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Customer Analysis


Discuss about the Analyze Hiperbaric Customer Behavior.

Hiperbaric is the world-leading manufacturing company of High-Pressure Processing devices for the food industry. In the beginning era 1999, Hiperbaric has been engaged in the design, technological evolution, production and commercialization of high-pressure processing equipment. The reason behind leading high-tech organization was its reliability, team alliances, customer support and the continuous support, team work and continuous development because of its powerful innovation which are the key ingredients for a world. This report analyzes the Hiperbaric customer behavior and their relationship needs. The customer analysis the two segments which include small food and large corporate food processor and explains the different customer segments.

According to Adjei et al. (2010), Hyperbaric usually have two types of customers, first one is those customers by which Hiperbaric contact directly through cold calling and the second one are those customers who are proactively interested in high-pressure technology. The customer analysis the current and potential customers of Hiperbari which includes two major points:

Analyze segments: Hiperbaric main aim is to earn a position in customer minds as a manufacturer of good quality foods in the specialty food industry. Hiperbaric includes two segments that are small food processor and large corporate food processor (Arturo Garza-Reyes et al. 2010). Hyperbaric provides the equipment for small food processor like juices, salad chopper and provide the large food processor like equipment used in industry, hotels. According to Brennan (2014), Hiperbaric is an innovative manufacturing industry that is consolidating its position as the first natural alternative for handling a wide range of food products.

According to Foulds, M. (2016), buyer behavior analysis covers all the important aspects of the purchase, utility, and disposal of products and services. In the business organization, consumer behaviors are considered within the framework of the consumer. Social, cultural and individual factors play a big role in explaining consumer buying behavior.  Customer has analyzed two Hiperbaric customer segments that are small food processor and large corporate food process to know their buying behavior. Below table shows the buying behavior of small food processor and large corporate food processor which are as follows (Liplap et al., 2013):

Buying behavior process

Small Food processor

Large corporate food processor

Problem recognition

Customer firstly identified the problem so that customer can have a reason to believe that what they want the small food processor.

Customers search for the equipment which has high technology recognizes the problem.

Description of needs

After problem recognition, customer search process starts. Customer searches inner and outer business conditions to distinguish the sources identified with purchasing choice of customers.

After recognizing the problem, customer requires the high technology equipment for the purpose the large food corporate processor.


·         Saves time

·         Body material

·         Quality material

·         Attachment storage

·         Heavy machinery

·         Storage

·         Capacity

·         Size

Supplies search


Public administration

Acquisitions and proposals

At this point, the customer has examined various options, they fathom assessing and portion decisions and they are picking whether to progress with the purchase or not.

 Hiperbaric has various high tech equipment and has technological focuses, worldwide reference in new and inventive nourishment items improvement, have this gear as Research and development tool.

Evaluation and selection

The next step in the buying process is the evaluation of alternatives. Customers offer the small food equipment which is easy to use and is affordable like for juicer, fruit products, chopping of vegetables.

After evaluating the alternatives, customers adapt the equipment which can be used in the large production of food materials.

Order process specification

After the purchase has made by the customer, then company evaluate the decision which plays a big role in the loyalty of the product.

Finally, purchasing the equipment then customer evaluates the decision whether the equipment performed in a right manner in order to fulfill the requirements.

Thus, the above table explains the customer buying behavior in relates to Hiperbaric small and large food processor. The buying behavior process includes the several steps on which basis the customer evaluate their purchasing decision. The customer follows these buying process steps in order to know the actual requirements of the small food processor and large corporate food processor. The table also shows the buying criteria of the small and large food processor by which customer are able to evaluate the buying decision.

Buying Behaviour Analysis

According to Sharma et al. (2010), relationship marketing focuses on building, maintain and enhance the relationship with the customers and other suppliers in order to meet their business objective. In order to analyze the customer relationship, six components of relationship model can be used to ensure that what customers want and evaluate how the suppliers are performing their roles. The fundamental target of any business is to pitch its items or administration to a client with a specific end goal to build their income and pay. The six segments of relationship show are put stock in, duty, correspondence, client benefit, long haul point of view and common advantages which are helpful in analyzing customer needs and the performance of supplier. Customer can follow these main components of relationship model to meet the requirements of the small food processor and large corporate food processor. Thus, in order to analyze the Hiperbaric customer relationship needs, this model can be useful for understanding the customer relations are as follows:

Components of relationship

Small Food processor

Larger corporate food processor

Long term perspective

Concentrate on looking through a provider that gives best an incentive at any given moment.

Superior cost over administration quality which make them switch the clients effectively.


Customers hope to locate the best item for them at once as opposed to assuming that esteem will be conveyed in the administration.

Due to exceedingly included and shared, generally safe exists that they will change due to prices.


Customers are unwilling to pay cost for additional administration offerings.

High level of coordinated effort and associations with the providers and putting resources into time and assets.


Correspondence of necessities, for example, low cost and process administration.

High service demand for specialized equipment and expertise.

Customer service

Concentrate on giving answers for end customers.

Building positive association with end-clients through connection made conceivable by Hiperbaric.

Mutual benefits

Positive word of mouth delivered by the customers in providing best value in the market.

