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Scientific Advancements in Quantum Computing

Science | AAAS. (2017). Scientists are close to building a quantum computer that can beat a conventional one,, December 2016, viewed 15 May 2017,

[online] Available at:

The article describes how scientists are expecting to get a new quantum computer to market which can be waiting there any conventional computers. I decided about this article because it not only talks about the conventional systems but it also tells about how the new computers Will be better for usage.

This article shows that small super coding circuits  might be utilised by Google because there have been nine qubit machines created which might go to 49 and 12 months which is a big number. Aspen various reviews it can be stated that quantum computer can  provide with high supremacy with nearly 50 qubit . This means that this kind of computing can perform anything which classical computers could not like the simulation of molecule are frameworks within chemistry subject and other sciences or you can also deal with different issues in cryptography or knowledge again from machine.

This article states that making of quantum computers has been a very big thing now and even Google is looking forward to it.  And informal being for quantum information sciences, Preskill stated that it is good to know that there are various technologies which are getting developed in parallel.  This is definitely beyond the conventional binary computing architecture that has been discussed in the article because the emerging field focuses on something strange which even the computer engineers are also not aware, how it would look commercially.

This article is very interesting because it's lays stress on the rising  need of quantum technology  and also explains how even the bitch giants like Google are expecting revolution in technology with this kind of change.

Haas, J. (2017). Want to Install Linux? Here's How to Choose the Right Distro., Lifewire, October 2016, viewed 15 May 2017,
[online] Available at:

The chosen article briefly talks about Linux operating system is and making choice from its variants. It is useful because one has to choose the right and the simple one which matches the needs of the user. 

As per this article little bit of research is needed for making the correct choice of Linux distributions. A few of the distributions have been mentioned in this article and I feel that best out of them is Mandriva because thiskind of distribution has been known for its user friendliness for the new users and domestic users. It is simple to be installed, and it operates the KDE Windows as its default windows- such as graphical desktop setting

Choosing the Right Linux Distribution

This article also clearly states how a person can make a choice of the distribution even if he isn't clear of his own needs. It is very simple that if the first choice is not satisfactory then the person can always switch on to any other. 

I like this article because it states that one is always free to experiment with operating systems' installations , Which is the advantages because it will  help me in gaining further knowledge and even give me more experience. However it also makes so severe that while such kind of experimentation, data backup is necessary. 

Abraham, P., Abraham, P., Abraham, P. and Abraham, P. (2017). Types of Virtualization in Cloud Computing- An Overview. [online] ZNetLive Blog - A Guide to  Domains, Web Hosting & Cloud. June 2016, viewed 15 May 2017, [online]
Available at: 

This article talks about the concept of  virtualisation.  Although there are various type two are hosted virtualisation software in the market yet right choice has to be made. Even though this article doesn’t talk about the host or open virtualization but it shows the aspects which can make the process of virtualization work.

This article states that virtualisation is a type of technical advancement that is growing fastly and is also for transformation to the approach of computing. It is stated that virtualisation is important   For saving the time in energy and reduction in costs and risks. 

The article shows that there are many signs of virtualisation searches hardware, networking, storage, data, software, memory and desktop.  The hardware virtualisation is widely known one and it has a benefit that all the small physical servers are joined together to make a big one. This way the processor can be utilised in further efficient and effective manner. This kind of virtualisation again we segregated further into a partial, para or the full virtualisation. This article also talks about the remaining kinds of virtualisation and gives a brief about them. 
I found this article useful because it has covered all the aspects of virtualisation and it shows how virtualisation is beneficial and why it has been gaining so much of popularity.

Search Networking. (2017). What is Sequenced Packet Exchange (SPX)? - Definition from June 2016, viewed 15 May 2017,

 [online] Available at: 

The material for the week discusses regarding TCP  and UDP which are two layered for transport protocols however sequenced packet exchange (SPX) had not been discussed.

SPX (Sequenced Packet Exchange) is the protocol for dealing with the sequencing of packets in a Novell NetWare network. SPX makes the sequences of packets ready that any message sent is segregated into and deals with the reassembling of received packets. This way it confirms that entire is received and the re-transmission is requested in case it’s not received. SPX is useful because it jointly operates with IPX for managing the packets’ forwarding within the networks.

