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The overall purpose of the assessment is to develop a new policy or update an existing policy, from your workplace or the public domain, which impacts on the

potential for older people to engage actively and meaningfully in theircommunity.

An accompanying report is required to support the development to the new orupdated policy.

The report should include:

• Clear statement explaining the background the health policy for review

• Brief overview of the policy and how it impacts on the health of older people

• Consultation with consumers and colleagues to develop the new or updatedpolicy

• Review of the evidence base to inform the content of the new or updated policy

• Review of the evidence base focused on guidance for successfully implementing policy in practice

• Recommendations about how to measure successful implementation of new or updated policy.

Elder Care: Providing Special Care and Services

Elder care is a vital part of our society, which involves providing special care and services that can help to improve the lifestyle conditions of senior citizens. The aim of the current study is to improve the quality of life for senior citizens. These care and needs are very essential for senior citizens. In a broader and wider sense it can be defined as nursing care, adult day care, living assistance, home care. Differentiating cultural perspectives of senior citizens form the basis of various policies and practices that are developed for the elder population. These policies ensure better sustainable lifestyle conditions for the elder population and also ensure that their personal values and way of thinking are not affected. Various types of practices and policies are being applied for promoting better care for senior citizens. Evaluation of quality care in different health institutions is very important, which will involve government institutions, healthcare centers and home care. Creation of age friendly atmosphere to serve senior citizens in a better manner is always helpful.. The alignment of health care system to fulfill the special needs of older people is a great step to provide additional care.. Educating older population to become much more health conscious and explaining their responsibility to them as well as to their family. Providing unique services to the elder population is very important in this regard. In order to ensure proper health and lifestyle conditions, routine visits to care services providers is an essential factor that senior citizens need to be involved in. This will become a great way of maintaining a healthy life. The practice of healthy eating habits, physical exercise and practicing medication is truly beneficial. The role of government in this context is another topic of discussion. Being responsible and understanding the needs of elder are a major requirement for being able to provide better healthcare services for senior citizens. The current study presents an overview of current policies in regards to elder care and the methods by which various improvements can be made. The implementation of the improved policy is also being discussed in this study. 

Wound management is a crucial policy in elder care. Growing aged population marks the increase in chronic diseases and infectious wounds. Wounds are becoming very frequent in the life of elderly people. Infected wounds generally require approximately one month to two months of time to heal properly. As wounds are very serious for elder people, it requires special care in order to prevent an increase in major problems. Wound healing system process is determined by conducting studies based on wound characteristics. The primary step involved in the process is to identify the wound and determine the necessary action that can help to deal with the problem. The presence of a registered nurse on duty is essential for ensuring that the wound is looked after and the elder person does not experience any other lingering issues. The registered nurse at a hospital must perform wound assessment and treatment plan (Dickman, Himmelstein & Woolhandler, 2017).The wound identified is reported officially by making necessary entries.  Details of the wound should be reported in HCM under client history. Treatment of wound will fully depend upon the health condition of those senior citizens. After proper verification necessary action are needed to be taken. In wound management serious care is needed to be taken to prevent any deterioration or complication must not take place. Taking photograph of the wound is very necessary (Magdalena, Bujnowska-Fedak & Grata-Borkowska, 2015).Wound may include skin tears, or significant bruising, some wounds may not follow normal healing process and some may occur with bone involvement. Photos of wounds are needed to be updated monthly. Senior citizens are needed to be treated with antibiotics for wound recovery. The cleaning should be done properly to prevent any infection. Applying a thin layer of antibiotic ointment is very important for the wound healing process (Nebbioso et al. 2017). The progress evaluation is made after this step. It will help to assess the condition of patient. Wound healing is done at last and maintained to provide additional support to the patient.

Cultural Perspectives and Policies for Elder Population

Additional procedures can be applied in practice of wound management in providing better care for senior citizens. Patients may of different types and for that separate practices of wound care are needed to be applied (Moonen et al., 2015). Wounds caused by serious underlying diseases may not be completely healed but additional care can be provided to ensure sufficient comfort and can help to control the pain. Taking necessary actions based on proper medical consent is very important for preventing additional skin breakdown. Effective consultation should be made by professionals to minimize harmful effects of wound (Martin et al., 2018).Nutrition is very important in this part. Choice of food and proper nutrition greatly affect wound healing (Shelton & Reimerm, 2018). Doctors are needed to study the health condition of specific patient and suggest them appropriate diet chart. Malnutrition is seriously needed to be avoided for senior citizen. A person is needed from client side to take care of the wound with full responsibility. There needs to be maintained the dignity of client when photo is being taken (Clarke et al., 2017). Details of the patient should be registered in an appropriate manner. Photo should be taken in the surrounding area of wound. If photo quality is not proper then it should be repeated to take good quality photos. It will ensure proper understanding of wound. Photos are needed to be stored in client documentation in healthcare organizations. Skin grafting will be an effective procedure for skin transplantation. It will become a stable procedure of fast healing of wounds. Skin grafting will also be beneficial for preventing any type of infections. Wound assessment is needed to be performed in an effective procedure for further treatment. Products for wound management are needed to be considered for treating wounds (Peters et al., 2015). It will help to optimize wound healing and maintenance Appointment of registered nurses is truly important in this context.. Nurses should be appointed on the basis of work experience. The patient’s health condition may deteriorate from the use of inefficient nursing practices. Special training needs to be provided in order to facilitate better healthcare practice. It will be very effective for senior citizens as they will get adequate treatment for wound healing. Verifying wound assessment is very vital in this context. Hands are needed to be properly washed before dressing procedure (Kouta et al., 2015).Equipment should be assembled for dressing procedure. Removal of dressing is needed to be performed in an appropriate manner. Removal of dressing should be done gently by commencing from the corner first. Waste disposal is needed to be performed in an effective manner. Effective communication should be done with patient to take feedback. A separate unit is needed to be appointed for wound management procedure.

