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What is Opera Software About?

Discuss about the Room Division Management.

The technology development in the daily life has made relevant changes that are affecting the working and management system more efficient and improved. The introduction of new technologies are making the working system more organized and systematic thus resulting to further development and betterment in the entire process (Kim & Feamster, 2013). The study will discuss about one such technology advancement and its implication in the hotel management system. The opera software that is one of the popular and prominent software will be used to manage the rooms in a hotel, that skills the hotel manager will use to use the software in the management process, the implication and benefit of the software, drawback of the software will be discussed in the study.

What is the software about?

The opera software is a Norwegian company that was initially known for the desktop and mobile browser. They have more than 350 million users all across the world with multiple platforms for usage (Molland & Bersvendsen, 2014). It is also involved in promoting Web standards with the participation of W3C. The company progressed from its initial standard to mobile browser in the year 2005. A new java ME based browser was introduced for mobile phones. After a collaboration and development of new technologies in the system finally in the year 2017 the company had introduced Opera Neon.

How it benefits the users?

Opera browser is free and makes the browsing faster even when the connection is slow and weak. It has speed dial and is available for Linux, where the searching can be customized. Opera had made a momentous change by shifting to chromium engine form their own one. The Google and  Opera forked together to create a new blink engine that removes some parts but let the companies like opera perform more than their limited self -features and also helps them to grow and expand (Jonsdottir, 2013). Opera feel similar to chrome for rendering, however it can build off the web engine to do their unique thing. They also have a record of bringing different features that are copied to compete the rival browsers like Pop-up blocking, private browser session and speed dialling. Opera has a host feature that set it in a different part from the other browser pack. It is making a huge wave in the browsing industry, however, initially it did not have that supremacy in this industry but with the latest developments the browser industry is finding its own way in the market (Kim & Feamster, 2013). The study will in detail the advantages and disadvantages of this software, it will also discuss about the usefulness of this technology in hotel management as in room division management.

Benefits of Opera Software

Quality of reflective analysis on benefit and drawback of opera:

The software is one of the leading brand in browsing industry. Initially it did not have that supremacy in the market, however with time it developed its own skill and improved the earlier skills for a better technology. The advantages for using this technology are as follow:

Speed: in comparison to browsers like Firefox and internet explorer the Opera makes a better performance in case of searching pages. Even in case of cold and warm start the opera is beating the other competitive browsers like Firefox and internet explorer. The speed distance actually makes a sense and is noticeable easily (Uhlmann, Otto & Geisert, 2013). Thus if the user is speed junk then they must use the Opera software for browsing.

Speed dial: speed dial plays a vital role in the entire browsing technology and it makes a prominent mark in case of featuring a browser or analysing it capability for usage. The widgets are useful and are also for fun at times, they are very to install and use. The speed dial determines the preference for the software. The software that has to be used must fill this criteria of the users then only they will use the technology, however, in this case the users would readily accept this technology as they are providing with a high range of speed dial.

Widget: the opera widget are like the steroid having Firefox extension (Geelnard, 2014). The widget re like the evolution of the web. Some of the widgets are useful and some are just for fun. They are also very easy to install. 

Wand: they are always concerned about saving the password and information about the user and always asks then too whether they are interested to save it or not. The software is always concerned about the security measure of the user. Whenever the user is saving any information then they are able to see a yellow border that is appearing around the form. Thus they assure the user a safe and secured technology system.

Notes: whenever the user is interested or desires to browse and also take notes at the same time on a page or site the Opera is available with a complete note. These notes can be accesses using the tool menu and then click on the notes. The tool itself is very simple to use and is also handy at the same time.

Drawbacks of Opera Software

The software is incredibly making changes and developing its skill to attract the user and become more user friendly, however there are few drawbacks that are related to this software as well:

It requires a very strict adherence to coding for proper operation: they do not have a good record doing a proper coding for the software thus they face issues regarding it from time to time. The cookies are tracked as site specific and the HTML is strictly read by the browser. Thus the users might find it difficult to compromise with this software as they can see that what works on Chrome and Firefox is not working in opera.

The web developing companies do not consider the software to be a high standard software: the community has choice preference of many companies that are providing the web connection. There are many other tough and competitive software in the market that are becoming a threat to the company and thus the software is becoming a low priority for companies that are related to web development.

The extensions that are built in the software are not easy to find: the web browser is specifically designed for users who have a good knowledge about the hardware and software application. The basic knowledge to access internet might not be affective for a user to operate this software. The user needs to have a proper concept about the hardware and software application for access this system.

