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Applicable course objective:

Critically analyse business requirements from an information systems perspective

Critique information systems concepts to identify and resolve problems within a business context

Identify the appropriate information systems to develop practical solutions within a business context

Communicate information systems concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences within a business context.

1.What type of hardware and software, including networking infrastructure and/or a combination of cloud services, should the business acquire and/or procure to expand their capabilities to meet their new e-business initiative?

2.What would be the benefits to the business of using business intelligence?

3.What would be the benefits to the business of implementing a customer relationship management system?

4.What issues should the business be aware of when embarking on a social media presence?

Course Objectives

It does not make sense that the Internet has made it very easy to start a business. The need for all businesses is an idea, and everything else can be ended. Often, businesses do not even need business loans to get started. People are building a business in their bedroom, and a lot of money is making in it. The door opened for young entrepreneurs to take advantage of and take advantage of modern technology. There are plenty of businesses online using Internet, which should be the most popular online retail business (Blokdijk, 2012). It's easy to sell things on the internet. It's not too expensive to set up, and money can be smart, the internet has made it even easier to start traditional businesses too. People can apply for a business loan online and they can read the money they can read and get knowledge of how to do things, so that they can be easier to get started. The number of companies due to internet marketing is good. It also offers a more cost-effective way to promote the business. Social media usage is free, and it is very effective. The best thing about Internet marketing is the business that is reaching out, instead of encouraging target markets locally, businesses can promote the world.

Cloud-centric printers and computer models: The professional manager of Dr. Wagner's business wants an online business like any other online business and the online company wants. While online or e-commerce is essentially intended to give vendors the same barriers to start-up companies as Dr. Wagner's business, it usually requires cloud-based supercomputer systems to have the proper connections to create online stores, but some types of computers still it continues to be an important company expense and requires major ideas. Dr. Wagner must answer a few questions before paying the price for the PC hardware system. Therefore, before choosing a cloud-based supercomputer or printer, Dr. Wagner must understand the storage capacity of these types of computers and then simply determine how much data Dr. Wagner can save in her supercomputer system hard drive (Esbel and Christian, 2016).

Amazon EC2: Amazon EC2 is a cloud-based infrastructure provided by AWS that provides computing resources and services on demand. The compute instances provided by Amazon EC2 can be scaled by computing power as well as memory, providing flexibility by providing options to host the application on multiple diverse platforms, and providing security protection due to the tightly coupled multi-tenant architecture (Raab and Resko, 2016). Amazon EC2 can provide virtual servers that can integrate a large amount of the computing power and this is accessible in a subscription or payment based public computing model, moreover, users only charge for resources they use. Amazon EC2 is an advanced cloud infrastructure service which allows Dr. Wagner to create strong on-demand virtual servers. Amazon EC2 is smoothly hosted on a concept of server Virtualization/Consolidation. The overall computing control of the server hardware can also be separated into several instances and provided to the end-user via the Internet as a computing instance (Sill, 2016).

What hardware and software should the business acquire for e-business?

Billing per second: With billing per second, Dr. Wagner pays only what she uses. It takes minutes and seconds of unused time within an hour, so she can focus on improving her application instead of maximizing the use of hours. In particular, Dr. Wagner can benefit from managing non-scheduled instances (such as development/testing, data processing, analysis, batch processing, and game applications). The EC2 usage is charged in one second per increments, with 60 seconds. Likewise, the configuration storage for the EBS volumes will surely be billed in increments per second, and with a minimum of 60 seconds (Davis, 2017).

Cost: Today Microsoft made some price changes in Microsoft Azure, Australia. From 2015, local prices for the Microsoft Azure as well as its Australian dollar market will rise by 26% and will be closely adjusted in price levels in almost all markets.

Magento: Magento is the appropriate software for Dr. Wagner. Microsoft Dynamics is a cloud-based software solution. Magento software has been separated from eBay, is the biggest online business companies. As Dr. Wagner business is online mail business, Magento is the best solution for Dr. Wagner online business, suits all of Dr. Wagner’s major retail businesses, and establishes a complete online business website. This software also provides advanced security for Wagner’s business and can be fully extended and customized.

