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Introduction and Purpose

1.To demonstrate the importance of how ideas are presented.

2.Provide unit participants with a concise outline of the key requirements and elements of the report assessment.

3.To provide a document that models some of the standards outlined herein.

his section ideally should not go over one page in length.  There must be 4 subsections in this page which cover specific requirements.  Their names and content descriptions are listed below:  

1.Topic:  Here you introduce the topic and elaborate on its significance briefly.  Do not provide findings; just define the key purpose (which is actually to arrive at findings re primary problems and explore solutions).

2.Limitations:  Here you discuss the scope and constraints of the report by elaborating on any weaknesses or omissions.  This is often due to topic complexity and problems relating to limited info provided in the case (A common problem when examining cases is that people often distort information for their own ends).

3.Sources of Data:  State briefly what sources of data have been obtained.  Are they secondary only, such as books, journals, papers, magazines and websites, or have you obtained primary data such as direct interviews.  

4.Report Organisation:  Here simply elaborate on the structure of the main body of the report so the reader knows what to expect and comment on whether you will provide any recommendations and conclusions.  Do not mention the Intro or ES here.

¨If it is not your idea - cite your source (per the Chicago format).

¨If it is not clear by the wording of the dialogue that you are still presenting facts from a source cited previously - cite it again.

¨Do not leave it till the end of the paragraph to cite a source.  If must be cited as soon as the idea is used (Generally this is done at the end of a sentence).  

¨It is in order to cite a reference several times in a row if it is not apparent to the reader by the tone and flow of the discussion that you are still talking about that source.  To reduce citation frequency, you can use the authors name in the actual discussion (eg:  Vernon Smith (2002) notes how …..) early in the first sentence where the ideas are used.

¨If you are quoting put the quote in "inverted commas" and cite a page number if it is available.  Pagination number will suffice for online databases.

Introduction and Purpose

The report mainly focuses on the organizational conflicts and behavioural issues that have affected the work environment of the organization. The report mainly focuses on the primary problems that have been occurring in the work place like communication barriers, behavioural conflicts, and lack of attention which have hampered the growth of the organization drastically. The report suggest the measure to improvise the condition that have been faced because of these issues that occur within the workplace

The report limits itself on centralising over the problems that can occur within the employees’ conflicts of the organisation. It discusses how pressure can disorient the organization. The case study mainly discusses the surface problems that could be solved easily by making minor changes within the organizations

 The source of data in order to understand this case study are the books and the journals of organisational behaviour, business management, interpersonal communication , workplace bullying, parts of expectancy . The report is guided with the books that are highly referenced and well cited. Some of the books that report has been taking reference mainly recent topics that have been occurring in our day-to-day life. The report analyse the primary problems by the parts of expectancy, which is guided by the book “Expectancy Theories: Victor Vroom, and Lyman Porter and Edward Lawler."

The report mainly discusses the main characteristics of the primary problems that have been deduced from the case, the report also discusses the overall scenario in brief, pointing out the main problems that are derived from the parts of expectancy and the secondary problems that have been generated through this source. The report discusses the improvisation methods and preventive measures in accordance with the source issues to avoid this kind of situation in future.

The report mainly focuses on the organizational behaviour case. The case revolves around Incur Co., which can show the conflicts that have occurred in the organization because of the poor motivation occurring in the organization. The case study mainly focuses on the consequences of the poor motivation .The case mainly focuses around an organisation named Incur Co. the company has been one of the largest finance and insurance company with global competitors. Under this organization, the trainer named Emma who was once in the limelight in her workplace and was appointed employee of the quarter. Emma had high aspiration for her career and she was taking serious efforts to be better. The people in company was happy with her performance.  Due to work pressure, the new trainer was employed. Due to mismanagement and lack of virtue, Emma faced many problems in the organisation that led her to  take leave from work hostility and immense pressure.


