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Course Code:MAVM 601
Published on: 10-02-2021

Enforcing the Firm’s Organizational Philosophy and ValuesThe main aim of this report is to discuss the role of maintenance and safety standards in the airline industry. Qantas airline has been taken in the task as an example to identify and measure the significance of maintenance department. Qantas airline is one of the leading and biggest airlines Corporation which provides aircraft services to customers across the world. The paper furt...

Course Code:BEX102
Published on: 02-02-2021

Soft skills and their importance in the workplaceSoft skills are interpersonal skills and character traits that that influence individual relationship with others. Considering the workplace, soft skills are measured proficient to hard skills; these include person’s occupational skills and a person’s knowledge. Soft skills may include factors like Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Soft skills are essential for an individual at the workpla...

Course Code:BSBSUS401
Published on: 28-01-2021

Part A Part A Legislation and sources of information for resources and initiatives There are a number of environmental regulations that apply in Australian Local government area and they include the following; Approval of all activities in the local government so as to ensure a great impact of protecting the environment. The activities include the following, clearing of the environment, changing or destruction of water flow and many others. ...

Course Code:SNPG903
Published on: 11-01-2021

Overview of Nursing PractitionerThe report is developed with an aim to analyze the compassion fatigue level in the care environment of nursing practitioner. For this purpose, an overview of the nursing practitioner is provided in the report which highlights the changes in the practice of nursing practitioner in the perspective of compassion fatigue.  The analysis is supported by the finding of the observation of care provided by the carer...

Course Code:N201
Published on: 31-12-2020

Section A Q1. Following are the differences and similarities found in working culture of Japan and North American: Both the countries have diversified policies to govern their organizations. Both the countries are interested in investing in local communities, as investing in local communities is considered very important in both the countries, Japan as well as North America. Japanese companies had diversity in terms of race, cr...

Course Code:GSBS6100
Published on: 29-12-2020

The Scenario: Managing a Newly Assembled Team of a Lobby-GroupSARA WORTHMORE, Plaintiff, Vs. TONY DION, Defendant. _________________________________/                                                                             AFFIDAVIT IN SUPPOR...

Course Code:HRMT310
Published on: 27-12-2020

1. Emergency response proceduresEmergency response procedures are plans that are implemented by the organisation which would be put to place during emergency situations or hazards. The major benefit of developing emergency procedures are to provide a guide to the employees during emergencies. There might be certain situations which might come unannounced in the workplace, such as collapsing of the building, fire in the workplace or other situa...

Course Code:ENT30010
Published on: 11-12-2020

Stage 1 Challenges faced by the workplaceThere is no doubt about the fact that organisation in Australia whether small or big can be a tough game at times.  Moreover, at certain times, the challenges can be unbeatable. Specifically, the problems are increasingly seen in case of the restaurant industry. However, Australian Chefs are planning to stay positive and are trying to adapt the challenges with the suitable solution.  In this c...

Course Code:MGT5OBR
Published on: 05-12-2020

Monetary Rewards and Employee MotivationThe behaviour that is depicted by the employees in an organization is studied with the help of organizational behaviour based theories. The interaction based levels between the employees and the management of an organization plays an important role in the successful study of organizational behaviour. The organizational behaviour related research is thereby conducted by three major ways which include, ind...

Course Code:BSL202
Published on: 02-12-2020

BackgroundThe issue of this scenario is whether Annie will be able to be a party to a valid contract of employment. As per the Fair Work Act, 2009, a valid contract of employment refers to a written agreement that is usually signed and agreed to by both the employee and the employer. Agreements of employment are generally implied based on verbal statements or the activities of the employee and employer. The purpose of the employment contrac...

Course Code:BSBMKG608
Published on: 20-11-2020

Define marketing objectivesAnswer to question no-1 Marketing objective is defined as long term goal and objective which are set with a view to promote the goods and services to potential customers in long run.  It includes product awareness among the client’s targeted clients (Parisé, et al. 2013). Answer to question no-2 It is analyzed that when setting up market objectives, company needs to ensure that all of these objec...

Course Code:BSBLDR502
Published on: 11-11-2020

Part 1: Developing Comprehensive Policies and ProceduresTask 1  Development of a comprehensive set of policies Policies and procedures are highly crucial for any organisation since it helps the organization to provide appropriate guidance to its employees. Policies and procedures endorse as well as ensure the well-being of all staffs, volunteers and their families. If policies and procedures are well thought and adequately implemented, ...

Course Code:FBL5010
Published on: 10-11-2020

Personality Traits and Ethical Decision MakingThe management of the business is the crucial task which require individual to be highly confidence and ethical towards the business. However, ethical decision making becomes the choice of current managers due to differences in their personality, moral values and culture of the business. This has huge impact on the business performance because employees need to work with integration and deliver goo...