Microsoft Dynamics: This software is the appropriate cloud-based software solution that can easily enable each and every cloud-based service for Dr. Wagner’s online mail business solution software. In the year 2013, Microsoft Dynamics included a number of feature sets that could help Dr. Wagner deploy and easily manage and customize the online sales. By leveraging this new online business capabilities, Dr. Wagner can immediately manage and control products, exchanges and sales order fulfillment for each feature of Dr. Wagner’s online sales network with the help of Microsoft Dynamics. Along with the runtime components of Microsoft Dynamics, Dr. Wagner can simply deliver content and all retail services in an efficient or scalable manner. Just as Dr. Wagner’s online business is a small online mail business, it can accelerate the development of extremely customized online channels (Artail, 2017). In 2012, Microsoft Dynamics included a number of feature sets that could help Dr. Wagner to deploy and easily manage and customize online sales or transaction channels that are fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics. By leveraging this innovative suite of online capabilities, Dr. Wagner can immediately control and manage products, exchanges and sales order accomplishment for each feature of Dr. Wagner online sales system or network with the assistance of Microsoft Dynamics (Kiran and Simons, 2016). Along with the runtime components of Microsoft Dynamics, Dr. Wagner can simply deliver good content as well as all retail services in an efficient or scalable manner.

Benefits of Business Intelligence

Image Source: Micro-soft

Cost: Plan: An individual's packaged application that needs access to multiple applications and provides significant business savings. Cost is AUD$146.50 per month per year.

Security Lock for mails

The chief purpose of business intelligence is to support corporate executives; corporate managers and further operational employees make better business decisions and make more knowledgeable business decisions. Businesses use to reduce daily costs, recognize novel business opportunities, and use nonprofit business procedures. The applications, technologies, tools, and methods utilized to collect, combine, analyze, and impart raw data of the organization to create practical and actionable corporate information in general. Traditional data-mapping practices allow users to compile data and write reports and interrelated reports. It can be unbelievably time to consume, particularly for the small businesses whose employees cannot afford it. A bilateral program can remove business data and click the button to create a report so that employees can free up time and resources to become more productive. Better strategic cognizance, faster reporting, higher / lower overheads as well as better-quality data, in addition, access to operating costs can have a positive impact on ROI (Moua, 2014). The main benefits of investing in BI for Rikki Wagner and skilled workers are that they will increase the business ability to analyze current customer purchasing trends. Once the business customers understand what they are buying, then business uses this data to advance products which match the present consumption pattern and as a result the commercial benefits increase.

Reporting on the basis of timely and accurate information can help businesses to perform the functioning of their procedures. Business Intelligence team ensures that the real-time update reports are received by the company, the company can competently use the information to handle the business professionally (Kulkarni, 2012).

It is common for companies to use large data to beat their competitors. In maximum industries, prevailing competitors as well as new members will utilize the resulting policy for data analysis in analytics. Due to big data, the organization helps to create new opportunities for new growth and to create a whole new category of companies which can combine as well as analyze business data. These corporations have detailed info on services and products, suppliers and buyers, customer preferences, which can be attained and evaluated. It comprehends and adapts to business procedures. Retailers can simply adjust their stock based upon the predictive models created by web search trends, social media information, and climate forecasts (Nazari-Shirkouhi, 2015).

  1. Time Decreases: The High-speed tools for example Hadoop and In-Memory Analysts are easily recognizable to novel sources of information so that business information is quickly analyzed and quick conclusions based on learning methods.
  2. Novel Product Development: Rikki can learn trends of the solution through the analysis of the needs of the client and the needs of the clients that Rikki’s can create products.
  3. Recognize the conditions of the market: By evaluating large information Dr. Rikki’s can gain a good understanding of the current market circumstances. For instance, by evaluating the client's buying transaction, a company can be sold the highest of those products and produce products. Through this, she can get ahead of his rivals (Menzel, Schönherr and Tai, 2011).

