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Characteristics of cultural tourism

Discuss About The Verbal Fluency Memory In People Dementia?

Culture heritage tourism is a branch of the tourism, oriented towards the cultural heritage of the place where the tourism is occurring. Cultural attraction plays a dynamic role in tourism at all the levels and across the world (Ashworth, & Larkham, 2013). The nationwide trust for Historic Preservation in the US describes the heritage tourism as "Travelling to explore the places and activities that genuinely represent the stories and people of the past."

  • Cultural tourism supports in bringing understanding among the tourists of the various religions, social background, and culture (Canavan, 2016).
  • Cultural tourism is a main force for peace, harmony, and understanding across the world.
  • Cultural tourism inspires the co-operation between nations in the free interchange of tourists across the world.
  • It acts a device which is used for the realization of man’s aspirations in the quest of knowledge education, accepting as well as an understanding of the originality of cultures, education (Booth, 2014).

The report talks about the tourism attraction Newcastle Art Gallery which is a cultural heritage place. It is a large and public art museum situated in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. The report shows the visitors experiences and cultural tourism attraction (Waterton, & Watson, 2014).

The country's initially reason assembled provincial display; Newcastle Art Gallery was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in March 1977. Dark Totem II, one of just two extensive figures at any point delivered by the late Australian craftsman, Brett Whiteley stands 11m high in the Gallery forecourt, and John Olsen's roof painting the ocean sun of 5 ringers 1964 is on changeless show inside. Later on, the collection of the gallery continues to grow with the support of the Newcastle Art Gallery Foundation (Refer Appendix 1.1).

Newcastle Art Gallery is unique in Australia, this gallery is consists of the groups of the Australian art of any local gallery. This gallery is repeatedly selected as the individual local gallery in the state to host countrywide and traveling exhibitions. The popularity of the gallery is visible from the growing destination by the local, national and international visitors. The gallery is open from 10 am to 5 pm every Tuesday to Saturday for 365 days. This gallery is generally closed on the occasion of the Good Friday and Christmas Day (Thompson, 2015). This destination is becoming the attraction for the tourists the reason being this the Australia's oldest and most interesting place. The gallery is blended of the new and old architecture. This architecture attracts the tourist and they get to know more about the culture of the places. The gallery Hosts approximately 17 exhibitions per year. These exhibitions draw on the gallery’s groups as well as the private and public collections of international and the national importance. These exhibitions attract the tourists towards the Newcastle Art Gallery (The City of Newcastle, 2017). The gallery also run some of the programmes that include the events workshops, guided tours lectures, and seminars. The exhibition that took place in the gallery includes some of the exhibitions which are free of charge and some special exhibitions that have an entry fee. The public events organized by the gallery are mostly free of cost.

About Newcastle Art Gallery

The Newcastle Art Gallery culture is an essential part of the social life of the gallery. The aim of the gallery is to encourage and support the gallery and the growth of the group of the art. There were more than 1,300 members who appear in the exhibition special events and preview comprises of the films and lectures. There are more than 140 members of the gallery foundation who raises the money and manages the investment of the funds in the art to enhance the support the growth of the gallery. Since its inception, the foundation has donated works of art in excess of $5.5 million (Museums & Galleries of NSW, 2017).

The images show the tourist of different places having different interests. The key artists of Newcastle art gallery include Authur Boyd, Grace Cossingtom-Smith, diving Boyd, Rupert Bunny, John Coburn, Donald Friend, Emily Kame Kgnwarreye, William Dobell, Margaret Olley, Margaret Preston, Brett Whiteley, Lloyd Rees (NEWCASTLE, Australia, 2017). These artists show the history and heritage through paintings. The paintings also reveal powerful stories of the people and the culture. With more than 6,100 works, the Newcastle ART gallery is home to the 2nd largest gathering in NSW.  A tourist who appreciates the art and has the keen interest in the art will definitely like to visit the place like the Newcastle Art Gallery. Tourist attract towards the cultural heritage places the reason being they want to know about the different cultures of different countries (Medina, & Brian, 2015).

The presence of the visitors at the place shows the popularity of the place and also shows how the cultural values play a vital role for the tourists. The people who visited the Newcastle Art gallery said that they came to know about the different people of different religions, of a different country (Trip Advisor, 2017). Each country maintains own cultural values according to the places.

KouKla Oz a visitor shared the reviews for the place; he was quite surprised by The Phantom show, whose exhibition was there until 20th August 2017. He said the art was great and that too with the range of artists, he appreciated the collection that is maintained by the Newcastle art gallery. He shared his views about the cultural values he gets to know and also he found the friendly and helpful staff.

Alice C, Armidale, from Australia, said that he found the art gallery peaceful and pleasing. The visitor visited the gallery in the hot afternoon and he she was pleased to spend few hours in the art gallery. He said that the gallery was interesting basically the ground floor that is the reason he visited most of the time on the ground floor which consists of the interesting artwork collection made by the local artists (Young, Tischler, Hulbert, & Camic, 2015). The gallery was full of the different arts that include the great aboriginal art and some collections of the pottery and ceramics. On the other floor, there was an art exhibition of the John Olsen, the art collection was amazing and he enjoyed. The exhibition of John Olsen was full of the information. As it was the end of the school holidays, there was a workshop for the children’s. The children's took the participation which helped them to learn more information about the cultural heritage values. The workshop seems to be very attractive, fascinating and entertaining for the children. Alice notices a smart area especially for the children’s that appeared to be very popular because of the surrounded crowd. Alice will like to visit the place ones more and will recommend other to visit the place.

