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For the purposes of this agreement:

(a) "Benefits" shall mean the Board's portion of group insurance premiums.

(b) "Board Cost" for a teacher shall mean applicable salary and benefits as well as the Board's obligation for holiday pay, vacation pay and the Board portion of legislated programs such as Employment Insurance (EI)  and the Canada Pension Plan (CPP).

(c) "Local" shall mean the Local 06 of Newtown Teachers’ Association.

(d) "Natural Break" means Christmas Break, Spring Break, Summer Break, other breaks of four or more week days, semester changes, and any other time approved by the Board.

(e) "Salary" shall mean, unless otherwise specified, applicable salaries and allowances specified under articles 7, 11, 12 & 13.

(f) "School Year" shall mean the period beginning on the first day of operation and ending on the day prior to the first day of operation in the following year.

(g) "Substitute Teachers" are teachers employed on a day-to-day basis and placed on a list of active Substitute Teachers.


1.1   All previous collective agreements between the parties are hereby cancelled.

1.2  This agreement shall be binding upon the parties and their successors.


2.1   This agreement shall, except where otherwise specified, take effect on September 1, 2014, and shall remain in full force and effect until August 31, 2018, except in the event that negotiations between the parties for renewal or revision hereof or for a new collective agreement have been commenced as hereinafter provided and have not been concluded by August 31, 2018, this agreement shall continue in full force and effect until;

(a) a new agreement is reached, or?

(b) the Association terminates the agreement by commencement of strike action, or?

(c) the Board terminates the agreement by the commencement of a lockout.

2.2   No new claims or demands shall arise out of previous agreements upon the coming into force of this agreement.

2.3   In the event that any provision of this agreement is unenforceable or invalid, that unenforceability or invalidity shall not affect the enforceability or validity of any other provisions of this agreement.


3.1   Either party to the collective agreement may, not less than 60 days and not more than 150 days preceding the expiry of the term of the collective agreement, by notice in writing, require the other party to the collective agreement to commence collective bargaining. When the foregoing notice is given, the representatives of the parties shall meet and commence collective bargaining not more than 30 days after notice is given.

3.2   At the first meeting between the parties there shall be an exchange of the proposals, each containing the particulars of all amendments sought. Negotiations shall be limited to the items contained in the two lists combined, unless agreed to by mutual consent. The first meeting shall occur not later than thirty (30) days after the first party receives notice of the intention to begin collective bargaining.

  1.   SCOPE

4.1   This agreement shall be applicable to every person who requires a teacher certificate as a condition of employment with the Board, specifically exempting the Superintendent of Schools, Assistant Superintendents, Managing Directors, Directors and Supervisors of Personnel.

4.2   Notwithstanding the above, this agreement shall not apply to persons teaching at the Board’s summer school, night classes or tutorial classes.

4.3   The Board may create new classes of designations in respect to teachers covered by this agreement. Nevertheless, the salaries and allowances for such new classifications shall be arrived at by consultation with the Association before initially advertising positions or designating teachers within the new classifications.


The group charter involves the various commitments that each member of the group will have and the purpose of these commitments within the organization. The purpose of this organization is to ensure that as teachers, we experience excellent services as we offer our services to those involved with the organization. The board of education requires a review of the last collective agreement that was formed several months ago. The agreement having had expired does not play any more relevant roles in its purpose (Larson & Gray, 2015). The purpose of the organization, therefore, is to come up with new agreements concerning the level of income as well as the quality of education provided for the schools involved. The organization has to create a reliable plan that sees to it that all groups are maintained and are treated fairly in terms of what they need.

The relevant posts will include a leader from the group to oversee all planning processes and ensure that there are adequate meetings held, on a consistent and constant basis (Schermann & Ennser, 2014). The meetings are to include sponsorship arrangements for any expense incurred. The other role is to have a leader who looks into all the attendances for each meeting. The record has to be constantly updated to ensure that there are reliable members for the goals that are to be set for the organisation’s sake. The other is dealing with logistics and the uniforms necessary for events that are to be organised in the future. One other role is that of the secretary who ensures that all information acquired from the meeting is up to date and constantly recorded. The organisation, will work through the help of these various leaders and the roles that are handed to each one of them.

The major committees for this particular arrangement will involve the planners, the secretary and the staff intended to be a part of the organisation. The president will also temporarily appoint staff as the plans keep changing and getting updated. The most important member of the committee are the planners since they determine the progress of the organisation and the steps that are to be taken in ensuring that all the plans are a success. The committee members are to follow the various terms of office to have orderly and well planned events for the future as well as the necessary tools needed. The meeting schedule will be twice a week for the necessary deliberations to be made as well (Hassel, Brooks & Perry, 2017). The reason why the meeting is scheduled for twice a week is due to the amount of issues that need to be tackled throughout the season.

Anticipated ratification vote date

The anticipated vote date should be four weeks from when the meetings kick off and policies are debated for approval. The purpose of the meetings is to come into an agreement with the board of education, concerning the necessary approach towards offering quality education and also receiving income as deserved for the teachers’ union. The meeting will articulate the process that the board will follow in ensuring that all their requests and demands are met. This meeting will have a specified order whereby the president will detail the goals of the meeting and the planners will follow with policies that are required for the debate and decision making processes. The quorum that will be required for voting on agreement and issues is based on the power and role that is held within the group. The quorum will take into consideration the events that are supposed to propel the organization forward (Ball, 2014). This means that along with having power and higher roles, they have to be well versed with the rules and regulations meant to inspire the policies that are to be passed and made official.

