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Types of Food and Their Origins

1.Record the types of food and their origin country or region or province you ate for the past two days.

2.Research two Foods/Food Ingredients. Focus in on two foods or Food Ingredients that you consumed as documented in your food diary

3.Prepare global food maps showing the origins and possible routes of ALL of your consumed food items over the past two days diary.

4.Explain briefly how your personal values may affect your eating patterns.

1.Food habits are one of the unique characteristics of every human being and each one of them has specific characteristics that are interlinked with personal preferences. Along with being dependent on personal choices, the food habits are also heavily dependent on the cultural backgrounds of that particular individual. The cultural differences and upbringing has an equal impact on the food habits and choices, just as strong as the cuisine has on a person. It has to be understood that the health of a particular individual is critically associated with the food intake of that particular individual (Lin et al., 2017). Each food ingredient comes from a particular province as an origin, and each ingredient has particular benefits or drawbacks to the aspects of health. Therefore food habits and food intake in general can be traced back to the health determinants of a particular individual. In this particular assignment, I would divulge in my food habits and how those are affecting different aspects of my life. In order to do so, I would first attempt to record my food intake in details for evaluation and critical analysis in the form of a food diary. This inventory will be focussed on the food items that I took and their origins, the data will be presented in tabular form.






8th June, 2017


Pancakes with maple syrup

Although pancakes are mainly an English dish, its origin leads back to ancient Greek civilizations.

Every morning, I eat pancakes in breakfast.

8am in the morning


Caeser’s salad

It has rich Mexican origin.

In lunch.


Meat balls with curry

This particular dish originated in India.

In lunch


Garlic breads

Originated mainly in Italy.

In lunch.


Ketchup chips


As evening snacks.


Chicken soup

United kingdom

In dinner.

9th June, 2017



United states

In breakfast


Rice and boiled vegetables

Asian origin

In lunch



United kingdom

In evening snack




In dinner

2.In this section the production and/or manufacturing statistics of the food items that i consume on a daily basis. It has to be understood that my diet plan is rarely constant, and it is not possible for me to evaluate the food items included in the table above. And as the instructions for this particular assignment, specify the usage of only two food items, I will be choosing processed food items like corns from cornflakes or cereals and Cheerio’s.

For cornflakes:

Cornflakes or cereals as more popularly known are the modern day breakfast favourite all around the globe, and it is the first choice as a nutritious boost early in the morning for the body. The nutritional properties of cereals are extremely high and that is the reason the concept of cereals have gotten this much popularity. There are many manufacturing organizations for cereals; however out of them Kellogs is by far the most abundantly popular manufacturing company for cereals. Although there are many a flavours to cornflakes nowadays, the main and most nutritionally important ingredient is corn. And the manufacturing and the production process has many distinct phases worth being evaluated. As more flavours of cornflakes have been introduced in the market, it has been able to raise its popularity among the health conscious people and thereby the cornflakes brands have been able to improve upon its popularity within the consumer market (Michels et al., 2016).

Research on Two Foods/Food Ingredients

Cornflakes are produced by toasting the flakes of corns, and the production procedure of this apparently simple step has many distinct phases. On a more elaborative note, there are 5 distinct phases to corn development; the very first step to this procedure is Hydrothermical treatment, in this step the corn products are steamed in this phase the cons are generally mixed with additional ingredients, best it makes the product more flexible for further processing inside the roller mill. The next step of corn flakes production is pre drying step, in this deep cooked meals Chris are dried by the air generated in a vertical inflow into the machine. This facility is uniformly dried by the help of 4 agitator arms. The third step to conflict production is flaking where the maize grills are sleep by rolling machinery. The high hydraulic pressure in the machine causes the precise roller adjustment so that the flakes are produced with uniform quality. The fourth step to corn flakes production is roasting, and this type the conflict that has yet soft and flexible through high heat. This is the stuff where the corn flakes get a signature crunchy texture.  Final step of the process is cooling where the role played by the means of cold air balloon in while the product is gently transported onto the flat belt from the in feet into the discharge (Reicks et al., 2014).

It has to be understood that the most important ingredient in the production of corn flakes is corn itself. Corn raw material for the production of corn flakes is generally planted in large scale value based plantation mode. The harvesting and plantation of the corns generally is taken care by the cornflake production company by the mediation of plantation managers. Nowadays the corn plantation that goes into production of corn flakes of renowned companies like Kellogg's includes high-end technology machinery and efficient team.

