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You are asked to research three (3) ‘Community Service Organisations’ and construct a Typology (@500 words) and Critical Discussion (@700 words), which allows for the demonstration of:

  • Typology: 3-5 characteristics found within these types oforganisations;
  • Critical Discussion (a): How do these organisations approach ‘Governance’ and/or ‘Management’? (via a critical analysis of the data compiled from the various chosen aspects of their operations found within theTypology);
  • Critical Discussion (b): How do these organisations demonstrate “effectiveness” in achieving their organisational objectives? (via a critical analysis of the data compiled from the various chosen aspects found within the Typology.
  1. Three (3) CSOs are described with organisational facets (i.e. 3-5characteristics);
  2. Governance and/or Management approaches are identified and described. These approaches are discussed in terms of how the organisations demonstrate their effectiveness, using appropriate ‘academic’ research material (which arereferenced)

The essence of this assignment is to compare three (3) organisations in a visually effective way (the Typology), and to offer a critique of 3-5 chosen characteristics, and of how they demonstrate their effectiveness at what they say they do. Each of the following points will be discussed step by step on the following pages:

  • Think of an organisation you have come across in your study so far – what does itdo?
  • What other organisations might you compare thisto?
  • What types of characteristics might you choose to compare and howmany?
  • How would you lay out all this information in a logical way that is easy to compare? i.e. the Typology
  • What is good/effective about the way the organisations work? How do they compare from a critical point of view? Does what they do fit the purpose of what they say they do? Or: What is less  positive about the way the organisations work? There may, for example, be “gaps” in the knowledge you could

For this assessment, you must use three (3) ‘Community Service Organisations’ (CSO). This is different to the first assessment where we let you think about what you were discussing from either a CSO or NFP (Not- for-Profit) point of view. In this assessment we want you to adhere to examining the key types of organisations that are the focus of this Unit.

Criteria for comparison

10*10 philanthropy

1 million women

300 blankets

Funding approach

· They follow fundraising events and sponsorships approach for funding process.

· Individuals wanted to get invited to their event should have donate a minimum $100 along with inviting 10 others.

· Sponsorships mainly coming from the large business houses in booking and managing the events and other supports.

· This is helping them in having multi-channel support for funding.

· They follow only donation policy as their funding approach.

· Anyone can donate through their websites with minimum amount being $15.

· Regular and once off donations option are given. Regular donations will involves directly debiting from the credit card in every month.

· This is helping them in getting connected with donors and not getting dependent on larger corporate houses.

· They follow corporate sponsorships and direct donations as their funding approach.

· Direct donations can be done by any individuals through their website. There is no minimum amount stated for donations.

· Corporate houses are also sponsoring their events along with some serving as partners in getting the things done.

· This is helping 300 blankets in having the provision for donations and support from the corporate houses as well.

Volunteering approach

· Volunteers are selected for a particular 10*10 event.

· These volunteers are invited along with 10 of their friends. This whole makes an event.

· These new volunteers are given the responsibility for hosting the event.

· After the event, again a new batch of volunteers is selected for the next event.

· These volunteers are given the pitch about what and how to do.

· Tools and technology are also being provided to the volunteers.

· Volunteering is available as both corporate positions and event ambassadors.

· Corporate openings are advertised in their official website and anyone can apply for the positions in volunteering.

· School girls can volunteer their movement by becoming responsible in their respective schools.

· Volunteers are also welcomed for any particular event.

· All the volunteers are given the training about their objectives and how they are responsible towards forwarding the movement.

· Volunteers are welcomed and anyone can subscribe through their website for volunteering.

· They are having dedicated volunteer manager who is responsible for training the new volunteers.

· These volunteers will be responsible for initiating the drive for blanket distribution in a particular location.

· They will be recognized as the official volunteer of 300 Blankets and will be given accessory kit.

Mission statement

· Their mission is to aware the young generation about the act of giving.

· To attract the young population as much as possible by hosting youth oriented events.

· The mission statement of 1 million women is to cover as many women in attaining the sustainability.

· They are working towards train and aware the women from different fields in making sustainable decisions.