Benefits of implementing a customer relationship management system

Type of data mining would best suit the current business's analysis needs

CLASSIFICATION ANALYSIS: This study is utilized to retrieve data and important information related to metadata and related information. It is utilized to classify diverse data in diverse categories. Classification is identical to clustering, so that the department likewise records in various sections called sections, but unlike clustering, data analysts have the knowledge of different classes or clusters. 

ANOMALY OR OUTLIER DETECTION: This denotes to observation for the data item in the dataset, which does not tally the expected sample or likely behavior. Incompatibilities are similarly called novelties, outliers, sounds, exceptions and deviations. Often they provide serious and actionable information. Inconsistency is an item that distracts in a dataset most of the data from a normal data or collectively. These types of things are in the form of statistics compared to rest of data and therefore, it specifies that something from the ordinary has happened and there is a need to pay extra attention (Sun, 2013).

For analyzing various data in various types of data mining, Rikki Wagner can help. Now Dr. Rikki Wagner needs to know that useful information and summarizing the information in the information that can be used to increase revenue, to satisfy customer satisfaction, or to reduce unwanted costs to solve various business problems.

SAP Business Intelligence tool: Business intelligence is an SAP product that is useful and very useful for Rikki’s customers and organizations to represent the data, which can be useful for analysis and professional decision making (Ojala, 2016).

  1. One point of all info is possible by BI. The data from a variety of resources can be retrieved at one location (e.g., BI).
  2. Data collected from various sources is presented as a report that is useful for analysing data at the higher level.
  • SAP BI gives GUI and simple to use great formatting.
  1. A few major functionalities which makes SAP business intelligence best than others are its capability to analyse the multidimensional data resources both in Web as well as MS Office environments, supple dashboards, flexible and mobility, scalable BI platforms

The Operational CRM usually refers to services that allow organizations to take some care of its clients. It provides supports for the various company processes or procedures, which may include marketing, sales as well as services. The Contact moreover calls centers, information aggregations systems or websites are some examples of the operational Customer Relationship Management. If your businesses client churn rate is huge moreover service prize or cost is high, then Operational Customer Relationship Management Solutions are the tool that may help you solve all kind of issues. CRM's superior expertise enables you to access data about your customers and gives you a clear understanding of your customers' requirements.

To make sure that your clients receive most possible own attentions, we have made the process as well as implementations of the operating CRM simple or professional at Straight Marketing. For example, let us assume that you are overwhelmed by the phone daily. In order to understand the progress or the status of services you should provide, you may need to communicate with your clients however do not have time. Rather than spending time every day making a calls, The Straight Marketing implement operational Customer Relationship Management systems that also allows clients to login to the account over Internet furthermore view the entire details of services provide. Also try to assume that you may save some time without respond or response to the unnecessary call. Due to operational Customer Relationship Management, everyone is winning. You respond to the client, your consumers are satisfied with your services, or everybody may get what she or he wants or requires. These are a just single area of ??the CRM that may create bigger efficiencies for your businesses. Results of the operational Customer Relationship Management strategy are of far-reaching significance as well as may be implementing in the basic softwares and complex software installations in accordance with company requirements. The Operational CRM simplifies organization's company process. It also focuses on the automation or improvement of Touch Company processes for customers and customers. It includes sale automations, marketing automations as well as services automations. The major purposes of the operational Customer Relationship Management system are to generate a lead, also convert them to contact, capture whole the necessary information, and also provide supports throughout the client's life cycle. Marketing automation can help company's streamlines marketing processes, automate moreover measures marketing reports, expand sales or get faster revenue. It also includes different CRM marketing module such as event managements furthermore event-base marketing.

Issues to be aware of when embarking on a social media presence

Increasing sales or develop clients loyalty are the two major objectives of the Operational Customer Relationship Management. There is a lot of operational CRM application (SaaS, Hybrid, On Premise) with the various platforms and functions. Therefore, before selecting some CRM applications, the organization must determine goals or strategies to make sure success. The major goal of CRM system is to integrate or automate sales. As a result, this system often has a dashboard that can display entire views of 3 functions in single client view, single page for every client that business can have. Dashboards can provide customer data, past sale, last marketing effort. Operational CRM consists of three major components: sale force automations, marketing automations, and the service automations. The Sales force automations (SFA) helps organizations automate the sales procedure from sales leads to sales. Major purposes of the sales automation are to set the company standards within the administration to obtain new customers and handle existing clients.

