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1. What is a Case Study ? 
2. Is there only “ One Solution” for solving case studies ? Explain your answer with a short example. 
3. Case Studies are only meant for Business School students. True or False ? Explain .
4. What may be the objective of Case based teaching in business schools ?

Various Ways to Solve a Case Study

From the business prospective Case Study is a detailed analysis of the situation by which a decision is made or a problem is solved (Heale and Twycross, 2018).

From the student prospective -It is imagined scenario, by which students analyse the case and based on their interpretation give suitable solutions. Case Study is a learning tool by which students make depth analysis of the situation and learn about different prospective of the case study which will help them in current scenario of business environment. It is use as a research strategy and inquiry, which investigates an occurrence in real life context.

Answer 5- There are various ways to solve a case study. The solution of case study depends on the type of problem. For example if the case study is of ethical problem then the answer may be different, depending on perception of each person but sometimes case study is of such type where only one solution can be applied then in this case, it can be solve by only one solution. Each case study can be solve by giving different answers but it depend on the type of problem. Certain steps are to be followed for solving a case study, first step in solving a case study is to go through the case study which is given, after identifying the case study, a central issue in the case study is focused which gives the reader a deep analysis of the problem regarding finance, human resource, logistics, law and management. The central issue which was identified is seen in the context of firm’s goal and hindrances which occur in solving the case study. After doing careful analysis of above five steps available alternatives seen by which case studies can be solve. At the end, appropriate decision taken considering the organisation (Bonney, 2015).

Answer 6- No, case studies are not only meant for business students as the motive of case studies is to do deep analysis of the problem and on the basis of that appropriate solutions are find which will help in future. So case study used in various places depending on the type of problem or situation. Case studies used by medical students also, to make them understand about the problems that might come in their way. Despite of various fields, case studies are most useful in law field in which an imaginary situation is necessary for students to understand how to solve a case.

Suitability of Case Studies for Different Fields

In this way, it is clear that case studies are meant for organisations, medical students, law student, business schools as well as in any place when there is a situation arise, which need the interpretation of the situation to find the root cause of the problem (Twycross and Heale, 2018).

Answer 7- Case studies used by business schools due to following reasons-

  • The imaginary situation in case studies help student to know the hindrances that might occur in future.
  • The depth analysis of the situation will boost the skills of the students to have deep understanding of the situation.
  • Case study helps students in increasing their engagement in classroom activities, by which team-building skills develop in them (Bonney, 2015).
  • Through case studies, they do careful examination of the situation of cases, by which they come to know about various aspects of the emerging environment.

Answer 1- The main ethical issue in this case is use of illegal drugs that was shown on social media. It was already mentioned in the profile of Pharmacy Company. The heavy use of alcohol by the candidate will put negative impact on the workers as well as customers if they come to know about this. Concerning Manager’s post, it is not suitable to hire such candidate who is too much involved in illegal activities (NCADD, 2018). The girl was too much involved in partying that might hamper the productivity of the organisation (Deneck, et al. 2015). Although the candidate was experienced but after proper research they found candidate was indulged in partying and heavy alcohol.

Answer 2- In this situation use of social networking sites by the employer to hire candidates is somewhat inappropriate because it is not confirm that the use of alcohol will distract her in the workplace as everybody have their personal life. In this case study, despite of pointing out on candidate, go through the personal interview to suggest her some steps so that she can improve them by taking suitable actions (Lawrence, 2018). To some extent, these things can taken into consideration but it is obvious that these things are banned at workplaces so hiring based on these things are inappropriate. Despite being using alcohol, it was found in the social site that she was once involved in illegal activity but improvement could be possible by telling her disadvantages of these things.

Answer 3- Social networking site facilitates connecting with friends and family at a long distance. Social networking sites makes us connected and entertain us from the chaos of life and it helps in getting what is going on in the world thus improving communication. The use of social networking sites helps people in keeping them happy whenever they are lonely or away from their friends and family (Baker, 2018). Social networking sites provide useful knowledge about what is going on in the environment, in this way these sites are sometimes beneficial for creating awareness among people.

Ethical Issues in Solving Case Studies

This case influenced in a way that one should not post or make personal issues public, or gaining attention on social media is not the adequate solution, this affects the professional life so it is better to keep personal and professional separate and this helps in maintaining good relations at workplace. The use of social sites in excess limit can distract us in the work that will result in decreasing the productivity of concerned activity that needed to done.

