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This report reflects the importance of adapting IT4IT™ cloud computing technology for Delta Lloyd to improve their existing business operation.

The road map or steps of the cloud computing adaptation along with the opportunities and challenges are also elaborated in this report.

The outcome of IT4IT™ in Delta and the implementation processes are also illustrated in is paper.  

Background and Justification of IT4IT™ Adaptation

The report depicts the impact of adapting IT4IT™ in a business organization named as Delta Lloyd. In order to manage the entire business processes served by Delta Lloyd they are enthusiastic to incorporate cloud computing technology with their existing business process.   

For appropriate management Delta Lloyd has hired an IT consultant for representing a review on IT4IT™ cloud computing technology.

After adapting this IT4IT™ technology they will be able to prevent the issues efficiently by bringing significant changes in the industries. The fundamental difference between the traditional and new technology is only it could operate all the IT business operations fluently (Adhari et al. 2015). The operation of the financial domain could also be presented effectively. With the mobile apps the users will be able to handle the operation quickly and even the chances of error occurrences also get reduced after the adaptation of this IT4IT™ technology in Delta Lloyd. Cloud computing will deliver standard market services such as SaaS and PaaS and for reducing the risks, t5t has brought to integrate all  the services together.

Delta Lloyd is facing many challenges while conducting their business and in order to mitigate those challenges they have planned to adapt IT4IT™ cloud computing technology to their existing business operations.

Challenges of Delta Lloyd: One of the biggest challenges to Delta Lloyd is that based on the business type, if the lines of businesses those are developing or sourcing their own applications in a complicated way to merge the division of the deltoid IT enterprises, for serving better applications to the business owners anytime then, different business application oriented risks will occur (Betz 2016). They are more focused to deliver technology rather than services. Inappropriate spread sheet maintenance and security a monitoring tool is another major challenge to delta Lloyd. Even, improvement of that tool sis found to be very much challenging. Entire process can flow efficiently with the help of individual software packages but integrated automated provisioning monitoring approach is challenging to Delta Lloyd.  

Opportunity to Delta Lloyd: The IT4IT™ technology is though not a green field technology but provided opportunity to make a good start of the business operations in the IT organizations. With the help of this technology Delta Lloyd will be able to serve all the business functionalities with the help of the t5t model (Hashim et al. 2016). The road map can show the key phases to the developers. The road map will also show the new roles and the value stream those are the keys for the development is again an opportunity to Delta Lloyd.

Adoption road map

In order to adapt the IT4IT™ technology in Delta Lloyd to mitigate the existing challenges they are required to maintain the road map. With the help of the road ma they can efficiently adapt the cloud t5t model. In the initial step Delta Lloyd should develop a blueprint of the architecture; the steps of that architecture must be followed by the developers while implementing the IT4IT™ cloud computing technology in the business organization (Ijaa 2014). The blueprint of the IT business organizations maintains almost similar steps. While adapting the technology tool architectures must be gathered and depending on the skills and practices of the employees the workload will be divided among the staffs. After that the data model will be developed and based on the data model the process blueprints will be developed by the project manager of the business organization (Venkatraman & Shantapriyan 2015).  The test management standards should be incorporated by Delta Lloyd to understand the architecture and to identify the gaps efficiently.  After identifying the end to end value steam for each of the value stream the number of leads should be improved to develop the overall business functionality (Kekkonen & Arasmo 2016). In order to run the project activities, single management system and change management practices must be adapted by the project developers.

IT4IT™ Adoption, Implications of IT4IT™ for Cloud Computing

In order to start the process for Delta Lloyd, the project management team must initially identify the responsible person for the end to end value stream. Then the architecture should be developed again for the end to end then for each value stream the number of leads should be identified. In order to improve the function these are necessary. The reference architecture can detect the entire chain because security is one of the major concerns to IT business organizations. For developing the central security, the security event management systems are needed to be combined because the individual processes cannot perform the task effectively (Rashbaum, Borden & Beaumont 2014).  The event management system will detect the issues and at the same time, it will identify the person who can resolve it. Ability monitoring management system should be developed to maintain the security events together based on the priority. However, the security team cannot resolve the issues thus they should nominate the team who can resolve the issues. Technology is changing rapidly in order to adapt the required changes those are necessary to develop IT4IT™, change management system should be incorporated (Silic & Back 2014). After that a packet patch should be created to develop the production with the help of the specialists.

In order to organize the processes properly the business flow should maintain the steps accordingly.

  • Managing the requirement and backing
  • Product release
  • Designing the prototype
  • Configuration and development
  • Building the integrity
  • Deploy ad release after the unit and integrated testing

During the development phase, different tools are needed to be adapted by Delta Lloyd to implement the system. They does not have all the project development tools, rather all the tools have their own connectors. Due to lack of management tools the IT4IT™ technology will fail to run over the platform (Singh & Kaur 2016). The integrated and automated provisioning or monitoring approach is referred to as another major challenge to Delta Lloyd. The financial industry of Delta Lloyd is also facing major challenges due to improper investment while conducting the feasibility study.

Outcomes of IT4IT™ adoption in Delta Lloyd Conclusion 

After adapting the IT4IT™ technology in Delta Lloyd, it will be able to deliver a standard reference model for developing the tool chains. It will help to identify the queues those are typically found in the IT management environment.  It will provide a better visibility into the work in processes of Delta Lloyd. In addition to this, it will also deliver a mapping of Scaled Agile Framework concept to improve the traditional project of the business organization. The reference architecture will integrate all the data resources together to provide standardized services to the business operation (Strzelczak 2014). The multi sourced IT can be managed in a better way by adapting the IT4IT™ technology in their businesses.  The overall cost will be reduced and with the help of big data opportunities the key components of the value stream management will be integrated effectively.  

Security: Security is one of the major concerns that are needed to be considered by Delta Lloyd. The IT firm holds all of is confidential information in the data server thus the server is needed to be secured from the external attacks. By implementing different security tools the IT4IT™ technology can kept secured.

Change management adaptation: Due to rapid changes in technology, proper change management framework should be adapted by Delta Lloyd to reduce the rate of technology based risks.

Communication:  In order to mitigate the issues regarding project manager and project team member’s interaction, open communication approach is required to be developed so that the team members feel free to interact with each other with their creative thoughts.  

Leadership: The project team members must provide appropriate leadership for the planning. The leaders will monitor and control the entire business process efficiently.


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