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Types of breeds and their royal position

Discuss about the Characteristics Predict Quality of Relationship.

Nowadays life is very fast paced and stressful. In order to earn a standardized income, individuals struggle a lot. During this process, the individuals realize the fact that their existence is a meaningless. This is because what they get is completely different from what they expect. By this way, the entertain aspect is completely obliterated. However, means such as television, music, friends, relatives, foods and pets provide the individuals with the much-needed entertainment (Burns 2014). This assignment attempts to find out the position and contribution of pets into the modern family.

Pets can be of various types- cats, dogs, fish, and birds among others. All these pets can be found in the aristocratic families. Example can be given of the Royal family, where the pets lead better lifestyle than the Queen and the Prince. They have separate beddings, which are made from cottons. Along with this, they are given custom-made dinners and taken for walks around the Royal Palace. As a matter of specification, the breeds possessed by Queen are dorgis, whose status is the same as the family members ( 2017).

Along with this, elephants have also found a place within the Royal family of Monaco. This is something like the incidents of the fairy tale. This is because when Princess Stephanie heard that her elephants Nepal and baby are going to die in tuberculosis, she planned to take them to a ranch until their recovery. Along with this, mention can be made of Princess Eugenie, whose dog had the same name as her boyfriend, Jack Brooksband. The major drive behind this loyalty, which assisted her to undertake this step ( 2017).

Notorious yet sweet activities of Lupo keeps Duke and Duchess of Cambridge engaged throughout the whole day. These activities have enhanced the media presence of Lupo. Marvin, the hamster has added a spark to the royal ambience of the Royal family. Princess charlotte loves the way it tickles her face. One of interesting facts about Marvin is that it has a Twitter account of its own. Passion of Jack Russell Terriers has made the life of Duchess of cornwall full of happiness. She reveals a motherly attitude in the care of Beth and Bluebell, her Battersea dogs ( 2017). She got them in a worsened condition, which invoked her motherly warmth, care, love and attention.

Importance of pets in modern families

The gift of Ziggy has made the wedding anniversary of Prince Frederik and Princess Mary a memorable one. Since then, Ziggy is getting a royal treatment in the castle of Fredensborg. Her appearance in the Danish magazines has upgraded her status into a national celebrity.

Pembroke Welsh corgi is a breed, which is much loved by the Queen of England. Stephanie Smith is of the opinion that these breed originated in 1100. The friendliness of these breed is flexible enough for adding the spark in the life of the modern family members. Henry I was surprised by its active nature and brought it to his home in Flemish (Serpell and Duffy 2014). The breed shared its background with its contemporaries like cardigan Welsh corgi; although cardigan is much younger than the breed Pembroke.

Greyhound is a world famous dog breed. Aristocracy and greyhound goes side by side. England has special contribution in the development of this breed. Evidences emphasize on 9th century, when greyhound made its first emergence. The main form of this evidence is hunting through various games. Along with this, evidence also points out the utilization of greyhounds as racing games in the era of 18th century. Liveliness, gentle nature and companionship are the most important traits of this breed, which has enlisted it within one of the royal breeds.

Shih Tzu is one such breed, whose origin is unknown. Literature and studies point out its reference in the paintings of the Tang dynasty. This breed is considered to have bred in Peking through the Chinese court. One of an interesting fact about Shih Tzu is that it is considered as one of oldest and smallest species of the Tibetan Holy Dogs (Serpell and Duffy 2014). The breed has found its place as the house pet of Ming dynasty. Evidence also supports that Cixi, the Dowager Empresses possessed a kind of love and passion for Shih Tzu. This is a pampered dog, as it needs regular grooming of its luxurious coat. Small, cute and playful nature of the dog has made it a popular attraction among the modern families.

The Great Pyrenees was a house pet of French court in the 17th century. As a matter of specification, this dog is tagged as The Big Dog of the Mountains. It is a royal breed, as it assists the peasants shepherds residing in the slopes of the Pyrenees mountains. Its loyalty and gentle nature ensures the protection of the people in that area (Serpell and Duffy 2014).

Pekingese, a Chinese breed, had emerged in Chinese art especially in the Tang dynasty of 8th century. It got its name after the Christianization of the city, Peking. The actual emergence of the breed in Europe was the war. British invasion of the Chinese imperial palace in 1860 was with many of these Pekinese dogs. Lovely nature and loyalty makes this breed a lappy dog for modern family members.

Coton de Tulear is a breed, which tagged as the Royal dog of Madagascar. In the era of 17th century, the dog was a domestic pet of the ruling monarch, Melina (Serpell and Duffy 2014). The pet is flexible enough to reduce the stress of the modern family members through its loveliness and happiness. However, the members regularly need to groom its soft and dense coat.

Japanese chin is popular among the ladies of the Imperial Palace, which reflects its royalty.  The breed is used as a royal gift from China to Japan, as it is said to amuse people through its grace. This is one of the greatest qualities of the breed, which can cater to the entertainment needs of the modern family members, after a hard monotonous day. These breeds are smart, sensitive and quick to learn. This quality is enough to reduce the burden of the modern families, in terms of ensuring the safety and security of the houses, in their absence (Serpell and Duffy 2014).

