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Overview of Brisbane Airport Corporation

Privatization and Commercialization of various airports in recent years have helped in enhancing airline industry. Branding efforts of airlines have helped in increasing business in the market. This report focuses on implementation of information system in Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC). The overview of the company has been provided in the report related to existing human activity system (HAS). The relationship between Airport Corporation and customers have been discussed in this report.

The Mitzberg’s classification has been implemented in the BAC for discussing organizational form. The value chain of BAC has been explained with the help of Porter’s competitive forces model (Arvidsson, Holmström & Lyytinen, 2014). This report explains competitive strategy of BAC using Porter’s competitive forces model. A proper analysis of existing human activity system of BAC has been described with identifying issues related to stakeholders. A new information system has been suggested for mitigating issues in previous system. There are various recommendations provided for implementing new information system in the BAC.

Brisbane Airport is the third largest airport in airport in Australia based on number of passengers. BAC is a private and non-listed Queensland company. More than 21,000 people are currently working at the airport every day (Brisbane Airport Corporation - Connecting Queensland 24/7, 2017).

The vision of BAC is to be world class and distinctive place that visitors keep coming back and having best partners for airlines and businesses.

As per the Mintzberg’s classification, BAC have a divisional organizational form consisting of various technically qualified people in the company. As commented by (), Mintzberg’s classification has divided organizational form in five steps including Entrepreneurial, Machine, Professional, Divisional and innovative.

Figure 1: Organizational form of BAC

(Source: Brisbane Airport Corporation - Connecting Queensland 24/7, 2017)

The BAC has focused on sustainability approach of the customers. According to Porter’s value chain model, primary and support are two types of activities for creating values in an organization. The BAC has focused on the primary activities including inbound and outbound logistics, marketing and sales. These activities have helped in developing values of BAC in the market (Laudon & Laudon, 2016). The BAC have focused on sustainability of human resource management in the market. The BAC has gained a good relationship with the customers in the market.

Figure 2: Porter’s Value Chain

(Source: Laudon & Laudon, 2016)

The competitive advantage of the BAC is obtained by the use of Porter’s Five Forces in the market.

Mitzberg’s organizational form in BAC

Competitive Rivalry

The BAC have identified strengths of its competitive airline company in the market. The marketing and business strategy of the rival company is known to the BAC.

Supplier Power

The BAC have analyzed its supplier parties in the market. The BAC have a good relationship with its suppliers and set the availability time for them with proper payment of raw materials (Bajdor & Grabara, 2014).

Buyer Power

The passengers are the buyers in the case of BAC. Therefore, the company have kept a healthy relationship with passengers by providing enhanced quality of services during journey in the plane.

Figure 3: Porter’s Five Forces

(Sources: Dobbs, 2014, pp. 34)

Substitutes Threat

The BAC have kept a close look towards behavior of passengers in the market. The company has able to transform its services as per demand of passengers in the market. This has helped company in resolving threats of substitutes.

Threat of new entrants

The BAC have provided a strong competition to new entrants in the industry. The BAC has developed its quality of services for suppressing the competition in the market with new entrants (Sutherland, 2014).

a) The main human activity system identified in this section id the booking system for airline tickets. This system is mainly used by the passengers and the staffs of the airports to book an airline ticket in case of manual booking or online booking. The system in turns accepts payment and books a ticket in the desired flight. The major stakeholders of this system are the passengers, staffs and the reservation department. The customers are directly related to booking for ticket. The staffs can also book a ticket in case of manual bookings (Dälken, 2014). The reservation department will notify the system about the filling up of vacant seat in the concerned aircraft.

b) The major issues of the stakeholders identified are listed in the diagram below. There are three stakeholders identified in this diagram. The first one is the passengers whose only task is to book tickets. The second stakeholder is the staffs belonging to the airport whose only job is to aid in ticket booking in case of manual bookings. The third stakeholder is the employees from the reservation department who ensures the booking of the seat to be allocated to a specific passenger only.

Figure 4: Rich text diagram

(Source: Created by the author)

c) The BPMn notation of the booking system process model is shown in this diagram. All the existing systems associated with the human systems are also shown in this diagram. The main system depicted in this model denotes the presence of instant booing or reservation booking (Ortega, A. G., Jalón & Menéndez, 2014). In case of the instant booking, the passenger looks up for a seat and reservation is made accordingly. In case of the reservation need, the customer asks to hold a date in the future and the system holds the seat for declining or booking at a later time.