Coordinated effort may prompt a provider turning into an innovation pioneer inside the business.

Thus, the above table of relationship analysis shows that relationship model plays an important role in analyzing the customer needs. This six component of the model help the customer to find their relationship needs and its preferences and also prefer the other relationship type that is the ladder of loyalty in order to build the relationship between the supplier and a customer. The six components of relationship can be described are as:

Trust: The first component states that company should offer innovative and healthy products to their customers which result in enhancing their brand increase their goodwill and gain the trust of customers (Sheth, 2011).

Commitment: Company is continuously making efforts to increase their customer base. For this purpose, a company helping the customers to develop innovative and high value-added products.

Communication: For instance, Hiperbaric also has the other players in the high-pressure technology world which include teachers and scientist, public administration and distributors which promote their products and services (Snyder & Diesing, 2015).

Customer service: Customer service plays a big role in analyzing the success of the company. Company should provide the effective services to their customers and were able to meet their requirements.

Long-term perspective: The innovative products of company create the new opportunities for expanding the market which enables the customers to have a long term perspective about the company products.

Mutual benefits: This component ensures whether both the parties can get the advantages by making the efforts from both the sides that are customer and supplier.

Customer Relationship Needs Analysis

On the other side, the ladder of loyalty model can be preferred to analyze the Hiperbaric customer behavior. This model is commonly used to categorize a relationship between a customer and supplier. This model includes the collaborative and high connection, value-added and perceived value and transactional relationship with the other members.

According to Weng et al. (2011), the current performances of Hiperbaric in building its relationship with their customers can be analyzed into two major factors are as follows that is a customer relationship management value chain, network map, and ARA model.

Customer relationship management (CRM): Customer relationship administration is a basic business approach that consolidates inside strategies and capacities of the organization. Company should follow the customer relationship management with the aim to make the relations with the customers.

CRM value chain

Customer portfolio analysis

Customer intimacy

Network development

Value proposition

Manage the customer cycle

Customer portfolio management:

Concentration on small food and large food processor segments of organization which they see as attractive long term customers.

Seen as the most gainful because of the quickly advancing innovation and collaborative exertion included.

The company defines segments for all types of the customer before serving them which helps them to achieve efficiency in customer efficiency. 

Company athers a broad measure of types of gear all through the procedure of administration conveyance to all the two consumer segments.

Providing services across  vast geographical area.

Company achieved its market in essentially four ways: being available at proficient occasions, taking an interest in the important organization, through its social network.

The sales team attends the customer that comes from different sources.

They also contact the customer by cold calling, event organization and much more.

Advance technologies, innovative products with actionable insights.

Organisation Hieperbaric is the exclusive example of customer life cycle management, as they assist the customer in using the product properly as well. They undertake all expectations through benchmarking, competitors' analysis and sentimental analysis.

The above table shows the company analysis in building the relationship with their customers. The company analysis includes various components on which basis the performance of business can be seen that how company make their products more innovative and productive, the services provide to the customers, prices of products, their network development, interaction with customer and manage the customer cycle by the company. Thus, all these factor make a clear understanding to analyze the Hiperbaric company performance.

Network Map: Network map is an industry is made up of groups of organizations that are working together to deliver end products or services to consumers. A network map includes the customers, competitors, suppliers and other relevant organizations. A network may also involve the activities that are occurring in the organizations. Hiperbaric made the network map with the small food processor and large corporate food processor in order to build the relationship and consider the activities that are taken in the organization. Below is the network map of Hiperbaric.

ARA model:  ARA model means actors, resources and activities.

Key relationship bonds

Hiperbaric company- a key supplier relationship of high pressure processing equipment in the food industry to manage the business online. Company providing websites in order to sell their products to the customers.

Key activity Links

In the appropriation arrange, every one of the sites that work in various locales of the world, shaping differing system associations.

Key resource links

Teachers and scientist- specialists in high weight and different advancements. They researched conceivable utilizations and uses of these strategies and learning. They were general members in fairs, discussions and congresses as speakers.

Public administration-they were not an immediate high weight client; notwithstanding, they had rolled out administrative improvements in a few nations that had given an extraordinary push to the innovation in the nourishment business.

Product development network

Company works with various other industries so that they can deliver a site that works productively and viably all an opportunity to know the consumer tastes.

Company developed an internet-based business management application for the customers.

Company has built up a broad industrial network. Throughout the years, it has kept on developing its system and assemble significant movement and asset joins. The system permits assessment of viability in conveying items and administrations. Action joins demonstrate the specialized, managerial, business and different exercises that add to arrange associations.Conclusion

From the report, it has been concluded Hiperbaric focuses on both the segments very efficiently. Company meets the customer needs, helping them to market innovative and healthy food products. The main strength of Hiperbaric Company is that they are customer-oriented, reliable and proactive towards the customer requirements. Company creates the opportunities for expanding the market. On the other part, the weakness factor Hiperbaric is the absence of satisfactory quality control and testing strategies, wasteful inventory network because of an extensive number of middle people. The threat factor to Hiperbaric company affordability and cultural preferences of products, high taxation and high inventory carrying cost.


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