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Course Code:BSBCMM201
Published on: 28-06-2021

Internal Memo Regarding Cleaning of Staff Kitchen AreaTO: Head Chef FROM: Chef Date: subject: cleaning of the kitchen by the users I am writing this memo to inform you about a new decision that has been made by my office. Since the beginning of the year, it has to my attention that the cooks and everyone else who uses the kitchen has not been concerned about its cleanliness. There have been many cases of untidiness because, on several occas...

Course Code:MPM521
Published on: 25-06-2021

Project Initiation ProcessIn the year 1960, the water usage in the United Arab Emirates has increased significantly due to growth in population, higher standards of living and expansion in the agricultural and industry areas. [1] UAE citizens receive their water supply mostly from desalinated seawater. Basically, in the UAE there are two main sources of water, which are desalinated seawater and groundwater. In 2008 the groundwater contributed...

Course Code:OSH4301
Published on: 22-06-2021

1.Compound: Methyl-n-amyl ketone (2-Heptanone) Sample Volumes; Flow Rate; 0.05 L/min Sample 1; (430/1)*0.05L=21.5L Sample 2; (440/1)*0.05L=22L Concentrations of personal samples in mg/L and mg/m3 C = (Wf + Wb - Bf – Bb) / V where Wf: analyte found in sample front   Wb: analyte found in sample back   Bf: average media blank front   Bf: average media blank back In mg/L Sample 1; (5000+200-...

Course Code:BU7203
Published on: 09-06-2021

Family businesses in the Arab GulfZayed-Alhussaini Group is a family business, and we have been asked to find the reasons behind Group General Manager post. This report will discuss about the family, and family business issues in front of Ahmed. It will also explain about the organization culture and financial performance of the group. In the later section of this repot, recommendations will discuss.  Family business is handled by the ...

Course Code:BSBWHS521
Published on: 09-06-2021

The PurposeThe WHS policy focuses to ensure that the entire work in the company is carried out safely in accordance with Australian Hardware ethics (Bahn, 2013).This provides a legislative obligation that focuses to provide health and safe working environment in the organization. The safe working environment for the environment should be exercised in employees, business contractors, visitors and client’s .Australian Hardware stores are...

Course Code:BSBLDR402
Published on: 05-06-2021

Activity ObjectivesPrior to commencing the assessments, your trainer/assessor will explain each assessment task and the terms and conditions relating to the submission of your assessment task. Please consult with your trainer/assessor if you are unsure of any questions. It is important that you understand and adhere to the terms and conditions, and address fully each assessment task. If any assessment task is not fully addressed, then your ass...

Course Code:HFS103
Published on: 31-05-2021

Types of Vibrational Hazards in the WorkplaceVibration refers to rapid back and forth or oscillating movements. Mechanical vibrators that are utilized at work places are found to expose the workers to whole-body vibration (WBV) or hand-arm vibration (HAV). Hand arm vibrations refer to conditions that occur among individuals due to continuous use of hand-held power tools and are a major type of occupational hazard. However, they are most often ...

Course Code:BSBLDR504
Published on: 28-05-2021

Overview of Diversity Policy and its Underlying Values 1. According to Sharma (2016), main opportunities to source diversity in the shipping company are to make investment in ‘Experience Tool kit’-guidance for engaging 45+ employees,  ‘Corporate Champions Programme’ to work towards best practices for them, and ‘Restart Programme’ offering a wage subsidy for mature employees. The company would ne...

Course Code:GDN3986
Published on: 24-05-2021

Event Resulting in ConflictConflicts are common in any workplace. As long as there are two or more people in a workplace, tension is bound to build up at one time or another within the workplace (Wallensteen, 2018). Nurses play a variety of roles within the workplace such as acting as  health educators, coordinators, advocates to patient’s rights and managers in different workplace areas. The roles that nurses have increase the prob...

Course Code:5QQMB203
Published on: 06-05-2021

Relevant Legislation and Case LawAdam runs a small cafeteria where he employs part-time staff members. In last two months,he realized that the value of collected money was not in accordance with the receipts. Adam mentioned about his concern in a general meeting to all the staff members and starts suspecting Jane who seemed stressedwhen he explained about the situation. In addition, another employee Hillary told Adam that she saw Jane acting s...

Course Code:MGT517
Published on: 30-04-2021

Similarities: Both the articles have been written with the point of view of ensuring how a company is supposed to work with respect to the organizational behavior and the employees they have. Both these articles focus on ensuring that a better workplace is created, conducive of the requirements of the employees as well as their expectation from their employer. It is also important to invest time and effort in designing a transformation p...

Course Code:NRS212
Published on: 21-04-2021

Gibbs Reflective Cycle and Registered Nurse Standards for PracticeThis report has been written in accordance with the reflection of learning of the workplace and the experience that I’ve collected while completing my Bachelor of Nursing course at CSU. Three experiences of mine from the workplace will be stated in this report and will also be addressed with the help of Gibbs reflective Cycle to know the knowledge that I’ve gathered ...

