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PDH301 Planning And Designing Hospitality Venues 2

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  • Course Code: PDH301
  • University: Laureate International Universities
  • Country: United States


Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the stages and key issues in the planning and design process related to hospitalityvenues
  2. Evaluate the internal and external factors that affect an enterprise’s marketposition
  3. d) Identify and assess the key factors of a feasibility study for hospitalityvenues


This assessment is aimed at consolidating knowledge from Modules 1 and 2. It supports students in developing their skills in research and knowledge of hospitality venue planning. Students will apply research to validate a current hospitality venue’s feasibility and determine planning and design outcomes.

The report will include:

  • A summary review of the venue typesselected
  • Details of the selected venues,including:
    • Businessname
    • Location
    • Targetmarket
    • Average customerspend
    • Hours of operation vs. peakperiods
    • Type of licencesrequired
    • Competitive point ofdifference
    • Management / employee skill setrequirements
  • Visual representation of thevenues
  • The impact of design planning on the business



The following report highlights the feasibility study of two hospitality organization which are based in Australia (Phillips & Moutinho, 2014). After that, an analysis is done on the planning and design outcomes of the project. The two organization which are selected are Park Hyatt Sydney and Oscillate Wildly. Park Hyatt Sydney tends to bring a new level of luxury at the edge of Sydney Harbor (Majid et al., 2015). This particular hotel is based between Opera House and Sydney harbor. Oscillate Wildly is small front shop which is located in Sydney vibrant which is known to suburb of Newtown.

In the coming pages of the report, an idea has been provided regarding detail design of two venues. A list of things has been covered for two given venues like business name, location, target market, average customer speed, hours of operation vs peak speed, type of license required, difference at competitive point and lastly skill requirement of management. The last section of the report mainly deals with visual representation and design planning on the given business.

Venue 1 

Business name 

Park Hyatt Sydney aims to provide a new of luxury to customers at the edge of Sydney harbor (Creazza, Colicchia & Dallari, 2015). The hotel is situated in front location between world famous Opera house and bridge of Sydney harbor.


Park Hyatt is one of the top hotels which is based in Sydney. This particular hotel comes up with its front location between Opera House and Sydney harbor Bridge (Thumachai et al., 2017). The hotels tend to offer its guest with intimate and residential based hotel. It comes up with proper architecture and design which tends to reflect an idea regarding the Australian Landscape.

Target market 

One of the best components for understanding the revenue of hotels is the application of hotel revenue management for its market segmentation (Ishak et al., 2017). It allows an individual to understand a group of consumer which come with various behavior. It tends to match with the needs and level of budget.

Average Customer Spend 

The average cost in Park Hyatt is around 22,000 point for Guest with Gold Passport for a single night. In the last few years, the hotel has changed itself from category 6 to being a property of category 7 (Boyle, 2015). It merely highlights the fact that the average cost for single night stay is around 30,000 Gold Passport points for a single night. The pending cash and cash are available for 300 dollars for single night.


Hours of operation vs Peak periods 

Park Hyatt Sydney is open for 24 hours for all of its national and international guests. Park Hyatt has come up with unrivaled views from Sydney Opera House. The hotel is mainly busy in all the festival which takes in Sydney (Romanova, Maznichenko & Neskoromnyh, 2016). At this Hotel, the guest can easily vibrant Rocky village which is filled with cobbled laneways, museums, and lastly luxury stores.

Type of license required 

Australian Business license and information service are considered to be free kind of service which can simplify the whole method of finding out new license for the needs of the business (Romanova, Maznichenko & Neskoromnyh, 2016). Park Hyatt Sydney requires for selling a large number of things like selling alcohol to the customers along with consumption with the premise. Apart from all these, it aims to provide entertainment which can join business. It is needed for sale and supply of alcohol to the public consumers.  

