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Identify the effectiveness of the “two state solution” in mitigating the issues between Israel and Palestineand role of Jordan regarding the matter.

The tension between Israel and Palestinians exists for quite a long time that largely benefits the Islamic State. The issue left without addressed can grow large in the future and take turn to a religious issue that will become harder to address. The attribution can be given to the different need of the states, where Israel seeks for a Jewish state and Palestinians demands a Palestinian one. Conflict in inevitable if both the states remains a single body, where it is necessary to separate them in order to put an end to the issue. The Jordan King Abdullah recently emphasised on “the two state solutions” that will help in drawing end to the issue between Israel and Palestinian. The solution proposes of creating independent Palestine and Israel. The Jerusalem will supposedly be included in Israel and will become the capital of the state; whereas, the east Jerusalem will be incorporated in Palestine. This as identified by Shenhav (2013) is the only mainstream approach beneficial for resolving the conflict between states. Faris (2013) on the other hand argued that two state solution is never effective and one state solution will provide greater efficiency. This solution proposes Israel to be merged with West bank and the Gaza Strip and form one single state. This further has two versions. The first version supports Palestinians to form one democratic country, whereas, the seconds votes for forcing the Palestinians out of the nation or restrict them from the voting right. This research aims to identify the effectiveness of the two state solution in resolving the issue and role of Jordan regarding the matter. The proposal identifies the desired questions that need answers and methodology required for attaining the same.

  • To identify the effectiveness of the “two state solution” in mitigating the issues between Israel and Palestine
  • To identify the relation of Jordan with Israel and Palestine
  • To identify the role of Jordan in the related matter
  • To identify the desired benefits Jordan seeks to gain from the “two state solution”
  • What are the benefits of “two state solution” in resolving issues between Israel and Palestine?
  • What is the relation of Jordan with Israel and Palestine?
  • What role Jordan plays in the issue?
  • What are the benefits Jordan will receive from implementation of “two state solution”?

H0 – Jordan receives no benefits in actualisation of “two state solution”

H1 – Jordan receives benefits in actualisation of “two state solution”

The selected topic for this literature review is the political relation between Jordan and the two states of Israel and Palestine. The city of Jerusalem has been the centre of controversy indeed. The founder of the country Jordan was King Abdullah. The Palestinian problem had caused greater conflicts among the people of those countries (LeVine and Mossberg 2014). The experts have researched a lot about this fact that Jordan was greatly involved in the Palestinian matters greatly. The problem arose when the founder of Jordan King Abdullah had completely made a new set of rules for Palestine because he believed in his own set of beliefs. However, this did not please either the Jews or the Palestinians (Shenhav 2013). The history says that the hatred against King Abdullah went to a certain point that they had to kill him. The state of Israel was created in the 1948 after a tremendous lot of protests from Palestine and other Arab countries (LeVine and Mossberg 2014). The Zionist period was the time when it all began for both the Palestinians and the Jews. King Abdullah was frantic for creating a larger domain under his kingdom. He went on dreaming to create a Greater Syria region.

Controversies and Conflicts

The crisis began to rise and the states had to take an active part in solving the issues between the two states. The status quo has been remaining between the countries more than twenty years now (Shenhav 2013). The international powers are trying their best efforts to resolve these issues. The problems between Israel, Palestine and Jordan have given rise to many feuds. This is very interesting in mapping the peace process between these countries. Many plans have been laid down in order to complete the peace process indeed. One important plan in that context is the ‘two states in one homeland’. The international forces have argued over the fact that the relationship between the people of the two nations must improve irrespective of their political distance (Shenhav 2013). This proposal has been one of the most interesting aspects of the relationship between the two states. The experts have found out that this separation between the states has completely affected the international relations and the condition of the citizens. Hajj Amin Al-Husseini was conjugating the Arabian countries.