Effective Dates

All rules will operate on the basis of the elected president. The meetings will only take place following the president’s rules of order. The copy of operating rules for the planning session will be attached to every person’s file for perusal, as the meeting progresses. The rules of order may also be amended to the pleasure of all the leaders present. To successfully amend this charter, the maximum number of voters will be a ¾ of the elected quorum. There will also be a liberal list of rules for the votes made in order to ensure that the plan is excellent (Nunnari, 2018). With rules that focus on the ability to change at any moment, it becomes easy to cause change through the meeting as well. The protocol will be that the quorum presents the final decisions to the president after the debate and policies have been finalized for the official amendment.

  1. Bargaining Context Assessment

Own group assessment

The group has several weaknesses and strengths that can be pointed out and rectified or encouraged, respectively. The weaknesses include issues such as a lack of experience in the creation of successful work plans. This means that the various group committee members do not have an experience in the relevant skill sets towards ensuring that the organization gets the demands that are laid across (Selig, 2018). For the committee to be well experienced, it means that the policies are not restricted to only personal interest and limited knowledge but also an outward perspective of what necessitates certain actions in leadership. The other weakness is that some of the members are not in a position to follow the stipulated rules in an organization.

The strengths of this group are that there is an ability to quickly come up with policies on the basis of a productive debate or opposing session. The relevance of having such a strength is that it creates the motivation to move forward with the necessary plans. The group is also well versed with the rules of conduct and also the necessary policies that have been placed concerning education and teaching as a whole. This committee is well balanced and reliable.

Bargaining power assessment

The bargaining power of the groups involved is at different levels. The committee in charge expresses a strong ability to bargain and also see the projects that are proposed reach fruition. The board of education is well versed with the issues that are raised and expresses the higher bargaining power in some cases. This shows that with the relevant sources and information, the board of education can have a better opportunity to win over the committee compared to the other pressure groups that are causing a stir in the whole procedure and the development of an organization. The bargaining power creates an advantage over several other groups as well as the organizations that result from the same (Becher & Christiansen, 2015). This is what creates the competitive nature of the whole group and makes it relevant to create policies that last as a way of showing more responsibility and capability. The level of growth in the bargaining process is determined by the way in which each committee is able to handle certain issues.

  1. Proposal Preparation

Negotiation Processes

The charter will refer to one item for negotiation, this means that the item to be used in this case is the proposal that was created by the board of Education as an income reduction strategy leading to the strike. The proposal is a relevant tool since it is also complete in terms of the rules and regulations that have been set to ensure that the level of education is at par with the teachers’ income.

Proposed Wording.

The proposed wording is relative to positive changes that have taken place as a result and only the issues that have been revised to express the quality of what is needed as being reliable and relevant to the group and the rest of the teachers’ union.


The problem in this case is the contract length, the work load and the income for all the teachers. The quality of education is excellent and the relevant matters have been scraped off the board of education concerning the teachers and the various benefits that they receive as a result. The contract length barely matches the compensation received by the teachers. This also affects performance in some way. The level of education and quality offered is clearly determined by how well the teachers are taken care of. The necessity is to rectify these factors and create permanent and fare policies for the board of education to refer to and make good use of.

Bargaining Objectives.

The main bargaining objective in this case is to ensure that all teachers receive equal income as compared to the quality services they offer within the schools. The other is to have the board of education withdraw their proposal to support the abilities that the teachers have expressed and the rates at which they can cause change. The teacher’s association requires similar benefits to other organizations that work under the control of similar boards. The objective is also to create permanent policies and see to it that they function for the purpose of growth and relevance for a large group of teachers as well. The most reliable objective is to reconcile the budget and ensure that all expenditure by the board is meant to benefit every individual teacher, whether directly or indirectly. The growth of these objectives is defined by how seriously the committee takes the policies that are to be amended and creates a purpose out of the same (Ravitch, 2016). The amendments made are mostly in favor of the most affected group in this case which is the teachers who have been experiencing the effects of all the decisions made by the board.

Final settlement Checklist

This is a list of all the policies that are to be finalized and added as a part of the new processes for all teachers’ benefits and growth. The final settlement checklist is necessary for articulating the needs that are to be met by the board and every other group that is involved in the process. The most important and necessary factor is to ensure that the policies made affect the needs in a positive way and provide quick solutions for the committee.

Article/Item #

Mandate/Bargaining Requirement

Salary Scale

The salary scale has to match up the quality of education that is experienced in the various schools. The current scale is not reliable. The mandate therefore is to increase the salary as the work load increases.

Experience Placement and Increments

The placement for new teachers has been reviewed in order to create opportunities for the already existent teachers and the experience they have.

Extra hours at work

Working extra hours attracts a certain percentage above the normal income accrued.

More teachers needed to substitute

The teachers needed as substitutes will take over for a month of every yearly leave and also the holidays.

Sick leave

This is an issue that is mandatory to be granted.

Contract length

The contract length varies with the variation in experience.


Ball, S. J. (2014). Educational delusions: Why choice can deepen inequality and how to make schools fair.

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