It can offer users too many choices at times: the software is providing many choices in which way they experience the internet. The system can be negative at times and be threatening to software in the market. There is a curve line that must be followed while using the opera so that even when the user is not prepared f r this it can be taken back to something more comfortable.

Remotely debugging mobile websites using android phone: they have a special feature to debug a page on another instance of Opera Mobile. This actually tries to mean that the benefit that the user is receiving form inspecting elements on the desktop can be done with the usage of the Android phone. The user can have a full array of debugging that is inspecting elements, checking the CSS that is being applied to the elements, changing the CSS in real time. 

Separating and grouping the local, staging and live tabs for the site: they have the option fo r grouping the tabs on the basis of their versions, some of them can be local, some for staging and some can be for live site too (Uhlmann, Otto & Geisert, 2013). Thus keeping a track of such can be really difficult, however, the software has to option to group all the tabs in various ways including grouping all the local, staging and live tabs in their own respective groups which makes the management easier. The confusion is omitted from the entire scenario and the user can easily manage and handle the entire process in a better manner.

Implications of Opera Software in Hotel Management

Validating local web: the W3C validator is the basic place to validate the web page however the user cannot pass in the URL to the validator. The right click menu in Opera allows it to simply right click any page and then click validate. Then the software will automatically post the HTML to the validator and then get an instant result from them (Jonsdottir, 2013). Thus the entire process becomes more easy and simple with this software and this also not available in the chrome and Firefox where the official W3C validator is allowed to be accessed.

Site specific preferences: sometimes the user might wish to have a different setting for the web site where the user is working presently. The user might desire to use a more liberal cookie policy or include flash content on the developing site. The other browser will have to set multiple instances or install addons, however for the Opera browser this requires only a set of arrays where only by right clicking the page and selecting the site it can be done easily.

Cross browser testing: it is very important that is when developing a particular page it is very useful to open the page in an array of browsers to check the consistent. The opera software will automatically search for other browsers installed in the users system and give an immediate access to open the current URL in that. Then it will launch an instance of the selected browser that is already landed on the right page.

The opera software has become the cutting edge in the browsing technology and is leading s a pioneer in HTML rendering. It had become the leading mobile browsing brand in various phones in the market. Google shot the market by implementing their own strategies and skill to the industry, however, proper strategy and development skill can get back the condition of the company (Kim & Feamster, 2013). They must find their scope for further development not only be getting a recognition as a browsing company but also by finding an ability to integrate their skills in mobile advertisement, data optimization, video sharing. Recently the company has seen a declination in their market value which has reduced their share value in comparison to the other browsing companies present in the market.

The company is trying to find a better scope for their market up rise and make changes that would make the company move in a progressive direction. The introduction of Neon, Opera that have decided to challenge the present competitive browsers in the market. They consider that the Neon provides an experience with neat animation that will make it look more robust and will not affect the speed (Molland & Bersvendsen, 2014). It has an intuitive design which uses the desktop background as the start page and give a transparent look.


The software is used in management system that benefits the working of the organization this making it more convenient to handle by the managers and the users. The following paragraphs will discuss about the use of this technology in hotel management system. The software is used for room division management that will benefit the hotel:

Opera hotel management system: it is a system that is suitable for the management of all sizes and type that will accommodate all types of facilities. It saves lot of time as it automates the entire process in the front office and does the work itself. The time consuming works like reservation, check-in and check-out minimizes the human errors and gives exact results. The work system becomes more accurate and perfect in comparison to manual work. This way the organization can organize the entire work process and make it work in a more swift and desired manner (Baum, Bertsimas & Kallus, 2014). The use of this technology makes the entire working system fast and smooth. The business organization can also identify their failures and risk and take necessary measures that will help the organization to work in an efficient manner.

Hotel guest cycle:

The hotel guest cycle involves four levels such as :

Pre-arrival- this phase determines the time before reaching the place the guest is selecting a hotel and decides to stay at that particular place. The hotel is completely responsible for welcoming the guest and making them comfortable at the premise.

Arrival- after arrival the hotel the guest is official moving on to the hotel as a guest. This stage is the beginning of the behaviour of the hotel authority that will determine that how well the organization can manage the guest.

Occupancy this is the period when the guest is staying at the hotel and thus making an idea about the working of the organization.