SPX works directly with the Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX), which manages the forwarding of packets in the network.

SPX is the transportation layer from the IPX/SPX procedure and IPX is the network layer. SPX deals with the linkages among systems whereas IPX deals with the real transferring of data. So, SPX commands are put to use for laying, confirming, and closing the connections, and it resembles TCP. SPX works at the transporting layer and gives for acknowledgements, reassembling of packets and different acts which are linked with the connection.

This article has been utilized because the other two are well known types of protocols however much has not been talked about the SPX. SPX is now seen to be an inheritance protocol because it has mainly been supplanted by TCP/IP.

Understanding Virtualization

The Guardian. (2017). Canada government websites taken down in cyber attack. June 2016, viewed 15 May 2017 

[online] Available at:

This article has been chosen because the cyber attack has been on rise and various governments and non government assets have been getting more attention from the media. The chosen article is regarding Canadian government’s website which had been hacked on 17th June 2015.

This led to the web servers to get affected by the cyber attack and the responsibility had been taken by the Hacking group-Anonymous. This had been carried out by the group for showing opposition to anti-terrorism laws issued by Canadian government.

There had been a video placed on YouTube which showed that anonymous had made declaration that the antiterrorism laws had been violating the human rights and he felt that all those people who are not agreeing with the government had been targeted.  The attack targeted various government websites of servers including the social websites like Canada spying agency and its intelligence services. 

I had chosen this article because this attack is one of a kind as it targeted for creating terror among people. The terrorist are also aware of the different technical ways in which they can hamper the working of the nation.  It also laid stress on how Canadian government has to ensure that cyber security can be improved.  Although the impact was not much still it was big enough to make this agencies shut down until the systems were back and working securely.

Nystedt, D. and Service, I. (2017). Taiwan Earthquake Damages Undersea Internet Cables. March 2010, viewed 15 May 2017 [online] PCWorld. Available at:

This article has been used to describe the events which are not in our control and still have the capacity to effect the ICT infrastructures. The similar case happened in Taiwan in 2010 when an earthquake was responsible for damaging the undersea Internet wires. There was injury to lots of people and also a lot of fire was created due to this earthquake. 

This has led to disruption in the ICT frameworks in the telecom segment has been involved in fixing the same. This earthquake took place at the southern Taiwan’s city of Pingtung.  It had invested the undersea firing in six regions and the services got disrupted broadly. The same has been rectified by the telecommunication employees,  however it caused huge damages. These were rectified why are you helping of traffic on the storage of services.

Urban planning is necessary for providing infrastructure that can resist disaster or that can be restored with no trouble, in case it is disrupted while a adversity. Emergency communications are very important in bringing the disaster support, therefore access infrastructure for telecommunication networks has to be principally strong. I think that it is essential to lend a hand in making the access systems for telecommunicating networks since the capital invested for the disaster-opposing infrastructure is massive

This article has been choose and because it shows how undersea fibre-optic cables Fitch loads of data and communication traffic all over the world. But the cables placed in the region of Taiwan have a smooth life.

Telecommunications and Disaster Management

Yeomans, M. (2017). Why crowdsourcing should become part of a company's sustainability DNA. the Guardian. February, 2013, viewed 15 May 2017 [online] Available at:

This article has been used for understanding the concept of crowdsourcing which is used by businesses to get connected with the public. This has been utilized by Verizon, Sainsbury and many other businesses.

It had been shared by Sainsbury that it had been crowdsourcing the ideas from 155 different businesses along with its competitors so that it can have better sustainable marketing.

This article explains how curation is important for the businesses and how it can boost effectiveness. The crowdsourcing is the procedure of getting financing or support, generally online, as of a crowd of individuals. The word is a mixture of the two words- 'crowd' and 'outsourcing'. I think it lays how to pick up a work and subcontract or outsource it to a crowd of personnel.

The task of crowdsourcing ensures that more people generally deliver better product than single person. By involvement of large crowds of individuals there would be better skills, better ideas and more participation there for the quality would also be superior.

Even though Sainsbury has started using this concept still lots of businesses haven’t yet started with it. As per this article, crowdsourcing is useful for healthcare business and other similar businesses which relate to life sciences. 