Course Code:MGT604
Published on: 20-04-2021

Cultural diversity as a mechanism for innovation: Workplace diversity and the absorptive capacity frameworkThe organizational diversity refers majorly to the cultural diversity among the members of the organization. The experts suggest the fact that the diversity within the workforce assists the implementation of the creativity as well as the innovative ideas within the workplace. This further helps in the increment of the competitive advant...

Course Code:HRM302
Published on: 12-04-2021

Reducing Resistance to Change1. There are different strategies when it comes to discuss about the change in the workplace. The tried-and-true strategies include ensuring the employees and how the things are working. The reassurance might help in getting a new program which is easy than the earlier ones. Some of the strategies that can be analyzed for handling the reduced resistance to change, mainly in the workplace are: Open Conversation: ...

Course Code:CPCCBC4006B
Published on: 09-04-2021

Types of Material Used in Low-rise BuildingsMaterials Degradation of materials has always been one of the major thrust areas of the department. Interaction of environment with the materials, like corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, hot corrosion, etc. is extremely important for final use of materials in different structural applications. Therefore, a group of faculty members and motivated students are actively involved in analysing beha...

Course Code:BHO0007
Published on: 08-04-2021

Gender Roles and Barriers in the WorkplaceThe gender role in society reflects the way they act, speak, groom, dress and conduct themselves dependent on the assigned sex. Every society has gender role expectations but it varies from group to group. They also keep on changing in the same society over time. The gender roles are centered on the conceptions of femininity and masculinity. However, there are exceptions and variations. For instance, w...

Course Code:GNED126
Published on: 08-04-2021

Work health and safety is one of the most important legislative practice guidelines which each and every professional sector needs to abide by these legislations (Holt & Allen, 2015). As I have been given the opportunity to set up a work health and safety committee for the organization, I would be careful to ensure each of the legislation of work health and safety is taken into consideration while developing the policies. First and foremos...

Course Code:PUN301
Published on: 03-04-2021

Case Study Element 1Bill Bolt was preparing a work plan and he noticed that one of his new machines requires two staff instead of one. In order to meet his increased production targets, Bolt decided to remove safety guard as this would fasten the rate of production. This removal of safety guard was supported by both the employees, Bolt as well as machine operator, Dave Dingle. The operator had supported the removal of safety guard as it was easi...

Course Code:ABOR6004
Published on: 26-03-2021

DiscussionRogers (2016) stated that employment is important for a nation in order to bring stability in the economy. Thus, it is crucial to maintain high employment rate and also make the workplace suitable, safe and secure to retain the employees (Trading Economics 2018). Thus, it can be said that the economic growth is directly proportional to the employment rate of a nation. Rhodes (2015) descried this process by stating that when employee ...

Course Code:HS450
Published on: 19-03-2021

Policies and Procedures to Monitor Abuse or Fraudulent Trends in HealthcareTraining workplace healthcare strategies are important for development of hospitals. It describes policies, regulations and procedures needed in the hospital. The report addresses different concepts regarding the training workplace strategies in the hospital. These strategies are categorised on the following formats in the report. The mentioned parts provides a report...

Course Code:QCD111
Published on: 19-03-2021

Expectancy theory of motivationMotivation can be described as the reason behind the actions of the people, their needs as well as their desires. Motivation acts as a direction to a specific behavior in an individual. This direction may be triggered by an individual or other such events which may be classified as an extrinsic motivation or it may come from within an individual which may be known as an intrinsic motivation (Abbah 2014). The moti...

Course Code:TAEDES401
Published on: 16-03-2021

The training program is required for decreasing the number of youth below 25 years of age, who seek jobs. BSB20115 Certificate II in Business is located. Australian College of Commerce & Management Pty Ltd III. Current release number: 2011and Endorsement date: 2017-2018 Using “Enquire Now” option. Students of University of Wollongong degree courses who are completing Certificate IV or Diploma qualifications.  ...

Course Code:MGT502
Published on: 06-03-2021

Role of Perception in the WorkplacePerception is a method of collecting, organizing and interpreting the overall sensory impressions in context of the world. It has been seen that people give meaning by focusing on the perception. In the workplace, perception plays a great role as it gives impact on the individuals. Perception is related with the subjective judgment of the individual. For example: there are many employees in the workplace. Som...

Course Code:HWB401
Published on: 06-03-2021

Task 1: Your cultural identity I am working as a Residential Support Worker for children with intellectual disabilities in Hohepa Homes in Hawke’s Bay. I work with eight children and eleven co-workers in this home setting. I work 40 hours a week with different child every day. The children are Maori and European ethnicities. The workers are Maori, Filipino, Indian, North American, German and American ethnicities. ? Thank you! The nat...

Course Code:MNG91211
Published on: 24-02-2021

Positive Leader theoryPositive Leadership is a leadership strategy which helps the organizations and leaders to perform and excel under extra-ordinary times. Positive leadership is always closely assigned with the business strategy, and all the efforts are inclined to drive higher performance across the organization. Thus, a positive leader not only accelerates the performance of the organization, he ensures the well being of its employees a...

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