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1. Identify and describe the organization that is being investigated. It will provide the opportunity to identifyindustries, or otherwise based activities that you are comfortable with, in a setting of choice on which the report will be based. Justification should be given as to why a particular organization has been chosen. This could be as simple as working there. However, the best justifications are those that recognize an issue in terms of performance or lack of structure, etc. leading to a need for analysis

The identification and formalization of a mission statement will require some thought, unless one is readily available, as will the identification of the target market. Both of these should be justified in terms of the foreseen overall capabilities of the “organization”. A number of overall processes (business processes) contributing to the running of the “organization” should not be difficult to identify.

2. For the next part please identify at least three overall processes (business processes) to map out using relationship and cross-functional maps.

As stated before the identification of a number of overall processes (business processes) that contribute to the running of the “organization”should not be difficultand relationship maps should be drawn for them.

However, the identification of the sub-processes will require work and while going down to “flowcharting detail” levels it’s not required, this part of the assignment can be time consuming. In any case, the output from this part of the exercise should be a cross-functional map.The necessary skill to accomplish this are found in the introductoryand mappingphasesof the lecture series, associated readings and exercises.

Mission, target market, and strategy

Collabera Inc is a staffing and recruiting company for professional in Information technology. It also provides business solutions and consultation to companies worldwide. It‘s headquarter is based in New Jersey, USA. They have many offices worldwide. Basically it’s an HRO or Human Resource Outsourcing unit. They hire people who are looking for job in Big IT companies and outsourced them in different companies at different location. They provide consultation to organizations and professionals worldwide for projects.

Here in this case it would be discussed how the mission of the company helps the organization to reach its goal and also how different pillars of organization work in accordance to achieve its target. As it was said, company marks it presence worldwide so it has diverse workforce and clients to deal with. But the mission of all the offices is same and same work culture to enjoy it in different countries. It is one of the number ones Staffing Solution Company worldwide (Baklizky et al., 2017).

 Collabera mission is,” to help clients find the best candidates, and candidates to find their dream jobs, our passion for good service means we don’t stop working once you get the job”. (

They offers job to candidates who are in need or looking for change on behalf of their clients. Their clientele are spread worldwide and they outsource their workforce from staffing company reducing their cost of human resource as this is cost effective (Mason, 2015).

Collabera is a young generation driven company. They mostly targets fresher out from college. They have their offices in Asia where Information technology is developing. It’s easy for them to target their candidates from engineering college. The cost of hiring here is also cheap as compared to US or European countries so they hire more n more. For example engineering is the second highest most studies course in India, so it becomes good market for them to hire these candidates for their clients. They send these candidates for onsite and offshore projects as needed. This becomes their lucrative deal with youth of today. As most of their clients are US based so work timings are basically night shifts in India. That also becomes selling point for them. Not only engineers they hire for their solution or consultation but also have their own staffing unit which is basically comprise of young graduates, they work for good money and experience.

Their basically recruits form second tiers college of the country and provide them training about recruitment. As they have to work for foreign client their English and vocabulary has to be good. This is checked during the time of recruitment drive or process. They have been trained to scrutinized the resume of IT professionals through various job portals and screen them through telephonic interview. They are thoroughly trained to understand the job description given by the client for particular project. Their job is to search the right candidate in client location and make him understand the job he has to do. Regular monitoring and training is provided to them to meet their targets and goals (Abu Rub and Issa, 2012).

Business processes contributing to the operation of the organization

For any organization to work its various process has to work in align to meets its mission and vision. Here in this organization there are two main parts first the staffing solution of their own organization, who recruits the candidates for the client and secondly the HR department of the company and last not the least the business development process. These three are the most important process which eases the operations of the company.

This department recruits the right candidate for the staffing solution who works as recruitment source for their client. Their basic job is to select the particular candidate for the job on the merits of education and experience. They provide prober training and for the same and regulate them from time to time. They get feedback from the managers concerned and document it for future. On the basis of the feedback they confirm the hiring of the candidates. Probation period of the candidate depends on it performance and also on its experience. The HR should take full responsibility of the candidate hire.

They hire the right or best candidate for the client offshore. They have to be trained when they interact with the candidates. Have to make them understand the need or requirements of the clients.

