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Brief description: Using the same organisation (Adani) and issue as you used in the first assignment, present an essay that proposes and justifies an alternative response the organisation should/could have made.Include a short critical reflection on your decision-making process.

  1. What impact would your proposed response have on one dimension of the organisation-public relationships involved?
  2. What ethical considerations are involved in making this response? How does this response help your organisation address the issue ethically?

Reflect on the thought processes you undertook when deciding on the alternative tactic you recommended. Identify the significance of this reflection to your personal development in work/study.

Recommendation for Public Relations Tactic: Media Release

The month of June witnessed an environmental approval for a mine which is planned to be developed in Carmichael by the Adani group ( ,2019). The Adani Group in June passed its final environmental approval and is now permitted to begin the work in the mine in Central Queensland after around eight to nine years of planning and political debate over the scenario ( ,2019). Hence, the main focus of this essay lies on underlying the recommends a path which could have been followed by Adani to maintain the Public Relations. Additionally, the essay will also outline the ethical understanding of the scenario which will then be followed by the Reflective assessment on the decision-making procedure which has been essentially outlined for the study.

Public Relation Tactic

There were several protests around Adani`s decision to come up with a viable solution regarding the mining rights and when the government finally granted it the permission, certain protests were still prevailing because, the environmental groups were under the believe that, the permission was wrongly given and that the firm should not have been given the permission to continue the operations (Allagui& Breslow, 2016). Although some groups were satisfied with the outcome, there were some groups who believed that they could have performed differently. Hence, in this section, a recommendation regarding the public relation tactic which could be followed by the organization will be made. This will thereby assist in understanding the way in which the organization could have assured considerable success and could have been able to bring about considerable success regarding the outcome of the interaction. The tactic which is being recommended in this section is the Media Release.

The Media release can be described as an official statement which is issued or delivered to the different members of the news media for the purpose of providing complete information or making an official announcement pertaining to a relevant scenario or any other event which the firm wants the media to know about (Allagui& Breslow, 2016). The reason why the media release would be an appropriate means of communicating with the media regarding the scenario is because firstly it leads to exposure as well as branding. It is through the medium of the media release that an organization attains the capability to gain exposure regarding any issue which is being discussed and thereby clarify on the scenario thereby branding the organization in positive colors. When the social media approach is adopted by the organization then in such a case, the authority in the industry can be established strongly.

Target Audience: Environmental Activists

Other than the clarity, exposure and the positive branding, which is attained, the Media release can also be contributed to be a reason for which the Media coverage can be successfully attained by the organization (Carmichael& Brulle, 2017). This means that, if the media release is successful and if the different journalists are satisfied with the different release initiatives then in such a case, the overall audience goals can be attained and relating to this, the media usually tends to pick up the story and is able to reach out to the audience and integrate the releases into the existing media coverage which will assist in throwing light on the positive prospects of the different initiatives which are being taken by the organization (Duhé, 2015). This shall also discuss the various positive aspects of the project which will be essentially adopted by Adani.

Adani did not try to focus on the audience aspect and perception of the issue and simply undertook initiatives in order to see to it that the different governmental organizations were successfully able to reach out to the conclusion regarding the various achievements of the firm. Hence, one of the few initiatives which could have been taken by the organization could be the initiative regarding a Media Conference (Ferrell& Fraedrich, 2015). Apart from a Media Release, it is essential that the Adani Group could have taken an initiative and come up with a plan regarding the so that it would have developed a conference and come in face to face with the various reporters in order to ensure that it is being able to come up with solutions and answers to the different queries which are faced by them. In regard to this, it has to be understood that if the Adani Group had taken up a Media Conference as a viable medium of communication then in such a case, it would have been able to maintain clarity and would have been able to engage in successful relationships with the audience and the media alike (Ver?i?, Ver?i& Sriramesh, 2015).

The Target audience can be essentially described as the audience which the firm aims to focus on with its various initiatives as well as the different activities which are designed for the marketing of the firm. Hence, the target audience which the firm has aimed to target can be stated to be the environmental activists. Previously, the primary target audience was the different governmental organizations as the firm was largely focused on gaining the permits for the operations (Lee et al., 2015). However, this should not have been the case and the firm should have aimed to target the media centers at the earliest. This means that the environmental activists audience forms the chief audience which needs to be targeted adequately and they should be provided with adequate information regarding the overall way in which the activities are being conducted by Adani and their confidence should have been gained. Once the firm would have been able to gain the trust of this audience group then in such a case, the firm would have been able to target the designated audience prior planned easily. This is because; the attention of the activists would be helpful for the organization in clarifying the objectives and discussing the environmental aspects of the campaigning as well ( ,2019). Additionally, targeting the activists is considered appropriate is because it helps to engage in a successful relationship with the media as well. They form the center of the dissemination procedure of all information among all audiences. Once the environmental groups provide their approval, then in such a scenario, the firm would not face any issue or problem with other audiences (Madsen & Verhoeven, 2019).