· Their mission is to warm up the homeless people by providing them blankets. and make them feeling a little comfortable for surviving.


Criteria for Comparison

One of the major advantages of the management style of 300 Blankets is their multichannel approach of funding. As discussed in the typology section, they are inviting individual donations as well as corporate supports ( 2018). This is helping them in having the access to public funding as well as attaining the support from the side of the corporate in managing the events. However, it is also identified that 300 blankets are also having sort of limitations in their management. This is due to the reason that they are offering blankets to the homeless and needy people and thus their offering is much narrow. This may restrict them in spreading their movement beyond Victoria as not every place will have the requirements for blankets. Therefore, it is important for them to initiate the coordinating process with the stakeholders in determining the opportunities in new areas.

In this case, it is recommended that Henry Fayol’s management theory should be followed. According to this theory, it is important for the business to coordinate with the key stakeholders in taking new decisions (Dent and Bozeman 2014). This will help in more effective decision making process and identification of more probable opportunities. The more coordination will be initiated by 300 blankets with their stakeholders, the more will be their benefits in determining the newer needs in the society (Haque and Rehman 2014). In addition, this theory also states that it is important for the business to encourage their key personnel by commanding. This can also help 300 blankets in maximizing their efficiency through their volunteers.

They are more youth oriented community service organization and targeting only the youth generation. The major advantage identified for them is spearheading the awareness program among the younger generation and securing the future opportunities ( 2018). In this case, they are ahead of the other two organizations. However, they are operating with only a single target segment with having specific lifestyle preferences. This is also restricting their market and brand expansion. In addition, it should also be noted that not every society will be comfortable with their operational approach due to the reason that cocktail parties and events are not having similar acceptances everywhere (Zheng and Mckeever 2016). However, on the other hand, it is also identified that their management approach is well aligned with their operational approach.

It is identified that 10*10 Philanthropy is having the approach of selecting a set of volunteers for different events. This denotes that no volunteers will be repeated in consecutive events. This is helping in involving and engaging the maximum number of volunteers in active participation along with not providing all the authority to the single entity (Lele, Klousia-Marquis and Goswami 2013). In accordance to that, the invite new volunteers after the conclusion of every event. Moreover, these volunteers are responsible to bring in more partners. Hence, it can be said that the governance style of them is effective. According to the characteristics of good governance, responsiveness and consensus orientation are most important (Turel, Liu and Bart 2017). In the case of the governance style of 10*10 Philanthropy, all the volunteers are responsive and consensus is maintained in selecting the new committee.

The major advantage of 1 million women in their operation is less dependence on the corporate donations. This is due to the fact that in the typology section, it is identified that they are only inviting individual donations in order to stay independent and without the influence of any other ( 2018). This proves their authenticity and reliability in community service sector. However, 1 million women is only targeting and working with women and not with men. This is limiting their market potentiality. There are number of ways by which the men can also contribute in attaining sustainability. Furthermore, stakeholder value is more influential in the case of 1 million women over the other two organizations. This is due to the reason that 1 million women is not operating based on certain product offering or fundraising. Rather they are spearheading a movement for attaining sustainability and involving volunteers to be the part of this movement (Garcia-Nieto et al. 2015). Thus, their volunteers ranging from school girls to the elder aged women. In this case, Mayo’s human relation theory of management will be effective due to the fact that it states that motivation is important especially for the volunteers to get attached with the community service (Scott 2015). As the movement for 1 million women is in large basis, thus it is important for them to keep their volunteers motivated in the long term.

Reference 2018. 10x10 Philanthropy- empowering the next generation of giving. [online] 10x10 Philanthropy. Available at: [Accessed 16 Oct. 2018]. 2018. Home | 1 Million Women. [online] Available at: [Accessed 16 Oct. 2018]. 2018. History. [online] 300 Blankets. Available at: [Accessed 16 Oct. 2018].

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Zheng, Y. and McKeever, B.W., 2016. Communicating to improve health: Using theory to improve fundraising for health-related events. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 45(6), pp.1276-1296.

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