The Service automations are the part of operational CRM systems that also concentrates on a direct client services technologies. With service automations, the clients may receive support through different channels, for example telephone, E-mail, ticketing portals, knowledge base, FAQs, may be solved, perhaps by the various marketing parts of clients in different ways. Such as, by recognizing the buying behaviors of client's base, Business can also find that these customer bases has not presently bought a large number of products or brands. After scanning this information, a business may consider marketing to these segments of clients in different ways to better convey how the company's products can be particularly beneficial to this group. However, CRM support for customer service plays a major role because customer service incorporates marketing, sales, support, and retention. CRM can bring benefits to multiple business units. It plays an important role in sales lead management and sales, which is very important to the marketing team and sales staff. Both can use CRM data to track customers and prospects and understand when and how to send messages to each customer.

Dr. Rikki Wagner uses the metrics of business CRM systems to monitor and track sales, services, and moreover marketing performances. There are indeed no shortages of measurable things in the globe of CRM. With the modern CRM system spanning different disciplines, departments or channels, this is a digital nightmare.

Operational metrics should Dr Rikki Wagner measure

The three departments most closely related to the impact of the CRM system use various operating indicators to measures their performance related. By sector, this includes:

Cloud-centric printers and computer models


  1. The number of the prospects
  2. Number of latest clients
  • Keep the number of clients


  1. The number of the campaign response
  2. The Number of purchase activities
  • Income from activities
  1. Number of new customers acquired through the event
  2. The Number of activities


  • The Number of handled cases
  • The number of a cases on day has been closed
  • Average settlement time
  • The average number of service calls per day
  • Complaint resolution time

Customer callback. Sales is the lifeline of every business. Unless Dr. Rikki Wagner has a large number of prospects per day to beat Dr. Rikki Wagner's door, sales calls are a key part of Dr. Rikki Wagner's sales process. Sales calls need to be measured. Every salesperson wants to understand how much calls they has made. Dr. Rikki Wagner's sale managers want to understand how much call every person or group made. This phone number form basis of the more helpful indicator. Traditional views are that prize of purchasing new clients are much bigger than prize of a retaining existing clients. Therefore, it is valuable to maintain the return of Dr. Rikki Wagner's customers. This is important to measure the success of Dr. Rikki Wagner's relationship with Dr. Rikki Wagner's current customers.

Why Dr. Rikki Wagner should also consider using social media as a channel to communicate with and promote brands, as social media are the one of cost-effective digitals marketing method utilize to syndicates content moreover develope the visibilities of Rikki's business. Since Rikki will be in contact with a wide range of consumers, implementing a social media strategy will greatly increase her brand awareness (Nazari-Shirkouhi, 2015).

Without marketing Rikki Wagner on social media, Rikki Wagner's inbound traffic is limited to its usual customers. People who are familiar with your brand may search for keywords that are already ranked the same. Without using media as the part of a Rikki Wagner's marketing strategies, Rikki Wagner has complexity accessing anybody outsides of your loyal clients base. Each social profile that you added to your marketing mixes are ??the gateways to Rikki Wagner's website, moreover each article by Rikki are another chance to get the latest clients. The Social media are a fusion of various kinds of persons with different behaviors and backgrounds. Various people have several requirements and many methods of thinking. Social media has gained rapid attention in its existence for several years. It is usually social media, and many people are awe-inspiring about the transformation of the communication process, especially the Y-generation that is boosted by the media platforms. The Social media are now quietly entering the boardroom of a company organization, only like the Internet; it has changed sales or buying procedures or process. Although the social media are a phenomenon, they have verified to be effective than the traditional market. There is some organization now work hard to take place in the network to communicate with customers in the distance. In addition, utilize of social networking by few organization begins with the marketing moreover awareness of their services and products. But, this has advanced to public communication or interaction with clients or another stakeholder.