This is a target oriented job and individual has to full fill the requirement of the client before deadlines. Managers need to be self motivating and positive to push their teams to achieve it. They check no false promise is made to candidate before joining as it will give tarnish the image of company at clients location. All the information provided by the candidate is cross check before enrolling. Even after the completion of the projects by the candidates the recruitment staffing remains in touch with them and look for more relevant job for them. As these candidates are on payroll of their company (Okhrimenko, 2017).

This division looks after the relationship with the client. They constantly receive the feedback from the client about their candidates and for job openings. They first hand get the source of opening and job description which they share with the staffing team. They have very clear and transparent communication with the client and delivers what is ask for. They generally work onsite and help their consultant as well to give clarity about client place and project. They are very basically revenues generate pillar of the company as they generate lead for openings and constantly looking for new clients to enhance or promote their company (Nadarajah and Syed A. Kadir, 2016).

Human Resources

All the operations and process in the organization are interdependent but these three are more dependent. As this company is a staffing solution so it’s HR has to be very proactive in selecting right candidates for the job. Candidate should fulfill all the criteria of selection and should be worthy of. So the right workforce will be more driven towards its goal and the mission of the company.

Staffing Solution gives more business to the company by selecting the right candidate for the client project. They are motivated and trained well to take this challenging role and full fill it as required. They work hard to meet their target on weekly or monthly basis. These candidates are career driven and focus to meet the mission of the company to build careers.

Business Development unit generates revenues by getting more and more clients and adding them to the list. The more efficient the team is the more business they will provide to the company. They create and built the company image at client place. They directly or indirectly become the face of the company or representative of the company. They full fill the mission of the company by serving the needs of the client. They keep communication clear between the companies, client and candidate hire for the project(Rajabi and Lee, 2010).

The Business Development teams gets the opening from the client site and pass this information to the staffing team to fill full the opening as soon as possible. They in no time try to full fill the requirement with the help of various job portals whose in-depth knowledge they have through various training provided to them. To have strong staffing teams which understand the business of the company HR recruits such candidates who understand how the business runs in human resource outsourcing process.  They all are inter-related as if any one of them fails to understand or to follow the mission of the company, the organization will suffer big time.

Here in this case HR process of the company will be analyzed. HR is very crucial part of any organization as they not only find the right candidate for the job and train them but also plays a major role in shaping candidate future and company culture(Coskun, Basligil and Baracli, 2008).

As this company is based in US but has it outsource process in Asia where manpower is cost-effective as compare to other countries. The biggest challenge they face is to differentiate its company from BPO or call centers as they most often get mistaken by it as they have mostly night shifts.   For example in India people have apprehensions working night shifts especially with girls so the gender ratio gets disturb in office. Secondly mother tongue is Hindi and very small percentage of people speaks in English so to find such candidates with proper speaking in English is another challenge (Sahay, 2015).

Staffing Solution (Sales)

They recruit candidates for both staffing and business development so they need to select candidates on that basis and differentiating their work and area of expertise.

If the HR process of the company fails then the system in place will place. Right candidates will not be selected for their different process and the operations will fail, resulting in loss of the company. This organization is based basically of human resource outsourcing so; if its own process fails their overall business will be affected. There should be a process which is quality driven and efficient and make the process to run smoothly without disturbing any other process in line (Bas, 2012).


Collabera is one best staffing company in US from last seven years. It was established in the year 1991, and from them it has captured the whole IT recruitment market in US. They have very driven workforce which work in achieving its target and goals. It is incentive based company so employees work hard to make more and more incentives. All the processes of the company work together to full fill the mission of the company. They deliver what they promise with transparency in the business and no discrepancy among them.

For any organization it is very important to understand all its process and their inter relationship. Company sounds like one unit but in reality it is a collection of all processes like marketing, sales, operations, human resource etc. they have collectively same mission and always work together to full fill it all the time. They have common goals and common mission to structure them. Cross functional mapping is important to understand the dependency of the process and how much they are dependent on each other. If any discrepancies arise then through flow chart of mapping it could be expertise under whose area it needs solution or changes. The total flow of work and how it could be understood can be done through the mapping (Houy, Fettke and Loos, 2010).


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