Porter's competitive forces model for BAC

Figure 5: Booking system process model

(Source: Created by the author)

d) The DeLone-McLean Model of Information System shows six elements which depicts the interconnection of each aspect. These are the system quality, information quality, use, user satisfaction, individual impact and organizational impact. The system quality aspect depicts the booking system which shows the presence of issues in it. As the user faces problem in booking a ticket, the quality of the system is not up to the mark. The information quality is used to show the process that is taking place. In case of the booking process, the reservation process must successfully implement the process without any errors (Nguyen, 2017). The use and the user satisfaction are other aspects where changes are needed. As a user can only access the online system, the system needs changes. The individual impact element denotes the ability of a user to feel depressed due to lack of quality services. The organizational impact ranges from lack of customer to loss in business.

e) The success of the system depends on the presence of internet access for accessing the online system. In case of stronger internet access, the system will be easily accessed effectively. This is also another aspect where the system is not successful as the user always needs the presence of internet. The success of the system can be done by adopting the booking my message features.

The previous Human Activity System has failed in different aspects of operations. The use of booking system in the BAC have compiled with various problems related to booking cancellation, unavailability of tickets and data storage of passengers. According to Porter’s value model, the new system has focused in the human resource management and technological development that is under the support activities of the model. Therefore, new system have able to sustain the support activities of the model in order to technically development in system.

The new system is integrated with the cloud computing that helps in storing data and details of passengers travelling in the flight. The reservation details along with their ID can be stored in the cloud database. It will contain all the details of flight and prices. There will be various packages provided in the application that helps in providing options for the passengers. The cloud server helps in storing and securing data and information. The mobile application is user-friendly.

Analysis of human activity system at BAC

Figure 6: New Booking system model

(Source: Created by author)

The new system is helpful in making decisions regarding development of the company in the market. The feedback and ratings of the customers for mobile applications helped in identifying gaps and loopholes in operations of company. The stakeholders are able to keep a track on progress of the company in the market. The decision making process will be enhanced with this system by creating relationship with customers in the market. The use of proper feedbacks provides clear indications and demand of the customers from the company. The human resource department of h company can relate queries of customers and solve them quickly. Therefore, branding of the company in the market will be increased with this new system.

Front end of the system can be easily accessed by authentic users in the market. The application is free of cost and can be downloaded easily. Front end consist of login details that are filled by users get logged into the portal. The back end of the portal is directly connected to the cloud database that used to store data md information provided by customers during registration and other details of flights and other services. The supplier can also access this application for getting new order from the company. The administrator used to update current requirements for the company on the portal. This increases communication between supplier and company and supplier engagement with the company. However, there are some negative effects of new system. The size of mobile application is high and requires high memory for installation. Therefore, there might be a storage problem for users in their mobile. The requirement of internet connectivity is required for accessing this application. Therefore, a continuous internet connection might be available for users. Hence, they cannot access this application without internet.

Figure7: Rich Diagram of new booking system

(Source: Created by author)

The problems in the previous human activity system has been described and mitigated by new information system. The new booking system has able to maintain proper systematic functions for booking and cancellation of flight tickets. The use of proper methods in the system might help in mitigating the issues. The use of mobile application for the booking system might help in removing issues during booking. The issues are slow server response and unavailability of seats on portal. The passengers have to be informed about an application that might help in providing more sales in the tickets. The marketing and advertisement of new booking system might help in branding it in the market. The marketing and sales team have to take part in this initiative by the BAC.


It can be concluded that the BAC have used various systems that have helps in maintaining the customer relationships in the market. The use of the information system have helped in providing various facilities to passengers. The lack in human activity system have created various problems in booking system of tickets. Therefore, a new booking system have been suggested to corporation. This new system is connected to cloud server that helps in providing distributed system in booking facility. The use of mobile application of the boing system have distributed the traffic in the portal. The workload on the cloud server has been increased for getting high performance. Therefore, this report deals with the overall functions of the Brisbane Airport Corporation.


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Sutherland, E. (2014). Lobbying and litigation in telecommunications markets–reapplying Porter’s five forces. info, 16(5), 1-18.
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