This article had been interesting because it shows my idea in my perspective where I feel that when smart peoples collaborate together either online or off-line to resolve the issues then they can easily do so. Crowdsourcing is the way of carrying out such resolutions by use of Internet.

Monitor, T. (2017). Data theft: Top 5 most expensive data breaches. [online] The Christian Science Monitor. May, 2011, viewed 15 May 2017 [online]  Available at: 

Since the mass data collection and data storage has  been on rise similarly is the  decreasing privacy of these data.  Since there is bulk of data, as per this article, the personal data is regularly gathered and it is also traded because of very few controls for utilisation and security. This article lays importance on the security for my protection and privacy of data, which is very important. This article shows that there had been to huge breaches and data thefts in the year 2011 where the details of lines of epsilon and Sony   that could have been stolen. There had been high trials for doing so. 

This article also shows that the business deals with email listing for you to retailers and banking institutions such as TiVo, JP Morgan, Best Buy, Kroger and Walgreens. It has been estimated that this breach could have an impact of around two $25 million. This kind of third also leads to loss of the clients and brings a bad name to the business. However as per Ponemon, the stolen data would have much bigger impact if it wouldn't have been in form of email and if it had got more of financial information. This article is useful because it lays significance on kinds of data which can be attacked and stolen and it also shows how expensive these breaches are.

Crowdsourcing for Businesses

The failure to adapt business processes and embrace technology, particularly ICT, has led to the downfall of many previously successful companies.  Find and summarise a resource that describes ONE example of an organisation that failed to adapt to changes in technology and explain what the organisation failed to do/respond to.

Technology, 2. (2017). 2 Big Companies That Missed The Opportunity To Adapt To New Technology. November, 2011, viewed 15 May 2017, [online] Business Insider. Available at:

This article shows how the businesses which are unable to adapt business procedures and apply technology specially the ICT, are facing downfall. This article has used the example of two big companies that is Borders and the San Jose Mercury News. 

This article is very interesting because it also shows how these failure is again teachers lessons and how one can adapt to changing environment by overcoming different challenges. 

This article shows how newspaper business boosted even when the source of its wealth wasn't considered by managers and staff members.  Although the management of this news company created a strategy which was useful for surviving in the dynamic world, However its inability to cope up and unwillingness to change led to its downfall.  In my viewpoint, as a business becomes larger and more flourishing then it becomes the more risk-reluctant. It can be seen that the businesses which want the inventive new goods and services, and they anticipate each one of them to be successful Similar is the example of Nokia, losing its business to SmartPhones due to its resistance to adapt the technical changes. 

This article was an interesting one because it shows how to huge businesses which were rolling their industries could not survive and continue because they did not really re-organise themselves. It is useful to know how it would be beneficial to apply the innovation and technical changes in the business operations to not only succeed but also to survive in the long-run. (2017). Learning from failed ICT projects | Lexology. February, 2013, viewed 15 May 2017 [online] Available at:

This article focuses on the reasons behind failure of ICT projects.  There are usually use amounts of this in world in the ICT products and huge costs, time utilisation, attached with large sums of revenues. This article talks about different projects which have failed in the public sector especially in Australia UK and USA.  It talks about 17 failed ICT projects.

 One of the examples chosen for studying this kind of failure is the example of  victorian police which started with the link project. This project has a purpose of replacing the previously held systems which were there for 30 years. The systems for utilise for recording the crime events and different details from the database of Victoria. There has been many failures,  yes project had been suspended in 2011 till further 4 to 5 years. All these failures lead to increased cost of the project by around $127.7 million. 

The main cause behind this project failure was appointment of a single experienced project manager was not there. The project has two distinct managers with segregated responsibilities.  One of these managers had never experienced the management of big and complex ICT projects earlier. Therefore there were different classes of understanding among both the managers and there were various inabilities to recognise the project risks.  There was also hampering of the project because the project team wanted similar kind of system  to replace the old one. Therefore the Victorian police was unable to acquire the latest systems which would deal with the existing and upcoming issues effwcfively.

This article has been chosen because it gives an example of how the different factors can lead to failure of ICT project and how businesses can overcome this kind of failure.
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