Course Code:BUS201
Published on: 06-11-2020

Assessing Brenda's List using Ethical TheoriesBusiness ethics can be described as the business practices and the business policy with respect to a potentially controversial issue like the fiduciary responsibility, corporate social responsibility, discrimination, bribery, insider trading, corporate governance. Law has often used a guiding principle for the business ethics, while in other circumstances the basic framework that the business entit...

Course Code:BSBWHS501
Published on: 05-11-2020

Participation Arrangements for Managing WHS Assessment Information for Students Throughout your training, the organisation is committed to your learning by providing a training and assessment framework that ensures the knowledge gained through training is translated into practical on the job improvements. You are going to be assessed for: Your skills and knowledge using written and observation activities that apply to a wor...

Course Code:TAE40116
Published on: 04-11-2020

The features of a competency-based assessment systemIntroduction Assessment is a difficult process – we understand this and have developed a range of assessment kits, such as this, to facilitate a seamless process for both the assessor and the learner being assessed. There are a number of characteristics of assessment, ranging from subjective assessment (which is based on opinions and feelings), to objective assessment (which is based ...

Course Code:MBA613
Published on: 31-10-2020

Section 2: Analyse Success or Failure Based on Literature Discussed During LecturesThe change management procedure should have a strategic execution procedure to meet its goal by achieving the pre determined objectives. However selecting the most useful strategic plan became one of the major issues at the very beginning of the change management and implementation procedure for the research and development department of Spectrum Sunglass Co...

Course Code:TAE40116
Published on: 29-10-2020

Contextualizing the RPL Assessment Instruments for MakotoThe case study chosen for this assignment is case study 2. It is about Makoto Miyagi. He was an automotive technology teacher for seven years before moving to Australia about two years ago. He has been focusing on developing his English communication skills and also completion for his qualification for AUR40616 Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical Technology.  He is actually aimi...

Course Code:HLTWHS002
Published on: 21-10-2020

Fire Safety CheckResponse One Professional practice ideally refers to the work that an individual performs as well as the conduct that they maintain while carrying out their duties in relation to their profession. Profession in this cases comprises the occupations that mandates lengthy periods of education and training. For example, nurses are required to perform or rather utilized the evidence based education and apply it within the healthca...

Course Code:8034
Published on: 12-10-2020

Overview of Unfair Dismissal Legislation in AustraliaThe Fair Work Commission (FWC) has the responsibility of the labor court dealing with conciliation and arbitration offer wide range of labor disputes in Australia. It is divided in ten panels, and the most prominent is the Termination of Employment Panel (TEP). The judges of TEP are known as commissioners and their appointed on permanent, full-time basis. The appointing authority is the Gov....

Course Code:7101ICT
Published on: 04-10-2020

The Importance of Ethical Conduct in the WorkplaceIn this paper we are looking forward to analyse the ethical factors which takes place in the given case study. The ethical code of conduct should be followed by the individual in carrying out their working culture. It is the psychological and moral conduct of the person to avoid violation, criticism, rumours, and chaos which in turn result in developing good and healthy relationship with the ...

Course Code:E1141
Published on: 27-09-2020

Determining the communication needs of a diverse staff and clients Background/Overview Australia is an increasingly multi-cultural and multi-lingual diverse society. In order to communicate effectively and understand the changing needs of clients, community service workers need to have a comprehensive understanding of diversity and communication. Community services workers who are currently in the sector should be aware of diversity, howe...

Course Code:CRIM202
Published on: 27-09-2020

Workplace Surveillance Techniques and ToolsA workplace is the set locality from where one performs their work. This can range from a small office to big industry. Surveillance, on the other hand, is a keen observation of the activities as they occur. Workplace surveillance, therefore, deals with an observation of the real-time events in the workplace in a bid to control activities of the employees. Workplace surveillance exists in some forms a...

Course Code:BUSS701
Published on: 31-08-2020

BBus Learning GoalsThe Portfolio is part of the academic programme of work you are required to complete for Co-operative Education. It is designed to ensure that you are achieving the goals and objectives you planned for your Co-operative Education Placement.  · Apply concepts, models, frameworks, theories and/or technical competencies from your major, and other areas of study    · Use authoritative ...

Course Code:BFO0220
Published on: 11-08-2020

Influence of Leadership on Workers Capacity and PotentialLeaders are the motivated and communicator who provides support to their followers. Various leadership styles and theories are initiated by the leaders at the workplace. Leadership provides right and suitable direction in the firm and set the favorable examples for their workers. On the other hand, leadership may be defined as an ability to set the goals and attain these goals by monitor...

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