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Project Description

Discuss about the Case Study-Online Stud Farm Management System.

Stud farm which is one of the organization of New South Wales operates manually for managing its business related functions. However, as the organization is growing in the last few years it is quite problematic for the organization to manage all its business functions effectively. For resolving the challenges that are associated with manual operation, the organization Globlex wants to develop online management system so that the organization is able to operate effectively. The system is generally developed by aligning it with the various international as well as Australian breeding standards. It is identified that a contract is created between Globlex and Virtucon for the development of the system.

Project description

The paper reflects on the development of management system for the organization “Stud farm” for substituting its manual system and for giving proper facility of booking and online payment for the breeders who are associated with the organization “Stud Farm” The system will be helpful in creating report as per the need and assists is keeping in keeping the financial as well as personal details of the breeders safely within the system.

The additional functionalities as well as features of the system are as follows:

Monitor location: The system assists in giving the opportunity of location tracking due to the utilization of OSFMS

Cost tracking: All the financial costs can be successfully tracked by utilizing the system including GST as well as BAS.

Breeding review: The system helps in reviewing the processes of breeding in order to determine vet history that is either related with horse or with the farm.

Responsibilities as well as skills and knowledge inventory

 Team members


Skills and knowledge inventory

Roles and responsibilities

 Justine Cobb

Project manager

 They have knowledge in various aspects of project management including various process as well as project associated methodologies. In addition to this, they are generally skilled in managing cost, time as well as tasks of the project.

 They are generally involved for finishing the development of the new system from the initial to the last stage of the project successfully. Additionally, they play a great role in managing the risks as well as challenges that are related with OSFMS development.

 Marcus Walker

Team leader

 The project leader generally have knowledge in time as well as operation management in context to system development. Additionally, they are also skilled in giving guidance to the team members of the project so that they can successfully able to finish their work within the deadline with appropriate quality.

 The main responsibility of the team leader is to lead as well as handle the work of the team by giving proper guidance to the team members so that they can effectively do the work without facing any type of challenges within the expected due date.

Alfred Watson

System developer

 The system developer are skilled in various soft skills including programming. They have proper knowledge in development of the system.

 They involved in the project and successfully audit, improves as well as develops the system as per the decision. The system developer also maintains time during the development of the system.

 Andria Lang

Team member

 The team members are mainly skilled in finishing work within time by creating proper co-ordination as well as collaboration with the other members of the team. In addition to this, they also have knowledge in system development.

The team member are mainly involved within the project to complete the work of online system development within the probable time by mitigating issues.

Communication plan

Communication Type



Storage location of email and document

Accountability and oversight




 Video conference, email

  The project manager get involved within the project for elaborating the objectives and purpose of the project to the project stakeholders so that they can easily get to know about the project and can work accordingly.

Team lead meetings

 Whenever needed

Room 1.5

Meeting minutes, email, video conference

 The leader involves within the communication meeting for providing details about the financial as well as management risks that the team members are facing.

Project status report


Room 2.5

 Email, video conference

 The project status report is provided to the project team members so that they can easily get to know about the project for making sure whether the entire project is on the track or out of the track.

Weekly meetings


Room 2.4

 Email, conference hall

The weekly meeting is arranged by the team leads for taking suggestions from the team members for the difficulties or obstruction that are generally occurring within the project


Expectations and rules of the team

Individual work

I were working as a team member in my previous project and from where I analyzed that time management is one of the most vital criteria that must be followed within the project in order to accomplish the purpose and goals of the project. In context to my positive experience, I work properly within the project and finished the work within the expected due date by solving the problem that came in the path of project progress. In spite of this, I have also gained negative experience from that project. I faced lot of issues in making proper interaction with the various stakeholders of the project who are mainly associated with the project. I have solved this problem in later stages of the project and able to finish the project successfully. Additionally, the knowledge that I have gained within that project is utilized by me in other project. I have gained knowledge about successful time management and realized that proper time management strategies must be used in each and every project for making the project successful.

Additional Functionalities of the System

Team work

Team values

The team values that are required to be utilized within the project of OSFMS are provided below:

Multitasking: The stakeholders who are mainly involved in the development of online management system must have the capability of multitasking so that numerous tasks can be executed or managed by the individual at a time.