Types of Practices and Policies for Promoting Better Care for Senior Citizens


Literature can be described as a scholarly document including current knowledge and various findings. Different theoretical and methodological contributions are being done to a specific topic. It is mainly secondary source based and it does not report to any new experiment. In every academic field literature review can be applied for research.


Due to rising concerns about the care of senior citizens policy formation is very important. It defines formation of specific practices and effective policies to help elderly people. It acts as a safeguarding policy for older population for healthy life (Prince et al., 2015).It determines specialized techniques to help older people and provide better treatment. Without the formation of effective policy and practice senior citizens may face serious trouble. Senior citizens may face negligence in getting adequate care and treatment (Pickard, 2015). Ensure of senior citizens in getting proper treatment and healthy life is a vital parameter for modern society. Policies and practices regarding health and safety of senior citizens are truly helpful to avoid any unwanted situations. Wound management is an efficient procedure which represents a proper guideline to deal with elderly people.

Various policies and practices help to promote adequate care for older population. It describes the essential need and fulfillment for elderly people. It deals with educating senior citizens to generate increased awareness among them. The transformation of traditional lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle is very important in this context (Lee 2019).Healthy eating habits, maintaining healthy life by physical exercise can be truly beneficial for senior citizens. It helps to keep a perfect track of the health condition of senior citizens. Proper training and guidance are needed to apply these policies for supportive care. The efficient way of using medical records and clinical rules are very important. Monitoring performance in healthcare organizations to prevent any serious issue for senior citizens is also truly vital. Suggestions to family members of senior citizens to take care ensure better practice.


Policy formulation is very important regarding senior citizen’s life is truly a major point of concern. It will help to ensure a better life for senior citizens.  Improper policy formulation and ineffective practice can seriously deteriorate elderly people’s life. It can result to major negligence and cause various troubles in their life. Being responsible about senior citizens care is very relevant in modern society. It reflects our social responsibility and concerns to make a positive contribution. Detailed analysis is required to continue for finding more flexible ways to provide sufficient care to senior citizens.





Time specific

The wound management policy is truly specific as it will facilitate better care for senior citizens. Appointment of trained nurses and medical professionals will be a great medium to provide effective treatment for senior citizens. Appropriate procedure of dressing and wound healing will be very beneficial for patients (Chan 2018). Proper identification of wound by verifying photo can help to take necessary action for the patient. Maintaining separate procedures for various wounds is a systematic way that will help to take required steps very quickly to recover fast.

The primary step for wound identification will be very beneficial. This will help to deal with various patients with specific problems. Ensurity of healthcare organizations to maintain proper nursing practice will be truly efficient. Recruitment of effective nurses to handle patient problems related to wound is very important. It will help to avail appropriate treatment and additional care for senior citizens (Cancio et al., 2017).Maintaining a hygienic environment in the healthcare organizations will be an important factor to prevent any infection.

Practice of wound management is very effective to deliver comfortable life to senior citizens. Registered and trained nurses are truly capable of dealing with patients. It will ensure better care for senior citizens for their fast recovery and bringing them back to a comfortable life (Surber et al., 2015). Moreover, by making a separate unit of monitoring wound management activities is equally helpful. It will be more helpful to avoid any kind of unwanted circumstances and maintain flexible atmosphere in healthcare organizations.

Identifying wounds and setting necessary plans for treatment can aim for quick and better results. Providing effective guidance through experienced medical professionals will be of great help to senior citizens. They can understand about their health condition and follow appropriate lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking nutritious diet will help to heal wounds fast. Moreover with proper equipment assembling will result in effective dressing procedure (Lee, 2019).Cleaning and dressing wounds along with proper waste disposal system will be maintained resulting in efficient practice.

Wound management system will require one month to two months of time. Specific identification along with taking necessary measures for wound healing and recovery can be completed within this time (Lehn-Christiansen, & Holen, 2019).Monitoring wound management activities through special team can give regular feedback. It will facilitate to complete the whole process on time.


Wound Management: A Crucial Policy in Elder Care


Promoting better care for elder citizens is an important point to consider in today’s generation. Communication with senior citizens is very important for creating effective wound management. Awareness campaigns to educate senior citizens about taking care of them are very important. It will help them to maintain a healthy standard of living. Spreading this awareness will encourage increased number of elder people to adopt this practice. Older population will become habituated by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and comfortable life. Healthcare organizations are needed to appoint registered nurses for wound management. Appointed nurses are needed to provide effective training for dealing with patients. It will be very beneficial for the patients to get better care. Trained nurses are capable of performing better dressing procedure whereas untrained nurses can create major trouble for patients. The cleaning and dressing of wounds in an effective manner will be very useful for senior citizens. It will help them for quick wound healing and recover fast. Along with this waste disposal is also very important. Appointing special team to monitor wound management procedure is a great way for measuring performance. It will be truly helpful for the senior citizens to get adequate care in healthcare organizations. This will facilitate healthy lifestyle for older people and get them back to a comfortable life.


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