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Discuss About The ECAR Study Of Undergraduate Students And Information Technology.

Profile of Telstra Corporation Ltd

The information system or simply IS can be subsequently defined as the collective system that help in the proper collection, organization, communication or even storing any kind of sensitive information or data. This specific information system can easily organize numerous elements that are eventually used to produce the information (Laudon & Laudon, 2016). The significant data distribution is even done by taking the help of information system. Furthermore, the decision making procedure becomes extremely easy for any company since it solves the major complexities of data or information management.

This report will be outlining a detailed discussion about the need of an information system within the organization of Telstra Corporation Ltd. The respective IT consultant for Telstra is solely responsible to maintain the organizational IS. This particular organization has several clients and these clients need the proper analyses of the best possible solutions of the information system. Moreover, data analyses as well as other alternative solutions will even be provided within this report.

Telstra Corporation Ltd is one of the largest organizations for telecommunications within Australia. The operations or buildings of all types of telecommunication networks are the most significant tasks for this specific organization. Furthermore, the broadband connectivity, pay television, voice calls, internet accessibility and even the various other services and products are eventually provided by this company ( 2018). This organization of Telstra Corporation was substantially founded in 1975 and the headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia. The other important uniqueness of the Telstra Corporation Ltd is that various popular business strategies are acquired by them to make the business more effective as well as efficient.

The various corporate strategies of this particular organization are significantly made as per some of the business pillars that could easily simplify the product offering as well as elimination of the customer’s dissatisfaction. There are two other pillars as well, which involve establishment of the infrastructure business unit to drive performance and then providing even better opportunities for the organization ( 2018). Furthermore, the total structure of the company is even simplified and thus the program for expense reduction or the portfolio management can be easily completed within the company of Telstra Corporation Ltd.  

The respective IT consultant of Telstra Corporation is solely responsible to take perfect follow up of any information system and the procedure how the information system is working subsequently (Fang et al., 2015). A distinct customer of the company needs a help to properly analyze the best as well as the most important information system with the purpose to increase the total revenue of this company and thus giving several business related solutions. The information systems are the most significant requirements within any company as it gives better efficiency to the particular organization and finally increasing the effectiveness of the process of decision making, good planning and better results. Furthermore, the company can easily store the bulk amount of data in the information system and thus reduction of the information and data management complexities (Chenghu, 2014). This organization even would be obtaining several competitive benefits from this particular information system and thus the customers of this IT consultant is properly benefitted in this case.

Analysis of Information System Requirement

The information system can be solely defined as the integration of several collected elements, which could easily collect process and even store the data or information and then provide various digitalized products, knowledge and even information (Bajdor & Grabara, 2014). The organizations or the business mainly are dependent over these information systems with the significant purpose to carry out or manage and control the operations, to interact with the customers and suppliers to perfect compete with other rivals in the market place. This particular system is then used by them to run their electronic markets or supply chains.

The significant diversification of various human activities can be properly done by taking the help of all types of information systems. Hence, the overall influence over the company is increased properly (Dahlstrom, Walker & Dziuban, 2013). There are some of the main requirements of an information system in the business procedures of this organization of Telstra Corporation Ltd and these are listed below:

  1. i) Customer Relationship Management: Customers are the most important requirement in any business and hence a proper relationship with these customers is highly mandatory or needed for this business (Eason, 2014). Since, Telstra provides telecommunication services with its clients; the maintenance of the customer relationship management is required here. Information system could easily manage this factor.
  2. ii) Operational Excellence: The second significant requirement of the information system for the organization of Telstra Corporation Ltd is the presence of operational excellence. These businesses can eventually improve the total operational efficiency with the major purpose to achieve the high profit in their company (Marchewka, 2014). There is a management of stocks required for their organizational inventory. This is maintained by information system and hence the customers are always satisfied with their demands.

iii) New Business Products and Models: The third important requirement of the information system within Telstra Corporation Ltd is that the perfect creation of all the new products and models are easily done and thus organizational efficiency is increased.

  1. iv) Improvised Decision Making: The entire process of decision making is highly improvised with the help of an information system (Holtshouse, 2013). The utilization of real data is done to make the better decision as well as the time management is possible to check whether the new and innovative information is not being wasted.
  2. v) Proper Investments: The decisions of business investments are much easy with the presence of information system and hence the proper accesses for these investments are easier.
  3. vi) Providing Competitive Advantages: The other requirement of an information system within the business of Telstra Corporation Ltd is that it helps to provide several competitive advantages for the organization and hence all the various business strategies could be improved (Bloom et al., 2014).

The information systems eventually help any business for bringing newer innovations for the company and hence the innovative creations can be possible with the system. The organization of Telstra Corporation Ltd will be benefitted by taking the help of information system (Brooks, 2016). There are two distinct alternatives present for the information system, which could be applicable for the company and these two alternatives are listed below:

  1. i) Management Information System: MIS is the type of information system that could be used for the coordination, controlling, analysis and even visualization of sensitive information in the organization (Fischer et al., 2014). The most significant objective of the management information system is that the value or profit of all businesses could be increased eventually. The efficiency of the organization is increased to a greater level.