Time management capability: The capability of time management must be present within the project team members of OSFMS project so that the time that is provided for the project is utilized properly and the entire project can be executed successfully within the probable time.

Problem solving ability: The ability of solving problem needs to be present within the stakeholders of the project so that they can easily manage the project associated conflicts successfully without facing much issue. The criteria of problem solving is quite useful in dealing with the projects.

Code of ethics

The code of ethics that should be followed by the project team members generally includes the following:

  • Proper originality of work must be maintained by avoiding plagiarized work
  • Professional code of conduct needs to be followed by the project stakeholder within the organization
  • The team leaders cannot forces the stakeholders of the project for working beyond their shift time.

 Rules and expectation

 The team rules that must be followed by each and every member who are involved within the project of OSFMS are provided below:

 The team members need to maintain their shift time

  • The stakeholder must attend the team meeting and if they are unable to attend proper reason of absence must be provided
  • If the team members are unable to perform then legal notice will be given to them from the organizational higher authorities as a warning for improving their performance.




Understanding the project

Meeting 1

 Database developer

System analyst and developer

 Gives idea about the various functional and non-functional requirements of the OSFMS system.

Meeting 2

Project manager

Project manager

They generally initializes the project provides proper concepts about the project to the team members.

Meeting 3

 Project manager

 Team member

 Mainly engages in developing the project charter as well as  project management plan for the OSFMS project.

Meeting 4

Project manager

 Team leader

 Determines the requirements as well as project needs for the online management system which is developed for the Stud Farm.

Stakeholder name

Information to be shared

Frequency of information exchange

Location of information exchange

Purpose of communication

Mechanism for communication

Hardcopy, pdf, ppt, word, email, etc.







Project manager

The project manager mainly involves in sharing details about the project to the other stakeholders as well as members who are associated with the project.

Whenever needed

Office premises

The information is mainly shared to the members of the team as well as to the stakeholders of the project so that they can progress with the project on the right track without facing any type of complications while working.

  Pdf, hardcopy


 The sponsor shares the information about the budget that is mainly approved by the organization Globlex for developing the project of OSFMS within the expected due date.



  The budget related details are provided so that the project team members or leaders does not spent much more than the approved budget otherwise they can face financial problem. Details generally provide them guidance about budget utilization.

Softcopy, hardcopy and pdf/

Team leader

 The team leader communicates for providing proper path for finishing the project to the team members and strategies or steps for minimizing project associated complications. 


 Room 2.3

Proper guidance is provided to the stakeholders of the project so that they cannot went to the wrong track and can be capable of minimizing the budget associated complications from the project.

Hardcopy, Softcopy, Pdf.

System developer

  The system developer communicates with the project manager for passing information about the technical challenges that generally occurred within the organization during the development of the system.

 Whenever need

Office premise

  The communication is made for providing them knowledge about the various technical challenges that can hamper the progress of the project can occur delay within the project.

 Hardcopy, Softcopy

Team member

  The team member shares their difficulties with their team leaders including the problem in working with the team, issues associated with project work and more.


 Room 3.1

 They generally shares the information in the hope that the project manager will provide some strategies or steps for mitigating the issues as well as challenges related with the project.

 Hardcopy and pdf/


I have analyzed that leadership plays a vital role in the success of the project and thus it is the responsibility of the project manager to lead the project in a way according to the project scenario so that they can achieve success by accomplishing the project purpose. However while involving within this specific project, I have gained knowledge about the ways that are helpful in handling projects successfully. I have also realized that time management is important and therefore a leader must be skilled in managing time. As a leader it is the responsibility of the project manager to give proper suggestions so that they can work properly by avoiding project associated complications.

As a project manager in context to ICT or IT profession, I have analyzed that it is very much essential to have proper knowledge in soft skills as well as in other technical domain so that the development project goal can be achieved effectively. Additionally, the project managers must also have skills in managing cost, duration as well as tasks or activities of the project in order to avoid project associated complications. Moreover project negotiations skills are also found to be advantageous for the managers of the project for determining various types of analytical skills.

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