Utilitarianism Theory for Ethical Considerations

The given tactic has been deemed to be appropriate for the organization because it goes a long way in assisting the firm to provide clarity on the given initiative which the firm has planned to undertake and additionally the plan has also aimed at seeing to it that it is being able to assure that it is able to come up with various techniques which will ensure that the environmental aspects which Adani has planned can be heard out (Naumovska & Blazeska, 2016). Without creating an controversy, the plan shall ensure that all the aspects relating to the environment are clear and that, the environmentalists as a group are being able to attain all their goals and once these environmentalists get into an association with the firm, then in such a case, they will be able to support the cause and hence, bring about success for the firm.

The given technique which aims to publish a media release which will be targeted towards the audience will aim to ensure that the firm is being able to maintain clarity regarding its different activities and additionally is being able to engage in a successful relationship with the public (Trinh&Nguyen, 2017). For any firms success, maintain a sound organization public relationship is very important and in regard to this, it is critical to ensure that the firm is being able to maintain this relationship in a sound manner such that, the outcomes will be successful for both the firm and the audience. Hence, in this way the organization and public relationship is bound to improve to a great extent.

This change would mean that the organization, which is the Adani Group, will be able to carry out the different operations which it has planned for itself successfully and in addition to this, the firm will be able to engage in a successful operational plan. Through the initiative, the environmental aspects would also be taken care of by the organization and therefore, the firm will attain its goals and along with this the audiences would be exposed to a certain number of job opportunities which would allow it to attain an overall balance for the society and strike a balance between the different initiatives (Smith, 2017). 

The plan has aimed to release a media response regarding the activity which Adani will be carrying out in the mine and with reference to this; it will approach the environmental group and clarify the carbon impact of the different activities which the firm has planned to undertake.  Hence, when it will confirm with the different activities of the firm and pass it through the environmental group, the firm will be able to continue the operations (Rahi, 2016). The operations will also bring about an overall welfare of the economy with providing adequate opportunities like that job opportunities to the young individuals and selected apprenticeship opportunities. The theory against which this can be tested is the Utilitarianism theory.  Hence, by following g the Utilitarianism theory, the firm would be able to ensure that it would be able to promote an overall happiness or pleasure and reject the actions which generally tend to cause harm. The utilitarianism as a theory is directed towards making economic, political as well as social decisions for the overall success of the society (Bowie, 2017).  Hence, when this theory can be compared against the scenario under which Adani operates, it can be mentioned that, the firm would be essentially required to ensure success in all the domains. Therefore, by initiating the mine operations, the economy will improve along with the improvement in the political stability. Additionally, when the environmentalist group will be targeted then in such a case, the firm will be able to ensure success in all spheres and hence, this initiative will be able to verify against all ethical standard against the theory of Utilitarianism (Parsons, 2016).



Questions to be answered


The media release tactic has been recommended to the enterprise.


The challenges that came in the way of the decision making can be defined as the fact that the research which was put behind the existing problem of Adani was very difficult to identify.  As the reports are not clearly available, it became increasingly difficult to determine the kind of media adopted by them and in the manner in which this data had to be substantiated in the research. Additionally, there was no proper evidence available  on the internet and other secondary sources which would serve the purpose of the assessment. Relating to this, presentation of the report became challenging.


The challenge was resolved after reflecting on various journals available on the given domain. This means that in order to arrive at a suitable decision-making model, the research was conducted based on the different initiatives of the firm pertaining to the annual reports and other such documents which would thereby assist in ensuring that all factors were considered. Additionally, the various newspaper articles were also assessed which then assisted in understanding the purpose of the firm’s actions. The newspaper articles also helped in presenting the point of view of the various environmentalist groups and their concerns which have been addressed in the study. The decision making in a project has a key role to play in determining the research decisions. The decision making determines the most appropriate path to be adopted to conduct the overall research in a conducive manner.


The research skills which I have acquired would thereby assist me in seeing to it that I will successfully be able to help the organization which I would work for in the future to come up with viable solutions for the different problems which it faces. As the business environment has become very dynamic in nature, it would become critical for the enterprises to take decisions on a regular basis and hence, my newly acquired skill would be essential for my survival in the enterprise I work for. Additionally, I would be able to help the firm in attaining the objectives.

Hence, from the analysis, it can be rightfully mentioned that, the Adani Group has been struggling to gain an approval since a long time and has been able to approve the permit only recently. Although the different employees are happy with the initiative, however, there are certain parties like the environmentalists who were against the initiative. Therefore, the essay recommended that, the initiative should have been taken directing at the environmentalists and a media release should have been developed which would have helped them to undertake the confidence of these groups and assisted them in supporting the firm. This would have made the entire procedure comparatively simpler for the firm.

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