Amazon EC2

Dr. Rikki Wagner should manage their social media through the following steps: Social media provides an open platform for communicating and communicating with Rikki customers so it can be used. Use Rikki to find out about her clients and meet their needs on social media instead of promoting her services. These methods do not help RIKKI good understand her customer's preference, however it also helps you to make a loyal client base that believes RIKKI's brand. In today's era, there are so many social networks to choose from, but as a small business owner, RIKKI cannot manage all activities that are on them. Based on RIKKI business goals and target audiences, find out which networks make the most sense of RIKKI dedication to their time and effort and then stick with those (Chris Adalikwu, 2012). Rikki must understand that there is no need to overextend her. All efforts are focused on one or two aspects of Rikki's best return on investment. There are many assets and tools that can help company owners develop their social media presences. The company owners may reserve hours at the beginning of this month to use software such as Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule monthly posts. Or, they can outsource the entire process to freelancers.

Social Media Policy: These policies provides a guidance for the employees to use social media and must broadly understand the purpose of these policies, including wikis, blogs, micro-blogs, chat rooms, message boards, e-newsletters, social sites, online forums or other various sites and allowing users to Service that also share the data with the others over the same period.

PROCEDURES: Following guidelines apply to utilize of professional social networking on behalf of [business] and own utilize of SM when referring [business].

  1. Workers want to understand or comply with [Worker Handbook or other business policy] when to utilizing social media. Workers must be aware of the impact their behaviour can have on their image or business status. Information published or post by employees can be public data for a long time.
  2. Employees must know that [business] can observe content or data provided by workers through the social networking.
  • The Employees must utilize their great judgments to publish materials that are neither appropriate nor dangerous to the [business], its workers, or its clients.
  1. Though not an exclusive list, several particular samples of social media behavior that are prohibited include the publication of a libel, pornography, proprietary, harassing, defamatory, or comments, content, or images that may make a hostile works surrounding.Workers must not post and post any data that are also considered private and confidential. If someone has a question about confidentiality, the workers must check with human assets department or supervisor.
  2. Social media, blogs, or the various kinds of online contents can sometimes cause media attentions and legal problems. Workers must forward this inquiry to authorized [business] spokesperson.
  3. If an employee finds that he or she has encountered a situation when using social media that may become opposing, the employee should be polite and disconnected from talks and also seek advices from supervisor.
  • Workers must be properly licensed before mentioning and posting image of present and former workers, suppliers, suppliers and members. In addition, workers must obtain proper permission to utilize third-party service marks, copyright, trademarks, copyrighted materials and intellectual property rights.
  • Utilize of social media must not hinder the workers role in the [company]. The [Company] computer system is for commercial purposes only.

Conclusions and Recommendations to the Business

Cloud computing allows users to access data anywhere they have an internet connections. In nowadays changing company environment, the key for small business owners to having all the rights they need when they want it, whether they are on PC, mobile phone or tablet, in the office, in the field as well as on road. This is exactly what cloud computing offers. The Big data or information mining is two various kinds of things. They all related to using large information set to handle collection and reporting of the data serving the business or recipients. But, these two terms is also using for two various factors of these operations.  Before implementing a company intelligence system, they are critical to analyze and deeply research your business needs from the system. This can be done by writing surveys and conducting surveys. Key figures should be identified and interviewed. They may be internal or external. It is important to get the right requirements for the success of a business intelligence system. Marketers usually have a series of goals on their Face book page. From raising awareness of turning fans into email subscribers, many marketers are making progress on each goal by focusing on strategies that build overall community participation. Exploring quickly through the demonstration is not enough for latest CRM users. Develop training strategy that also include introductory training covering essential elements and role-particular tuition to make sure that marketing, sales, moreover service teams may confidently begin use CRM. Schedule of every training program must go far beyond stating implementations. As a user become sophisticated, they will want to understand more advanced CRM functions and processes.

Billing per second


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