shop in the family of Job. The shop was suggested to have set along the garage in the family of Jobs home...

Course Code:NRSG370
Published on: 27-05-2021

Prioritization of Three Nursing Problems/Issues Based on the Health Assessment DataThe presented clinical scenario describes the health status of a 36-years old patient (i.e. Ms. Melody King) affected with peritonitis after experiencing a ruptured appendix. The patient exhibited a clinical history of depression and asthma and her therapeutic history included the utilization of drugs including Sertraline (for depression), Seretide (for asthma...

Course Code:HRM4006
Published on: 25-05-2021

Resource PlanningResource planning can be described as the procedure for setting aside various tasks to non-human and the human resources to get a summary of the resources that are available. Various organizations like the Caring home require a general outline of their resources and how they are managed day-to-day operations(Martin, 2009). The care home need to understand if there are adequate resources which can be used in running new project...

Course Code:BSBHRM501
Published on: 24-05-2021

Critical EvaluationInformation presented in the article regarding the appraisal process that is generally utilised by the organisation is worth discussing because of the urgency in the current situation. In current time is quite relevant as because motivating of employees in an organisation is deemed to be one of the most important aspects to be considered for the future elevation of Business Development graph. A general specification that rel...

Course Code:MGTS7303
Published on: 21-05-2021

PewDiePie: An OverviewYouTube is one of the greatest online platforms where creator effectively showcases their talent and generates revenue. The purpose of this assessment is to analysis revenue generation activity using YouTube. In order to understand revenue generation process, a YouTube channel i.e., PewDiePie has been selected to understand strategic   relationship between Patreon, PayPal and other revenue vectors in a systemati...

Course Code:MGMT5908
Published on: 16-05-2021

Company BackgroundHuman resource management is an important aspect in the business operations. Strategic planning towards human resource management helps the personnel in conducting the business activities in an efficient and effective manner. Maintaining effective relation with the clients is assistance in terms of creating plans for upgrading the standards and evaluation of the business operations (Al Ariss, Cascio and Paauwe 2014). Developing...

Course Code:BSBPMG517
Published on: 14-05-2021

Risk Classifications for Your Industry Sector Opportunity based: Opportunity based risk are risks which are very probable to happen but they bring opportunities with them if the firm is able to get through and mitigate the risk in an efficient manner. The risks if not mitigated can also cause huge damage to the operational activities of the firm. Hence it is important for a company to mitigate such risks within the operations of the firm. Un...

Course Code:B8LL10
Published on: 13-05-2021

The Watershed GroupThe purpose of this report is to enlighten the reader about the strategic human resource management practices. The topic chose from the strategic human resource process is talent management. Talent management refers to the commitment of the organization to recruit, retain, hire and develop the most capable and talented people present in the job. It refers to the anticipation of the human resource of the company and the plann...

Course Code:MGMT8022
Published on: 12-05-2021

PESTELEvery company in this business world has to develop some planning in order to sustain in this dynamic business environment. During the development phase of planning or strategy, it has to face a large list of choices and considerations (Diamond, Koernig and Iqbal, 2008). In this case, it has to utilize its available resources and capability in an efficient way and this optimistic process is being provided by these strategic tools. Strate...

Course Code:N630M2
Published on: 11-05-2021

Examples of Organisational Objectives in Human Resource ManagementObjectives of Human Resource Management and how it evolves in Contemporary Organizations The primary objective of human resource management is to provide an organization with the competent, qualified, disciplined, and hard-working workforce to ensure the primary goals and objectives of the company are upheld. Besides this major objectives, there are other subsidiary objectives th...

Course Code:ENGL001
Published on: 06-05-2021

Background on the Rohingya CrisisThe Rohingyas are a group of people who have been fleeting to Bangladesh and leaving their homeland Myanmar. Initially, there were around 1.1 million Rohingyas but around 420,000 have fled due to the destructive weather and rough terrain. Mostly, the Rohingyas have fled to their neighboring country Bangladesh since 2017 (Quadir, 2018). It is believed that the Burmese military has been the main culprit behind ki...

Course Code:IHRM4032
Published on: 05-05-2021

Identifying People Management Issues at British GasHuman resource is a term that used for the people who work for the company, in combined. While human resource management is the process that includes, recruiting, selection, providing inclination, conveying training and development, maintaining relations with employees and their trade unions, certifying employee safety, and welfare and health measures in a compliance with labor laws of the land ...

Course Code:BMA709
Published on: 05-05-2021

Overview of JB-Hi-FiMarketing management is the procedure of emerging approaches and planning for services or products, promotions, sales, advertising to reach a preferred segment of customer. The heart of every organization success lies in its strategies of marketing (Iacobucci, 2016). Marketing management shortened the functions and activities, which are included in the services and goods distribution. As per Philip Kotler, “Marketing ...

Course Code:PGN50S
Published on: 04-05-2021

Marketing orientation and customer orientation According to the statement mentioned above it can be stated that marketing orientation is considered as one of the important aspect of the business. To survive in the competitive market, it is necessary for the company to focus on the marketing orientation as it can help to enhance the market share of the company. So, in this paper the discussion will be made on the perspective of marketing o...

Course Code:HRM591
Published on: 04-05-2021

Succession Planning: Importance and EvolutionToday, the concept of predictive analysis and metrics has moved out from the pure tech functions into mainstream circles as well. Global companies are taking advantage of this which was a stronghold of only few and now even applying to the functions like HR. HR department is one of the most important in the organization with vital functions from recruitment to performance mapping till outplacement. ...

Course Code:IHRM4032
Published on: 03-05-2021

Task 1: People management issues at British Gas and HR management solutionsHuman Resource Management refers to strategic approach that helps in managing the people effectively within an organization. It helps a business in gaining competitive advantage. British Gas is a part of Centrica Group and it is an energy brand that is best recognized in the country. The multinational company Centrica has business in various countries . The report discu...

Course Code:TH50101E
Published on: 30-04-2021

Learning, Training and DevelopmentThe organization that has been considered in this context is the airline industry. With reference to the chosen industry, some key topics will be discussed here. Within the main topic, Learning, Training and Development, things that have been discussed are objectives of Learning and Development entity, procedure to design an effective one, approaches and learning style to consider along with methods for measu...

Course Code:200621
Published on: 30-04-2021

Selection Criteria and Expatriate FailureAccording to Boxall in 1992 international human resource management involves the management of workers who are working in foreign countries. This trend involves international firms. This are firms which are located in more than one country (Baum, 2016). This firms may include Coca-Cola Company, the ford motors and Unilever. These are examples of global companies that are located in more than one co...

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