Bishon Frise, one of the favorite dog breeds among the Spainish people, made its appearance during the reign of Henry, the third. Its presence in the Goya paintings made the breed popular among the Italian and Spanish nobility. The curly white coated dog generates the feeling of cuddle among the people, especially the children of the modern family members.

All of these evidences affirm the fact that pets fills the lives of the family members with joy and happiness. In view of the previous sentence, pets can be considered as a stress buster for the modern family members (Serpell and Duffy 2014). However, in terms of maintenance, keeping pets can be very costly, as the food and cleaning materials are very expensive. Moreover, one of the family member has to take the pets for the evening walks, which is impossible if they are packed up with their busy schedules.

Keeping this financial aspect aside, now most of the modern family members are keeping pets in order to fulfill their entertainment needs. Along with entertainment, pets in the modern times are associated with safety and security of the house. After the owners go out to their workplace, the pets eager wait for the return of their masters, so that they can play and take their share of love (Lim and Rhodes 2016). The bondage between dog and the masters in the modern times is so strong that upon the return, they do not leave the masters until he has not cuddled the pet to its satisfaction. Here, tiredness is just nothing for the pet, as it wants the master to engage in play with the pet, instead of doing the office work or sleep. In view of this activity, the pet can be equated with the child. Company of the father is the major drive behind this equation. This compansionship provides a different connotation to the relationship between parents and children (Muldoon, Williams and Lawrence 2015). This type of bondage provides the pets with the much needed, care, love and attention, which they give to their children.

The pets, after the adoption are provided with trainings, so that it gets acquainted with the customs and traditions of the family. These trainings also help them to understand the nature of their masters, which is very important, as they have to remain loyal to their masters until their last breath. Delving deep into the relationship between the dog and their masters, the dogs develop a friendly relationship with the babies or the children.  Playing with the children gives the pet the much-needed love, care and attention, which the masters provide but less (Muldoon, Williams and Lawrence, A., 2015). When there is no one in the house, the pets are expected to ensure the safety of the house. Most of the times, the pets emerge successful in catching the thieves. For this, they get praises from their masters in the form of bones, their favorite thing. This praise makes them more loyal to their masters.

Viewing it from the other perspective, pets also satisfy the entertainment needs of the women in the family. As the women are passionate towards fashion, they try many fashionable things on their pets, which are mainly female (Hoffman et al. 2013). Typical examples here are ribbons, fancy dresses, applying makeup on its faces among others. Some girls are so passionate and obsessive about their pets, that they put them besides and sleep. Here, pets are female cats and dogs.

One of the other benefits of keeping pet dogs is ensuring the safety and security of the older people in the house. The presence of pet dogs reduces the tensions and worries of the owners regarding the safety of their older parents. Spending time with the pets reduces the loneliness of the older people, providing them with the much needed companion.

Birds and fishes are also considered as pets, which the modern families possess for the sake of entertainment. Birds, which are found in the modern families, are parrots, Macau, Sparrow among others (Friedmann 2013). These birds add a glow to the ambience of the modern families through the display of their vibrant colors. Seeing the activity of the birds helps the members of the family members to reduce their stress of hard, monotonous and drab working schedules. Viewing it from the other perspective, the mentality to work hard, instead of just sitting in the nests inspires the people for a fresh round of energy to tackle the challenging and enduring tasks. Along with this, the chirping sounds, which they make is pleasant to hear and possesses enough flexibility to remove the stress and tiredness (Ryan and Ziebland 2015).

In terms of fishes, confinement is the most appropriate term, which can be associated with taming them. Putting the fishes in the aquarium makes the members of the family members awestruck in terms of their movements. The weed, fancy divers and colorful stones enhances the glory of the aquarium, shedding off the negativity of the family members due to stress and tiredness. Aquarium enriches the knowledge of the people regarding spice and variety under the sea. From this, the modern family members need to take a lesson regarding how to make their ordinary lives extraordinary (Ryan and Ziebland 2015).


There goes a saying, that no one should be underestimated. This proves true also for the pets. They are small, cannot communicate, however, they act as an inspiration for the humans to learn and alter their perception towards life. From the dogs, humans need to learn loyalty. They express sadness and happiness in the sad and happy phases of their masters. They have a sixth sense, which informs them that something bad has happened with their masters. In most of the cases, it has been seen that dogs behave strangely under such circumstances. In terms of this activity, it can be said that dogs are capable of controlling their emotions more properly than the humans. An interesting fact is that pet dogs console their masters in their sad phases and difficult times.

On the other hand, cats are clever, however, they teach the humans the proper ways and means of selecting companionship. Birds and fish inspire the humans through their unity and coordination, which is important for the modern family members to strengthen the bondage between them. Out of all these pets, dogs attain the peak position, affirming the saying, “Dogs are man’s best friend”.

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