Answer 4- As an HR Manager of the company, I will conduct a personal interview for the selected candidate to know about their lifestyle. Before taking any decision, in this case, I will do a depth analysis of the profile of candidate that despite being her personal life whether she is suitable for the job or not. In an article of Brunot it is found that 70% candidates are rejected by the employer just because of the information found on social media but sometimes this should not be taken in consideration to hire someone. As a HR manager, social media should not be given much preference that can reject a best person while hiring. Instead of judging people by social media, I would have been conducted a meeting where information about his or her background as well as knowledge for the concerned area was judged. Based on interview held, I have hired the person in this situation.

Business Case- an Ethical Dilemma- producing Toys, Child’s Play?

Answer 1- As a product manager, it was disheartening to see the child workers who were working in their house. The infrastructure facilities were also not proper and unhealthy working conditions which can adversely affect the productivity as well as mental health of the employees working in the organisation (Peter, 2013) leading them to quit the job. There should have been proper infrastructure and other facilities for the workers, which could help them in enhancing the productivity, this could done by organising proper training sessions imparting necessary skills for the job, and it would further lead to their personal growth and development.

Answer 2- After going through the detailed analysis of the case study, it can be stated that the scenario presented may often lead to unproductive outcomes. Therefore, some policies or strategies must devised for the better functioning of the organisation in compliance with the labour laws and child labour act, 1980, which regulate the labour relations (khaleejtimes, 2018). In spite of working at this age, children must have basic education, which will help them in grooming their lives. Basic education helps in development of the person as well as the society (Türkkahraman, 2013). Instead of indulge him or her in illegal activities; they must promoted for Education that is the fundamental right of every citizen.

Separating Personal Life from Professional Life

Answer 3- The above stated reasons are similar to value or principles of my life. Education plays an important role in our life and forms the basis for the growth and development. In addition, education tends to improve the living standard of life, by creating awareness about the basic rights and principles of life. Every phase of life should planned in such a way that will help in grooming personality. Working life is also a stage in life that comes after getting proper education. According to me, working in educational age block the ways for growth. In the principle of my life, education and growth is inseparable in the sense that without education, growth is not possible because education gives knowledge to become an independent person in life (Diwan, 2017).

Answer 1- If I was at the place of Bill, I would have been answered the branch manager with politeness as I had done my duty with due care and honesty. I would have been assure him that I done whatever was good for the company. From the past years, I was doing my work with due care and diligence so this time also I have not done anything wrong. I would have shown him the records of past few days that would make him reliable that I was giving my complete effort to fulfil my responsibilities that was assigned to me. Despite of these, I would have told him that I have fulfilled all my duties diligently in the Past years so this time also I cannot think to commit such mistakes, which will bring me down, or my organisation.

Answer 2- In the case study, regional office members were not concerned about his transfer from his current location to another, therefore there was a lack of proper check. Due consideration is needed when employees are transferred from one region to another. Whereas , if employees were properly trained and supervised there would require no check for their working while transfer or promotion that would further motivate them for working more effectively and efficiently  due to the reason that organisation is also concerned for them. If continuous check on working of Bill were done, the problem of ignorance between the members would not be there. While transferring him to the regional office, no consideration was given to him for his problems; this shows that there were no person to keep check on the newly appointed person. Regional office was not bothered about the person who was fired from the organisation. Continuous check would have been done to check the working of those employees who were fired from the organisation.

Child Labor and Education

Answer 3- Yes, Bill can effectively play the role of manager in this branch. When he transferred to another department with higher responsibilities, he fulfilled all his duties with due care, which needed to become a successful employee. He had done his work by staying at office until night.

In the context of manager, he fulfilled all the responsibilities of a manger like managing the task that was given to him as well as solving the entire problem. He guided employees by providing them proper training. As a manager, he took the right decision to fire out those employees who were causing trouble in the organisation (Mccarthy, 2018). He effectively managed all the people in an organisation, which resulted in working smoothly, this shows that he has all the skills and abilities to be a manager (Michelman, 2008). When his branch manager was not able to come office, he effectively managed the organisation by working hard. With respect to manager’s post, he deliberately fulfilled his duties by seeing training needs for employees.


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