The ideal organisation is said to be ideal when its business earns a profitable yield, the employees and the members of the company properly fits in with the organization. The organization is said to be ideal when there is these standards are fulfilled:

  • High EQ:

Any organisation should have high EQ to improve the relationship between the work environment and the employees of the organisation. The employee friendly environment enrich the employees with the fact that they are valued or heard. The emotional intelligence is quite an important criterion to be fulfilled for an organization. These might include the leaves, the problems faced by the employee in the organisation, performance appraisal, and holiday bonus. This in turn help the organization to keep the employees interested in the organisation and look forward to their career and bring better productivity.

  • High transparency and meritocratic:

The organisation should maintain high transparency within the workplace in order to make sure that there is no place for nepotism. The organisation, which follow these virtue are naturally meritocratic and do not allow any unfair means for promotion and just works on the performance. This inturns keeps the organization robust and culturally sensitized.

  • Organizational learning:

Organizational Learning is quite important in order to keep a track of the performance generated by the work force, it also help the organization to know about individual employee aspirations, expectation and concerns.  

Being a considerate organisation not only help the organization to grow better but also improves the work environment.

The following problems are derived with reference to the virtues of an ideal organization to know the problems faced in the organization.

  • Lack of EQ:

As per the case study, it is observed that even when the company has a name in the profitable quotient. There is a lack of emotional intelligence in the organization. According to the case study, The company is so driven by the pressure that the company turned out to be highly inconsiderate towards Emma and they did not even bother to show their concern or ask the reason of her missing the deadlines. They in turn assumed that she was jealous of Kate.

  • Lack of transparency:

 The company Incur Co. is shown in the case study is eager to adapt new changes in the organization. However, this statement is contradicts itself when the rumour against Kate turn out to be true still no action where taken.

  • Lack of Leadership:

 The manager Steve could not handle the behavioural conflicts. He did nothing to increase the performance appraisal; he in turn said he want to maintain equality in all levels. Steve should not have been favouring Kate, and neglected Emma ,in turn should have tried to maintain peace in the work place.

Sources of Data

The primary problems or the source of the problems in this case is derived through Vroom’s part of expectancy. According to the Vroom’s part of expectancy, it is shown that the performance of the employee depends upon the goal it sets to achieve or the outcome that has been promised. The part of expectancy have three components that determines progress of any working professional.  These three sub categories will help in finding the primary source of the problems.

The three points of the part of the expectancy is discussed as follows and the reason of the poor motivation and primary problems can be discussed as follows:

  • As the working professional, Emma has high aspiration for her career. The expectancy here was being the team leader of the department. The expectancy in the side of the organisation was little low as they argued saying it should be started with the minimal performance pay, which was the reason of demotivation for many employees. The organization also lagged in being lenient to their employees.
  • Instrumentality: In this case, according to the instrumentality the performance was proportionate to the outcomes. The report analyse that Emma under high pressure failed to deliver work on time. This affected her performance; her efforts not on right direction made things quite a problem for her. She has been facing tough competition with Kate and her effort remained unacknowledged.
  • Valence: the desired outcome in the side of the organization is minimal, the performance pay is less and the outcomes that employees expect from the organisation was not enough. The company was disoriented and employees were not treated equally. The company must increase their performance pay in accordance with the company. The company expected more outputs but they did not have rewards that could equally keep the organization more motivated and goal oriented.

The following table will discuss the primary and the secondary problems existing within the organization.

Primary Problems ( Sources)

Secondary Problems (Symptoms)

The work was given highest priority leaving the problems of the employees unnoticed ,which created the poor motivation in the organization

The following problems discussed in the table are the outcomes from the primary problems

The performance pay was an increase only from 0 to 5 %.

There was no enthusiasm left in the employees of the workplace. The work output of the employees turned low.

There was lack of motivation from the side of supervisors in the company

The organization was so work oriented that they chose to neglect former employee by  putting focus over new trainer.

The company wanted results and did not care about the background of the employees

The company was not considerate towards Emma, but apart from the relationship rumors, being true Kate was made team leader. Emma ended up having a sick leave.

The efforts remains unacknowledged in the company.