The few pros of the MIS for the Telstra Corporation Ltd organization are given below:

  1. a) Providing Better Decision: The decision making process is easier with information system.
  2. b) Decentralization: The second pro of the MIS is that this helps in the encouragement of decentralization (Stein et al., 2015).
  3. c) Integrated System: Another pro of this MIS is that the business procedures are well integrated within this information system.
  1. a) Security Issues: MIS is often vulnerable to security and thus there is always a chance of data loss within the system.
  2. b) Issues of Data Quality: The data quality is often reduced in management information system and thus it becomes a major issue (Robey, Anderson & Raymond, 2013).

The CBA in MIS is important for taking better decisions in the organization and thus reducing the costs. The most significant advantages of the CBA in MIS include cost avoidance, cost savings, improved service level benefits and many others.

  1. ii) Decision Support Systems: The next suitable information system for Telstra Corporation is DSS or decision support system. This particular information system helps to support the activities of decision making within the business (Nguyen, Newby & Macaulay, 2015). The proper planning, management and operational levels within an organization is served by this and thus the employees can take up proper decisions about the issues faced. All of these issues generally alter or change according to the specifications. The problems of both unstructured and structured decisions are easily removed by DSS.
  1. a) Competitive Advantage: DSS helps in providing competitive advantages to the specific organizations that have successfully implemented this information system.
  2. b) Time Saving: DSS also helps in saving the overall time by making the procedure of decision making extremely easier (Tafti, Mithas & Krishnan, 2013).
  3. c) Enhancement of Effectiveness: The total effectiveness and efficiency of the organization are solely enhanced with DSS.

The few cons of the DSS for the Telstra Corporation Ltd organization are given below:

  1. a) Relevance of Assumptions: The assumptions of this system is infeasible and hence it becomes a major issue.
  2. b) Implementation Costs: The implementation costs of the DSS are extremely high and hence this information system is often avoided by the users (Brooks, 2016).

The CBA of DSS helps in the proper determination of any decisions for the company. The perfect analysis eventually identified all the positive factors, which is linked with this DSS in a specific time. The best examples of this DSS cost factor are hardware or software costs, project personnel costs and many more.

  1. i) In-House Development: Telstra Corporation has to choose within in-house development and outsourcing information system for the business. The significant in house and organizational staffs develop as well as implement these information systems (Bloom et al., 2014). The complete management over the functionalities to provide proper knowledge regarding this system’s working procedure; the in-house development is needed. Furthermore, this helps to improve the system and properly maintain and meet business needs.
  2. ii) Outsourcing: The outsourcing can be defined as the specific agreement, in which any company contracts the perfect art to pre exist any internal action to other companies. This contracting of business processes could also be checked with the help of outsourcing IS (Holtshouse, 2013). The quality of service is then enhanced gradually.

The best recommended solution for the company of Telstra Corporation will be the outsourcing IS as the vendors could deliver same values or services promptly. Furthermore, the outsourcing information system is extremely cost effective; hence excess expenses are not included in the scenario.

  1. i) Definition: The data analysis could be easily defined as a specific process to inspect, clean, transform and even model data or information with the main objective of discovering the most important information and then support the process of decision making (Bajdor & Grabara, 2014). This decision making process consists of some of facets, which encompass few diverse techniques.
  2. ii) Benefits: The major benefits of the data analysis are given below:
  3. a) Discovering Accurate Information: The data analysis is used for discovering the accurate and appropriate information easily.
  4. b) Eradication of Fake Information: This data analysis helps in eradicating fake information and not affecting real data (Dahlstrom, Walker & Dziuban, 2013).
  5. c) Easier Data Transformation: The data analysis even transforms data easily.

Requirement of IS in Telstra or IT Strategies

iii) Business Revenues: This data analysis is extremely effective for all businesses to increase the revenue. The major causes for this particular factor are that it is used to save effort, time and money. Thus, Telstra can deploy, configure as well as monitor their business procedures without much complexity (Marchewka, 2014). Furthermore, the total performance of this business gets improved and hence the business revenues of this organization are increased.

  1. iv) Future Plans: The data analyses are even better for various future plans like the customer purchasing pattern and sales forecasting for Telstra. This future planning can be promptly done with data analysis and the consumer bases can be increased easily.


Therefore, from the above discussion, conclusion could be drawn that the information system is the proper set of various equipment, which is being involved to disseminate the information. The proper connectivity of the computer systems, software, hardware and also the confidential information are majorly taken into consideration as one of the most significant parts of the information systems. The organization of Telstra Corporation is one of the most significant and popular telecommunications companies in Australia, which eventually provides various types of telecommunication service to the employees as well as customers. Hence, several contributions of an information system are present for the company. This report has properly outlined the detailed description about the major impact or importance of an information system within the particular organization of Telstra Corporation. There are two alternatives of an information system provided in the report, which are beneficial for the organization. An alternative is being selected amongst in house development or outsourcing for Telstra organization. Various benefits of data analysis are also given here.


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