Fertilizers and Chemicals stimulators are used in case of cotton plantation and corn production across the globe. The main reason behind using chemicals to fortify the production and quality of the corn is mainly to reduce the time required for production and incorporate more yields. Chemical pesticides are also used in case of corn plantation, in order to avoid any harm of infection to the crop (Rodríguez-Tadeo et al., 2017).

For Cheerio’s:

Cheerios are another major choice for cereal item in the individuals all around the world and being mainly made out of oats are considered as the healthier choices in the cereals. The main ingredient for making Cheerios is oats and the productions procedure has many interlinked steps. Cheerios is the American version of breakfast cereal and is manufactured by General Mills. When it was originally produced, it had been called CheeriOats, and later was changed to more popular term cheerios in 1945.

The shape of a Cheerio is very different from the typical breakfast cereal, and the unique shape of it was what initially captivated the customers. The production process of cheerio are novel as well, the first step of the production is mixing. In this step the ingredients for making the cheerios are mixed properly with the help of blending machinery, afterwards the unique round shape to the cheerios are given by the help of special molds. In the next step, each tiny circle undergoes speed drying, following which the cheerio circles are passed through a process of steam drying. In this particular step, the dried cheerio circles are placed inside pressurized cylinders and super hot steam is applied onto it. This process or step is mandatory in case of

Global Food Maps of Consumed Foods

Cheerio production as the transition from high pressure to normal pressure allowsthe centreofthecheeriocirclestobepuffedup. The last step of this particular process is packaging of the cheerios and marketing to the market. It is important to have an attractive package can help in the overall process of seeking attention of all the food lovers and is thus help to spread the popularity of the food items (Rodríguez-Tadeo et al., 2017). 

The main ingredients of cheerios are oats, and the manufacturing companies pay a large chunk of money for the high quality oats supply. The supply for this particular brand comes mainly from the choice oat plantation programs itself. The plantation programs space design in a manner to produce optimal is and best quality of oats. As the popularity of the food item is raised, the plantation farming of the food has raised its popularity that has enabled in the overall process of increasing the popularity of the food item.

Every for plantation needs to practice pest control and soil stimulation activities.Hans fertilizers and pesticides are in common use in case of oat plantations as well. Study suggests that the nitrogen requirement along with Phosphorus requirement in case of wood plantation is very crucial hence fertilizer speech in nitrogen and phosphorus are used generously in case of oat plantations.  Pest and rodent can effectively harm the crop and field of the plantation farms hence usage of chemical based pesticides to word of the unwanted pests are utilized as well in case of oat plantations (Rotberg et al., 2015).

3.The origin of the cornflakes can be traced back from the year 1894 and it originated from the sates of Michigan USA. The cheeros is also another food that is one of the popular cereal foods and it also originated from USA that later spread in many parts of UK, Australia and New Zealand.  The map that is given below has able to describe the origin of all the other major foods that has been the part of the overall assignment. The respective food that has been mentioned in the map has originated in a single position and has spread its popularity in different parts of the globe.  Hence people from all parts of the globe have been able to have a wide range of foods originating from different parts of the globe.    

4.The purpose of this assignment food diary was to discover our own food habits and guy Falls into what it means for our health and our well being. Food habits and dietary intake a lot about our nature preferences and our inclinations. It indicates at what we value the most and how well we can control our purest desires for the sake of our health and future prosperity. In the course of this assignment I have understood in detail what my food habits are and how it may have been affecting my health patterns and illnesses along the years. In the first course of this assignment I have discovered bit by bit but all I consume in the entirety of the day and I have also devoted time and effort to discover from what Origins those food items are and tried to analyze how I have become inclines to the particular food items. Lastly I would also like to mention that this assignment has helped me integrate my cultural background and how it affects my choices in terms of everyday chores (Rotberg et al., 2015).

The Impact of Personal Values on Eating Patterns

Food habits define us our choices our nature and what we are naturally inclined to. It has to be understood that along the course of this assignment I have clearly understood what is set the food habits that I have adapted are having on different aspects of my health and wellbeing. Studies suggest that food habits have a major impact from the cultural background and upbringing, in my case being from a mixed cultural background, my dietary choices are divergent as well (Shea et al., 2015). In this context I must mention that I'll bet my battery patterns intermixed and devoid of any link between one another my knitting patterns are highly articulated and disciplined. This is what I have learnt from my from my research on food inventory and food diary, from the items in breakfast to the ones in dinner I maintain a particular timing pattern.  IfI consider what I eat bit by bit in the morning when I wake up I'll try to have the most fulfilling breakfast to ensure that the food pyramid for the day is balanced and neutralized. Famous cases I try to start my day with a heavy pancake meal,  pancakes a Wholesome food and I love starting my day with the delicious taste of maple syrup flavored pancakes. Origin of pancakes this dish was originally established in the land of English. Hence it has a singular mild and subdued English things to eat that attracts me scintillatingly (Shea et al., 2015).  