The situation had turned that the approach of Israel and Palestine began to change towards Jordan. The experts have observed the fact that Jordan and Israel always had a close security issues with each other. This is why it was obvious that they had grave worries on the rising of the Islamic State (Faris 2013). As the Islamic States began to come onto prominence, they had to take some steps to counter it. Jerusalem has been a Holy site for both the Jews and Christians, it has been claimed by some experts that both Jordan and Israel had worked together to monitor all the activities by deploying some hidden cameras in the city. The Americans had to interfere into the proceedings so they sent U.S. Secretary of Sates Mr. John Kerry to Amman, the capital of Jordan. The states Israel and Jordan had signed the peace treaty between themselves in the year 1994 so that they could confirm their role in the Muslim dominance in the Middle East. Israel had also to play a major role in shaping up the two states relations (Faris 2013).

The American interference began to increase when the Americans decided to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv (Jones 2012). The king of Jordan had completely made the Americans aware of the fact this would rather endanger the attempts of establishing peace. This was a clear threat as the peace process between Jordan and Palestine had been progressing for a bit then. King Abdullah had declared in Washington that it was clearly essential to imply the two-state solution. This is why United States are always welcome to begin the talk of peace. There have been also talks of creating a Palestinian- Jordanian confederation that would help both the states to flourish. This issue had been raised by Yasser Arafat in the previously (Shindler 2013). As a result of this, the two states would share a mixed economy. This would strengthen the bond between the two countries. The governments would share regional dominance in their own areas. A central government would be set up by for the confederation. The confederation would then go on to declare that they would tackle all the security issues in joint effort. This framework for creating a confederation would bring the best two states solution indeed (Shenhav 2013).

US Intervention

Research methodology is the skeleton of the research being conducted. As communicated by Orange (2013), research methodology chapter helps understanding the process followed in the research for both data collection and analysis. This further communicates the approach taken in the research to attain the desirable outcome.

It is the belief that guides the process of data collection and analysis. Research philosophy best suited for the research is the ontology, which helps in interpretation of the constituent factors in the topic. This will be supported by epistemology, which according to Ormston et al (2014) concerns about the possibilities, nature, sources and limitations of knowledge in the field. Furthermore, positivism is selected as primary ontology that helps understanding the social phenomenon and their meaning in the society. This is according to Collis and Hussey (2013) is interested in the factual knowledge of the study. Primary epistemology on the other hand is interpretivism that helps in interpreting elements involved in the study and the pattern it composes.

The research approach required for this particular research requires the inductive approach for identifying the role of Jordan and its interest in “two state solution”. Inductive approach as defined by (Bryman and Bell 2015) facilitates in observation and identification of underlying pattern. This further contributes in formulation of theories. In other words, inductive approach of research helps concluding facts through identification and evaluation of the phenomenon.

Figure 1: Research Approach

Source: (Bryman and Bell 2015)

The inductive approach will be supported with the deductive approach, which helps in verification and validation of the research. This involves the validation of the hypothesis formulated.

Data used for research are divided into primary and secondary. Data collected directly from the respondents are referred as the primary data, whereas, utilisation of pre-acquired data is considered as the secondary data. Utilisation of secondary data is proposed for the completion of this research (Zikmund et al 2013). Hence, data collection method utilised will be secondary data collection. Sources such as literatures, government policies, journal articles, country statistics etc. will be utilised as the secondary sources of data.

Analysis on the other hand will require thematic analysis method that will help in identification of themes in the research. According to Vaismoradi, Turunen and Bondas (2013) this involves the research to formulate themes in the research and identify patterns involved. The pattern identified will then be verified using the hypothesis verification method to identify the positivity and negativity of the variables involved.

Reliability is the authenticity of the data utilised in the research. Utilisation of peered reviewed journal articles, books, government database etc. will be utilised for holding the reliability of the data. Validity on the other hand is the ability to reproduce similar result when implementing similar methods (LoBiondo-Wood and Haber 2014).

Research ethics as put forward by Battiste (2016) is the guideline that needs to be followed by the research while conducting the research. It dictates the limitations required to be maintained for holding the ethical stance of the research and to safeguard the interests of the respondents involved in the process. Research ethics for secondary research methodology demands the researcher to address the resources used in data collection. This helps to avoid the issues of data theft. This research will follow the ethical boundaries of the as mentioned and address the sources used for the completion of the research


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