Departure- this period is the time when the guest is leaving the place with a certain recommendation and review about the organization.

The opera cloud service can be implemented for maintaining a well framed hotel management program in the hotel. The use of cloud technology will help the company to record and share the data in the cloud system thus enhancing a better scope to serve the customers. The E commerce introduction to business has increased the scope of competition in every business thus if the businesses are coming up with new strategies that includes the cloud computing program, it is expected that the organization will be benefitted (Anjaneyulu & Sanyasirao, 2014). The manager can implement the use of cloud technology that will help the management system in the following ways:

  • Better scope of interaction among the customers and the business authority
  • Pre-booking and cancellation service
  • Review link that will give a better idea about the working system in the organization
  • Fast sharing of information
  • Easier communication among the workers
  • Faster sharing scope of the latest offers and discounts
  • Research for latest trends going on in the market.

Thus if the workers are trained with this facility then they can use the technology to make the entire system easier and smoother. They can meet the guest expectations easily and thus improve the business.

  • Benefits that they will get will be:
  • Serving the customers from anywhere and everywhere with mobile enavles property.
  • Improving the ADR with enhanced control of rates
  • Secured and organized customer data
  • Simplifies IT infrastructure 

The opera cloud service is a flexible and secured mode of technology that will help the hotel operations to give their best performance to the customers. It provides core property management that helps the business organization to manage their skills in a better and efficient way.

Room division management describes the situation when the authority is housekeeping, front office, maintenance, security in the hotels. These areas are the vital part in the room division management part and thus brings revenue to the organization. Their main focus is to create revenue with a proper management system. The opera software is used by the hotels to use the technology to maintain and conduct a proper session in this sectors and provide a standard service to the customers (Walker & Walker, 2016). The technology advancement makes the hospitality business more appealing and attractive thus attracting the customers from various areas. The end result that are seen after implementing the cloud Opera technology to the hospitality room division management system:

  • Better service to the customer
  • Efficient and effective response to the customers
  • Secured handling of the data
  • Promising standard service o the customer
  • Competing with the top brands in this industries
  • Getting 100% customer satisfaction
  • Identifying their own challenges and meeting them accordingly
  • Understanding the need of the customer and working according to it
  • Speeding the entire front office work
  • Assuring perfect management of data which could have been difficult by manual performance

Thus if the organization is using this technology then it is expected that they will be able to mitigate the mentioned areas and give their best performance to the customers.

The technology that can be implemented to improve the management system in a hotel is the introduction of the customer communication app. This app will be designed in a specific manner that will help the organization to communicate with the customer in fluent way. The app will add the customer who will be availing the hotels service and leave the app after leaving the hotel. The app will update the customer about the vacancy if the rooms in the hotel, send information regarding the booking and cancellation of the hotel rooms. It will be highly beneficial to the organization when the guest are staying at the hotel premise. They can order, complain, and inform the authority directly using this app (Holtshouse, 2013). The app will act as an intermediate between the customer and the hotel authority. The app will help the organization to register complain if any which will reach the authority directly and thus they can take necessary steps as per requirement.

The hotel authority can also use a special record with the help of the software that will help them to identify and understand the latest hotel trends that are being followed in the reputed hotels and how they can implement the same strategy in their business too. This technology will help the organization to become more updated and serve their clients with a premium standard of stay in the hotels.


Thus to conclude it can be said that the introduction of technology has led to a betterment in every sector. The same has happened with the hospitality management sector. The hotel industry is trying to give their best to their customer with the latest technology. The study has clearly stated how the Opera software is making a change in their strategy to make their own position in the browsing industry. The software that once had become quite popular has lost their reputation from the market, however the company is making their own position in the market. The company is trying to improve their skills in various ways. The study has also included the importance of room division management in hotel industry/ hospitality management. This industry is flourishing in their own path, however the implementation of technology will make it more smooth and efficient. The use if the technology has already benefitted the industry and it is expected that they will be benefitted in various other ways too. The introduction of cloud opera system has been discussed in the study that clearly states the importance of the technology and how it can improve the working culture in this industry.

The cloud opera system is helping the industry in developing new technology that can be used in the industry such as the introduction of the application that creates a line of communication between the customer and the authority. The introduction of the technology that will help them too understand the foreign and latest trends that will help them to improve their own skills in the market. This would help the company to compete in the market and make necessary changes that are used by the company. Thus the study has detained all the mentioned and also suggested the use of the technology which is expected to give fruitful result to this industry.


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