Competitive point of difference 

Park Hyatt Sydney has the best location which helps in beating its competitors. Park Hyatt comes up with standard fare. The location of this hotel makes it all difference making it as one of the strongest in the list of hotels (Neuman, 2016). An individual can easily step on the waterfront for the given rock location. It comes up with pleasant stroll around the Opera House. The hotel comes up with small balcony which is enjoyable from delightful vista. A harbour room is considered to be worthy for its expense.

Requirements of employee skill 

For getting job in Park Hyatt Sydney, the employee should come up with list of skills like

  • Proper Communication and skills for customer relations.
  • Employee should come with proper computer skills like MS office, email and Opera, a hotel maintenance system.
  • Should be a good trainer which can facilitateat all the given levels

Impact of design planning on business 

Park Hyatt Sydney is located between the world-famous Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. This particular hotel aims to provide residential hotel which comes up with proper architecture, design and lastly Art for its Guests (Majid et al., 2015). The whole hotel tends to reflect on Australian Landscape. The hotel has three rooftop suites which provide a 360-degree view of Sydney harbor.

Venue 2

Business name 

Oscillate Wildly is considered to be as one of best restaurant in Australia. This particular restaurant is located in Sydney vibrant which is a suburb of Newtown (Creazza, Colicchia & Dallari, 2015). It is small front restaurant which is considered to be intimate and neighboring and setting.


Oscillate Wildly is located at 275 Australia St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia. The location of the restaurant is almost at the center of Sydney (Thumachai et al., 2017). The restaurant offers a fine dining tasting menu in the current room with modern white tablecloths.

Target market 

Oscillate Wildly restaurant combine entertainment with food. They can easily décor with lighting and music which tends to offer distinct kind of dining service at the time of dining service (Ishak et al., 2017). The restaurant aims to market on focus by providing marketing and promotion efforts.

Average Customer Spend 

The dining experience at this restaurant comes up with a price of 300 Australian Dollars (Boyle, 2015). This particular restaurant is liked and suggest to friends and families by the Guests of this restaurant.

Hours of operation vs Peak periods 

This particular restaurant is closed for three days in a week while it operates for four days in a week (Romanova, Maznichenko & Neskoromnyh, 2016). The peak hour of this restaurant is festivals and birthday parties. The restaurant tends to provide ideal venue for both corporate and private function.

Type of license required 

Oscillate Wildly has all the seven license which is needed for doing business like

  • Business License
  • Employer Identification Number
  • Certification of Occupancy
  • License for food service
  • License for Liquor
  • License for Music.

Competitive point of difference 

The owner of this restaurant is Karl Firla who is a Chef by profession. The owner is very passionate about this restaurant that is Oscillate Wildly (Romanova, Maznichenko & Neskoromnyh, 2016). The passion of the owner has taken the restaurant to the top of the list. The owner focuses on learning and gaining skills which provide new variety and point to the restaurant.

Requirements of employee skill 

There is some basic requirement of being an employee of a restaurant like

  • Team Player
  • Teamwork
  • Some technical skills
  • Good Verbal communication
  • Quick working.

Impact of design planning on business 

Oscillate Wildly is located at the center of the Sydney which is the main reason for attracting a large number of customers. In recent times, the restaurant has been renovated which helps in maintaining the warmth of traditional dining space (Ang et al., 2018). The restaurant aims to create a proper meal for two people and even for family. The restaurant has been designed in such a way that it can be considered to be ideal for both corporate and private function.


From the above pages of the report, it can be easily stated that this report is all about development of skills in research and knowledge in venue planning of hospital. In the above pages, two-venue has been selected that is Park Hyatt Sydney and Oscillate Wildly. Park Hyatt Sydney is considered as one of the best hotels in Sydney while Oscillate Wildly is one of the best restaurants in Australia. Various aspect of the organization that is location, customer speed, license needed and last skills of employees or has been discussed in details. An analysis has been done with respect to design planning on business. Oscillate Wildly has been recently renovated which helps in maintaining a warmth of traditional dining place. This particular restaurant aims to provide a romantic meal for two or even group of people. The restaurant also provides proper venue for both corporate and private function.



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