Items that are generally diverse in a little greasy and I was too heavy however lunch meals I am supposed to be heavy in my believes. However I always try to incorporate as many vegetables and green leafy items in my diet to neutralize the amount of carbs I eat on a daily manner. For example in the food inventory I have incorporated Caesar salads as a part of my lunch me to introduce vegetables and fresh green leafy food items into my that also taste well. Author of Maya bringing I have been shown to enjoy food and respect food hence my love towards food and it brings out different flavors in my taste buds are deep rooted within my cultural heritage and my are bringing. Hence I try to incorporate food items that will not only be healthy but will also be joyous for me to it. Coming to the evening snacks I generally keep it very light changing from Nuts to cheerio cereals. Not only they are light but I also nutritious and tasty. For dinner items I tend to keep it very light so that the day Ends on me not feeling stuffy and bloated at the end of the day. The dinner items that I generally in the house on a different kinds of soups like chicken soup or poutine. It helps me balance out the heavy diet for the rest of the day and allows me to have a good night sleep without any stuffed feeling (Wennberg et al., 2016).

In this context I would like to mention that I try to keep as minimum of processed food items into my diet as possible. Albeit being a foodie with the Peculiar taste, I try to stick to home cooked meals as much as possible. The only kind of processed food items that are prevalent in my dietary plan or maple syrup and breakfast cereals. Second safely say that the percentage of unprocessed food items are much higher when compared to the percentage of processed food. I can safely conclude that the percentage ratio of unprocessed and processed food items in my dietary plan is 75:25.

The research that I undertook of 2 food items and their main ingredients from my dietary plan had been both serial items One made out of corn and One made out of oat. Both are breakfast cereals that are extremely popular in the Cosmopolitan population and are the first choice of mothers as a nutritious and filling breakfast item. The research that I undertook was to determine how these particular serials are manufacture of reduced and how the main ingredient of this particular process food items comes from and what dangerous they pose to our health and well being. In case of Kellogg's Corn Flakes, which is one of my favorite cereal items, action on manufacturing procedure has distinct hygienic steps. Each step is carried out with meticulous precision and safety procedures. The main ingredient that is corn, comes from a scientifically hygienic optimal plantation patient effect and hi tech plantation techniques are followed. Hi sir chemical fertilizers and pesticides are still used in the corn plantations from where the major supply of corn comes from for the manufacturing of our favourite brand of corn flakes. However it is a part of the necessary evil where we have to compromise in order to attain best quality of corns. Similarly in case of the cheerio cereals, the manufacturing process is even more complex. There are meticulous series of steps that allows formation of the Unique circular puffed shape that is the signature characteristics of cheerio cereals. The main ingredient oats also come from a very hygienic and scientifically updated plantation farms where the earth our Habitat is the most scientific and hygienic manner possible. Rose plantation techniques in case of this particular breakfast cereal is not free from chemical fertilizers or pesticides either. Hence it can be concluded that in order to attend better of this particular crops that give rise to the popular breakfast items organic alternators of fertilizers and pesticides can be used (Whitehead, 2016).

On a concluding note I will have to mention that I have never thought about my feeding habits and how it is linked to my cultural heritage and my own personal choices. Neither have I ever thought about how impactful these food choices can be on my lifestyle and my health and how effective this food choice is in determining my cultural characteristics and my natural inclinations. This assignment has given me ample opportunity to evaluate my dietary plan and figure out the drawbacks and work on them to articulate a dietary plan that is optimally beneficial for my health and well being. Moreover this assignment and the research done for it has given the opportunity to trace packed the manufacturing and production of the famous breakfast items that I consume on a daily basis which are nothing but processed foods. This research has given me inside on how this particular products are produced and what quality crop they attain as main and sub ingredients. I have had the experience of researching and critically analyzing the production procedures the plantation procedures and the pest control and sir stimulation activities that the plantation farms associated with this famous brands are indulged in. I would like to mention that all the inside and knowledge that I have gained from the research and my own food inventory will be extremely beneficial for me to curious as a dietary plan that will be completely free from processed foods and will include only home cooked balanced meal that will fortify my health and reduce any chances of my body is accounting to illnesses or health disorders. 


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