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Methods Of Obtaining The Information/Data

Discuss About the Activities with the Defined Environment?

Business does not work in vacuum rather there always exist a close interaction of activities with the defined environment. The environment provides a platform through which organisations can easily be able to make effective utilisation of their resources. This process is complex and multifaceted in nature and has to be considered for long term growth and survival of the business organisation. Strategies are integral part as it helps the entrepreneurs to decide the correct way to lead business operations and functions. For this, analysis and scanning of business environment is highly essential with the expansion of business at international level. The present report is a medium to acquire the in depth understanding by evaluating the Ayers Rock Resort which is considered as the doorway to Uluru (Ayers Rock Resort, 2017). Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia is regarded as the auxiliary of the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC). It functions in the name of this resort.

Tourism of Ayers Rock Resort has been flourishing in the very positive direction. With the positive environment and location, this tourism place is advantageous in so many ways. The rationale of choosing this as a part of current study is to acquire understanding and in depth information with regards to assessing its current strategies in order to make future recommendation (Cohen and, 2006). The most vital part of acquiring information includes the ways through which information required for present study will be taken. Primary and secondary are two types of main sources. In the present study, secondary data has been used and is method by which study made on similar topic is taken through various external sources. In this study, it will be taken from journals, books, Ayers Rock Resort’s website and customer reviews through various online sources etc.

Ayers Rock Resort which is situated in the Australia aims to promote sound tourism as a part of its world strategy of doing business in another part of the world. For this, another strategy or method has been applied. The extensive research makes use of Porter diamond strategy. The rationale behind using this approach is to anlayse and evaluates the competitive benefit against acquiring the spirited position of the Ayers Rock Resort. This is in regards to the segment or area in which Ayers intends to rock its further business and workings.

The present work is an analysis that is based on Ayers Rock Resort’s cutthroat gain of infusing new aspects in its functions and advancement. Initially, the noteworthy aspects which are mentioned took various features which are such as earth, natural possessions and surrounding setting. Thence, Michael stress light on stressing on porter model which is developed with the rationale to acquire the in depth understanding and consideration of various features. This are inclusively connected and associated with each other (Hulley and, 2013).

Analysing Past And Current Strategy/Position By Using Two Concepts Of Analysis

The central aspect behind gaining these features is to realize the work and focus of all those members who are involved and connected with to assist each other in gaining and acquiring the position of the cutthroat leads. For Ayers Rock Resort, the underlying principle of using Porter model is to find the behaviors through which Australia will hold up in letting advantage in terms of rivalry. The components are studied in detail as follows:

                                                                                                 Figure 1: Porter Diamond model

                                                                                                  (Source: Cohen and, 2006)

  • The strategy, structure and rivalry organisations: The direct competitive is very necessary and it indulges businesses to come with better ideas. In terms of Ayers Rock Resort, there will be more challenging and tough environment in Australia which is required to be met as well (Singh, Garg and Deshmukh, 2010). This impels the cited firm to develop more innovative ways through which resources of the Australia will be utilised to gain the competitive advantage to enhance the productivity.
  • Demand Conditions: The major benefit that a firm can avail from the nation is the demand. Population of Australia is required to be developed (Christense and Overdorf, 2000). In that streamline, this will be opportunity for Ayers Rock Resort to makes use of promotion of continuous innovations and ideas which helps in promoting the company.
  • Related Supporting Industries: There are different existing companies which do not have good brand image but are having strong resource base. Ayers Rock Resort needs to have good relationships with the industries of the Australia so that they can act as supporting hand to Ayers Rock Resort for launching their products (Ladhari, 2009). This is viable in terms of easy and ongoing exchange of innovative and creative ideas from them.
  • Factors condition: According to this model, factors that support the business are not inherited rather created or developed (Carpenter, Sanders and Harling, 2012). Although, Ayers Rock Resort has good base of doing business in the other nations of the world. But, to do business and launching software products in the cited country, Ayers Rock Resort need to generate and prepare physical, manpower and financial capabilities out from the country itself (Carnall, 2001).
  • Role of government in supporting Ayers Rock Resort to do business in Australia: The role played by the government of Australia is critically viewed as a catalyst. They are major reason which encourages the business in the cited nation (Kostopoulos and Bozionelos, 2011). They provide facility and provisions on the basis of which Ayers Rock Resort can enter to focus the target audience as customers and competitive rivalry firms.

With the free flow of different trade practices, Ayers Rock Resort is required to follow government rules and regulations in the nation in which Ayers Rock Resort is operating. For instance, the firm had entered in agreement in 2009 for premeditated series of joint ventures for the development of tourism (Brown and Harvey, 2011).

Australia employment rate, population, tax, interest etc are required to be considered by Ayers Rock Resort as in order to define the medium is required to be defined. Production and consumption are major economic activities which are required to be essentially planned for basic operations.

Buying behaviour of customers is of great significant for Ayers Rock Resort as in conducting business operations, buying attitude, preference, taste, spending power etc need to effectively undertaken into account in selling and buying products and services in the market (Blokdijk, 2008).

Ayers Rock Resort is updated with good use of technology in order to expand the business operations. For instance use of internet is one such media which encourages customers for staying experience. Similarly, use of information technology fastens the business operations of the Ayers Rock Resort.

Increase in VAT and Government laws etc is required to be admitted by Ayers Rock Resort in order to enhance the operating cost (Bilton, 2007). For this, legal aspects are required to be followed by Ayers Rock Resort operating in different countries on the globe.

Government of the Australia is enhancing the use of measures such as using environment friendly inputs, carbon footprints, etc with an aim to conduct green practices. This is essential with the growing concern of environment protection and growth.