Emma was not acknowledged for her hard work rather she took a leave for the reason of workplace hostility and bullying.

There was inconsideration of the feelings of the organization.

There were several cases that Emma was accused of guilty, as she was assumed incompetent against Kate. There were several resignations in the workplace because of the organization’s immense pressure and less pay

The primary problems are sourced with the virtues and the criteria that is needed within an organization to make it an ideal organization. While the secondary problems that have been discussed in this case have been the outcome of these primary issues. The primary problems and secondary problems in this case study are interdependent over each other.

Had there been solutions of the primary problems there should not have been the case of resignations, Emma’s frustration and the organization would not have faced the allegation like workplace hostility.

The cause of poor motivation in an organization in accordance with the theory of the expectancy which states that the outcome is focused in accordance with the expectancy that is set for the organisation. The organisation must have a good expectancy or the rewards in order to keep the employees goal oriented as well as focused towards their work. Motivation theories projects the reason why the person is so motivated towards the project and how he or she can increase her performance in the organization.

One of the motivation theory is known as part of expectancy, the parts of the expectancy mainly focuses on the rewards according to the performance of the employee’s work. The expectancy theory mainly works on maintaining the relationship with the efforts, work and performance in the organization. The organization build its proper relationship with their employees applying these models.

The reason of poor motivation in this case, could be derived through the theories of the expectancy that deals with performance outcome of a professional in general. Regarding this case, the following points have been derived that shows signs of poor motivation in the organization.

  • Less Performance Pay: the nominal performance appraisal for any good work or promotion is 0 to 5 percent, which in turn helps in shows the ignorance of company towards its employees.
  • Less Consideration:  The Company should have been more considerate towards Emma but it was not rather company made her feel neglectedand she was made to share the work even when she was confident she could do it.
  • Lack of Leadership: In the company, the company lacked leadership by the side of the manager.
  • Mismanagement : The organization was so goal oriented that in immense pressure from the government Finance Reform Bill , could not manage the conflicts between two of the members of the organization.

The following suggestive measures are made in consideration with the primary, secondary and poor motivation issues shown in the following table. The table will show how the suggestive measure will show the benefit and help the organization improve its condition.

  • Primary Problems




Lack of EQ

The Incur Co should adopt employee friendly approach so that the employees feel heard and valued, They would give respect to their work and to the environment

The company will gain synchronized workforce, better performance, less communication barriers , better progress in business

Lack of transparency

The company must have the idea and share the idea of any decision that is taking place in the work place. Being the stakeholder of the company it is a prime right of the employees to know the adequate details about the company. Only those information will be passed to the employees that could not be misused

There would not be any place for nepotism and the favoring; performance will be given more importance. There will be better and healthy competent environment regarding other rival companies as well as one

Lack of Leadership

The proper leadership will help the organization to have a roadmap that will help the organization in the better manner.

 A blueprint of the organization provide the proper plan to the organization.

  • Secondary Problems and Poor Motivation




Several resignations

Imparting Organizational Learning , the resignation could be reduced if there are meetings set up to know the root cause of the problem

The opening up of the employee will let the organisation know about the problem.

 former employee ignorance

The company must maintain healthy relationship with all the employees in general

The equality will make the employed feel equally valued and they would be more open towards their issues that they face in the workplace

Poor motivation

The company must provide bonus leave, increase their performance appraisal be more concerned towards their employees

The motivation will help the organization to create more enthusiastic. the better progress is enhanced with the organization .

Report Organisation


The report mainly concerns that how a conflict in the organization can hamper an individual in the organisation. The report focus through a case study that depicts that the condition of former employee who had high aspiration for her career ended up disappointed and demotivated. The report analyse the root cause of the problem with reference to the virtues of an ideal organization which helped in finding the root of the primary problems the report took reference from the  parts of expectancy to find the reason of poor motivation in the organization with help of Vroom’s Expectancy theory.  The report also provides the suggestive measures to encounter the problems and encounter future case, this in turn provide a better and nurturing relationship with the employee and the organization.


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