Description of the cultural tourism attraction

The visitor's review throws light on how a child tries to execute the art. The gallery tries to organize different types of a workshop for the children's that attract the children's towards the art. The gallery conducts the contest among the children’s at the time of holidays; this contest motivates the children to perform well (Pelowski, Forster, Tinio, Scholl, & Leder, 2017). The gallery members believe this brings out the actual talent of the children’s which helps them in identifying the future.

The gallery tries to arrange the workshop at the time of the school holidays which make them see the crowd in the gallery. The participation of the number children’s also increases. The images show how the gallery is contributing to enhancing the skills, capabilities, information of the children’s about the art (Refer Appendix 1.2).

One visitor who really appreciated the working and the activities of the Newcastle art gallery is Dianne Beevers; he said that the art gallery offers the superb programming of exhibitions drawing from a notable collection of the Japanese ceramics, and Australian art. The visitor enjoyed the current exhibition of the John Olsen which was conducted on the upper floor. Then the visitor showed the interest in the curated exhibitions of the contemporary art which attracts most of the crowd of the Newcastle art gallery. The ground floor exhibition takes contemporary textiles as its focus was on the longstanding interest in the region. The visitors noticed that all the exhibitions include the contribution of the international artists. This makes the gallery look versatile that engage the creatively curated. He said it is an art to be proud of. The experience of the tourists shows that they are happy to visit the place and they are going to recommend the place to other friends and family members.

These reviews describe the place and show how the place is becoming an attractive place for the people. The tourist gets to know about the cultural heritage of the Newcastle. This is the place for all the age group people that can be children, teenager, youth, and senior citizen. The place is informatics place for the tourist who wants to learn more about the cultural values of the country. The youth and teenagers enjoy the art and get the inspiration to choose their future in the same field. On the other hand, the children's also get to know what is art and how it appears. Definitely, the fact is that it gives the children a glimpse of the information.

Description of visitors visited the site

The Newcastle art gallery shows the cultural or heritage through the attractive along with the creative art and sculpture. The art shows the culture and the heritage of the country and their people’s, this creates the harmony and peace among the people.

A sculpture garden is a place at the site, a place for the tourist to relax and enjoy a collection of the local artist’s sculptures in an outdoor setting. This garden consists of the seven sulfurs from the assortment of the Margel Hinder, Akio Makigawa, GeorgeBaldessin, Vlase Nikoleski, Edward Milan, Clement Meadmore and Kathleen Shillam. Below is the image of the site where the sculptures are placed (Newcastle Art Gallery, 2017). Each of these sculptures talks about the different cultures.

After visiting the site the culture and heritage can be interpreted from the gallery may vary according to the person to person. The gallery conducts a KILGOUR PRIZE competition in which the Australian can take part and they can win the prize of $50,000 for making the major figurative and portrait art (Newcastle Art Gallery, 2017). The prize should be given to the artist for the most outstanding work. The KILGOUR PRIZE 2017 started from 5th August but it ends on 15th October 2017. Currently, there is an exhibition on the THE FIGURE FEMININE. The Newcastle Art Gallery takes place from 5th August to 15th of October 2017. An exhibition presenting a selection of the female figurative and portrait works from the collection. This exhibition shows the culture or heritage value and makes the people aware of their cultural values (Newcastle Art Gallery, 2017). This attracts the tourist towards the heritage or culture place.

At the site, there is a place which is known as the Smart Space. There is a dedicated space on the first floor of the gallery, which is developed by the audience team to emphasize the exhibition on display. Guests can attempt a workmanship making action or add to a collective craftsmanship making a venture that aggregates through the span of the presentation. In some cases, Smart Space highlights show-stoppers from the accumulation that complement the display somehow, maybe by recounting an expanded anecdote about a specific craftsman or topic (Newcastle Art Gallery, 2017). There is the presence of the extended educational captions or description on the walls and inviting future. This encourages the tourist to linger and learn more about the art. 

In the future, there will be many more exhibitions going to take place in the Newcastle Art Gallery. The upcoming exhibition includes PAINTING MEMORY: from the collection (28th October 2017- 28th January 2018), and EVERYTHING CHANGES: Tim Maguire 2000-2017 (18th November 2017 to 18th February 2018). These exhibitions reflect the culture and heritage values of the artist. The gallery members are very supportive who helps in conducting and arranging different exhibitions (Newcastle Art Gallery, 2017). The employees of the art gallery are talented and have skills that are the reason they are able to manage the gallery and the art placed in the gallery. At the time of the exhibitions, some employees also guide the tourist about the art. This shows the capabilities and the skills that the employees of the gallery have (, 2017).

The Newcastle Art gallery is successful in attracting the tourist and plays a vital role in enhancing the knowledge about the culture and heritage. The visit and experience of the tourists towards the gallery show that they like to visit the place again and again. The exhibition, events, and workshops of the children’s attract the tourists and visitors towards the gallery. There were more than 1,300 people who visited the art gallery for its attractive and creative art. The number of tourists shows the popularity of the place. The gallery can attract more of the tourist by making the free entry in the exhibition and the events (Newcastle Art Gallery, 2017). Apart from this, the gallery can work on the infrastructure facilities; there should be more places where people can get to learn more about the art. There should be short courses along with the workshops for the children’s so that they can utilize their holidays in learning the art and sculptures.


The report throws the light on the culture and the heritage of the Newcastle Art Gallery. The report shows how the gallery manages and controls the activities of the exhibitions and the events. This is the place where most of the tourist get attracted because of the culture and heritage. The report shows the experiences of the people who visited the site, according to the reviews and experiences of the tourist the people will recommend the place. The people who visited the place noticed that the place is not only good for the youth but also for the children’s (Stone, & Brough, 2014). The people who have the keen interest in the sculptures and art will definitely like to visit the place like the Newcastle art gallery, as it includes the art of both local and international artists. Later, the report talks about the interpretation of the culture and/or heritage at the site.


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