The motive behind using Resource analysis (RBV Model) resource with respect to Ayers rock resort is to study the effect of resource management in its working and function with the vision to flourish and grow in the future. The main prospectus of applying this model is to widely relate the core competencies of the country in respect to future expansion and growth of the organization. As reveled from studying about the cited resort business, Ayers Resort Australia is working on promoting tourism (Andrews, Cameron and Harris, 2008). The main aspect which is significant is to make proper and effective use of its resources so that proper facilitation of customers in terms of competitive advantage could be gained.  Ayers Rock Resort desires to initiate its upcoming goods and services pertaining to better facilitation and comfort of the customers by using more modernize and innovative way. In respect to the outcome that has been obtained in evaluating the external factors that aids Resort operations to progress as new in perspective to the Australia. In order to ascertain the manageable and fits in all condition aspect, it is crucial for Ayers Resort to perform well in order to do the business. Thence, this is the reason, it is crucial to study the internal factors as well (Carraher and Parnell, 2008). Thus, first Ayers Rock Resort should peep into ways through which it can find ways to impression its potency so with the intention of gaining spirited rewards can be progressed.

PESTLE Framework

On examining the RBV model in relation to cited Resort organization, it has been evaluated that analyzing that the internal resources of Ayers Rock Resort are essential in order to calculate, manage and work over its external resources (Haynie, 2011). The applicability reason behind using the mentioned model is to put effective and efficient utilization of resources. The judgment placed in regards is to acquire the potential contentment from same. With this prospective there has been studied two kinds of resources. These are classified as; tangible and non tangible.

Tangible resources

·         These are physical things which are major strengths of the company.

·         To  conduct launching its innovative package in Australia, Ayers Rock Resort will be requiring capital, equipment, devices, land, buildings etc which act as tangible resources for the nation (Anderson and Anderson, 2010).

·         These can be potential and vital but over the time they may not be such helpful in acquiring the benefit in the long run as soon rivalry firms existing in the Australia have similar products.

Intangible resources

·         These are the resources which do not appear or used physically but tends to give greater advantage to the firm in the long run.

·         The resources such as reputation, goodwill, brand value, intellectual; property is all considered as the intangible assets.

·         These are aspects which Ayers Rock Resort inherent on their own. They do not buy or sell them to any other firm (Arora, 2013).

·         These are more important than intangible assets as they helps to gain the competitive advantage over the other firm.

Ayers Rock Resort implementation innovation in its services in Australia other parts would be challenging as the growth and tourism aspect of the cited nation is very competitive. Ayers Rock Resort may probably be not able to make effective and efficient deployment of resources which are there with them in the near present. This brings various issues which are in regards to human and machinery resources in the nation. Rivalry in this regards are gaining the opportunity which the aspect to gain the major markets and in doing operation and functions. Therefore, this would be chance in terms of gathering whole liberty for market. This is step which is undertaken with the objective to acquire and make use of effective and efficient resources which are making hard efforts to accomplish commercial work.

In regards to study the Ayers Rock Resort by using RBV model, the major strengths and weaknesses that the cited company will have in introducing ground breaking examining the Australia has been worked out (Barney and Clark, 2007). Ayers Rock Resort is a resort company and hence it has huge resources of both tangible as well as intangible resources (Murphy, 2006).  The identification of the company is acknowledged with the physical location and ambience with facilities. The goodwill and brand image is highly influencing and effective. They will make full exploitation of these resources. It is with the scope of initiating the value creation. The major competences of Ayers Rock Resort are physically powerful financial resources which seek it to spend fund in introducing contemporary and pioneering services, human capital. This is to employee and to train the employees, corporeal resources to lead the spirited benefit and managerial resources which Ayers Rock Resort. This is very burly in relation to both tangible and intangible resource.

In regards to ascertain the Ayers Rock Resort Australia’s further market expansion is necessary. Secondly, it is essential to make effective and flourishing execution of agenda. Thirdly, the launching of novel products and services in the market is very demanding. This is carried forward by the requisition of agenda which is identified by the points which are stressed out in following points as a part and are mentioned as follows:

  • Procuring the raw material: Ayers Rock Resort should access the execution of business in the market place (Kortmann, 2012)
  • Deployment of funds: With the allotment of various methods there are used suitable fund. These are utilised to aid firm in gaining better efficiency and utmost contentment in the further opportunity.
  • Qualifying the board and possible collaborators: This are inclusive of individuals who assist in embryonic the Australia’s market. These are inclusive of manufacturers, supplier, marketers, etc. They play major role of providing effective assistance in acquiring further entry ways. These include license and other permission to make any action plan.
  • Establishing different parameters: In order to conduct business activities such as marketing, sales and control activities, there requires need of earning higher sales and profit earning (Armstrong, 2009).
  • Developing a wholly owned manufacturing units and operations: The aspect of successful business activities and workings of the Ayers Rock Resort is conducted through the same (Hajela and  Akbar, 2012).
  • Organisational structure: This is very significant aspect where there is need to work out ways of considering the way in which Ayers Rock Resort works. However, this needs to be completely based on the aspects in which Australia is required to maintain (Carraher and Parnell., 2008). Therefore, it should inculcate the sufficient ways and needs of the prospective business.

Resource Analysis (RBV Model) Analysis


Through the help of this report, business environment analysis has been studied with respect to Ayers Rock Resort. Business environment is amalgamation of micro and macro business environment aspects which are essential to scan and examine for undertaking successful business operations. The modern era is developed through the growth and advancement of globalisation. The factors pertaining to them are required to be determined so as to assess the both sides of coins. It shows benefits as well as challenges which globalisation brought about to the business operating effectively at both national as well as international level.


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